Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #29 -2018 We Lost Planes to UFOs


 July 23, 2018

In special reports, this week’s files cover: General Chidlaw We Have Lost Planes to UFOs, Why don’t astronomers see UFOs? Black Holes, Megalithic Stones Communication, Omnec Onec and Venus, and High Speed Space Ship Earth.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Eire, Finland, Germany, and England in the United Kingdom.

Major  George  Filer  Editor  of  The  National  UFO  Center,  would  like  to  invite  join  him  in  Mt  Shasta  this  summer  July  27-29th  2018.  He  will  present  a  wonderful  program  at  the  “From  Venus  with  Love”  conference. 

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George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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Special Projects

General Chidlaw We Have Lost Planes to UFOs

“We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them.”
General Benjamin Chidlaw – US Eastern Air Defense, Air Defense Command

If Moscow should decide some mid night to attack the U.S., 900 Soviet heavy bombers could be over North America by dawn. Some 300 Red planes, manned by elite crews and loaded with nuclear or thermonuclear bombs, would streak toward vital U.S. target areas. The others, carrying TNT and fire bombs, would serve to divert and confuse U.S. defenses.

Two score well-placed hydrogen bombs could kill one-fourth of the American people; conceivably, an all-out surprise attack could destroy the nation’s will to resist and power to strike back. Hundreds of missiles from all directions could hit the US with dozens coming from under the sea submarines that can hit coastal targets in a few minutes from launch. The US could launch a devastating counter attack. Both countries would suffer heavy causalities and major destruction….Time December. 20, 1954

During the summer of 1952, Americans reported a record amount of Ufo sightings to Project Blue Book. Frank Feschino, Jr. has written a book about the 1952 summer and America’s Ufo problem. He takes the reader on a journey through Blue Book’s “Unknown” cases and other Ufo reports. He focuses on the encounters between Us. fighter planes and UFO

s with an in-depth historical account of the United States military’s “shoot down” orders.

Timothy Good writes, “The destruction or disappearance of military aircraft during interceptions of UFOs continued apace.” As General Benjamin Chidlaw, former commanding general of Air (later Aerospace) Defense Command told Robert C. Gardener (ex USAF) in 1953: “We have stack of reports of flying saucers. We take them seriously, when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them.” Leonard Stringfield, the former Air Force intelligence officer was told by a reliable source in the 1950s that the “Air Force was losing about a plane a day to the UFOs.” Stringfield was reliably informed. According to US Defense Department figures, from 1952 until the end of October 1956, there were 18,662 major accidents of military aircraft, broken down as follows:

Year -Air Force – Navy Losses

1952 2,274     2,086

1953 2,075     2,325

1954 1,873     1,911

1955 1,664     1,566

1956 1,530     1,358


Of this astonishing accident total, most involved fast new jets (such as those scrambled in UFO interceptions), of which 56.2 per cent were found to be caused by pilot error; 8.1 per cent by ground-crew or other personnel failure; 23.4 per cent by failure of parts and equipment in the aircraft; 2.8 per cent by various ‘unsafe conditions’, and –9.5 per cent (1,773) were due to ‘unknown factors’. Thanks to Timothy Good’ book, “Need to Know” P.172

Editor’s Comments: When I chased a UFO we exceeded the red lined aircraft air speed by 20 knots. In the excitement of the chase it is easy to exceed aircraft capabilities and often some part of the aircraft may fail. Many stories are told of firing missiles and making direct hits on the UFOs that were unharmed only to have them return the fire and destroy the interceptor.

Chidlaw entered the Air Corps Engineering School at Wright Field, Ohio, and later directed the development of the United   States’ original jet engine and jet aircraft. He spent most of his career at Wright Field which established Chidlaw as an expert on materiel, especially aircraft. He became chief of the Experimental Engineering Branch, where he monitored the jet engine development. In March 1945, he took command of the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces and was promoted to major general.

Wright Field Air Force Museum

Chidlaw returned to Wright Field in July 1945 as deputy commanding general for operations of what became Air Materiel Command. He was flown to Roswell, New Mexico at the time of the UFO crash announcement in July of 1947, with General Twining. . On July 26, 1947, while aboard the presidential C-54 aircraft, Sacred Cow, President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, officially establishing the United States Air Force as a separate service.

