Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 12 -2017 Ford Asks Congress to investigate UFOs

March 18, 2017

In special reports, this week’s files cover: President Ford asks Congress to investigate UFOs, Puerto Rico UFOs and Anomalies, Encounters with USOs, Propaganda and Treason Definitions, Mass Media Mass Propaganda, Iran Disc, and Stranger at the Pentagon.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over California, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Antarctic, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Malta, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and England in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The US Air Force investigated UFOs publicly for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

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 George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

Special Projects

President Ford asked Congress to investigate UFOs

 House Minority Leader Gerald Ford on March 25, 1966, proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country. Ford said he believed a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories. It didn’t hurt his political chances and helped make his name a household word. Then Governor Carter saw a UFO and ran on the ticket that he would find out the truth. Governor Ronald Reagan chased one in his governor’s aircraft and was also elected.

The following sightings were reported in Southeast Michigan in March 17, 1966.  After a few days of sighting reports by civilians, two Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies, Sgt. Neil Schneider and Deputy David Fitzpatrick, said they saw three or four red, white and green circular objects oscillating and glowing near Milan about 4 a.m.  They called Willow Run Airport officials but radar could not confirm the report.

Two more Washtenaw deputies, Buford Bushroe and John Foster, chased the same types of objects three days later. Livingston and Monroe County residents also reported seeing the objects.  The Detroit News carried the police chase story and a drawing of a quilted football-like UFO with lights, dome and antennae.   When Dexter Patrolman Robert Huniwell saw the object at 9:30 p.m. at Quigly and Brand, Washtenaw County Sheriff Douglas Harvey ordered all available deputies to the scene. Six patrol cars, two men in each, and three detectives converged on the area. They chased the flying object along Island Lake Road without catching it.  Farm owner Frank Mannor and his family said they came within 500 yards, “It wasn’t like the pictures of a flying saucer and it had a coral-like surface,” Mannor said.  Carloads of students from nearby University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan converged on the area after hearing radio reports.

The Air Force sent in “Project Blue Book” astronomer and UFO expert J. Allen Hynek, who drove around for two hours and 45 minutes. “Swamp gas” he concluded.  “Marsh gas usually has no smell, but sounds like the small popping explosions similar to a gas burner igniting. The gas forms from decomposition of vegetation. It seems likely that as the present spring thaws came, the gases methane, hydrogen sulfide and phosphine, resulting from decomposition of organic materials, were released.”  But William Van Horn, a local civil defense director and pilot who claimed he had seen the UFOs, was outraged by the report. A Hillsdale native, Van Horn said he grew up next to a swamp and knew more about swamp gas than Hynek.  “A lot of good people are being ridiculed,” Van Horn concluded. Later Hynek became a strong UFO supporter.

Puerto Rico UFOs and Anomalies

AJAS – Mayor Marcos Irizarry’s in the past supported the building of a UFO landing strip to welcome extraterrestrials that are frequently seen over the area. A green sign in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: “Extraterrestrial Route,” for Route 303.

Lajas support for the idea has provoked outrage among islanders who complained it would be a waste of money.  Mayor Irizarry quickly clarified that his municipal government would not invest in the project but would help Reynaldo Rios get the proper building permits to attract tourists to his small town.  The majority of the people in the town have seen UFOs and other strange phenomenon.

“It’s a very mysterious place,” said Irizarry, who says he once saw red lights zigzagging above the hills. Francisco Negron, the farmer who put up the sign and allows UFO watchers to gather at his ranch, volunteered his property for the landing strip. They claim they heard a boom and saw the hill go up in flames when a UFO crashed on the hill in 1997… The mayor hopes that UFO enthusiasts will flock to Lamas. Hundreds of visitors have already come to check out the Extraterrestrial Route since the new sign went up, Irizarry said.

Lajas is unique because of its numerous UFO sightings and Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge and lagoon that are known for bird watching and UFOs..

