Filer's Files

Filer’ Files #2 -2016 Space Battle Groups


January 7, 2016

In special reports, this week’s files cover: Hillary Clinton says “We’ll get the UFO Information Out,” Deep Space Warships, Admiral Byrd Warns of UFO Invasion, Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Jump Room to Mars,  Mars Dams and Water Control,

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over Australia, Canada, Chili, Guam, Ireland, Nigeria, Norway, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, England in the United Kingdom, and the Virgin Islands.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

Forward these files to your friends and neighbors.


George A. Filer III

New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

Special Projects

Hillary Clinton says, “We’ll get the UFO Information Out”

CONWAY — Daymond Steer writes, “Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave UFO enthusiasts a reason to cheer at the close of her recent editorial board meeting with The Conway Daily Sun.”


Reporter Daymond Steer asks Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for her stance on UFOs when she visited the Sun on Tuesday. (Margaret Mckenzie photo) During the meeting,  answered serious questions about foreign policy and the economy, and at the end, she chatted with this reporter, who had asked her about UFOs the last time she visited.

She recalled that 2007 exchange with a smile and seemed to have fun discussing the topic.“Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” said Clinton with enthusiasm.

Back in 2007, Clinton had said that the No. 1 topic of freedom-of-information requests that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, received  at his library was UFOs.

Last year, Bill Clinton told late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he wouldn’t be surprised if aliens visit Earth since so many planets out there might support life. “I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day,'” said Clinton, referring to a movie about alien invaders. When asked about her husband’s nonchalant comment about contact with the third kind, Hillary Clinton responded: “I think we may have been (visited already). We don’t know for sure.” Clinton also said she would like to look into Area 51, a secret military base in Nevada that has long been rumored to contain aliens. At first, she called it Area 54 and then corrected herself.

But Bill Clinton told Kimmel that he had already looked into Area 51. He said everyone who works there has to stop about an hour away to put on special clothing. Clinton said Area 51 is where stealth technology is made. “There are no aliens there,” said Bill Clinton, adding at the anniversary of the supposed Roswell, N.M., crash in 1947, he released all the documents he could on the subject because he knew there would be popular demand. Kimmell had Bill Clinton promise that he would have announced the existence of aliens if he had found them. Hillary Clinton, while at the Sun, added that the chairman of her campaign, John Podesta, is a huge fan of UFO lore.  Podesta served as chief of staff to Bill Clinton and counselor to the president for Barack Obama. “He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” said Clinton. “One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”

Conaway Daily Sun – 12/30/15   Clinton Breaks Her Silence  Website


This interview of Secretary Hilleary Clinton represents a breakthrough moment in American political history. Twenty three years after her husband’s administration was engaged by Laurance Rockefeller to release all “UFO” documents in government files and grant amnesty to government witnesses (the Rockefeller Initiative Website  ) It is essential to remember she had the option to speak off the record. Here is a breakdown of and background on this interview.

[Steer] During the meeting, the former first lady, chatted with this reporter, who had asked her about UFOs the last time she visited. She recalled that 2007 exchange with a smile and seemed to have fun discussing the topic.

[Steer] “Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” said Clinton with enthusiasm.

This is a bold statement as the inevitable outcome of “getting to the bottom” on the issue would be Disclosure, which is to say Secretary Clinton would become the Disclosure president, assuming Disclosure has not already taken place.

[Steer] Back in 2007, Clinton had said that the No. 1 topic of freedom-of-information requests that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, received at his library was UFOs.


Last year, Bill Clinton told late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel that he wouldn’t be surprised if Earth is visited by aliens since so many planets out there might support life. “I just hope it’s not like ‘Independence Day,'” said Clinton, referring to a movie about alien invaders.

When asked about her husband’s nonchalant comment about contact with the third kind, Hillary Clinton

This is a remarkable statement. Secretary Clinton has just informed the Pentagon, which is quite aware of the Rockefeller Initiative and the Disclosure advocacy movement, she is heading their way if elected! [Steer] Kimmell had Bill Clinton promise that he would have announced the existence of aliens if he had found them.


Hillary Clinton, while at the Sun, added that the chairman of her campaign, John Podesta, is a huge fan of  UFO lore. She said he enjoys a sc-ifi show on the FX network. Podesta served as chief of staff to Bill Clinton and counselor to the president for Barack Obama. By openly referring to Podesta in this context, she has linked her campaign to his recent twitter statements, his calls to release the UFO files, and ultimately his role in the Rockefeller Initiative. She also played a role. By doing this, she is making clear Podesta’s tweets were not jokes. This is important.

