Filer's Files

Filer’s Files # 21 – 2015 Alien Viruses


May 21, 2015

In special reports, this week’s files cover: UFOs and Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer, ISS in Earth’s Orbit, Alien Viruses, Life in Space, Letter from Susan, Ceres Asteroid,  Mexico: Maussán’s Alleged “Alien” is Refuted, and Holland Crop Circle.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Brazil, Canada, Iran, Mexico, and in England and Wales in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

National UFO Center. Now receiving 3 million hits a month

“Hangar 1” TV Show

The next exciting “Hangar 1” TV “show Hunted By UFOs, will be on History Channel, Friday night, May 15, 2015, at 10 PM EST and PST.


Special Reports

UFOs and Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer, Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian Air Force

General Wilfried De Brouwer

The General states,

In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace. The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion.


This is a typical photograph of a triangle taken over Belgium.” Postface in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.

ISS in Earth’s Orbit

ISS plankton

This object found by a YouTube researcher has me thinking about last year when the Russians were cleaning the outside of the solar panels and found living plankton on them. The ISS maintains an orbit with an altitude of between 330 and 435 km (205 and 270 miles) by means of maneuvers using the engines of the Zvezda module or visiting spacecraft. It completes 15.54 orbits per day. They said the plankton were huge compared to normal plankton and they either came from being blown into space from the ocean or are living in space as they live in water. This discovery on the live cam looks like plankton has made its home on the lens on the space station HD camera. This is evidence of life existing in space, thanks to the Russians discovery. Plankton as well as viruses, bacteria and various living cells are believed to withstand space travel. Source: DailyMail Thanks to UFO Sightings Daily

Alien Viruses

Alien Viruses

It is possible some alien intelligences behind the UFO issue are hostile to humans since they may need our planet. One of the most effective methods to kill is through disease rather than a standard sci-fi scenario of armed conflict that appeared in “Independence Day” movie. A deadly, unstoppable alien virus may be used to wipe us out or selectively kill a portion of the population. We may have already seen tests of the concept with HIV or Ebola.

This book, “Alien Viruses Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 and Biowarefare,” the first of its kind, delves into the many leaked documents that describe research into alien biology and virology. Dr. Robert Wood’s forensic analysis of the documents themselves argues strongly for their authenticity. And their implications are startling. Alien viruses are not only deadly, but are of key importance to biological warfare on Earth. Dr.Wood examines the mysterious deaths of key microbiologists and virologists, offers insight into the huge government secret expenditures, and provides an incredible revelation from an Area 51 insider on autopsies of bodies of unknown origin. With assistance from seasoned researcher Nick Redfern, extensively footnoted, and with a comprehensive Index, this is the authoritative treatment of the subject.

Dr.’Bob Wood

Bob Wood received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Colorado in 1949, a Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell in 1953, worked for General Electric Aeronautics and Ordnance, served in the U.S. Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground for two years, and then completed 43 years with Douglas Aircraft and its successors. A long-time Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He has garnered a reputation for integrity and scholarship in this field over the last two decades. His aerospace career included the thermodynamics of keeping missiles cool; designing radars to discriminate between Soviet ballistic missiles and their decoys; applying advanced technology to make the Space Station cheaper, better, and sooner; and finally helping to sell the Delta launch vehicle as the workhorse for NASA orbital payloads. In the late 1960s, he ran a proprietary project to try to discover how UFOs “worked,” and has been studying the UFO topic ever since. Upon retirement, he became involved in the forensics of authenticating questioned “leaked” UFO documents, collaborating occasionally with his colleague and son Ryan (author of MAJIC – Eyes Only). He recognized the excellence of Nick Redfern’s attention to high standards and asked him to provide his international reports concerning aliens and viruses.

UFO Crash Book
Crash at St Augustin Go to UFO Crash Book for more details.

 The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Document states,

Regarding the UFO crash near Socorro on the Plains of St Augustin on July 7, 2015, the far more serious issues became apparent with the discovery of the bodies, as the document records; Ground personnel from Sandia experienced some form of contamination resulting in the death of 3 technicians. The status of the fourth technician is unknown. Autopsies are scheduled to determine the cause of death.


As to the bodies recovered at LZ-2, it appeared that none of the five crew members survived entry to our atmosphere due to unknown causes. Dr. Detlev Bronk has been asked to assist in the autopsy of one well preserved cadaver to be done by Major Charles E. Rea. From what descriptions the team was able to learn and from photographs taken by intelligence photographers the occupants appear in most respects human with some anatomical differences in head, eyes, and feet.