In October 1947, he became deputy commanding general of Air Materiel Command, with rank of lieutenant general, and promoted to commander on September 1, 1949. General Chidlaw was given the task to evaluate UFO sightings and his group agreed the phenomena was real and viable and should be researched. It is likely his team attempted to develop their own flying discs using the Roswell crash debris that were stored at Wright Field. On July 29, 1951, he received his fourth star and the command of Air Defense Command at Ent Air Force Base, Colorado. Most fighter interceptors were under his command and each Air Force base had a UFO Officer who could launch fighters if UFOs were in the area.

Why don’t astronomers see UFOs?

I am often asked by friends and colleagues, “Why don’t astronomers see UFOs?” The fact is that they do. In 1977, Peter Sturrock, a professor of space science and astrophysics at Stanford University, mailed 2,611 questionnaires about UFO sightings to members of the American Astronomical Society. He received 1,356 responses from which 62 astronomers – 4.6 percent – reported witnessing or recording inexplicable aerial phenomena. This rate is similar to the approximately 5 percent of UFO sightings that are never explained.

         As expected, Peter  Sturrock found that astronomers who witnessed UFOs were more likely to be night sky observers. Over 80 percent of Sturrock’s respondents were willing to study the UFO phenomenon if there was a way to do so. More than half of them felt that the topic deserves to be studied versus 20 percent who felt that it should not. The survey also revealed that younger scientists were more likely to support the study of UFOs.

UFOs have been observed through telescopes. I know of one telescope sighting by an experienced amateur astronomer in which he observed an object shaped like a guitar pick moving through the telescope’s field of view. Further sightings are documented in the book “Wonders in the Sky,” in which the authors compile numerous observations of unexplained aerial phenomena made by astronomers and published in scientific journals throughout the 1700s and 1800s.

Evidence from government and military officers

Some of the most convincing observations have come from government officials. In 1997, the Chilean government formed the organization Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos, or CEFAA, to study UFOs. Last year, CEFAA released footage of a UFO taken with a helicopter-mounted Wescam infrared camera.
What is CEFAA? Why was the Committee created?

The reports of pilots, both military and commercial and private, regarding having witnessed anomalous aerial phenomena, as well as the cases denounced by the general public, created the need to know what was happening in the Chilean skies, being born in this way , the CEFAA.

The CEFAA was created in late 1997 and started operating in 1998.

What is your mission?

The mission of the committee is to carry out a scientific investigation of these anomalous aerial phenomena, characterized as unidentified flying objects, in order to verify if in any way they can affect the safety of air operations.

Where do you get the information to be analyzed?

USS Submarine takes photos in the Arctic Ocean in 1971
USS Submarine takes photos in the Arctic Ocean in 1971

The main source of information of the CEFAA are the various reports of pilots flying in the airspace of approximately 32 million km2, controlled by the Chilean DGAC.

Pilots flying in Chilean airspace and their aircraft are controlled by the respective Control Centers throughout the country. These centers have radars that detect the exact position of the aircraft in flight. In addition, they have recording equipment that records communications between the pilots and the Air Traffic Controllers.

In this way, when an anomalous aerial phenomenon is detected, the recording is sent to the CEFAA, where a scientific investigation is initiated by the corresponding specialists.

The committee also receives information from the general public and reserves the right to select the material that can help in the investigation of the phenomenon.

 The countries of Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been declassifying their UFO files since 2008. The French Committee for In-Depth Studies, or COMETA, was an unofficial UFO study group comprised of high-ranking scientists and military officials that studied UFOs in the late 1990s. They released the COMETA Report, which summarized their findings. They concluded that 5 percent of the encounters were reliable yet inexplicable: The best hypothesis available was that the observed craft were extraterrestrial.

They also accused the United States of covering up evidence of UFOs. Iran has been concerned about spherical UFOs observed near nuclear power facilities that they call “CIA drones” which reportedly are about 30 feet in diameter, can achieve speeds up to Mach 10, and can leave the atmosphere. Such speeds are on par with the fastest experimental aircraft, but unthinkable for a sphere without lift surfaces or an obvious propulsion mechanism.