[Steer] “He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” said Clinton. “One way or another, maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”

This is very strong. Podesta was on the White House payroll as an advisor to Obama throughout 2014. This statement by Clinton would seem to again confirm the Podesta regret tweet Website   was serious and indicates Podesta may have in fact advised Obama to seek the release of the UFO files to no avail. Was President Obama, as with President Carter, denied information by military/intelligence sources? If true, this would raise a significant constitutional question.

Secretary Clinton will be the messenger, and Barack Obama will be the Disclosure president. Note: I have sent her a copy of these files for years, but do not know if she reads them.

Congressional Hearing Initiative Website

 Deep Space Warships


The McKinnon info validates the William Tompkins material and major parts of his story “Selected by Extraterrestrials” Everything is indeed becoming known.

Yahoo News reports, “According to a hacker who is facing a ten-year legal battle after breaking into NASA computers, the United States has a fully operational fleet of Space Warships.” Gary McKinnon firmly believes that he came across the ultimate information that proves the US has a secret space program operated by the Navy with fully operational warships that operate in Space.


In a new interview on UFO channel Richplanet TV, McKinnon finally reveals the entire truth about his findings saying: ‘I kept going for months and months. I kept thinking, ‘They’re going to close this door’. McKinnon said that he used a software called Landsearch, which allowed him to search all files and folders of interest to him. ‘I scanned and looked for documents, I found an Excel spreadsheet which said, ‘Non-terrestrial officers’, states McKinnon. ‘It had ranks and names. It had tabs for ‘material transfer’ between ships.

‘I took that to be, they must have a ships based in space – the names started with U.S.S.’

Gary McKinnon is accused of mounting the biggest ever hack in the history of the Unite3d States by breaking into the computers of the Army, Air force, Navy and NASA.

During his latest interview, McKinnon describes a conversation from a former NASA whistleblower Donna Hare, who had been told by a colleague that NASA was trying to hide delicate information by “airbrushing” UFOs from their photos.

“There was a colleague, who was in another room — they all had secret clearance but they were on different projects — and she (Hare) was in this chap’s lab or room or whatever it is and he said come and take a look at this,” said McKinnon.

While there are many people who firmly believe this is yet another elaborate hoax, there have been a series of former NASA and government employees who back up the claims made by McKinnon.


Structures on Mars

According to statements from a former Marine known as Captain Kaye, not only have humans made it to Mars in the past, but we have developed a secret space program and flotilla that operates in space. The former US Marine, was posted on the red planet for years and his mission was to protect the five human colonies from indigenous life forms on Mars. According to the former Marine, not only did he spend years on Mars, but he also served aboard a giant space carrier for three years. He worked for the Mars Defense Force (MDF), which is owned and operated by the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC), which is a conglomerate of financial institutions, government and tech companies. Kaye and his team were part of a special section of the United States Marines with a highly classified mission, protect and ensure the existence of five newly-established colonies on the surface of the red planet. The Space Defense Force, another secret military branch has military recruits from countries such as the United States, China and ‘.

Parts of the testimony from Captain Kaye are consistent with that of Michael Relfe, another whistleblower who claims to have served 20 years tour on the red planet.

Donna Hare

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of former President Eisenhower claims that efforts were made to recruit her onto a human colony on Mars, led by researcher Dr. Hal Puthoff. She was told during the recruitment effort directed at her in 2006-07 that she would go to Mars via the jump room or technically “ARC,” which stands for “aeronautical repositioning chamber.”

According to ‘Jackie’ while working as part of the team downloading telemetry from the Viking Lander on Mars, she saw a human foot on the surface of the red planet. a live feed from Mars. According to “Jackie”, there are humans on Mars, and we have been on the red planet for over 20 years. ‘Jackie’, and six other employees saw the exact same thing, suggesting this might be the evidence that proves that a secret space program did exist (or might even still). In an interview with Coast-to-Coast AM, Jackie talked about humans on Mars, something that has been discussed among other NASA employees for years.