They have a slight build about 5  feet tall, with grayish pink skin color. They have no hair on their bodies and clothed with tight fitting flight suit that appears to be fire proof, some of the bodies seemed to be burned on their face and hands. Their overall stature reminds one of young children. It is believed there were male and female genders present, but it was hard to distinguish.” Page 65, “Alien Viruses

Alien viruses are not only deadly, but are of key importance to biological warfare on Earth. Wood examines the mysterious deaths of key microbiologists and virologists, offers insight into the huge government secret expenditures, and provides an incredible revelation from an Area 51 insider on autopsies of bodies of unknown origin. With assistance from seasoned researcher Nick Redfern, extensively footnoted, and with a comprehensive Index, this is the authoritative treatment of the subject. His book, the first of its kind, delves into the many leaked documents that describe research into alien biology and virology. Dr. Robert Wood’s forensic analysis of the documents themselves argues strongly for their authenticity. And their implications are startling. The book is filled with exciting revelations. Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, & Biowarfare

Ariel Phenomenon


On September 16, 1994, at the Ariel primary school in Zimbabwe, 60+ school children reported seeing a disc shaped craft land in the area beyond the playground, and two beings approach the group. There were also multiple reports of sightings of unusual phenomena by thousands of Zimbabweans during this same time period. This case was so sensational at the time that Dr. John Mack, a Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard psychiatrist, traveled to the school to interview the children. Initially covered by the BBC, Reuters and other world press, this sighting quickly disappeared from the public eye. Until now. American filmmaker Randall Nickerson recently traveled to Africa and around the world to locate and interview the now adult witnesses and others who were key participants in the event. “Ariel Phenomenon” documents the story of this incredible occurrence, then and now, and will show the impact that has lasted for over twenty years.

Join the filmmakers in completing this amazing film. Word of the “Ariel Phenomenon” film has gotten out and several new witnesses have come forward who will need to be interviewed in order to tell the story in its entirety. Help is needed in completing these last interviews and in the remaining post production necessary to complete this extraordinary film this year. An Indiegogo campaign is currently under way, until June 18, 2015. The production team is asking for help to complete these last crucial interviews. The Indiegogo campaign

A film trailer and more details about this historic event can be found at Film Trailer. You can also become part of the film’s team and follow its progress on Facebook at “Ariel School Documentary” and Twitter at “Ariel School Film”.

Life in Space


Space Bacteria

Dr. Milton Wainwright claims to have found a life in space. Milton and his team conducted an experiment where they sent a weather balloon fitted with 27 pockets to space. In one of the pockets they discovered living bacteria which was too large to have come from earth. (Shown) This may prove there is life beyond our planet?

Here we have a professor with further evidence from orbit of life coming into our atmosphere from space. Wainwright graduated from the University of Nottingham in the field of botany. He obtained a PhD from the same university in the field of mycology and a postdoctoral fellowship, in environmental microbiology. Wainwright states, “This seeming piece of science fiction — called ‘directed panspermia’ — would probably not be taken seriously by any scientist were it not for the fact that it was very seriously suggested by the Nobel Prize winner of DNA fame, Francis Crick.” . Panspermia is a theory that suggests life spreads across the known physical universe, hitchhiking on comets, meteorites or even space ships.

ALH84001Mars Life


The announcement of the discovery of evidence of life on the meteorite from Mars found in Antarctica known as ALH84001 sparked a surge in support for the theory of panspermia. People began to speculate about the possibility that life originated on Mars and was transported to Earth on debris ejected after major impacts (see ballistic panspermia).

Source: Milton Wainwright UFO Sighting News

Letter from Susan


Miami — Susan J writes, “This is a depiction the actual ufo I stood under for a good 45 minutes in September of 1994.I went walking along 106 Street and 88th Court and something told me to just stand there and wait for the ship. It was real breezy with very few clouds. As it approached, I just stood there staring trying to figure out what it was. I was squinting my eyes studying it so; I just nonchalantly stood there looking at it. Then, it banked off to the west.” Three joggers ran by and the craft turned around and came back over my head. The first time and second time it hovered over my head at 50 feet. Then, I decided to communicate with it and formed a triangle with my hands over the bridge of my nose and concentrated on my question: Are you Nyindan or Ummo?” Suddenly, it rose to 100 feet, banked to the north and slowly vanished behind some trees off in the distance.