Besides UFOs, 127 different types of birds have been observed as well as balls of light coming and going into the water. At 10:30 PM, on May 30, 1987, a large red buzzing ball of light was seen descending into the lagoon. At 2:AM on May 31st, people in the area were awakened by a blinding white light and saw a huge disc shaped object with brilliant lights circle slowly over the water, as if looking for something. The following afternoon at 1:55 pm a huge underground explosion followed by a tremor shook the area. Cracks opened in the ground and cobalt blue smoke issued from them.

As if an earthquake followed by blue smoke wasn’t jarring enough, residents whose houses bordered the lagoon were forcibly evacuated by members of the U.S. military in grey humvee’s and tan four-wheel drive vehicles sporting radar-like rotating antennae on their tops. As they were being herded away from their homes, residents saw men in what appeared to be decontamination suits sweeping the ground with long-handled devices reminiscent of metal detectors and taking samples of water, plants, mud and grass. The next day a helicopter lowered an instrument package into the lagoon. For the next several days witnesses saw a strange flying dumbbell come in from over the sea and hover over the lagoon. It was a metallic cylinder with large balls of greenish-white light on the ends and a beacon-like red and blue light on its underside. During the next several days reports of UFO activity in the area increased dramatically, but also a large four engine commercial jet made a low pass over the lagoon.

I was at a local business and mentioned to the hostess about UFOs in Puerto Rico and she stated, “She was from Puerto Rico and left because she was afraid of the UFOs that frequently visited her home near Laguna Cartagena. She saw UFOs enter and leave both day and night.

Ceasar Remus, State Director reports that a unusually slow moving meteor crashed on May 5, 1997, at approximately 3:00 A.M. in the Laguna Cartagena, Lajas, Puerto Rico.  This South western corner of Puerto Rico has frequent UFO sightings entering and leaving the water.   Noti Uno Radio reported fires in the crash site area with badly burned and dead animals.  Charred metal also was reported from the alleged crash site and electrical power was cut in the area for an hour. The area was blocked off to the public, so there is speculation on the exact nature of the crash.

Lajas is also unique in having its main highway designated as an Extraterrestrial Route. To add to the mystery the U.S. military has

Aerostat located at  17°58’39.99″N  67°4’47.47″W

set up an aerostat tethered blimp with a radar system on the edge of town. A similar blimp is at Cudjoe Key near Key West, Florida. The military says the radar is to detect low-flying drug smuggling planes.

Professor Reinaldo Rios and investigators took up watch near the environs of the base of the Aerostato Radar on November 14, 2004. The radar is a gigantic globe that attempts to detect drug traffic and conduct military experimentation.

The aerostat is a large fabric envelope filled with helium. It can rise up to 15,000 feet while tethered by a single cable, which has a maximum breaking strength of 26,000 pounds. For security and safety reasons, the air space around Air Force aerostats is restricted for a radius of at least two statute miles and an altitude up to 15,000 feet. The smallest aerostat is about twice the size of the Goodyear Blimp. The 275,000 cubic foot, aerodynamically shaped balloon measures 175 feet long by 58 feet across the hull, with a tip-to-tip tail span of 81 feet. The aerostat system lifts a 1,highway as an “Extraterrestrial Highway”.

Professor Reinaldo Rios and investigators They made a nocturnal watch just off the Sector Fajardo de Lajas, Puerto Rico.  They were able to capture this image on 35 mm film.  Special thanks to José Martínez E.

Encounters with USOs

Our planet’s surface is nearly two-thirds covered by water and it would seem unusual in the extreme if the appearance of anomalous lights and objects were not associated with it. Indeed they have been and eye-witness records spanning centuries have logged these encounters, in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans around the globe. For example, according to Dutch newspapers in August 1954, whilst en-route from Amsterdam to New York, Captain Jan Boss, of the SS Grout Beer, reported observing a strange moonlike object rising out of the Atlantic Ocean some 90 miles east of Cape Cod light. Its keel shone with what appeared to be illuminated ports round the rim and the object’s speed was later described as having been fantastic.

What was it that two policemen saw emerging from the water off Porthcawl on the evening of September 1 1957, which at first resembled a ship on fire? It was located in the direction of Ilfracombe, in the Bristol Channel and began as a bright red glow which soon grew larger than a harvest moon. A black zigzag streak could be seen across its centre and as it rose up the fiery globe took off at an alarming rate accompanied by two smaller lights, heading for the Atlantic.