Many Ufologists believe that the statements made by the above individuals is accurate and that this information is being withheld from the general public. This also showed up on Yahoo News. NASA hacker: I found evidence America has Deep Space Warships and  Frank Chilli

William Tompkins Testimony

William Tomkins

On the Jeff Rense Radio Show William Tompkins on January 6-7, 2016, revealed that due to his excellent memory and model building skills he was assigned to Naval Intelligence working for Admiral Rick Abatta during World War II. According to Tompkins, his unit had a series of US Naval spies who returned from Germany who had discovered that the Germans were working on advanced wingless aircraft or types of discs apparently with the help of extraterrestrials.  According to Tompkins, Adolph Hitler was working with Reptilian aliens and building early models of UFOs. The Reptilians had large caverns in Antarctica and numerous scientists were transferred to Antarctica to build advanced craft. The SS allowed a group of personnel to build UFOs in Germany and attempted to develop their own… Tompkins job was to take this information to various aviation companies, universities and research organizations. He often flew to Naval Development Center in Warminster, Maryland.

Tompkins explained, the Germans started in 1939, building and importing equipment into a massive cavern in Antarctica that was tied to extraterrestrial operations. They were building large transport submarines and anti gravitational UFOs. These craft allegedly flew Hitler and large numbers of Nazis to Argentina and Antarctica in the last stages of the war.



Operation Highjump was an operation designed to locate the Nazi base in the Antarctic that was organized by Rear Admiral Richard E Byrd Jr., USN.  Byrd was the Officer in Charge of Task Force 68 that commenced on 26 August 1946 and ended in late February 1947. The US Navy Officially admits Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. Tompkins claims the task force was actually much larger. Upon arriving at the polar continent, they reportedly split into three separate groups and began a massive reconnaissance operation. They apparently discovered the Nazi base, which had been established years earlier, complete with underground installations and code-named the ‘New Berlin’.

Tompkins claims the Task Force was attacked by UFOs with Nazi markings and several ships were sunk and most of the US aircraft destroyed by attacking UFOs.


Navy photos show a crashed PBM aircraft stating this aircraft with the call sign of ‘George 1’ mysteriously blew up killing three aviators.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd Warnings




After leaving Antarctica, Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the Polar Regions. When the Americans left, Byrd, after arriving home, reportedly began demanding that the government turn Antarctica into a nuclear test range. Byrd was sworn to secrecy and his diaries are sealed to this day.

William Tompkins further states, “That our planet has been a battleground for warring extraterrestrial cultures for thousands of years. The result has been wars, destruction and attempts to hinder our progress. Recently there has been a great spike in technical innovation due to help from friendly aliens. He believes that perhaps he and many other uniquely talented people have been gifted with skills that more closely reflect what human intelligence is capable of when not held back by outside forces. Regardless of your opinion of the UFO phenomenon, Mr. Tompkins has taken on this subject with energy and claims we have eight cylinder shaped craft 600 feet long carrying smaller fighting craft”.

Selected by ET

He has done extensive research into extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects. He is preparing a six-volume autobiographical study on the subject entitled “Selected by Extraterrestrials.” He states that our planet has been a battleground for warring extraterrestrial cultures for thousands of years. The result has been wars, destruction and attempts to hinder progress by some, but also recently, a great spike in technical innovation is due to help from others. Tomkins claims most of the Mars life is underground in various caverns.  Some human’s ancestors are from other star systems.

After the war, some German scientists and their technology were brought to the US in Project Paperclip along with their advanced technology. He claims we were able to bring the Roswell alien craft down using an advanced technology.

Solar Warden

Solar Warden

William Tomkins revealed US Navy has Battle Groups operating outside the Earth. He personally designed five space ships and thirty support ships. Using the latest technology, he designed different space ships for Northrop Aviation Company. Northrop started building the huge craft underground in Utah. These craft now cruise the solar system and fight against Reptilian craft. The battles with them are very short, but we need more battle groups as they are becoming stronger. The US works closely with the Nordic aliens who have similar craft. They apparently came from the Orion Constellation and influenced the building of the pyramids. A large moon size craft flies throughout the galaxy. The Reptilians attack various planets, take them over, and put the residents into slavery. The popularity of the Star Wars movie may be because the public understands the story is close to the truth being withheld from the public.

Tompkins secretary at Douglas Aviation was a Nordic who was very beautiful and gave us advanced technology.


Tomkins claims we are now building even better Battle Groups. The Apollo moon landings were also designed to build a base on the moon. We now have bases on the moon along with bases on Mars and Jupiter’s moons. The rovers are expensive cover-ups and it is time to tell the public the truth. He has been cleared by the Navy to reveal this information. TRW was part of the group with unlimited money to  build these advanced craft. We do know Tomkins worked for the right companies and was inside special units where advanced designs were produced. At age 92 he chooses to reveal the projects he was working on. Website


Manned Orbiting Laboratory

A newly released treasure trove of historical data by the US Government reveals intriguing details about a secret Cold War project known as the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL).