SusanOn Ship.close

I had a dream a week later where Darlon placed a ‘Q-tip’ in my right ear while standing by my bed. As he rotated it back and forth it elongated into my inner ear canal, but it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t afraid at all. Later on I had a long encounter on his ship where they worked on my forehead. I don’t know about the rest of the experiences, but it got personal as usual. A have a very close working relationship with him.

This is the inside of the Arkwetkweon rectangular mother ship. The top is me in a beam in platform being assessed by the Arkwetkweon-blue ones, their heads aren’t really that large-and the Nyindans-they look human but are hyper-D’ and hyper-energy beings. Thanks to Susan J


Ceres Asteroid


Check out the black oval UFO that shoots around the crater in the photos of Ceres. The UFO actually makes a 180 degree turn, which is 100% proof that it’s not a meteor and not the shadow of the satellite. Aliens are watching that area. This is more proof that the white objects are structures. Finally we get some close up shots of Ceres and the glowing white spots on it. The shiny areas have been altered to be blurred by NASA.

Ceres) is the largest object in the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is composed of rock and ice, is 950 kilometers (590 miles) in diameter, and comprises approximately one third of the mass of the asteroid belt. NASA Source: Photo Journal JPL
Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ World UFO Photos

Mexico: Maussán’s Alleged “Alien” is Refuted


MEXICO – Less than a week after having gathered seven thousand followers at the National Auditorium, a renowned British physician has refuted Jaime Maussán, ascertaining the provenance of one of his main items of evidence adduced during the event: the “alien” photograph was pure theater. The host of the Tercer Milenio television show affirmed that the corpse corresponded to one of the alleged aliens that crashed in Roswell, U.S.A. in 1947.

British daily The Mirror published an article refuting the UFO researcher, stating that the image presented on May 5th on Mexican TV was the photograph of a mummified native child from the southwestern United States. The fact had been classified by leading researchers as a “smoking gun” regarding the fact that “aliens” had reached Earth.

Tony Braglia, one of the “leading researchers” who analyzed the body, admitted that “a serious error of identification” had occurred, and apologized to the Native American community: “I must offer my sincere and deep apologies to the Native American Community of the Southwestern United States. One of their children, a child who died a century ago, was turned into a spectacle. Whoever he was, he deserved great respect and dignity,” he remarked.

He added that a series of “extraordinary coincidences” were involved in this case.

According to The Mirror, Maussán said the affair is “far from over”. When asked whether the “alien” was a dead child, he replied: “This may be true. But there are too many anomalies pointing toward the unlikely chance of its being human.”

The Event

Jaime Maussán, UFO researcher and journalist, was accompanied by U.S. and Canadian experts on the subject. At 7:30 p.m. attendees listened to the conversation directed by Maussán, who summoned each of his guests one by one to substantiate his cosmic spectacle, called Be Witness: The Change of History.
This will be a historic night, awaited by so many of us, and we have the evidence to influence popular opinion regarding the extraterrestrial phenomenon. There are thousands and millions of galaxies, and we continue to believe that we are the only ones and the most intelligent, but this is not so,” said the host.

The researcher of this phenomenon said the key to the paradigm shift is found in two slides, showing two extraterrestrials. “They are proof of extraordinary life, and the dream of flying among the stars will soon be achieved. We are not holding this meeting for money or fame, but to share knowledge for the betterment of mankind,” he remarked.

Jaime Maussán’s studies and statements, presented last Tuesday night, in regard to the evidence of two slides showing extraterrestrial images were backed by the invited experts.

Holland Crop Circle

Date: May 7, 2015 (Robbert Vanderbroeke’s 35th birthday)

Photos: Ronald Sikking (aerials), Roy Boschman (early in day),


Oudenbosch/Hoeven — Nancy Talbott, BLT Research reports, “On Wednesday night, May 6th Robbert Vanderbroeke skyped me at 10:46 pm (Dutch time) saying he felt another formation was Coming.”

I asked him if he “saw” what it would look like and he replied “an ellipse or something.”  Since he doesn’t go to the fields alone I asked if anybody was available to drive him and he said he’d just called Roy, who lives about 1/2-hour away. So I asked Robbert (if he “saw” any more details) to make a drawing and Skype me back so I could make a screenshot before he and Roy left for the fields.

