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Filer’s Files #31 – 2017 Dead Sea Scrolls and UFOs

July 31, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Russell Crowe Films UFO, UFO Pictures Increase, Dead Sea Scrolls and UFOs, The ETs Speak: Who We Are and Why We’re Here. The ETs Speak: Who We Are and Why We’re Here, Great Pyramid at Giza, Serapeum of Saqqara. Pterodactyl Dinosaurs and Just Us Horror Book

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Texas.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

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Special Projects

Russell Crowe Films UFO

In 2011, Russell Crowe posted a video of YouTube which he claimed showed a UFO passing his office window in Sydney, Australia.

The Oscar winning actor posted a link from his Twitter account to a YouTube video with message “UFO” Time Lapse Photo outside

RC’s Woollooloo Office.

These are real“

The reported Russell Crowe twenty second film is of interest because of an apparent beam of colored light coming down from the UFO and showing an oval light on the ground.

The light could also have been used as a means of transportation from the UFO to the ground.

Russell Crowe stared in the movie Noah’s Ark.

The UFO was filmed when Crowe and a friend set up a camera to capture fruit bats rising from the Botanical Gardens next to his office.

UFO Pictures Increase

I am amazed not only about all the UFO pictures and videos being published on YouTube, but also on the variety of their shapes and sizes. It is as if the galaxy has come here to Earth on vacation to witness the unfolding and awaking of humans to ET existence.

How much is due to so many cell phone cameras out there, and how much is due to a gradual progression of human technology and awareness, I do not know; probably all of the above. Yet my sightings in the field during the 1990s were during the analog period of videos. As soon as film cameras were replaced by digital cameras, my sightings dried up in early 2000s.

What blows my mind is the diversity of craft being captured on video. I most of the UFOs expand our concepts of alien design from discs to triangles to diamonds. They have been followed by everything, including flying sinks, giant seahorses, and giant aliens. What is going on? I attach screen shots of this diversity. It is not exaggerations that people are saying we are experiencing a flood of sightings in 2017.’

Lost Dead Sea Scrolls

In October 1999, another “lost” Dead Sea Scroll was unearthed that has the possibility of setting off another theological firestorm. If the “Angel Scroll” is proven to be authentic, Jews and Christians will be presented with a new understanding of how the ancient Israelites viewed God, the angels, and humanity’s place in the universe.

According to researcher Barry Chamish, “The Angel Scroll” is 1000 thousand lines long and had been taken by Benedictine monks to their German monastery in 1970. In 1977, one of the group, Father Gustav Mateus, died and bequeathed his photographs and transcriptions of the scroll to an unnamed Jerusalem college administrator, who, in turn, handed the material over to Stephan Phann, a member of the team of scholars translating the scrolls held by the Israeli government. Subsequently, Phann’s findings were published in the news magazine The Jerusalem Report.

In presenting the information, Phann admitted that some scholars were skeptical, but that most experts were in agreement that the text ofThe Angel Scroll,” in his words “felt” genuine. The bits of the scroll that were released for the public’s examination deal with “divine chariot-throne themes with elaborate details of angels ascending heaven’s multiple gates.”

Such references may be of great interest to those who take a literal view of the biblical accounts reporting encounters with extraterrestrials/angels. An Israeli Ufologist, who is also a student ofKabala,” Jewish mystical practices, Mordechai Spasser cautioned researchers about taking the “UFO viewpoint with more study.” Spasser stated that from what he had read, the scrolls appear to be referring to theastral plane,” and other aspects of Jewish mysticism.

Writer Chamish, however, quotes a number of passages from “The Angel Scroll,” and follows them with his literal interpretation. Here is one, describing a visionary’s [or UFO contactees] “heavenward visit above the high places of the clouds with an angel:

According to the plan of that day, the Voice went forth to me and directed me and he drove me by the Spirit. And a vision was revealed to me from the Most High, and [the] Prince of Angels lifted me up in the Spirit and I ascended heavenward above the high places of the clouds and be showed me the great world and the image of the gods. And I pondered the appearance roundabout and there was no time and no place and their appearance from the dwelling places of light was like a rainbow in the clouds. And they had no bodies and no bodily structure and the dominion of darkness was over all of the earth round about.