The U.S. Air Force’s MOL program ran from December 1963 until its cancellation in June 1969. The program spent $1.56 billion during that time, according to some estimates.

While the program never actually lofted a crewed space station, those nearly six years were quite eventful, featuring the selection of 17 MOL astronauts, the remodeling of NASA’s two-seat Gemini spacecraft, the development of the Titan-3C launch vehicle and the building of an MOL launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. MOL, which would have zipped around Earth in a polar orbit, pioneered complex human interaction with an automated film camera system. It would have made it far better than it could be done strictly as an automated system.

The MOL film camera was going to be so precise, General Abrahamson said, “It could have photographed Soviet airfields or snagged imagery of aircraft flight tests and the testing of specialized munitions.  Thanks to Spacecom.

 Mars Dams and Water Control


39 S 166 W 100 on Mars. Extreme water shortage may have required the Martians to build dams and methods of collecting the water and erosion control. Underground Water appears to seeping in from the sides of a crater or valley. Thanks to NASA

 Sightings in the United States

Alabama Cylinder


Pinson – On January 1, 2016, I was taking the dog out at 7:19 pm, and noticed an inverted triangle in the southern sky, 25 degrees above the horizon towards Birmingham.

The lights were much larger and brighter than any stars. The color of each light was also different from a star, either a yellow/orange or orange. Initially I believed it could possibly be some type of lanterns but they stayed in that same tight triangle formation without wavering (as the lights were connected). The triangle formation was rotating clockwise with the left light moving further away. Three lights moved VERY slowly east, with all corners staying at a consistent distance,

The sighting lasted roughly four minutes disappearing behind some fast moving clouds. My wife, mother, and daughter also witnessed this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Orb


Eureka — I arrived at the Pacific Outfitters and saw a double rainbow, and took two consecutive photos of a rainbow. I reviewed the photos when I got home and noticed in the first live photo that when it played something black moving very fast flew through the rainbow descending at about a 45-degree angle. The object was not in the next photo that I can tell. The video only plays on my iPhone 6 as a live photo. I do not know how to export it so that others can see the object move. If you look in between the two palm trees to the right and follow the space between them up to the rainbow, you will see the object streak through the rainbow. Thanks to MUFON CMS’

Colorado Disc


 Bucaramanga – We drove on Bucaramanga Road to observe a light that was dawning in the Chicamocha Canyon on October 25, 2015.

I took out my phone and when I saw it began to rise, I did not see it anymore.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Lights


On July 17, 2016, I called my wife and daughter to come see what they did.

The lights flew north until trees and a building blocked my site.

The exact date is not certain.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


Orlando — The following event took place at night over Disney World. I noticed some silent red glowing lights that were able to change in number, orientation and even appeared to merge on April 1, 2013. The pattern of lights consisted of 1 to 4 separate but equal sized lights. The lights were able to hover and were obviously under intelligent control. I photographed the light objects with a H5 Sony Camera. Much to my surprise, there was also a clear outline of what appeared to be a craft with a propulsion system emitting white energy or light. There were other strange objects in the digital image that was some sort of electrical loops of dancing energy. These energy loops were in different colors and visible on both sides of the craft and the red light objects. The craft and red lights remained in sharp focus. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iowa Fuzzy


Sac City — I looked out the kitchen window to see if the moon was visible on January 1, 2016. I could clearly see what was less than a half moon and a bright group of rays and orbs. I grabbed my IPhone and took a couple pictures but they were fuzzy. These pictures were shot with my Canon-EOS-70D with zoom lens. When I first saw it, I saw it moving and it was something totally different! This object had very bright glowing lights, which seem to hover and fall. A collection of orbs illuminated it. At first, I thought it was chevron shaped but then as it moved it looked very different. I ran upstairs to wake my husband but it disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Maine Lights


Turner — My friend and I was leaving Turner to go back home on December 25, 2015, when we were viewing Christmas Lights took a video of it. Recording the lights, I noticed lights on ground that we could not see with the naked eye. About five and a half minutes into recording my friend said, “Look at that thing on the mountain it’s huge.” The UFO came into view of my camera and it was an amazing sight to see on Christmas night. The ufo blinked out after a few seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Massachusetts Flying Object


Holyoke On January 1, 2016, driving on the highway between Vermont and Massachusetts, I saw and object hovering and took a quick video and pictures.

