Filer's Files

Filer’s Files #23 – 2017 TR-3B Patent Released

June 4, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Robert Bigelow says ET is Here, Chile Navy Releases Film of a UFO, Interview with John Lear, Letter from a Ufologist, TR -3B  Manta Spacecraft Patent, and Suicide Bomber in Manchester Funded Attack with Student Loans.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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George A. Filer III

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Special Projects

Robert Bigelow says ET is Here

 On 60 Minutes Bigelow Aerospace president Robert Bigelow said “there has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence” on or around Earth. “I’m absolutely convinced. That’s all there is to it,” Bigelow told Lara Logan.

Bigelow, whose company has partnered with NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to test their immense, expandable spaceship habitats, inflated in orbit, has been a believer in UFOs as extraterrestrial phenomena since his grandparents reported encountering a craft that “sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car.”

But Bigelow’s belief in extraterrestrials visiting Earth go far beyond conclusions reached from family anecdote and the public record, or so he implies. “I spent millions and millions and millions — I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject.”

Through his now-defunct National Institute for Discovery Science, Bigelow collected hotline reports of UFO sightings and precipitated a minor scandal in UFO circles by allegedly buying Mutual UFO Network case files from an inside source. He’s even bought up physical evidence and worked it out so the FAA submits UFO sightings directly to Bigelow Aerospace, since there’s no government entity accepting them.

Bigelow noted during the interview that his grandparents spotted a UFO on a canyon road outside Las Vegas: “It really sped up and came right into their face and filled up the entire windshield of the car. And it took off at a right angle and shot off into the distance,” he told “60 Minutes” reporter Lara Logan.

. When Logan asked if he’s risking anything by taking a public stance that UFOs are visiting Earth, Bigelow said, “I don’t give a damn. I don’t care.”It’s not going to make a difference. It’s not going to change reality of what I know,” he said. “You don’t have to anywhere… it’s just like right under people’s noses.”

If whatever Bigelow has found is so compelling, perhaps it’s time he share. Instead, Bigelow repeatedly hints at big secrets, sufficient for absolute certainty, that he’s simply not telling. The absence of evidence would be sufficient to dismiss most other UFO boasts of this nature. But in Bigelow’s case it’s not simply a naked claim, but one backed by an aerospace billionaire who has spent years privatizing vast troves of UFO evidence.

Shostak, however, takes Phil Klass’s place as the UFO skeptic.

“He’s not the only Silicon Valley type, entrepreneur in the tech industry, that thinks we’re

being visited,” Shostak said.

Even so, the solid evidence of these visitors is nonexistent. If there were some reason for modern-day alien visitors, Shostak said, someone would have strong evidence by now.

Dr. Bruce Cornet who worked for Bigelow  ztates, “But Seth:There is overwhelming evidence of a UFO phenomenon.  Ask astronomers to prove that stars exist, and the only thing they can give you is anecdotal evidence, instrument data, and photographs – the same things UFO witnesses give us.  Are we to believe there is no SOLID evidence for the existence of stars, even though their sunlight reaches Earth like the UFO phenomenon, and UFOs can be detected like sunlight?”

But Seth: There are many examples of our ancestors in Italy, Greece, and Egypt reporting UFO like objects in the sky (even painting them there on canvasses), and describing them, such as Saint Anthony who reported that a silver-colored disc landed in the path he was taking to his cave in the desert, blocking his path. What about the Bible accounts of angels (aliens) and machines coming down to Earth from heaven (space).  You should watch the History Channel programs: Ancient Aliens, to bring you up to speed. Thanks to Bruce Cornet.  Link

Note: Of course the news media ignored Bigelow’s testimony, they’re too busy trying to destroy our elected government.

Chile Navy Releases Film of a UFO

 Chile Navy releases film of a UFO captured by two experienced Navy officers from a helicopter on November 11, 2014. The Navy Captain stated that the object was a “flat, elongated structure” with “two thermal spotlights like discharges that did not coincide with the axel of motion.” The technician described it as as “white with a semi-oval shape on the horizontal axis.” He was testing a Wescam Forward looking FLIR infra red camera.