Chamish concludes that this is an accurate description of a trip in a

Space Shuttle:

“First the traveler passes above cloud level…Then he sees the earth from space and it is surrounded by darkness. He is shown ‘images of the gods’ and their homes on a control monitor and marvels at the fine color quality and at the bizarre fact that there is no firmament to the images on the screen.”

It seems quite apparent that the Dead Sea Scrolls have only now begun to yield sources and inspiration and controversy for believers and non-believers alike.

The ETs Speak: Who We Are and Why We’re Here

We are NOT alone! But Who Are They? Why Are They Here? What Are Their Intentions? With the help of an advanced form of Self-Hypnosis developed by Howard Batie, a Certified Hypnotherapist, these important questions have now been definitively answered. He has successfully “interviewed” and recorded several conversations with the beings that “drive” the UFOs seen in our skies. The complete transcripts of these interviews are presented in this book and provide us with a never-seen-before look into the objectives and intentions of several ET races that have heard and answered humanity’s collective call for help and assistance in rescuing Planet Earth from further environmental collapse. The ET races have decided to introduce themselves to us physically in several First Contact events in many countries around the world, and Humanity will very soon be asked to leave its childhood behind and mature into a civilization that reaches for the stars in concert with its Galactic brothers and sisters. The real purpose of this book is to introduce humanity to the races and civilizations within our own Milky Way Galaxy that we will soon physically meet. The ETs have also informed us about what star systems they are from, why they are here, and how they are planning to assist humanity as we, with their help, reclaim the pristine beauty of Starship Earth and ultimately join our Galactic brothers and sisters as we emerge into a space-faring civilization as well. Chapter 1 – The Galactic Federation. Chapter 2 The Pleiadians, Chapter 3 The Arcturians, Chapter 4 – The Sirians, Chapter 5 The Antareans, Chapter 6 The Blue Avians, Chapter 7 The Grays ISBN-13: 978-1540651822, 342 pages, Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, SC, USA
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Great Pyramid at Giza

The scholars claim the Great Pyramid at Giza was built by conventional methods, yet when I visited the site I was unable to insert my Visa card between the 15 ton blocks that were on the north face because they were built with great precision. This is certainly the one of largest structures ever built. New York’s Empire State Building is among the very highest erected by modern man, yet it is only about 2/5 the volume of the Cheops pyramid.

Let’s assume the pharaoh had all the men he needed to move the blocks. It would seem reasonable that they could move ten blocks a day since they had to be chopped out of granite quarries, dressed down to a thousandth of an inch, carried for hundreds of miles and raised up and placed at the correct level. The pyramid reached a height of 490 feet in the air and contains and incredible 2,600,000 stones that weigh 6 and million tons. The Cheops pyramid with a base 764 feet, and covers thirteen acres (an area almost equal to seven city blocks). The polished limestone facings (now removed)
covered 22 acres. The building comprises totals 6,250,000 tons in weight (each stone is at least 2-1/2 tons). At a complete rate of ten stones a day each stone weighing at least three tons or more would take 250,000 days or six hundred and sixty years. Image dozens of Pharaohs generation after generation working seven days a week for 660 years to build the Great pyramid. There is one next to it almost as big. What is not generally realized there are two gigantic pyramids and one slightly smaller and three smaller ones.

My co-pilot was a graduate engineer visited the pyramids with me felt we could not build then this precise even today with our best equipment. Additionally the pyramids weight would cause them to sink into the ground through the years, but they still are standing high.