  The sounds picked up on the hydrophone of a research vessel operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute were flashed to the ship’s oscilloscopes as it probed the deep waters off Puerto Rico. Scientists on board were puzzled, as the noise continued intermittently from an estimated depth of 30,000 feet. This extreme limit almost certainly ruled out the presence of a submarine or any other kind of known underwater craft. When later translating their recordings onto IBM punch cards, the scientists discovered to their amazement that the sounds registered were of a screw turning at a rate of 100 to 180 rpm. Several days evaluation of the data still left them baffled and the oceanographers eventually began to wonder if in fact they had tracked some unknown type of marine life – subsequently nicknaming it the “180 rpm animal”.

Trevor Tyler was a deep-sea diver of more than 13 years experience when something happened, 270 feet below the surface of the Atlantic, which resulted in his sudden and inexplicable death. The 34 year-old Englishman  was working underwater off the coast of Guinea, West Africa, when  without warning over his radio workmates heard an inexplicable metallic  noise, followed by a scream and then silence. A fellow diver was immediately sent down and found Tyler’s lifeless body floating 180 feet below the surface, his arms outstretched and the diving suit he was wearing blown up like a balloon. At an inquest in 1968, a witness told how Tyler had obviously thrown away his weight belt before he died in a vain attempt to raise himself quickly. From what predicament no one will ever know.

Returning to the Bristol Channel and one February afternoon in 1965, a Mine head couple was driving home when, while heading down a coastal hill from Exford, they both spotted what appeared to be a grey fighter aircraft suddenly pass them at a distance of only 150feet. It was in the same direction but they soon realized its descent could only end in disaster. The driver of the car, a retired radio  officer, quickly stopped and griped his binoculars, watching as the  craft continued on until it landed in the Channel with a puff of black  smoke and disappeared. An RAF Search and Rescue unit based in Plymouth checked for any missing or overdue aircraft but found there were none.  Every plane had been accounted for and what’s more, no wreckage was ever recovered that could be linked to a missing fighter. Thanks to

WikiLeaks Release

WikiLeaks released “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)” The release is unfortunate and a traitor in the CIA or its contracted companies is responsible and repressible. However, the data is quite valuable and can be quite difficult to search through by yourself. Here is a list of some of the most notable information:

The CIA can masquerade its malware as belonging to the Russian foreign intelligence agencies.

The CIA also stole hacking malware from the Russian Federation for their own use.

The CIA may have obtained information from Russian turncoats as the Russians arrested several people from Russian Malware companies on unknown charges.

It’s possible CIA was using Russian codes to blame the Russians for spreading election stories.
The CIA’s exploits could have been leaked internally and can be used by unauthorized CIA personnel to gain access to virtually anyone or anything.
CIA malware can infiltrate iPhones, Androids, computers, Windows, Ipads, smart Phones, and even your smart TV.
The CIA may be hacking selected US citizens as Dennis Kucinich, a former congressman and two-time Democrat presidential candidate, said that he had been subject to wiretapping under the Obama administration. NSA also admitted some jealous operatives have wiretapped their own love ones.
Every microphone and webcam is remote controllable.
The U.S. consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base.
The CIA created malware that specifically evaded certain anti-virus programs.
The CIA can hack cars for “undetectable assassinations”
CIA malware can infiltrate your MacOS and Windows computers, Linux, routers, smart phone to read messages on encrypted apps, before you send them.
The CIA steals saved passwords from Internet Explorer.
CIA can make Android phones bulk-spy on Wi-Fi networks around them. Anything on the internet can be available to various intelligence agencies.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks editor, insists the Podesta leaks he obtained about Hillary Clinton did not come from the Russians but from the Democratic National Committee. He stoked speculation that 27 year old Seth Rich who probably favored Bernie Sanders might have been involved in the DNC hack by referencing his July 10, 2016, murder, unprompted on a Dutch news program.

Julian Assange stated, “Our whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often [face] very significant risks. A 27-year-old that works for the DNC was shot in the back, murdered just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons.