I saw an object hovering over my car on the highway and took videos and pictures and then it disappeared.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota Light


Eagan – It came down through clouds and then back up on December 31, 2015.

I have photographed something by accident, I think.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


 New Mexico Sphere


Rio Rancho – I was at home when I went to the backyard to take a photo of the overnight snowfall that ended at around 8:00 am, on December 27, 2015. After downloading the photo to the computer, I notice the object in the top center of the photo. I thought that it might have been a water drop but there was no moisture on the camera and the temperature was twenty-five degrees Celsius outside.

I showed the photo to a coworker that follows UFO sightings and he asked me to submit it to MUFON. I have no idea what the object is.

Thanks to MUFON CMS


North Carolina Lights


 Carolina Beach — I was playing computer games on January 6, 2015, during the time of the event. The lights got my attention because they were pulsating, amber-red-orange colored and unlike a typical fishing boat that would be seen on the water. The photo was taken, between the hours of 2-3 AM. The red-amber colored lights blinked off and on all night long until the sun came up.

Note: This picture was taken on a tripod, as well as, time exposed due to nighttime visibility. The lights appeared separated but followed a sequencing of left to right and then right to left repeatedly until the sun came up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Orb


Ashland — I was at work time was close to 9 pm, I had walked out back for a quick break on January 2, 2016. I noticed a formation of two planes flying in formation very close to one another. Their elevation was high and took out my phone to zoom in and see better.  I happened to notice something dark over a building in the direction of the/planes path. I snapped a few photos and was amazed to see something strange in the photo. I don’t know what the object is. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it was danced in the sky erratically. After 15 seconds of recording in a flash of light, it shot off and up into the sky.. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oregon Orb


Eugene – On New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2015, I was looking west out our front window towards the EUG airport. It was over the ‘Wetlands area,’ a preserved site critical for bird migration.

I saw birds and I could see the white tail feathers and head of something. I called my wife to have a look and got a photo eagles coming towards us. Later that same day, my wife spotted two eagles approaching from the west and I managed to capture a pair of eagles as they flew towards us.
I used my (Nikon D3000 camera), and noticed a white sphere in the upper left in one photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Orb


Yeim – A light moved east during fireworks and then disappeared on January 1, 2016, at 12:15 AM.

I grabbed my cellphone camera and took a video.

The light eventually disappeared and then reappeared.
The drunken person in the video was not me.

I finally got something on video wow
Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide UFO Reports

Australia Orb

— On our way back from coffee, we noticed chemtrails being conducted in a cross over pattern on December 15, 2015. I took a photo of the plane in action as it was undertaking the second trail. We walked back to our house and took two more photos. When I revised the photo, I spotted an orb of silver/metallic appearance with six bright lights clearly visible upon the surface of the orb. The lights are clearly distinct once uploaded to my pc. With the second lot of photos, the orb is in a different location. The orb is not visible and returns in the third photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Orb


Kelowna — I went out on my balcony to have a cigarette while talking on the phone on August 2, 2014; I observed this glowing orb moving in a way an airplane could travel. It flew behind ridges and in front of them. It hovered and flew quickly as it changed color on the opposing side. I tried to use my phone to capture pictures but was unable to focus on the object; I did get a short video of the object before it winked out of existence. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Guam Light


Yigo – I woke up around 5 am and went outside where I saw a bright light, almost like headlight beams on January 1, 2016. I thought nothing of it until about 10 minutes passed and it seemed like it was heading straight up and disappeared. Then descended leveling off and hovering, and It then repeated this maneuvering several time.

Around seven, I went back outside and the object wasn’t as bright, seemed higher in the sky, and eventually faded out. It was yellowish and had a flashing red light.

The following day I went out at 5 am and saw it again with brighter red and green flashing lights.  Around 6:40 AM, I with back outside and the object was still stationary but not as bright. After filming, I noticed it was a hovering disk shaped… Thanks to MUFON CMS

Chili Underwater Rod


 Serena – This is a drone recording with P3P DUI arraying industry on the Serena coast of an unidentified object underwater. The object in the video is possibly a rod type UFO.

At the time, filming there was algae on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.  It moved very fast, was long without wings… She was amazed, but this is not the first time she saw something unfamiliar, previously have had UFO sightings but could not catch them. The object moves out to sea and is lost. Thanks to Slds Agustin

Ireland Lights


Sligo – I was making tea after the movie and saw a huge light in the sky on November 11, 2015, where normally is nothing. It was an unknown object so I took out my digital camera and photographed the light.