The Grand Gallery and King’s Chamber contains 70 ton blocks of rare, red granite formed into a roof deep inside the pyramid. This unusual granite comes from a quarry found 600 miles away. Egyptologists tell us wooden rollers or trees were used to move the 70 ton blocks. There are no forests in Egypt so the trees are a giant problem as well. So a mythical forest was used to move the blocks? To import the trees would require the greatest fleet of ships in history. Considering tugging these huge blocks of stone would quickly destroy most trees. If we assume a loss of ten rollers per block, we would need 26 million trees. Where did the ancients find the trees and how did they build a smooth enough road to drag the stones. Even upon reaching the building site the 70 ton stones had to be lifted hundreds of feet in the air to put them in place. I doubt even are biggest helicopters could lift stones of this size. Dr. M. K. Jessup a research scientist who constructed and operated the Southern hemisphere’s largest refracting telescope concluded the only possible method was visitors from space who wrote the “The Case for UFOs.” He simply states no power on Earth could have built the Great Pyramid and huge stone structures around the world. That the lifting engine was most likely a huge spaceship.

Covering the “King’s Chamber” are granite slabs of 60 to 70 tons each, brought from a quarry 600 miles away. The casing stones (which are still in place on the north face near the base) each weigh 15 tons.
The supposition that enormous manpower, inclined planes and rollers were used must be discarded. To handle or move one of the blocks might require a thousand hands (500 men), for whom there would not have been room around the stone. (Assuming the use of primitive methods, the block must still be handled, even if only to pass ropes under it, or to load it onto a barge.)

Furthermore, engineers have estimated that a ramp to service the Cheops pyramid would finally have had to be a mile long, with a volume of masonry four times greater than the pyramid itself. No, that’s not how they built it.

Do you know why air plane pilots are warned not to fly over Egypt’s Great Pyramid? That’s right; the Civil Airline Department has banned all planes from flying over the pyramids. The largest structure at Giza, in Egypt, is the Cheops pyramid. An energy field radiates from the apex, which prompts the discovery of electrical contacts and wiring inside the Great Pyramid, along with markings that show how to connect them, do not fit anywhere in conventional Egyptology but confirm the theory first published in his book, “The Giza Power Plant:” Technologies of Ancient Egypt by engineer Christopher Dunn, wonder why it was built. The mass of evidence suggests that the major pyramids were not intended to be tombs.


There are strong signals coming from the pyramid that can effect aircraft instruments.

The pyramid is perfectly square to within 3/10,000 percent. Although it is constructed of 2,300,000 great
blocks put together without any cement, you still can’t get the thinnest blade of a knife between them. The joints of the original limestone casings are barely perceptible, not wider than the thickness of silver paper. One of today’s biggest U.S. contractors has stated that we do not possess any machine capable of making equally smooth surfaces as those connecting the stones of the pyramids. They were fitted to an accuracy of 1/100 inch. The pyramid is level over an area of 13 acres to within half an inch. It is the world’s most accurately aligned building, true north.

• Originally this pyramid had a beautiful covering of glistening white marble polished to a mirror like finish reflecting the light. It was capped by a golden point that shot shafts of light back at the sun. In a search for hidden powers and riches, Melik al Aziz, in 1196, employed thousands of workers to pull down the three Giza pyramids stone by stone removing the outside marble.

  • The pyramid incorporates higher mathematics in its very design, and advanced scientific knowledge in
    its measurements. The relationship of the pyramid’s height to the perimeter of its base is the same as
    that between the radius and circumference of a circle. It thus incorporates the mathematical value known as pi (the constant by which the diameter of a circle. • It served also as a calendar by which the length of the year can be measured to the exact minute. And it was as an observatory from which maps of the stellar hemisphere could be accurately drawn. • It is so finely aligned to the North Pole that modern compasses can be adjusted to it.
  • The measurements of its sides and angles accurately reflect the geographic measurements of the northern
    hemisphere, such as the degree of latitude and longitude, the circumference and radius of the earth even accounting for polar flattening. But more amazingly, the Egyptian cubit—the unit of measurement used in the pyramid—was found to be exact. In other words, the cubit fits into the dimensions of the earth within five decimal places a rather startling coincidence. This knowledge of the Earth requires satellite or aerial reconnaissance of the Earth.