The exceptional nine-minute Navy video includes an UFO displaying highly unusual characteristics. Chilian and French scientists examined the video for several years with at least eight contentious meetings with s of the baffled Chilean FAA CEFAA scientific committee, which included the active Air Force General who directs the DGAC. According to CEFAA international affairs director Jose Lay, the general tone of the meetings was astonishment: No agreement could be reached to explain the video.  An infrared camera was used that detects infrared energy (heat) and which is then processed to produce a thermal black image on a video monitor. Without the camera, it would have been difficult to see the white object against the sky and impossible to capture this remarkable footage. It makes one wonder what kind of activities may take place within clouds that are unknown to us. YouTube

Interview with John Lear


David Wilcock  and Corey Goode, and in this episode bring you none other than John Lear, the son of the inventor of the Learjet. I bring you John Lear. John Lear states, “I know that my father was the prime contractor for anti-gravity in 1952. And I’ve got the papers on that. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”

And he went down to Bogota in 1953 and started talking about UFOs. So as close as he was, they kicked him out of the program, but Lear, Incorporated, still kept with that antigrav stuff.

And I think that was totally complete by 1956, which means we had saucers then – you know, the whole enchilada by then.

UFOLogy needs to listen to ancient ‘myth’ and stop thinking “nuts and bolts.” Ancient myth gives us many of the answers, if we’d listen. Problem is, we’ve bastardized it all.

And, of course, what they were doing is . . . and what tipped me off is one of the videos they had when the shuttle got there, they opened the door, and it’s only half full. So what they were doing is taking as much stuff that they could for the astronauts that were doing all the secret stuff, and, of course, the things they had to have like fruit and perishables and stuff. And that had to go up and be unloaded. And then the Russians would always launch the same day that the shuttle launched. And that stuff that they had in their rocket would be transferred to the shuttle, and when it came back down, the reason it took them two days is they were going to all the different space stations and dropping all the stuff off that the Russians had given. Which brings me to the Cold War. I think that was all bullshit. There was never any Cold War. We’ve always been allied with the Russians.

Kwajalein is where all the secret stuff goes. All those launches are out in the South Pacific.

And Kwajalein Island, the Ronald Reagan, they launch probably every other day. There’s probably 1,000 astronauts currently qualified that go up all the time. So I was working ATS, Above Top Secret, or wherever it was, and we were talking about the discrepancies with the shuttle going up and taking 48 hours to get to the ISS, when it only took the Russians an hour. And then the same thing, when they disengaged from the ISS, why did it take them over 48 hours to come back?

John Lear is describing how his father with his aeronautics company apparently was put in charge of developing anti-gravity, or at least was one of the groups tasked with that.

Corey: Right. David: And he was essentially excised from the anti-gravity research, even though his own company was still involved in it. And therefore, he believes that by 1956 that we actually had working flying saucers. So let’s just start with that little piece of data, and what does your experience and background suggest is the truth behind what he just said about this? Corey: Well, the way you stated it was accurate, because they were . . . like Tompkins was doing. They were seeding this information to many different engineers and companies. I mean, if you have five different groups with five different engineering teams, they all do not come up with the same concept.

Then you have five different or a few different concepts that are being worked on by different teams that are not cross-pollinating or polluting each other.

David: Now, the next thing that he got into was the times, you know, 1952 and 1956, where he thinks we had working prototypes. That sounds pretty close to some of what you said on the show.

David: Now, you’d mentioned before that the U.S. had gotten to a certain point in its own research, but it essentially hit a brick wall, and that, therefore, the Nazi breakaway faction over flights of Washington, D.C., in 1952 that kind of forced a truce to be made, that the U.S. wanted to do that in part because they needed intel from the Germans to be able to perfect their own antigravity. Is that still true?

Corey: Yes. David: So what do you think was going on with Lear Aeronautics at this point? Was it only the German influence that then actually got them to perfect that technology by, as he said, 1956? Corey: From far behind the scenes, this German breakaway group had infiltrated the military industrial complex. Right after Paperclip, the infiltration had started. And then after the overflights, and we made the agreement with the Nazi group, then, yes, they infiltrated like crazy after that.

David: So how do those numbers fit with what you’ve heard about the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) program? Not a whole lot of specifics on the numbers, but there were a number of islands that they were launching these multistage rockets, like old rockets.