 In December 2017, The New York Times broke a story about the classified Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, which was a $22 million program run by the


former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo and aimed at studying UFOs. Elizondo resigned from running the program protesting extreme secrecy and the lack of funding and support. Following his resignation Elizondo, along with several others from the defense and intelligence community, were recruited by the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which was recently founded by Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and interstellar travel. In conjunction with the launch of the academy, the Pentagon declassified and released three videos of UFO encounters taken with forward looking infrared cameras mounted on F-18 fighter jets. While there is much excitement about such disclosures,

I am reminded of a quote from Retired Army Colonel John Alexander: “Disclosure has happened. … I’ve got stacks of generals, including Soviet generals, who’ve come out and said UFOs are real. My point is, how many times do senior officials need to come forward and say that this is real?”

Black Holes

 Last month, scientists announced the discovery of thousands of black holes at the heart of our galaxy. Now, you can explore the monster black hole at the core of the Milky Way that’s surrounded by that black-hole swarm, thanks to a new virtual tour released by NASA.

The individual black holes are estimated to be five to 30 times the mass of our sun, and all were found within three light-years from the monster black hole, called Sagittarius A*.

“Researchers combed through data from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, looking for possible black holes in close orbit with a star,” researchers said in a new video posted on the Chandra website. “They found about a dozen strong black-hole candidates within a very short distance of the supermassive black hole at the galactic center. This implies the presence of other undetected stellar-mass black holes. Up to a thousand stellar-mass black holes could be present.”

 Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Black Hole

 Some of the most monstrous black holes in the universe are growing faster than their host galaxies, new research suggests. Black holes are some of the strangest and most fascinating objects found in outer space. They are objects of extreme density, with such strong gravitational attraction that even light cannot escape from their grasp if it comes near enough.

Super massive black holes are believed to exist at the centers of most, if not all, large galaxies, where they feed on surrounding gas, dust and other material. Two new studies suggest that these massive Black Holes are much bigger than expected based on the rate at which surrounding stars are forming, the researchers said. In fact our Milky Way has one the largest Black Holes. It’s speculated the Black Holes eventually help form a Galaxy of stars as they spin around the Black Hole. Some are eventually captured within the Black holes but most develop into new suns and surrounding planets. It is now thought the black holes helped create our Galaxy on of the largest in the universe. In the past smaller Galaxy’s have been swelled up by our Milky Way Galaxy..,, observed X-ray radiation might be from rapidly rotating neutron stars that have strong magnetic fields, according to scientists at the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

But if the observed sources are indeed black holes, scientists are particularly interested in those that have companion stars. One reason is that the discovery could help scientists better understand gravitational waves, or ripples in space-time caused by interactions between massive objects. The first confirmed detection of gravitational waves was in 2015, and observations continue with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory and Virgo interferometer collaborations. It appears the aliens understand UFOs and are able to use them for traveling  between various places in the Galaxy.

A paper based on the new Chandra results was published April 5 in the journal Nature. The work was led by Charles J. Hailey, co-director of the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory at Columbia University in New York.

Within the Galaxy there are millions of suns with millions of planets. If only one in the millions of planets has an intelligence civilization there are millions of civilized planets with intelligence life forms.   Original article on

Megalithic Stones Communication

It was the early 1970s. A zoologist had been studying bats during the night.  And he was now on his way home, carrying his equipment with him.  He happened to pass a group of ancient standing stones, just as the morning sun was beginning to strike the stones.  To his utter surprise, the instruments started reacting. They were picking up  a strong, regular and rapid pulse.

The zoologist told the story to an acquaintance whom he knew to be an investigator or earth mysteries. In turn, this man told someone at the institute of Archaeology at Oxford.


As it turned out, at that time, a group of scientists and engineers was actively investigating megalithic sites across the British Isles. A research chemist named Don Robins, who was a member of that group got interested. In late October, 1978, he decided to run some tests himself.

Just before dawn, Robins picked up the group’s own broad-spectrum ultrasonic detector and took it to the

                     Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire. To his delight, just as the sun rose, his equipment picked up a regular rapid pulse around  an isolated tall, upright standing stone (known as the king-stone) some distance from the circle proper.
Well, did this motivate the other project team members!

“Let’s scan other megalithic sites across the country,” they said. And they got busy. In fact, they kept doing this for four years.