The pyramid builders were highly advanced in their technology. Attempts to build pyramids using the orthodox methods theorized for the ancient Egyptians, have fallen pitifully short. The Great Pyramid is 483 feet high and houses seventy-ton pieces of granite lifted to a level of 175 feet. Theorists have struggled with stones weighing up to two tons to a height of a few feet. One wonders if these were attempts to prove that primitive methods are capable of building the Egyptian pyramids or the opposite. Attempts to execute such conventional theories have not revealed the theories to be correct! Do we need to revise the theory, or will we continue to educate our young with erroneous data?

In August 1984, an article by Christopher Dunn in Analog Magazine entitled “Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt?” based on The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, by Sir William Flinders Petrie, published in 1883. Since that article’s publication, I have been fortunate to visit Egypt twice. With each visit I leave with more respect for the industry of the ancient pyramid builders. An industry, by the way, that does not exist anywhere in the world today.

In 1986, Christopher Dunn visited the Cairo museum and gave a copy of his article, and a business card, to the director. He thanked me kindly, then threw my offering into a drawer with other sundry stuff, and turned away. Another Egyptologist led Dunn to the “tool room” to educate hin in the methods of the ancient masons by showing me a few cases that housed primitive copper tools. Dunn writes, I asked my host about the cutting of granite, as this was the focus of my article. He explained how a slot was cut in the granite and wooden wedges, soaked with water, were inserted. The wood swelled creating pressure that split the rock. This still did not explain how copper implements were able to cut granite, but he was so enthusiastic with his dissertation, I chose not to interrupt.

Dunn was musing over a statement made by Egyptologist Dr. I.E.S. Edwards in “Ancient Egypt” (National Geographic Society, Washington, 1978). Edwards said that to cut the granite, “axes and chisels were made of copper hardened by hammering.” This is like saying “to cut this aluminum saucepan they fashioned their knives out of butter!”

My host animatedly walked me over to a nearby travel agent encouraging me to buy plane tickets to Aswan, “where” he said, “the evidence is clear. I must see the quarry marks there and the unfinished obelisk.” Dutifully, I bought the tickets and arrived at Aswan the next day.

The Aswan quarries were educational. The obelisk weighs approximately 3,000 tons. However, the quarry marks Dunn saw there did not satisfy him as being the only means by which the pyramid builders quarried their rock. Located in the channel, which runs the length of the obelisk, is a large hole drilled into the bedrock hillside, measuring 12 inches in diameter and three feet deep. The hole was drilled at an angle with the top intruding into the channel space. The ancients must have used drills to remove material from the perimeter of the obelisk, knocked out the webs between the holes and then removed the cusps. The conventional wisdom states that the obelisks were pounded out with stone pounders but that’s not the case. Dunn believes that the Ancient Egyptians inherited this site and tried to replicate the techniques and marks they found there by using the only tools that they possessed – stone pounders. The most difficult operation is the bottom cut that was not accomplished.

While strolling around the Giza Plateau later, Dunn started to question the quarry marks at Aswan even more. (He also questioned why the Egyptologist had deemed it necessary to buy a plane ticket to look at them.) He was to the south of the second pyramid when he found an abundance of quarry marks of similar nature. The granite casing stones, which had sheathed the second pyramid, were stripped off and lying around the base in various stages of destruction. Typical to all of the granite stones worked on were the same quarry marks that Dunn had seen at Aswan earlier in the week. These marks were not made with copper or stone pounders. They appear to be advanced technology

This discovery confirmed Dunn’s suspicion of the validity of Egyptologists’ theories on the ancient pyramid builders’ quarrying methods. If these quarry marks distinctively identify the people who created the pyramids, why would they engage in such a tremendous amount of extremely difficult work only to destroy their work after having completed it? It seems, to me, that these kinds of quarry marks were from a later period of time and were created by people who were interested only in obtaining granite. You can see demonstrations of primitive stone cutting in Egypt if you go to Saqqara.