 Corey: And they were servicing . This is also how they created some of these space stations. Some of these MIC space stations are made out of different stages of rockets that, once they were used to leave orbit, they then ferried these pieces together, sort of welded them together in almost a circle, but more of like a flattened circle. Like an octagon. And they would have like two or three layers of those, and in the middle, they have more of those types, like fuselage or stages of rockets. And then the station spins, creating like a third gravity or something like that. And the shuttles would come and dock at the top of the spoke of the wheel. they used the space shuttle, tonventional rockets, and later on when they started developing these larger, triangular shuttles They had plenty of room to bring all of the food and stuff up, and back.

Note: The MIC SSP allegedly is entirely separate to a more advanced Navy Space Program known as “Solar Warden”, which Goode says he served in during a “twenty year and back” tour of duty from 1987 to 2007.

Space Fence

The Space Fence is a second-generation space surveillance system currently being built by the US Air Force in order to track artificial satellites and space debris in Earth orbit.[1]

Contracts were issued for development and construction in 2014, and the Space Fence is expected to be operational in 2019.[1] The budget is US$1.594 billion (FY15).[2]

The initial space fence facility will be located at Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands,[1] along with an option for another radar site in Western Australia.[3]

Letter from Ufologist

Paul Murad writes, I remember trying to solve a fluid dynamic stability problem. The conventional wisdom was to extend an exponential solution and see what would happen. Great scientists failed.

I looked at the similar boundary-layer equation and using Lyapunov’s approach, suction tends to generate stability while blowing unstable. This could be used to look at transient flow problems.  Anyway, My paper was published in an AIAA paper.

What is the lesson for this? If you have a problem, the AI search would look into existing methodologies to find solutions.  Here is the benefit but, could AI create an original thought? This is the 64,000 dollar question.  It could only use what was previously created. Creativity leaves AI in the dust.

.Now, why am I concerned?  I finished my UFO course out of OLLI/GMU I did this several years ago and found that I needed to add additional ‘new’ information, especially about skinny Mike and Bill.

ome amigos in Brazil, during the course, I was able to identify that many crashes occurred especially after Roswell. The earliest on was in Nazi Germany in 1937 as well as finding part of a vehicle in the Kiev, Soviet Union region. The Germans used this technology while the xenophobic Russians hid their treasure moving it to Moscow.

The Nazis attacked in the Eurasia region. Findings in these aliens suddenly jumped occurred especially after the Trinity nuclear bomb explosion.

Crashes were also found strictly from Brazil while the former picture is sometimes referred to as a Russian activity and possibly incorrectly informed as Roswell. At Roswell, the methodology claims one dead, one was wounded and soon died, while the third lived for some time of period before dying. I doubt is there were two bodies together out of Roswell…

What commonalities occurred with all of these bodies assuming they came from the same species? Although they had ribs, no expansion or expulsion in the lungs seemed to appear. All of these guys did not have a helmet so they could live in our environment.  This is in contrast to ancient historical artifacts which imply aliens used helmets.  They do not have a mouth nor do they appear to eat. Sex is not of sufficient size for females to allow propagation. Their missions appear to gain some human DNA for some yet to be established reason.  Their basic body is slim and their long arms are extended usually with three large fingers.

Now the question is that these crashes have crashed in several different nations to go as far as a situation in Saudi Arabia. One may argue they literally fall out of the sky/In Russia they are shot down. There appears to be a war with these aliens and the Russians, since most of their cities have a sophisticated air-defense systems.

Russian Su-27 on afterburner for pursuing a saucer.

The point is that saucers are literally falling out of the sky all over the world.

Admittedly they are from several different species and these devices were not only saucers, but triangles as well as stranger vehicles.

Some saucers and something that looks like antennae or else in China.

This loss of saucers and personnel represent significant assets. Why is there no response about these vehicles falling out of the sky that we are aware of?  Why do these creatures appear to be so focused?  If their owners do not care, my view is that these are not the specific species itself, but to look at these as nothing more than biological robots. The behavior appears to be robotic; however, they have clear biological capabilities. They represent advances in AI which appear to be limited with knowledge possibly to go back into the past or in one case, being intellectual at the equivalent of two Ph.Ds.