At 11:29 pm (Dutch time) Roy had arrived and Robbert had “concentrated himself” and made a drawing to show me before they left.  He also said he felt the new circle would be “very close” to the April 28th spiral. As you can see, the details in Robbert’s drawing are not perfect this time—but the overall design is very close.

It had been raining for days and still storming on this night, and this circle is in rain-soaked grass. It’s quite large (48m overall length); the largest circle measures 10.5m in diameter, the smallest 1.3m, and the lay in all the circles—as well as the oval ring and the ring around the one circle—is counter-clockwise.   And it IS in the far end of the same field as the April 28th spiral.

To me it is the lay details in the new formation which are most interesting. Roy came back to the field only hours after the men first found it but, because the grass was still soaked and the sky overcast in the morning, his early photos don’t show the incredible fluidity of the lay quite as well as some other photos taken later on the 7th. We’re lucky to have both sets of photos to compare the “lay” when the grass was soaked and, later, when it had dried out a bit.

This is the same farmer & he is allowing public access to the new formation also through Sunday—he must harvest the field on Monday. We’re most grateful to him. For many more of Roy’s and Ronald’s photos see Robbert website.

And for many detailed reports and hundreds of photos illustrating the huge range of anomalous events constantly occurring around Robbert here.

Sightings of UFOs in the United States

Alabama Lights


Auburn — At 4:30 AM on 14 May 2015, I was on my front porch with my daughter as we were enjoying an early cup of coffee before she had to leave early for work. Our house is located almost directly underneath the approach path for our local airport so we have seen almost every imaginable plane. At this time of morning, there was no traffic and the sky was completely clear. I noticed what I first assumed to be a plane that would make a right-bank turn to line up with the runway. However, the lighting was odd in that it would have had to be a plane facing us to offer anything close to what we were seeing in width and display. Overall, it was visible for one minute. This map shows the standard approach to the airport that the object followed silently. I have also included a reproduction of what we saw using some old graphics programs. Thanks to MUFON CMS


California Out of Body Experience

CAoutof body

Malibu — Jian O writes, “Though my experience and my report may go beyond many people’s reality. I was out of my body in 1987/88, while I was asleep but it was not a dream. The next morning I heard on the car radio that a UFO was sighted over Malibu the night before that was enough confirmation for me. During the night, I found myself out over the ocean, I could see in all directions at once. I have since learned that this is called being exterior. Therefore my vision perception was not limited by my body’s eyes. Within a very short time; possibly a couple of seconds I noticed a stationary and large pewter grey metallic “fuselage” with a very gentle vertical curve to it such as a cigar if horizontal that was only a foot or so away from me. I approached the metallic skin of the fuselage. I was curious and wanted to go inside, so I simply passed through the very thin wall and into the interior. I had no consideration that I couldn’t pass through objects, and simply moved where I wanted to go without consideration otherwise”.

I looked forward and recognized what must be the cockpit area with curved control panel, with a lot of screens. It was not an aircraft cockpit. I saw at least to vertical poles similar to what a bus has but, no beings at all. However my visit inside got very busy in the short time. As soon as I entered, a loud alarm went off giving the definite sense that I was not supposed to be there. The craft started to move off quickly as I hung on to two poles. The craft spun like rolling a tube one way then the other trying to shake me off. It sped up to the next level of speed. I was still there. Then it made instantaneous acceleration and I drifted out of the rear of the craft.

I awoke in the morning thinking that I’d had a dream taking place in Malibu and heard the radio announcement reporting a sighting over Malibu. I “appeared”, twelve inches above the ocean off Malibu beach. Perhaps that is a pick-up point. I was out of my body, and perhaps this was like being dead. However this particular craft may not have been there for the purpose of picking up people whose body recently died. Perhaps I didn’t qualify as my body was not dead. I was definitely not allowed on that craft! Thanks to UFO Info Thanks to Jian O

Colorado Object


Walsenburg – I was taking pictures of my dog before 1 pm facing east towards I-25 between mile marker 63 and 62. I took pictures and didn’t notice anything until I reviewed them and noticed this object. Earlier there was a reflection blur from the sun off a possible weather balloon or object. This object was not in the other photos taken within moments in the same area.