 Propaganda and Treason Definitions

Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. Our news media nightly gives aid and comfort to ISIS by constantly belittling the President

Mass Media Mass Propaganda

News media is controlled by six companies who use brainwashing, conditioned reflexes and myth, making it increasingly difficult to detect the truth. The elite media in the US was put in power by President Clinton who opened the gates for mega corporations to own the media. General Electric now owns NBC and NBC is a highly profitable company who made 3.7 billion dollars in 2011. Disney owns ABC and ESPN, Westinghouse owns CBS. Time Warner, Inc. is the world’s third largest media conglomerate, television networks and filmed TV, and entertainment company in terms of revenue, after Comcast and The Walt Disney Company, Their motivations are universal liberal causes.

Their methods are to make extraordinary profits and to support their Democratic nominees for office. The government brokered trade deals such as NAFTA which benefitted the companies to move facilities to Mexico for low labor and to bring illegal immigrants into the US for low wages. These corporations benefit from government intervention so they seek in turn to control who runs for office, and who is elected. Unfortunately these policies put a lot of Americans out of work and bring in a lot of illegal aliens who cost Americans billions to support with medical care, education, etc.

Neoliberalism essentially ignores human rights because they interfere with profit making by the corporations and control by the government. Obama care was essentially a control system. I watched the “World News Tonight” with David Muir – ABC News  and “Truth and Lies the Family Manson” who convicted of ordering killing of 8 people. Manson was treated much better than the President who is nightly accused of lying and working with the Russians.

I was not a particular fan of Trump, but I strongly resent every major TV news program being critical of everything he does to the detriment of the United States and benefit our enemies. The FBI reports that over 300 people are being investigated in the US for being radical Islamic terrorists. Many highly classified government top secrets are being released that favor neoliberals.  Thanks to

Iran Disc

 Michael Theodoulou for MailOnline reports, it’s not clear how far or how high it can fly or even how big it is and what makes it take off. But an aircraft created by scientists in Iran is, they claim, the world’s first flying saucer. Called the Zohal – or Saturn in English – it said the unmanned spaceship is designed for ‘aerial imaging’ but added it can be used for ‘various missions’.

The hard-line Fars news agency illustrated its story with a photo of a flying saucer, akin to one appearing in a 1950s Hollywood B-movie, hovering over an unidentified wooded landscape.

For President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the advances demonstrate Iran’s ability to push on with its science program despite international sanctions over its nuclear program. The hard-line Fars news agency illustrated its story with a photo of a flying saucer, akin to one appearing in a 1950s Hollywood B-movie. The reports gave no indication of the spaceship’s size. It can also fly indoors, can fly silently,

‘The device belonging to the new generation of vertical flyers is designed for aerial photography. ‘It is equipped with autopilot, image stabilizer and GPS and has a separate system for aerial recording with full HD quality!’Iran, which prides itself on its 2,500 year-old civilization, is also keen to show that it is at the cutting edge of modern science. Tehran’s ambitious space program alarms the West because the same technology used to send missiles into space can be used to build intercontinental ballistic missiles. Last year the country announced it had successfully fired a rocket that carried a mouse, a turtle and worms into space.

The flying saucer was said to have been unveiled at an exhibition of ‘strategic technologies’ attended by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. At the same time Iran’s Space Agency launched a test spacecraft designed to sustain life in orbit. The state IRNA news agency said the capsule was carried by a rocket called the Kavoshgar-4 (Explorer-4) 75 miles into orbit before returning to earth. Iran’s often outlandish scientific claims.

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Stranger at the Pentagon

Award Winning Filmmaker and Emmy Nominee

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UFO Sightings in the United States

California Object

El Cajon — I was smoking in my back yard when I suddenly heard a humming noise on March 10, 2017, I have heard this noise before it happens sometimes before I go to bed. We’ll the noise came back and I saw what appeared to be the outline of something invisible above the trees. When I noticed the humming got very loud and then took off and the noise stopped and when I turned around I could see the ball of light leaving. I enjoyed its beauty then decided to film it while it left into the clouds. An airplane passed by right after and so did a helicopter. I have video of all 3. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights

Hialeah – On February 9, 2017 I saw a large cube shaped UFO, much larger than a 747 aircraft by size comparison. It was hovering at first and fluctuating in various colors. I took footage of it in normal zoom then took more footage of it with zoom.