This leaves us with a different perspective. Several sources claim being involved with aliens and would like for us to believe that these aliens care about us and although they are focused on atomic weapon locations or missiles, they care about humanity going over the top with a nuclear war. I do not accept this premise at all. I feel this is nonsense.

Let me explain why. Dr. Brandenburg implies that based on the Mars Rover and Spectrometer on a satellite in orbit about Mars has found unusual isotopes. The typical NASA geologist would generally ignore these elements. However, if you possess knowledge and expertise building nuclear weapons, these isotopes are basically the consequences of nuclear fission/fusion explosions. Mars appears to demonstrate a civilization that once existed. What occurred?

We would like to provide a hypothesis. The sun is large and billions of years ago, there was a planet named by the Russians as Phaeton. This planet was between Mars and Jupiter. As the Sun’s mass is converted into energy, the gravitational mass decreases and the orbits of these planets move further away. Phaeton enters the Goldilocks’ zone and develops biology to create some sorts of being.  In time, with more loss of mass in the Sun, Mars also enters the Goldilocks’ zone possibly billions of years later and develops their own civilization.

Apparently, Mars and Phaeton did not get along. Mars won in terms of the Phaeton planet being disintegrated resulting in an asteroid belt.  However, in a nuclear war, no one really wins, The Martians are contaminated and if they exist, any civilizations are below the surface. The point is that if these events occurred, why did not aliens come to save them?  It did not happen.  They were truly only watchers.

Others claim aliens claim that humanity is too violent because we killed each other.  This is trash.  All biological forms on the Earth, from insects to birds, lions, and fish are violent.  If this occurs in our planet, why would these lesser beings operate in a different fashion in their so-called advanced world?

Anyway, some of these possibilities are really questionable.  Moreover, regarding AI, it will show some limitations and that they can only act as a means of data selection, although important, creativity is absence with AI.  Hence, mankind will still survive despite such a threat…Thanks to Paul Murad

TR-3B Manta Spacecraft Patent US 20060145019 A1


A spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner that produce a horizontal electric field parallel to the sides of the hull. This field, interacting with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume combining both lift and propulsion.





                           1                                             2                                            3

Referring to FIG. 1,  the spacecraft has a hull in the shape of an equilateral triangle. A parabolic antenna (E) is centrally located in the bottom of the hull. An array of horizontal slot antennas is located along the side of the hull (A). Each back corner (F,G) has a corner conducting plate which is charged to a positive voltage +V. The forward corner (C) has a conducting plate charged to a negative voltage −V. A motion control hemisphere FIG. 1. Perspective view of triangular spacecraft.

FIG. 2. Drawing of the intersection of two charged plates in order to calculate the charge density in the corner.

FIG. 3. Perspective view of the corner angle β for the equilateral triangle.

(D) is located on the bottom surface in each of the three corners.


  1. A spacecraft comprised of the following components:

(a) a triangular hull in the form of an equilateral triangle;

(b) two copper plates attached on opposite vertical sides at each of the three corners of the hull (1 a) such that a sharp vertical edge is formed where they come together;

(c) an electrostatic generator used to charge the back two copper-cladded corners (1 b) to a high positive voltage, and the third forward copper-cladded corner to a high negative voltage;

(d) a horizontal slot antenna array mounted-on the sides of the hull; and

(e) a frequency generator, antenna and coaxial cables to drive the antenna array (1 d).

  1. 2. To create, by claims (1a, 1b, 1 c), an intense vertical line charge at the corners (1 b) and a horizontal electric field that that is parallel to the sides of the hull (1 a);
  2. 3. To create, by claims (1d,1e), an electromagnetic wave with a vertically polarized electric field traveling outward from the side of the hull (1 a); and
  3. 4. To create, by claims (2,3), an interaction of the electrostatic field (2) with the electromagnetic wave (3) such that a combined spacetime curvature pressure is generated on the hull in the upward and forward direction to produce lift and propulsion respectively.


This invention is a spacecraft having a triangular hull with vertical electrostatic line charges on each corner. The line charges create a horizontal electric field that, together with a plane wave emitted by antennas on the side of the hull, generates a force per volume providing a unique combination of both lift and propulsion.