There are hundreds of pyramids worldwide in virtually every continent and many at the bottom of the ocean underwater indicating their great age. Most are made of various types of rock, such as granite that is often mined hundreds of miles away. They are huge magnificent structures thousands of years old that are generally claimed to be 3,000 to 25,000 years old. All over the world, later rulers copied the older pyramids. Some of the ancient pyramids often still have energy emitting from them and are thought to be power stations. Many are built on an exact North South axis and advanced technological knowledge was used in building them.

Dr. Sam Osmanagich Ph.D. director of Center for Anthropology and Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia has authored 11 books about ancient civilizations. He claims many Pyramids are 10,000 to 25,000 years old and built well before humankind was sophisticated, or had agriculture, or cities. The question is did ancient civilizations build them or are ancient aliens responsible for a worldwide pyramid construction system?

The world’s best-known pyramid at Giza is just outside Cairo, Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the large one on the right and the others were built later. The oldest Chinese and Egyptian pyramids are much superior to those made later. Older pyramids are built from granite and sandstone blocks, more recent ones are much smaller built from bricks and mud. Traces of more advanced beings who were likely alien are everywhere around us. In the meantime, mainstream scientists try to fit those monuments into their time coordinates. Hundreds of pyramids are being found all over the Earth including those under the sea like the three found off the coast of Florida. It is apparent that ancient aliens or an ancient previous sophisticated civilization existed on Earth as depicted in ancient texts. Tallest building in the world till 1311 AD and again from 1647 to 1874.

“The pyramid is level over an area of 13 acres to within half an inch and is perfectly square to within 3/10,000 percent. If you broke the Great pyramid at Giza into slabs a 6cm thick rod that would reach a quarter of the way to the moon. Great Pyramid is around 4,600 years old and allegedly built by Pharaoh Khufu. It includes 2.3 million limestone blocks and weighs 5.9 million tones.”

Aerial View of Giza Matches Stars in Belt of Orion

According to Herodotus, 100,000 people built Khufu’s Great Pyramid – more than the population of any city at the time. Science tells us humans were not sophisticated, slightly above cave men in ancient times. Originally, this pyramid had a beautiful covering of glistening white marble (polished to a mirror like finish) and could he seen for 50 miles, reflecting the light. It was capped by a golden point or ball that shot shafts of light back at the sun. It incorporates the mathematical value known as pi (the constant by which the diameter of a circle may be multiplied to calculate its circumference and it does so accurately to several decimal places. Its main chamber made use of several Pythagorean functions not “discovered” supposedly until thousands of years later.”

Serapeum of Saqqara.

Located North West of the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, we find the Serapeum of Saqqara. According to archaeologists, it was the burial-place of the Apis Bulls, literally speaking the living manifestations of the Egyptian God Ptah. This necropolis found near Memphis, Egypt is believed to have been built sometime around 1300 BCE, by Ramesses II.

Ever since its discovery in 1850 the Serapeum of Saqqara has puzzled archaeologists and researchers and the tunnels that have been unearthed since have been the subject of debate among many.

This majestic ancient labyrinth is home to 25 megalithic stone ‘boxes’, weighing between 70 to 100 tons. Ancient Egyptians, the builders of these incredible ‘boxes’ possessed incredible knowledge in fields such as geometry and mathematics. There is incredible ancient Precision: but how?

The mystery of the 100 ton ‘boxes’ at the Serapeum of Saqqara: Ancient precision at its best

Located North West of the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, we find the Serapeum of Saqqara. According to archaeologists, it was the burial-place of the Apis Bulls, literally speaking the living manifestations of the Egyptian God Ptah. This necropolis found near Memphis, Egypt is believed to have been built sometime around 1300 BCE, by Ramesses II.