They discovered that they were able to successfully broadcast ultra-Sonics. As time went on, they managed to acquire equipment that was capable of excluding radio interference and stray signals from local energy sources, including geological faults. The readings at the various old stone circles they now compared with readings taken at modern structures like streets and bridges, or areas of natural woodland.

They discovered that these modern structures showed no more than the expected random background noise. None of these showed anything remotely like the pulse effect of the ancient stone circles at the hour of dawn.


They scratched their heads over this. Could it be that the ancient sites had actually been created specifically to generate the ultrasound? That is, was the pulse deliberately planned? For one thing, the pulse was quite independent of weather conditions. It could be measured at dawn on any day, rain or shine. Not only that, but the pulse transformed into an actual howling sound, which lasted for several hours on the mornings of the spring and autumn equinoxes.

They knew that this “no sound” result was an impossible reading, because open countryside always has a standard background of ultrasound. This is constantly generated (non-stop) by such things as the movement of grass, the rustle of leaves and even the movements of the team members themselves.

“Our equipment has surely malfunctioned,” said one of the team, to which the other members all agreed. So what did this “no ultra-sound” mean? Somehow, the great stone circle was generating an ultrasonic screen which left its interior totally silent.

Absolutely baffled by this, as well as intrigued, the team extended the scope of their measurements to include radioactivity. You see, any place in the country will produce a level of background radiation which is detectable by a Geiger counter. And the stone circles were no different. However, the stone circles were different in this respect – that they somehow generated ‘hot spots’ where the radiation was far higher than normal background radiation.

Yet when the Geiger counter was moved to the centre of the circle, the very reverse was found. ‘Cold spots’ were detected by the scientists, where the radiation dropped below normal background levels.
Now engineer Charles Brooker extended the measurements still further. Back at the Rollrights circle he used a portable magnetometer. And what did this show? A seven-ring spiral of diminishing magnetic intensity. The circle was screening out electro-magnetic radiation.

These findings have not been widely publicized. However, they do suggest a sophisticated knowledge of ultrasound as well as a knowledge of various types of radiation in ancient times. It does appear that at least some of Britain’s ancient stone circles were constructed as radiation shelters – although for what purpose it is difficult to imagine.

Mile Long Cursus Carved into Ground

 Editors’ Note. These ancient stone circles were built some 3,000 years ago along with Avebury  hill and this cursus which matches the cylinder shape and size of the Mothership that I chased over the area while in the Air Force. The cursus is almost a mile long. The stone circles that match the smaller disk shape ships have the ability to communicate. Many of the circular burial mounds contain skeletons with exceptionally large heads thought to be non-human aliens.The ancient megalithic sites remain a mystery. I suggest space travelers visited Earth and encouraged the establishment of religion and science of the stars.
The data is being hidden because they do not go along with evolution,,,they support the Bible Genesis 6:4 and other areas,,,where fallen angels or alien visitors came to Earth and  mated with women and produced a hybrid offspring.These hybrids are the same as the demi-gods, Hercules, Thor, Atlas, ect… The Book of Enoch describes this account, names the fallen angels and what technology/information they revealed to man,,from aborting babies to metal working, astronomy, astrology, ect…

 There has been many elongated skulls and full skeletons of these beings found,,pictures taken,,and some skulls are still in museums in Peru and England…/they do not appear human

For thousands of years Avebury’s landscape has been seen as a mysterious region. The land has a peculiar sanctity and mystical power that has attracted people for millennia.

As local authors, paranormal investigators, experienced dowsers and guides who work in conjunction with The Henge Shop, Avebury,  offers you a unique insight into some of Avebury’s mysteries.

We have studied and understand the archaeology of Avebury; however archaeology alone can never fully answer why such magnificent sites as Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge were skilfully crafted by our ancient ancestors.

Omnec Onec and Venus

Omnec Onec claims to be a Venusian, Spiritual Teacher and the author of the autobiography of an extraterrestrial. “Ambassador from Venus.” Omnec Onec was born on the astral level of the planet Venus and came to Earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the Ninetees, she became publicly known with her autobiography The Venusian Trilogy.”. In this book, she portrays life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles here on Earth. She is a speaker at Mt, Shasta, California Conference on July  27, 2018.