Referring to FIG. 6, these three stresses are plotted together as a 3D vector field animated over time in nine frames. The graphs show that there is a lift force as depicted.

3                                    4                                              6

by the vertical arrows as well as a force of propulsion as shown by the interspersed horizontal arrows. With the passage of time, these vectors exchange places with each other so that the lift becomes the propulsion and vice versa, creating a wavy stress-energy field around the hull.

FIG. 4. Left Planar 2D graph showing the electric field produced by three line charges on the corners of the triangular hull.

FIG. 5. Center Perspective view of electric field produced by the linear charge interacting with the traveling electromagnetic wave produced by the slot antenna.

FIG. 6. Right 3D vector animation of the lift and thrust force generated by the fields.


This invention is a spacecraft with a triangular hull having charged flat plates on the vertical corners of the three sides. The two rear corners are charged to a potential V. The forward corner is charged to a potential −V. The 60° angle on the corner creates a line charge density singularity that produces a huge horizontal electric field pointing from the back to the front of the craft which is also parallel to the sides of the triangle. An array of horizontal slot antennas located on the sides of the triangular hull produce an electromagnetic wave with the electric field polarized in the vertical direction. This combination of fields produces a spacetime force in both the vertical and horizontal directions such that the spacecraft receives a lift force and a force of propulsion.

The A parabolic antenna (E) is centrally located in the bottom of the hull.antenna (A) is made out of sheet copper in which a rectangular horizontal slot (B) has been notched out using a die press and sheet metal fixture. A coaxial cable from the amplifier and frequency generator is attached across the slot by soldering the outer cable (D) to one side of the slot and the inner cable (E) to the other side of the slot. This creates the positive and negative charges across the gap which forms the vertical electric field (F) which radiates out perpendicularly to the copper sheet. Details at: Patent Link

How Suicide Bomber in Manchester Funded Attack with Student

The terrorist Salman Abedi is understood to have received thousands of pounds in government funding in the run up to Monday’s atrocity even while he was overseas receiving bomb-making training. Police are investigating Abebi’s finances, including how he paid for frequent trips to Libya where he is thought to have been taught to make bombs at a jihadist training camp. Abedi’s finances are a major ‘theme’ of the police inquiry amid growing alarm over the ease with which jihadists are able to manipulate Britain’s welfare and student loans system to secure financing. One former detective said, “Jihadists were enrolling on university courses to collect the student loans “often with no intention of turning up”. Abedi was given at least £7,000 ($9,000) from the taxpayer-funded Student Loans after beginning a business administration degree at Salford University in October 2015. Thanks to the Telegraph

David Twichell We Are Not Alone Show Reminder

David Twitchell

Tom Wertman joins us on our 11th anniversary with WHFR on Tuesday, June 6, 2017; at 2 PM. Tom is the Ohio State Director for the Mutual UFO Network.  He personally interviewed key witnesses in the 1973 Coyne helicopter UFO case.  He has assisted in investigations in the US, Canada and Porto Rico.  Tom holds a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s in education.  He will discuss his own personal UFO experiences as well.  Remember after the broadcast this show is available as a podcast from this website: click on Talk Shows–Tuesday Forum–(select date).

“We Are Not Alone” is a two time award winning radio show on WHFR.FM and is a member of the MUFON Radio Network! The show airs the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 PM EST with new shows each month. Go to and click on “Listen Now”. All shows are archived at WHFR’s website. Click on “Talk Shows” then the “Tuesday Forum” button and the date of the show. We Are Not Alone is also archived at my website which is  [mailto:dt*******@ho*****.com" data-original-string="X8CBckEY0v2NHOfo2VTwAWThtrc4UnU0RgOWkkEB9eA=" title="This contact has been encoded by Anti-Spam by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.]

Listen to me on the Jeff Rense Show Tuesday June 6, 2017 at 10PM Eastern followed by Bill Tompkins.

CMS continues to amass sighting reports from around the globe. In March 2017 there were 478 sightings reported to MUFON through CMS from the following countries; US -328, Canada -33, UK-24, Australia-13, Brazil-6, and India-6. The National UFO Reporting Center had 323 reports in March.