When I zoomed in it appeared to be structured and cube shaped. Minutes later it started to move and I began recording again. It sped off into the horizon above the clouds and at the end of the footage I showed how it was no longer in its original position.

When I took a screenshot of a frame from the second video which was zoomed in and enlarged it, it appeared to be similar to a building or a skyscraper with several windows. I’m attaching the original video and the enlarged image taken from the second video.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Diving Bell

Ocean Grove — Walking dog at beach and saw a UFO on February 27, 1998, at 1:35 PM. Architect Allen Wahl, was walking his dog along the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ. They were sitting on the beach resting on a crystal clear day. A strange looking ball shaped UFO with fins flew over his position moving from east to west and did not change course.  Allen stated, he never saw a UFO before but this made him a believer.  It looked like a diving bell or bathysphere about ten feet in diameter. It reminded him of a Juleps Van antique ship.  Lines of rust could be seen on the craft indicating it was often under water. About thirty minutes later an Army helicopter with guns sticking out the front passed directly overhead his position.  The next morning at 9:00AM the helicopters were also in the area flying at a very low level. Thanks to Allen Wahl

New Mexico Light

 Chaparral — We were driving back from Ruidoso on March 17, 2017, and the bright white light flashing caught my attention.

It was a distance away but as we approached, it remained in the same spot. I turned back and the one flashing object broke up into three different orbs and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Light

 High Point — On South Main Street getting pizza my family was sitting in car and noticed a bright light in sky on March 16, 2017. Family was immediately startled, confused, but ultimately excited. Upon closer observation, it was found that there was a silver orb slowly crossing the sky. Family immediately began recording event on phone (have 3 minutes video of encounter); the UFO traveled into what looked like a hole in the sky, dispersing and then reappearing. A smaller white orb soon appeared as if responding to the larger UFO. Shortly thereafter, both orbs disappeared before our eyes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Triangle

Port Lavaca — I noticed movement to my left, and looked up to the northwest and noticed an object moving toward me on September 30, 2016. The lights from the city cast a dim light upon the underbelly of the craft allowing me to determine it was solid and had Triangle shape. As it started moving overhead I noticed it had an array of lights underside, five total but small in comparison to the overall size of the object that were pinkish in color and appeared to be round in shape. The lights were configured in the shape of a chevron. The craft moved in a straight line from NW to SE totally silent. The craft moved over the waters of Lavaca Bay and I lost sight of it. I became very excited, and was fortunate to be able to witness such an event. I knew what I saw was real. I had a very good and distinct view of this craft. Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

West Virginia Light

My name is Joseph Shipp I would like to report an unusual sighting March 16, 2017.  I think that I do understand what I was seeing. I am a retired Senior Satellite Controller from the INTELSAT Corp. Satellite Control Center in Washington, D.C. I am a licensed pilot and an amateur radio operator, call sign WA8JLS. We live in a clear sky, rural location on top of a hill in West Virginia. The situation was a dark sky with good visibility. My geographical location is 39.07.59 N & 79.54.50 W at app. 1620 foot. elevation.

At 9:10 PM, with complete, clear sky c I stepped onto the south facing deck to a look at the sky. Commercial jet traffic frequently flies over this area as it’s designated “Aerial Flyway Route.” Moments later a bright flash of bluish, white light appeared 3-5 degrees just behind an aircraft. The brightness was as bright as seeing a Space Station pass overhead. Within seconds another weaker flash appeared in the location where the jet had been moments before. The object was not in the same flight path as the jet but was moving in a more northerly direction with weaker flashes and then brighter ones. The object appeared to be going slower than what one would see during a Station pass. I could not be certain, but it appeared that the object “Wavered” left and right, east and west a VERY small amount each time I saw it flash.

Some of the bright flashes were very bright as if coming directly in my direction as from an intense bluish/white LED light or laser. Some flashes were weaker and had a reddish/copper tint in color. Such as with a good eye how the solar panels of the Station can be perceived as it passes overhead. I began to count the times between the flashes. They were as long as ten seconds and as short as three seconds apart. They were random in timing and varied greatly in their brightness. I did not count all of the flashes but would estimate from the time I picked it up, there were twenty five to thirty flashes.