There was a dark spot in the last photo in a different area that was odd.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Florida Disc


Sawgrass, Tallahassee — This UFO was televised over USA Golf Championship when someone was watching TV and noticed a UFO shooting past the golf ball on May 8, 2015. Cameras always follow the ball, so they panned to the sky and the UFO was noticed. There are some bright lights on the screen of the TV, as the witness recorded the video with his cell phone. The lights from behind him are reflecting off the TV screen. The UFO does not appear to be a reflection. It solid and seems to move slower than the ball does. SCW

Illinois Lights


Edinburg — My visitors were flying all over out here two evenings ago. They were here late night but I wasn’t going out because I had my 3 year old grandson here and they are not taking him. My son said that a few nights ago one of the visitors had shined a light on him and his girlfriend and then it disappeared. I still wish someone had the answer as to why the one visitor always follows me. I know one thing I sure don’t sleep much at night when I know they are here.

Hi George, I just watched you on the Hangar 1, UFOs at War on the History Channel. You don’t look a day over 30. ☺.very interesting. Thanks to Pamela Stark

Louisiana Lights


On May 4, 2015, there were lights everywhere and no planes were in the area. There was no noise, nothing but lights going everywhere!

Please contact me and let me know what you get out of these pictures I’m sending you.

It was nothing like I ever saw before.  Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Massive Bright White Light

Long Beach Township — The most recent event of several this past year occurred in April 2015, and again it occurred around 3 am. The event began with me asleep in my bedroom, and we awoke by the sound of three distinct bell-like tones, with a brilliant white light shining in our windows and 4 patio doors that make up the bedroom wall. They open out on a deck and the deck looks out on a canal behind our house. The light seemed 60 feet wide covering the house.

I ran to the doors as the light moved over the house, followed by a deep black shadow in its wake. I then saw a circular flat disc moving up the canal with white rotating lights on top. Further out over the ocean’s edge 20 feet over the waves I saw black wedge-shaped craft with 5 huge round white lights-moving silently. Brilliant white lights shine in our bedroom windows frequently, usually between 3 and 5 am and they simply disappear. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Bridgewater — I was driving south on Route 202/206 and noticed a very low flying craft up ahead on May 12, 2015. We were approaching the high voltage power lines south of I-78. It was gliding slowly eastbound and five had large lights along the wings. Ten seconds later the craft came into sight again gliding westbound.

It was about 500 feet off the ground and the “wing” span was at least 100 feet. There was one small bluish ring of light about 50 feet behind the center white light. We crossed paths and I drove under it as it glided out of view very slowly. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Light


Louisburg — On May 13, 2015, I took the initial picture because my neighbor had been talking about hearing a hum come and leave the past two nights. It was very white and very bright and all looked much closer and larger than any of the other stars in the area which my camera did not pick up. After enlarging and zooming in on the subject taken with a 12MP Kodak Easyshare camera, I discovered it looked insanely abnormal. After a while it went below the trees, much faster than the orbit and rotation of the planet earth and the Milky Way ought to have allowed it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Lights


Cincinnati — Working in my back yard I saw objects in sky without wings with nearly blunt ends front and back on May 17, 2015. It was aluminum in color with two square/rectangular patches toward front and two patches toward rear that were brighter as if polished or more reflective. The speed was similar to airplane at 10,000 feet? I ran to grab my camera in hopes that I would catch a picture on the other side of clouds but never could relocate it. These pictures are the closest images I could find to what I saw. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Disc

TNdisc .Tellico Plains17May15

Tellico Plains — Our riding group had just pulled off onto 3750 feet high Brushy Ridge Overlook where I was taking photographs of the view. No object was seen by anyone and sounds were heard.

It wasn’t until later when I was looking at my 50 photographs that I observed the disc on this photograph. An earlier photo showed a black object in the distance, but I was not able to tell if it is the same object. That photograph would have been in the proper time sequence if the object was moving east. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Light


El Paso — Some white dots in the sky occupies our thoughts so much so that we almost miss the other UFOs in this video on May 5, 2015. At 45 seconds into the video a metallic disk shoots from right to left at incredible speed at 45 seconds in the video. It may take a few tries to catch it so don’t expect to see it on the first try. This was a low flying UFO, probably scouting for the two UFOs higher up. Thanks to UFO Sightings Daily