UFO Sightings in the United States

Arizona Light

Chandler — I spotted this in the sky on May 27, 2017, at 3:50 PM. I was in the backyard and I was looking through my binoculars and I spotted this shiny object and I started to record it. The object was a pretty weird looking thing. It just sitting in the sky and it came from the sun area and it was there for 5 to 10 minutes. Then it just disappeared.

Note: The video reveals that the object moved between the photographer and the tree in the background. The distance of the tree is not known. The witness took a video by fitting his cell phone to his binoculars. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

California Object

San Ramo — I was notified via email by nest of something in my front yard on May 23, 2017.
I had already left for work and was curious what was in my front yard. I proceeded to look at the video and observed the above described thing? This appears to be what some call a Sky fish. Photo is available upon request. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Orb

LoveJoy — On my way home from work on May 27, 2017, I noticed a light in the sky. It was too late in the morning for there to be any stars still out about 8 am. It started small as I was driving and I noticed that it wasn’t moving and was getting bigger so I pulled over and took a picture.

I had to leave but kept watching and it started getting smaller until it finally vanished about 15 minutes later. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Light

Edinburg — Pamela Stark reports photographing a visitor on June 1st, 2017,

She states,”Their Back”!! Thanks to Pamela Stark

Ohio Cylinder

Wapakoneta — I was walking with a group of friends in Ohio on May 29, 2017. I like to look in the sky when I walk because it’s something I have always done and it helps me think. I know what a plane looks like and I know what the flying lanterns look like, but what I saw that wasn’t either.  I saw it around 9:40 Pm along with my friends. It was a single yellow orb way higher than I have seen a plane or anything in general. It continued in a straight line for a few seconds before it flew higher and higher until it was gone. I know it wasn’t a balloon because it was glowing. I was able to get pictures before it disappeared. I have turned to this community to help me out. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma Disc

Bartlesville — My wife, son and I went to eat dinner on May 19, 2017, and when we left the restaurant the sky was a bright orange.

A storm just passed through and my wife and son both took pictures of the sunset. About a week later my son (11) was going through his pictures at lunch and noticed the object in the sky. I asked my wife about her pictures and the object is in her picture also.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Object

Merlin — Driving south from Hugo on I-5 to Grants Pass on November 18, 2016, I was taking pictures of blue sky. It had been raining continuously and I caught this UFO on film. This is the last picture in a series of four taken 30 seconds apart. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Texas Disc

San Marcos — We were driving and taking pictures of the beautiful scene and noticed the strange objects there on May 14, 2017.

We were all watching and taking photos just milliseconds apart when it disappeared into thin air. I noticed that the shape of this strange object was a round but flat object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Object

Rocky Mount — I was in the back yard of my ranch-style duplex and took a photo of a flying s Image with my DX-4 Quadcopter Drone.  Playback of the video that the drone captured shows possibly Sun distorting pixels of a very dark object. Upon closer inspection, I observed an object to right and left, equidistant and height in relation to dark the object. Again, it could be an illusion of light and clouds. Throughout the last 30 seconds of video, the drone pans up three times. During each pan-up, all three objects move and change shape in different ways.
When the drone returned, I didn’t know I had captured something interested until it was too late.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Lights

Arlington – The second day I witnessed a pulsating object at near the same time and at the same area of sky as the previous day. The object the second day was moving in a straight line instead of hovering.

The object stayed on path until it vanished over the horizon. Wind was southwest at 1-5 knots. The second day I witnessed a pulsating object at near the same time and at the same area of sky as previous day. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Canada Image

Oshawa, Ontario — I thought to share another strange image taken on May 13, 2017.

While outside my house in Oshawa, Ontario I thought to experiment and took ten photos on May 13, 2017. Examining all the photos we found something interesting in one of the pictures taken at 4:34 pm, It reveals a strange ‘ long ‘ colorful unknown object. This was not seen with the naked eye. I do wonder what flies undetected from the naked eye. Enjoy another Memorial Day my friend. Paul Shishis

France Lights

Chateau-Thierry — I tell what I saw Saturday night May 20, /2017, at 22:37.
I did not have the reflex to take a picture just to call my husband, who only saw the last luminous sphere. To show you, I took a day photo that I worked on Paint to give you an idea of the size of these luminous spheres.
The spheres moved from right to left, west / east. They were almost aligned, when the middle one stood out like a triangle.  there a sphere was again visible, very small, which lets me assume that it was very far, it was heading south east, straight in my field of vision. It lasted more between 1.5 to 2 minutes (which seems to me enormous). I felt that they were moving slowly, Thanks to MUFON CMS

India Sphere

New Delhi — It was almost diamond shaped with dark sides reflecting sunlight moving slowly from west towards south east on March 24, 2017.