High Speed Space Ship Earth

 Hold onto your chair Earth is a space ship orbiting the Sun at the speed of 108,000 km/h. 69,000 mph. The planet travels 940 million km or (584,088,920 miles during one orbit during each year. The Earth completes one orbit every 365.24 mean solar days (that might help explain the need for a leap year). The planet’s distance from the Sun varies as it orbits. Actually, the Earth is never the same distance from the Sun from day to day. When the Earth is closest to the Sun it is said to be

Earth at perihelion.

This occurs around January 3rd at a distance of 147,098,074 km. (91402505 miles) When it is at its furthest distance from the Sun, Earth is said to be at aphelion. That happens around July 4th at a distance of 152,097,701 km 94509129.8 miles.

That’s not all our wonderful Earth is now moving in six different directions with a combined speed of approximately 574,585 MPH.

69,361 MPH Spin and Orbit
43,200 MPH Towards the Lambda Herculis Constellation
15,624 MPH Solar system moving Perpendicular to Galactic

Milky Way Galaxy Plane shown in image.
446,400 MPH Orbiting the Galactic Center {or Galactic Spin Rate.
574,585 MPH
Total Speed of Earth within Our Galaxy so hold on tight.

These movements suggest an intelligent universe that a supernatural God can provide life everlasting. Thanks to:

UFO Sightings in the United States

California Object

Redwood — I was taking long exposure shots with my friends on June 23, 2018, around 9:00 pm,  If you look at the photo, you can see a long constant stream of light with no blinking lights at the beginning and end. It’s almost like the light exploded into place. it looks extremely strange at the beginning and end of the line. This was a 30 second exposure, and one of my friends unfortunately stood in front of my camera a couple of times. This explains why there are two gaps in the constant line. I did not hear any noise. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Object


Cudjoe Key — Hurricane IRMA passed through the Florida Keys 7 months ago.. My home there was ground zero. Devastation everywhere. I sat on my front deck about 10pm on September 23, 2017, facing North toward the Gulf of Mexico drinking a beer wondering how the hell I’m going to recover from this storm when suddenly I see a light out in the Gulf. Initially it looked like a blimp lit up from the inside. It started to get bigger and I realized it was coming toward me, as it got closer, I quickly realized this is not a blimp. OMG it’s a spaceship. A football field size tube with a half circle head on the leading edge. It’s low maybe 1000 feet up, self illuminated, coming straight for me. It’s covered in a thin layer of cloud which is rolling off the leading edge as it moves forward.. It comes right over.. I see a light in the half circle head. I think it was an energy source. It looks translucent and it’s coming to me at about 40 mph. ZERO sound. It flies into a single small cloud just above my home and doesn’t emerge. This was a mothership,

Later that night I went to sleep but woke with a splitting headache at 4:15am and from a very strange dream. I never get headaches. I get out of bed remembering the ship. I walk over to my French doors facing the Gulf and look up. There’s bright white light 50 feet up, just blinking. I freak the hell out. I bolt outside and it’s gone.. The next two nights I stand on my upper deck mentally ask them to come back. Each night a low flying V shaped craft (with no lights), looked like a v shaped boomerang flew over. I’ve had one session with a contactee psychic. She told me I was not abducted but instead Chipped. Supposedly it’s a chip for communicating. Which was why they came back the following two nights at my request. I am a retired engineer, this happened. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Object

Mount Airy  – July 16, 2018, I saw an object that was moving very slow and then went in to the clouds. I came back outside and it was back. It got very close and it was still there when I went to bed. Yes, it was moving. This happened at 2:40 AM in Mount Airy, GA.

Note: It is difficult to identify this object. The photo has the appearance of a meteor, but the witness description does not suggest that it was a meteor. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

 Idaho Cylinder

Jerome — Myself and grandson going to work on a house on July 14, 2018. . Both of us spotted this weird cloud, a tall skinny serial cloud. A cloud like a pole made of cloud material. Angle at 3:30 pm. I took a picture with my phone. I was flabbergasted. I had never seen a cloud like that in my life. With no fires, or no other clouds anywhere
It took a very long time to move away and didn’t lose shape . It was seemingly stationary for a long time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Light

Springfield — Pamela Stark shot this photo on July 15, 2018.