Ever since its discovery in 1850 the Serapeum of Saqqara has puzzled archaeologists and researchers and the tunnels that have been unearthed since has been the subject of debate among many. This majestic ancient labyrinth is home to 25 megalithic stone ‘boxes’, weighing between 70 to 100 tons. Ancient Egyptians, the builders of these incredible ‘boxes’ possessed incredible knowledge in fields such as geometry and mathematics. Thanks to Ancient

Incredible Ancient Precision: But Was ET There?

Part of the megalithic boxes, the 30-ton lids were made of the same blocks of stone. Upon discovery, some of these were blown open with the aid of gunpowder, only to find the inside of these giant boxes empty. Researchers have no idea what their actual purpose is now how these giant boxes were assembled thousands of years ago.

The question that the existence of these boxes raises is whether ancient Egyptians built these boxes as memorial tombs for the Apis bulls, and if so, how come no remains were found? The Apis Bulls were extremely sacred creatures to the ancient Egyptians having been one of the first sacred cults in Ancient Egyptian History. Historians believe that the Apis Bull was both a deity and manifestation of Egyptian pharaohs.

Even though scientists believed that Ancient Egyptian mummies were all our DNA, they were wrong. A new study has revealed fascinating—and totally unexpected—results. According to reports, the first ever full-genome analysis of Ancient Egyptian mummies has shown that they were more Turkish and European than Africa. Experts studied ancient DNA from Egyptian mummies from around 1400 BC to around 400 AD finding that they shared genes with people who originate from the Mediterranean.

Experts discovered that ancient Egyptian mummies were closely related to ancient people in the Levant, modern-day Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. The discovery has come as a surprise to many experts.

The sequencing success, reported in Nature Communications, “finally proves to everyone that there’s DNA preserved in ancient Egyptian mummies,” says Albert Zink, a biological anthropologist at the Institute for Mummy Studies in Bolzano, Italy.

According to, he participated in a 2010 study that identified DNA sequences from 16 ancient Egyptian royal mummies, including Tutankhamen. But that study used polymerase chain reaction, a method that efficiently finds and extracts targeted DNA fragments but cannot always reliably distinguish between ancient DNA and modern contamination.

Note: Miles long tunnels exist beneath the surface of Egypt with perfectly smooth walls built many thousands of years ago by advanced technology that we are unable to reproduce today. What causes ancient lights to automatically switch on or off in some of the tunnels?

Pterodactyl Dinosaur

There have been repeated daylight sightings of pterodactyls dinosaurs in Mexico.

They e interesting thing is that they all were daylight sightings. Plans are afoot to capture one, if possible, alive. Similar reports are also coming from Australia.

Just Us Horror in Maryland

Can’t put it down: “Just Us: Horror in a Small Maryland Town”

When 12-year-old Billy Sanders moves with his mother and siblings to Upper Marlboro, Md., in 1970, he must re-start life in a strange town. Billy is troubled because his new home, a dilapidated farm house, resounds with strange noises and evil intent. To bring peace to his home, he must unearth the town’s horrible secret. But in so doing, he unintentionally lures violence and terror upon his own family. This creepily powerful story has been well-received by horror fans. Readers consistently give it 5 stars.

“This book scared the pants off me!”H.L. Osterman, Short Changed. “You’ll keep the lights on at night after reading this excellent thriller.” Hollis George, editor of “Bram Stoker, Without Fangs.”“John masterfully sets the suspenseful atmosphere while educating you on this small Maryland town. His writing is authentic, the characters believable, and the plot, although supernatural, drew fear into the room where I sat reading.”A reader in Maine

  • “Once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down until I was done.” A reader in Missouri
  • Great book! I started reading it yesterday morning with my coffee and was late to work! Hard to put this one down, I recommend it to others. A reader in North Dakota

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Light

Tusayan – I took multiple photos in the area and no other pictures seem to contain anything similar on July 20, 2017.