I was actually observing aircraft coming in to land at Delhi Airport from my balcony. Aircrafts pass at a distance of 3 kilometers away at an altitude of 2,500 feet when I observed this strange object moving slowly around 4,000 feet. It gained altitude slowly and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Italy Orb

Mareno Di Piave — I was smoking a cigarette in the garden with my partner on May 25, 2017, looking at the sky. It was the brightest thing you saw in the heavens as the object was very strange doing kind of zigzag.

I was lucky enough to have an areo who spent at least that view near a strong light, and I could at least measure the two speeds of the areo and the alleged light was much faster.
From the west at great distance comes an aircraft that I filmed for one minute. After 50 seconds this aircraft is located to the east and vanishes into thin air. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Korea Missile Launch

The attached video is a screen capture on my TV while watching FOX news about the Korean missile launch. You should be able to retrieve the same video from most local news channels.
As the missile was launching you can see a black long object flies from the launching missile swerving in a smooth back and forth motion towards the camera and out of view
I thought it was strange, but it didn’t look like a bird and was too small to be an aircraft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Orb

Quintana Roo — I recently observed what appeared to be a metal object 3 to 5 miles off the coast on May 18, 2017. It was moving in an erratic manner and not like any known aircraft I’d seen. A vivid reflection is what made me notice the tiny object for roughly 60 to 90 seconds before filming the attached video.

I immediately knew it was odd and called to my wife to come and look. Before I could turn the recorder back on it moved upwards and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Portugal Orbs

Santo Tirso — I was with a friend walking back to our houses around 11 PM, so we looked up to see fireworks at the time. But when I looked up I saw lots of distanced lights flashing and I’m 100% sure it wasn’t the fireworks since there was no explosions. The amount of flashes in that particular area didn’t feel normal. After a while I saw them moving slowly like flocks of birds. I counted around 10-15 “star-like” objects flashing very quickly. When my friend who witnessed the event went home the lights were still there, moving and blinking. The lights made a cross… The “lights” flew away and dissipated. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Objects

Barrio Daguao, Naguabo — I was heading to a restaurant on a hill with my parents on May 27, 2017, and took photos toward the coast. I saw the objects when reviewing them on my computer. They were not close to an airplane or birds since they looked aligned in formation.

In one photo, there is a boomerang form and an egg-like object on top of it. I felt surprised when looking because a casual trip photo can turn into amazing evidence. They were static or moved very fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Light and Rectangles

I was looking out my window at about 10 pm on February 7, 2017, when I saw a circle shaped object in the sky with no trail of smoke. It wasn’t a plane, but it wasn’t flashing lights. I could just see one small light in the sky, so I took a picture and zoomed in on it.

Then I got a screenshot of a close up view and I saw like little black things walking. At that moment I thought it was a UFO because I think there aliens in the strange shaped object. I was watching it for about four minutes then it just disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Devon England — John Mooner Ufologist and chief investigator for and an investigator for B.E.A.M.S. reports

I was at the Teign Estuary taking photographs of passing planes when I spotted what at first I thought was a passenger plane.” I started to zoom in with my Nikon P900 only to be shocked by what I saw on 24 ‎May ‎2017, at 5:15 PM. This object is very unconventional with two white connected rectangular sections with two protruding transparent square flaps. There was one flap on the top and one flap on the bottom. There were also two separate contrails that where left by this strange object. This is totally bizarre and I photographed the same bizarre object over the Teign Estuary back on the ‎10th of ‎April 2017, leaving a long contrail.

Note: According to NASA, “Contrails are human-induced clouds that usually form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 km – about 26,000 feet) where the air is extremely cold (less than -40ºC). Because of this, contrails form not when an airplane is taking off or landing, but while it is at cruise altitude.” The plume ejected from the object must have been some kind of gas or energy, and was not something tangible like water.


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