I could see the object approaching the vague shadow of the earth in what remained of the sunlight in the southern sky. I thought, “It will blink out at any moment.” It did blink out. But at that instant, it seems to have had a “Spur” or jet of red light, fire from the bottom of the object at roughly the 7:30-8:00 position. The “Jet” was several widths longer than the size of the object itself 4-5 deg. of arc in length.  It was then in the earth’s shadow at 9:20 PM. The entire sighting lasted 5-6 minutes. When I first picked up the flashes, from my location it was about 80 deg. in elevation and 250 deg. in azimuth. When it blinked out it was about 35-40 degrees. I do think that it might have been a north/south LEO satellite that was tumbling out of control. I am curious if there were any other witnesses to this rare sighting? Sincerely, Joe Shipp

Washington Light

Conway — On Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:30 pm, my friends and I were at the western most end of Rawlings Road when out of nowhere, a light appeared just above the horizon, over Camano Island. After a minute another bright light appeared next to it. It was the same pattern as our previous sightings in the same area, so we instantly knew what we were seeing. We had brought along a camera, as the UFOs had previously shown up as soon as we arrived at the area. We took multiple long exposure shots of the crafts in flight, and it was revealed that whilst travelling at faster speeds, the UFO would cloak itself, and could only be seen on camera.

We photographed the flight path of both objects departing the area, and it was truly amazing. About 10 minutes after they had left, they returned in the same spot. They did relatively the same things, hovering and pulsating in odd fashions. They would disappear for minutes at a time, then suddenly reappear, then dart away after some time in the area. The 3rd time we saw this, one of us flashed a phone flashlight at it. Upon doing this, to our surprise, the craft abruptly turned towards us. It had three lights in the front that appeared to scan us. After that, it quickly darted southwest. It was during its departure of the area that we noticed a saucer shape to it. The entire craft was lit up with a large number of lights, pulsating in an intelligent manner. During the departure, we flashed lights again, and this time, it began to fly and down, and left to right. We realized we had just communicated with a potential extra terrestrial. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wisconsin Object

 Black Creek — My wife and I were traveling easterly on our way home from Green Bay on Highway 54. I was looking at the sky ahead of us and thought nothing of the very few clouds that were in the sky.
In an instant, there was an instantaneous flash of light, not a flash like a camera flash, but a sphere-like a ball. Then, a grayish, dark colored object appeared out of the light and traveled very slowly for 7 seconds and then it just vanished.

We had actually pulled over just to be certain that the sky was clear except for a few clouds. There was an instantaneous flash of round light and a UFO appeared from it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Wyoming Lights

 Laramie — Taking pictures of the moon around 4 pm on March 9, 2017, I noticed black object in my picture with a shutter speed of 1/10. Increased shutter speed quickly, objects no longer visible.

I decreased shutter speed again and the object was visible. Object seemed to hover and then went off to the south. My high powered lens was used. It was very windy that day and was unable to get a clear picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Sightings

Antarctic Disc

Antarctic research center United States — I was on my phone looking at Google earth images in Antarctica where I found this remarkably out of place disk sitting atop a large mountain near but not in, the Queen Maud mountains in Antarctica.

That particular range is completely blurred out. The object casts a shadow following its perfect contours.

This is obviously a smooth possibly metallic object displaying remarkable symmetry and detail for a satellite image.

Notice the setting sun (as much as it sets in Antarctica) reflecting just off of the dome (located in the exact center of the object), and the paneling sunward. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Brazil Objects

Itu — I was in the rooftop of my house, staring the sky with a friend on March 12, 2017. We were just observing, since there was no clouds and it was full moon. It was a beautiful evening. We were lying down, and three objects flew over us. At first, I thought it was a meteorite that just have broken in three smaller pieces, but, when at the distance, the left “piece” just made an S turn. The middle piece didn’t change of course and turned right. The right piece didn’t change its course.