It hovered glowing for over one hour and then disappeared. I could see the inner structure and a ring around the object was giving off a lot of light.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Nigeria UFO

Ifot Favou Johnnie writes, “It was said that at about days after Easter of 2014 in a town in Akwa-Ibom State, that an unidentified object came from the sky while the rain was falling at about  21:00 hours. The object came as a lighted object from the other part of the village in a ship like form and with high sense of light. It entered a house around the village and all the light bulbs exploded. These object passed through a Banana tree, Coconut tree and a Pear tree. In the morning, it was found out that the trees were all decayed and dead.
The unidentified object traveled down to the earth and the point where it entered the ground..The soil was very soft the next day. I think that this object needs to be examined to determine what it really is”. Thanks Reporter Johnnie Ifot and Steve Iniobong Mfon.

Norway UFO


Hessdalen –This ufo was caught by Streetcap1 onn Live Cam on December 31, 2015. ufos have been seen for the last few decades, so much so that some people put up live cams just to watch them. The world government knows about the alien craft here and an underground base in this location and aliens coming and going.

They do what they want. They probably have had this underground base for thousands of years. In reality, we are new on this planet, but aliens have been here for eons. Website Scott C. Website

Streetcap1 of Youtube states:
“Hessdalen is a very remote area in Norway with a long history of ufo sightings. I noticed slight flashing so started recording. The orb was a huge surprise. Its speed over the terrain appears very rapid and it disappears into thin air toward flashing light in the top right of picture frame.”

Puerto Rico Light


Old San Juan — I was driving home from work on November 27, 2015, and looked up to see this planet-sized very bright white “orb” in the day sky. The sun was east in the sky and as seen by the photos, this object is not characteristic of the moon. I sat in the car taking various photos. This object hovered as I drove home and uploaded the pics to Facebook.

A few months later, I grew curious as to what I saw so I go0gled UFO sightings July 29, 2015. To my surprise, there were sightings in Japan and Honolulu on this same date.

I would like to know what I saw.

Thanks to MUFON

Switzerland Vortex


Geneva – The UFO enters vortex above the CERN Hadron Collider. You can hear and see a huge vortex rapidly forming in this video and then a UFO flying into it.

The UFO white orb moves up toward center of the apparent vortex forming in the sky.

Speculation indicates some UFOs use a vortex to travel from one planet to another.

The vortex theoretically allows a craft to travel between planets in a few hours, even though it might take months in normal space travel from point to point.

CLICK HERE to watch a 1:53 minute video of a huge and fast-forming vortex on the December 7, 2015. The second act shows a UFO entering the center of the vortex and vanishing. The UFO appears to open a portal to another time or dimension through which the UFO could travel. The CERN Hadron Collider is the world’s largest machine and the most powerful particle collider ever built with a circumference of 17 miles. Website Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK England UFO


I sat in my mother’s hospital room and saw a rainbow on the mountain opposite her room on February 27, 2015. I took four pictures about two seconds apart. When I got home and uploaded the pics on the third one was an object I’m sending you.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virgin Islands


Several pictures were being taken from the stern of the Holland America Yesterday cruise ship on December 30, 2015. The ship had docked and our stateroom was at the stern of the ship in the middle. A galaxy edge was being used to photograph the area around the ship without incident. Several pictures of a similar shot were taken, until we were reviewing the pictures, did we observe a green ball with knobs around it and a green haze. It was only present in one picture.
This photograph was taken from the balcony of the ship. We have never seen anything like it in the hundreds of shots we have taken with the camera. We showed the picture to some of the crew who said they too thought it looked like an orb. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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Have been digging through the giant DVD you sent recently. As a relatively recent joiner, I was unaware of the years’ worth of consistent reports of the same types of objects all over. This has been very educational. Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done.
Bruce W. Freeman
Attorney at Law

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I have put together a DVD of the last seventeen years of Filer’s Files for you with hundreds of great photographs and UFO sightings that will explain the phenomena and the importance to your life and your family. Additionally, I have included my book within the DVD that includes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story told by Linda Moulton Howe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell joined me to write the book. We are asking for a donation of only $50 that includes next year’s subscription and our book. Please include your e-mail address and mailing address.
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George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director Chief Editor National UFO Center Major USAF ret. Graduated BS from Bradley U and Masters's Degree from Central Michigan University

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