8:55 pm Thanks to Pamela Stark

New Jersey Lights

Delanaco — I was talking to my cousin on the phone when I watched an object go by my bedroom window. It was traveling to my east heading north going slow right above the tree line. I jumped out of my chair and told my cousin I see a UFO. I pulled up my camera and got three photos of it with one of them zoomed in. It was an oval racetrack shape solid glow. What caught my attention is that I am a pilot and you never see that color glow. I’m personally positive this is a UFO.. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nevada Light

Henderson — A large storm came through the Southeast side of Las Vegas on July 14th 2018 at 9:45pm My friend and I were outside on my patio smoking and we observed STRANGE lightning off in the distance. My friend, kept saying, “that’s some crazy War of the Worlds type stuff.” During almost the same time we both observed several flying things in the sky. One of which, was close enough for me to catch film of, quickly. It had red white and green lights. .. there were a total of 3 in the sky at the same time in different areas flying in different directions….. The one I recorded flew right over my building.
My friend and I stayed on my patio for quite some time watching the storm and all the activity in the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Light

Pendleton – I was talking with a veteran that lives on the street and we noticed something flashing way up away in the distance,

I looked back up and it was still in the same spot so I took my smart phone out and zoomed in and noticed it was hovering in one place. It was white and gleamed in the sun. The newspaper came up and took pictures. He was extremely excited as we all were. Another one just appeared out of nowhere and slowly descended.  The one we were watching took off in a straight line for a few miles and faded away. A Vietnam vet who flew planes judged it at 250-300 feet in length. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Light

Woodridge — On July 10, 2018, my daughter, brother, mother, daughter’s friend and I have been taking numerous pictures of strange objects in the sky. On Friday night July 13, near Newington, VA we saw numerous objects in the air and took pictures.

Note: The photo sent by the witnesses is blurry making it difficult to interpret. I am assuming that the witnesses are referring to the circular blue object as “strange.” The witnesses did not provide descriptive information about the objects that they have been seeing. A request has been sent to obtain more information. Updates will be posted. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Washington Cylinder

Edmonds — I didn’t see the object in the sky until I looked at the photos I had taken from the window of a train while traveling north from Washington. We were approaching an area where ships were docked  and I simply shot a photo of that scene.

When I looked at those images, this particular photo was very dark for some reason and so I almost deleted it, but then thought I should try to improve the contrast and brightness to see if it was worth saving. It was then that I noticed the rectangular, red-brown-amber ‘object’ in the sky directly above one of the ships and easily as large as the ship. I don’t think it’s a bird flying.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wisconsin Object

 Gays Mills — It was early in the morning about 2:45. AM, on July 7, 2018, when I saw a huge glowing gold star shaped thing above the treeline with an apricot colored haze. It appeared to be about the size of a full moon to me-so big that’s why I noticed and took a picture. it moved up and to the right a ways, then got half as small. It kept getting smaller and smaller/less bright so I then stopped looking.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Australia Light

I was taking photos of Laneway Art with a friend and just happened to take a shot of the night sky on July 13, 2018  . Looking at the picture later I noticed this strange light and thought it was weird.

Melbourne — In Truganina-which is a suburb I was in the backyard having a smoke I looked up to see the sky at 7:55pm on 15 July 2018.. It’s a clear night and the stars were bright and visible. Then to the corner of my eye I see something moving, Was it a drone? As it flew under me, I saw that it had lights under. It was like a rectangular cigar shape. When I first observed it, it took a second to travel under me and then 6 to 8 seconds later it disappeared. It was travelling  3 times faster than a plane.. The object was flying at low altitude and  I know it was a UFO. No human objects can move that fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Bulgaria Light

Varna — So I was testing my new phone camera and its effect to shoot 10 seconds of over exposed photos I snapped 20  photos and I didn’t see much at first. 1 day later I was admiring the ability of my phone to make so clear photos and I saw those cigar shaped ufo’s. It was so scary and the strange thing is when I was shooting the photos I was watching the sky and I didn’t see anything. Maybe they are camouflaged for our eyes and not for camera lens. I didn’t notice that I had captured four photos . This is not a plane since these objects have 7 lights on the outside. It’s not the iss because it is too fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Sightings

Slave Lake — I was taking a break from drawing in my room, and I decided to look out the window — As I normally do. I noticed the littlest bit of movement behind some trees on March 13, 2017.