I only noticed it in the picture later.

We were standing atop the watchtower at the Grand Canyon Desert View. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Object

I was 4 years old in 1966, when I began speaking about my imaginary friend, Tony Smithenhouser. Tony was very, very tall with long arms and was an engineer on the railroad. I lost touch with Tony somewhere around 12. In 1986 and I was taking care of my mother, who had terminal breast cancer and my bedroom flooded as the wind pushed the rainwater over the foundation and into my bedroom.

I felt a presence enter my room from outside and heard communication within my thoughts of a musical sound. I turned and saw two beings hovering above the floor of my room. Their skin was pearlescent, and glowed white. Their heads were hairless and their skull only slightly larger in width than ours would be. Their communication was in musical tones that I somehow understood. One was taller and both were wearing a flowing very white gown. The taller being asked me to trust it. The smaller being outstretched its four long fingers hand, no thumbs. My hand reached out to inches apart, when my body is elevated and we were hovering at the doorway. We moved effortlessly, slowly hovering above the ground. I was asked to look towards our field at a ship that was hovering with beings standing in formation as we glided toward the craft. It was familiar, as though I was once again with Tony Smithenhouser. I remember waking up in my bed, with muddy shoes at 3:33am. I felt panic and I knew it happened. I have a calling now to photograph the skies. Last night I captured orbs, spheres and a worm like craft.
I have a genetic mutation disease called S.A.P.H.O. Syndrome that came on suddenly in 2006, but 82 specialists from Stanford to UCLA have no explanation or treatment. Now I use energy and vibration therapy to help. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

Boca Raton — Six balls of light crossed the night sky over our neighborhood at random intervals of time on July 23, 2017. From 9 to 9:19 pm, the balls of light were red and orange all traveling across the night sky and all flickered and died out in the same vicinity. The balls of light were brighter, higher, and larger heading north, on the same line. They moved quickly with a consistent spherical shape with no tail. The entire event lasted about 20 minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Triangle

Pine Mountain — I was traveling (passenger), north on I-185 in west central Georgia, around 1:30 am. With my iPhone, I was taking pics of the clouds illuminated by the moon on April 19, 2017. I took 45 pics, and saw only beautiful clouds. In the morning I was going through the pics, and was shocked to see some type of craft in two of the pics. It’s shaped similar to our stealth bombers.

Also, it was glowing, and/or reflecting bluish white. I have no idea what it was. I’m unable to give you a total number of witnesses. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iowa Object

Bagley — Taking pictures of low-flying crop duster aircraft flying over people’s homes on July 23, 2017, I photographed this object.

I noticed the object two days later in the photo.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maine Lights


Westbrook – These bright orbs were brighter than the stars around it on a perfectly clear night on July 25, 2017.

This object was filmed by my iPhone going SW to NE steadily with no sound. This is the second object in three days brighter than any other I have seen. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Light

Arnold — I came outside for a smoke in early morning when it was still fairly dark out and there were neither stars not moon visible on July 20, 2017. I spotted a single white light about the size and brightness of a star moving south. It was a single white light moving too quickly and too bright to be a satellite. I ran into the street to keep the object in view. By the time I reached the street as it stopped and hovered there for about thirty minutes. Eventually a cloud bank obscured it and when it cleared the object was gone. I used my sister’s phone to snap some photos. I watch the skies every single night and this is the first unexplainable phenomena I have witnessed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Star

My brother and I were outside, when we noticed what we thought to a bright star in the sky on July 16, 2017. It was a shiny speck. We both ran inside and grabbed my camera, which had a 250x zoom lens with 18 megapixels. We took 4 photos. We went back inside to look at the pictures, and in awe we realized they were shaped oddly and had pipes. It wasn’t a star at all. Thinking it was a UFO, we went back outside to take more pictures and it was already gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Object