Then they vanished in thin air; although there were no clouds. I felt a lot of things, since I’m a scientist who believes the scientific method with my heart and soul. I was terrified. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. My friend, also, was spooked. We could barely speak. I can’t even describe what I’m feeling now 24 hours after. I lost sight of the objects when they vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Lights

Bare — I pulled onto my street heading home and I noticed three bright lights in the sky on February 27, 2017. Two were red and one was white flashing very fast.

I recorded it for a few seconds from my car, until the video went out of focus, then pulled into my driveway and went inside to tell people to come look.

My brother in law came outside and saw it as well. I started to record again and as I did it changed its white light to red and began pulsating slowly with the other two lights now turned off. It then flickered its lights and changed the red pulsating light back to white, continued to pulsate, and then went back to flashing again for the remainder of the time I watched. It eventually vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iran light

Andisheh New Town, Tehran — The night before the last Wednesday of each Iranian New Year, the country celebrates with bonfires, fireworks and small lit balloons. On this day in 2016, I saw a constant stream of flying objects travel across the sky -once the fireworks started. Once the fireworks etc. had finished, there were no more flying objects.

Exactly the same night, the same thing happened this year (2017). Last night everything was the same as 2016. Glowing yellow balls all travelled from one direction to another and appeared to follow the same path and destination. Every few minutes one would appear from the far right and travel right across the sky to the left. I watched with binoculars as ii accelerated and slowed, move up and down and hover
you can see the objects were not fireworks or fire balloons which people release in Iran. It was very obvious they were craft Thanks to MUFON CMS

Malta Disc

Marsascala — It was a sunny day and I was taking photos of the view on May 19, 2016.

The object appeared in three photos and I started noticing it for 15 minutes or so, and then disappeared over the sea.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Africa Black Triangle

Potchefstroom — Me and one of my friends were sitting outside at about 7:45 PM, just talking and drinking some tea on March 10, 2017. We saw a flickering object near the moon as big as a star and we thought it was just a plane. It was silent and changed direction hovering in weird motions. That’s when we saw a triangular shape with red and white flickering lights on each edge. We turned around and saw the triangular black object hovering right behind us and it was huge. It seemed quite impossible to move so fast from far away and now it was right by our side. We looked at each other shocked and confused as it was right there! The object changed direction again above us moving higher heading north like it wanted to land. We lost sight of it behind a big tree in front of us. It was hovering at a low altitude with flickering lights. We felt scared and confused and felt hypnotized because we just stood there in shock. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Spain Object

Tacoronte –

  1. =Taking sunset photograph.
    – At the moment I did not notice the object, I saw it when I reviewed the photograph.
    3. – A kind of missile.
    4. – What you see in the picture.
    5. – Curiosity.
    6. – I did not see it until I checked the photograph.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Lights

Warwick — I was taking my dogs for a walk and entered a large park area. I heard an unusual jet sound, more of a howl as if a jet is reducing speed on March 7, 2017. I spotted a Typhoon Euro fighter which I have never seen before. It turned and started to come north towards me and I started filming.

The fighter was going very slow and was pitched up at a strange angle. After it passed behind some trees I stopped filming. The howling sound continued. I spotted a small passenger jet passing over me with van sized blimp on its right hand wingtip. Thanks to MUFON CMS

East Preston — I was at home last night watching TV and decided to make a coffee, and noticed how pretty the moon looked out of my kitchen window on March 13, 2017. I decided to try to get a couple of nice pictures of it on my Cannon digital camera about 8.30 pm. It was either a full moon or near enough and it had a beautiful halo around it. I went out on the patio and managed to get a few decent shots. When I down loaded them on to my Laptop computer I noticed a couple of rather odd looking ones, I put some on Facebook and my daughter asked me what the odd golden glowing sausage shaped thing was? That’s’ when I really looked at it and realized it was indeed very strange looking. Everything else in the picture was in sharp focus so it seemed unlikely that whatever this thing was would not be in focus. I did not see this thing as I took the picture. There is an apparition of some kind that goes through my garden that it appears to have arms and legs! It appears to be made up of Orbs, .I did not see or hear any airplanes.  Thanks to MUFON CMS


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