There’s a patch of trees in the middle of my U-shaped drive-way.

From that tree line, I saw it basically glide out silently into the open.Then it just stopped. It didn’t even slow down, it looked very odd.. There’s an airport near my house, and planes fly that close to my house all the time, and its rather loud and sometimes the sound waves vibrate everything. This object did none of that. It was only there for 5 or 7 seconds tops. The sun was setting, and it was getting dim out. I managed to see some indication of shadow from whatever patterns/structures were on it. Then, it just zipped away. It sounds, and it looked, like something fictional. Similar to when you see ships in Star Wars zip away.

Bloomfield, Ontario — I just arrived back from camp for five days. Lots of sun and clear night skies. Witnessed a few UFO ‘s at night and caught a interesting one on film early morning. On July 10, 2018, while camping in Prince Edward County near the Sandbanks Provincial Park I was relaxing admiring the stars.. Something caught my attention to the west over Lake Ontario. I could see a bright neon  ‘green ‘ light high in the sky – very bright. I grabbed my camera and took a video clip on night shot. As well high 30 X zoom to capture this near stationary unknown object. Took three still shots and went to bed very tired. The footage was taken 2:46 am.

Eire Object

Valencia Island Kerry — I am a photographer that on June 20, 2018. recently returned from a visit to Ireland. Today I was going through photos that I took when I noticed what I thought was an odd sized bird way out in the distance below the clouds off the beach in my photograph. I digitally zoomed in to the “Bird” and was amazed to see a DISC shaped object. The details of this photo are: File: L Room 3563,Taken with a Nikon D500 Camera, F/Stop F/11, Exp Time 1/500sec, ISO 100, Exposure Bias 0 stop, Focal length 22mm, Max Aperture- 3.7, Metering-Pattern, 35 mm Focal Length. This was taken at 16.49 on the 20thJune, 2018.
I am prepared to send my photograph to you should you require this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Finland Object

Turku — Witness drove the car when saw an object flying high in the sky near the city of Turku in Southern Finland on June 29,2018 at about 8 p.m. when the sunlight was reflected brightly from an apparent metallic looking object flying perhaps at an altitude of about 10000 meters or about the height of passenger planes which the witness first thought the object was. He stopped the car and went outside trying to film and take photos with his cell phone. The object flew strait, then stopped, continued strait and after turning 90 degrees and flying strait stopped again continuing then strait again until it vanished over the clouds. The sighting lasted about four minutes. No condensation lines were seen nor any sound heard. The magnification of the picture taken by the witness shows a mushroom-shaped object. The object resembles in fact a “thick” saucer-like ufo. The local air-traffic control found nothing particular in their log books. He says he’s always believed in ufos and phoned immediately his son and sent a picture.. Thanks to MUFON CMS

France Object

Arcachon — I didn’t see anything myself on June 30, 2018

I just discovered a strange object on a holiday photo.

Where and when the photo has been taken:
It was Saturday 30 of June 2018 in the evening around 20:15 on a boat in the “Bassin d’Arcachon” near in France.

Me and 3 of my friends (one of them shot the photo) were on a boat trip from Arcachon to Cap Ferret. Nobody remarked the object. Only on watching the photo I’ve seen it. I don’t know what it is. Nobody of my friends has an idea. Probably it’s nothing really strange but we can’t identify it so I thought I’ll send you the photo to verify. I’m curious Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Germany Light

Dresden — I was going outside my apartment to smoke my last cigarette before bed on July 20, 2018‘ It disappears like in the video, just gone from a moment to another.
Then I saw bright lights in the sky, brighter than the stars and much closer!
I tried to figure out what it could be, It was much closer than  a satellite and faster. I saw a bright light moving across the sky. All I was thinking was grab a camera to get proofs, Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK Englamd Orb

Herne Hill — I was filming the plane with a 90x zoom camcorder when reviewing it I spotted the object flying past it at great speed on July 9, 2018. I slowed the film and stabilized it for a better view. Objects, anomalies, metallic UFOs appear constantly above this area
Second film shows a strange creature flying by another plane shot with the same 90x zoom. This time the creature was flying upwards at a lower height of perhaps 1.5 km. The object seems to have the head of a duck and tiny wings on a thin body. No idea what it is .CMS

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