East Village Manhattan — I was at my local Gym in NYC doing Pilates on my mat, starting out the large windows when a large cylinder shaped UFO appeared in sky on July 16, 2017. It was moving towards the east overhead rotating with 4 lights on one side. They would only show on that side after it made a full rotation. Three of four small sphere type UFOs were blipping in and out around it following it. This thing was clear as day of what I saw and it looked exactly like the UFO that was filmed in UK. This thing had to be hundreds of feet long. I viewed it for over 5 minutes and then after it all passed overhead I was not able to view it any longer. I have video and photos. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Lights

Portland — We first saw one of them moving toward us from the south on June 30, 2017. It stopped and hovered over central Portland for a while until four helicopters approached them from all directions and surrounded it. A black military helicopter approached and joined the others in a circle around them after a few minutes. All of the helicopters flew off in different directions while the military helicopter flew off and landed on the federal building downtown. That’s where the video starts and the objects actually fly into place. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Cloud Object

AUSTIN — We’re not sure this is anything other than an anomaly on July 19. 2017. We’re asking what you think? It didn’t move and no lights were observed. It was the only cloud in an otherwise brilliant blue sky.

Just a very strange shape for a cloud and then I started to notice the twin gray shapes near the bottom of the cloud. It’s just an android phone cam so it’s not a very high resolution. Thanks to MUFON CMS

West Virginia Lights

St. Albans – I couldn’t sleep, went out to front porch to drink coffee on July 25, 2017, and saw three stars close together. I took a great pic on my cell phone of a triangular object. In the photo was with a tether that was oblong, Two other identical tethers were sticking out from left side of craft. It was stationary for about 90 minutes. There was a short burst of a contrail that didn’t seem to affect its position. It wasn’t anything I’d seen before and I am in awe. Found other sightings describing the EXACT object I saw, tether and all. I can’t find any pic on your site that shows any detail. If it’s ours it’s the best kept secret. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Brazil Cigar

Parana — During July 27th, 2017) around 7:00AM I was driving taking my wife to her work when we saw in the east a massive shining object. We stopped at the coordinates 25º44’54″S 53º03’15″W and looked to East where the object was. We observed it for at least 5 minutes and it was hovering. Its shape was kind of a big Cigar, like a missile floating in the sky. Apparently it was reflecting the sun’s light. It was shining a powerful white bright light and when it started to move towards sunrise leaving a trail. After more 10 or 15 minutes it faded away behind some sparse clouds and disappeared completely. Picture Depiction. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Germany Disc

Hannover — I visited Germany in March 30, 2017. Took a field trip to the rural area of Hannover and stopped by a country road to take pictures.

I accidentally witnessed an UFO object shooting out of sky with an opening on the cloud. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ireland Orb

At first l think it’s Jupiter but the object is moving slowly so l record this event with my phone.

Have great day with UFOs Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Orb

Rocky Point/Sandy Beach — My wife and I noticed a glowing orange star like object moving slowly for a few minutes and then vanished around 10:30 pm PST. It was neither a plane nor a balloon. I’ve never seen anything like that. Yes, there have been repeated daylight sightings of pterodactyls in Mexico. One interesting thing is that they all were daylight sightings. Plans are afoot to capture one, if possible, alive. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Objects

Humacao — Five objects to the southeast were observed on July 5, 2017. One of them constantly represented an inverted cross red light which scared m, since I do not know if it represents some sort of warning.

I feel there is a connection path since all the movements are related crossing through the south-east area of PR. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK Orb

Barmouth Beach — Walking my dog on Barmouth Beach, my son took some photos and after uploading them to the computer I noticed this orb like object on several of them on July 29, 2015.

I put it down to glare from the sun, however a few weeks ago a friend posted some pictures on FB of an identical orb like phenomena, stating they had witnessed the object visually.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

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