SEGUIN — While driving a truck east bound, on IH 10 on May 4, 2015, I heard the chatter on the citizens band radio about a UFO. They kept talking about these UFOs, strange lights emitting intense heat that made a truck crash when the object crossed over the highway at mile marker 599. At mile marker 614 and I saw very bright flood lights through the fog. I saw the brightest, clearest 11 lights in a 200 foot wide circle with one light missing. There was one in the middle emitting a beam to the ground about 15 feet from the roadway. As I drove under the objects lights at 65 mph I felt intense heat. About 100 yards down the road there was an UFOs on the left and right and another UFO 100 yards down on the left. They did not move and made no sound. I used to live on Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah where I saw lots of strange things fly around, but these were the scariest that changed my life. We drove by the overturned 18-wheeler at mile marker 599. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.
Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ World UFO Photos

Utah Light


Hatch — We were traveling north on Highway 89 near on May 13, 2015. My son who is autistic and rarely speaks unless he has a question or gets excited was sitting in the rear passenger side of our vehicle. He says “Dad Look” I thought he was just excited by the cloud formation. I was in the front passenger seat shooting pictures on the way to Red canyon. I lowered my window and took the picture. When I went to review the shot with him I noticed a blue blurred oval in the picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Vermont Hat


I recently came across this photo on a real estate web site while looking for a new home. I noticed something in the upper right hand corner that looked like a bird so it peeked my interest.

I enlarged the photo and sharpened it, but it does not look like a bird at all. It appears to have a red light on it and a shape of a top hat. Take a look and tell me what you think. Do you have a place where I can submit this photo on this site? Thanks to John

Washington Orbs


Graham — I have over 100 pictures with various sightings of lights in the sky, orbs, and spheres. I prefer not to send them over the internet before being contacted by someone.

Please give me a call or text so we can talk and I could send more of my photos. Thanks to MUFON CMS

 Worldwide UFO Reports

Brazil Lights


Sao Paulo — Glowing lights were seen over Sao Paulo near a hole in the clouds on May 12, 2015. The sky was overcast, except a single place that light shines through.

At first the light looks to be the sun, but we see the UFOs near it so it’s possible the bright light is the mothership. What are your thoughts on this footage? Thanks to UFO Sightings Daily

 Canada Cylinder


Scarborough — On May 6, 2015, I came outside from work into our parking lot for a break at 3:03 pm. The sky was quite clear along with some jet trails. After a couple minutes I noticed a strange glinting light less than a mile away whose movements were jerky.The object flew at 200 feet or less and was shape shifting? As I photographed, I yelled to two coworkers, “Look a UFO.”


The object was moving slowly northwest – less than 100 MPH and I got six decent shots. I found one with two unknown objects together. The longer one looks like a spaceship! I’m sure you will appreciate these pictures. Many thanks to my friend for the picture. I will send two emails worth – MB’s are high 2-3MB /picture. Thanks again for your interest and time into the matter. Paul Shishis


Vancouver Island — A couple in Esquimalt, got raw footage of what they say is a UFO near an Esquimalt Canadian Naval Base (CFB) on May 11th, 2015. The news many years ago was always fast to say it’s Venus, a weather balloon, but we all know the new term they use to try to discredit UFO sightings is drone. We had a feeling and looked up. But drones don’t cause feelings, I have had such feelings before and it rang true when I saw UFOs. Don’t let the shadow government dictate what you think it is. Video Clip Thanks to UFO Sightings Daily

Iran Lights

Tehran – I saw two UFOs, one is closer and it turns yellow, red, and purple, the one which is farther away is red on May 6, 2015. I’m at home and I still can see them. I always look at this view and I’m sure they are not airplanes. It seems the one which is far away doesn’t move for 20 minutes. The one which is closer seems to move slowly and it seems it is rotating. I can see the Milad Tower next to them. I am on the 12th floor of the building. Maybe they were a toy because I saw another one again tonight at the same time as yesterday. But the altitude was about 200 meters. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director UFO Center

Mexico Orbs


Mexico City – A flotilla of objects were captured on film on February 28, 2015. On having come to house, I took my binoculars and video camera Handy Cam MOD. CCD TRV75 and I rose to the roof to see if it was managing to obtain images of the objects that hours earlier we had seen. I managed to see in the far distance 7 objects that were moving to the northwest. These are some of the bests OVNIS that I have recorded, from 4,000 to 5,000 meters altitude. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Note: These objects may be white birds.

UK/England Lights

Newcastle Upon TyneI was outside at night on May 15, 2015, having a cigarette and saw this white star like shape moving across the sky. It changed direction in the blink of an eye and headed in a totally different direction. I called my son out and my wife to witness this and again reversed. We have been watching this happen on many occasions as this light is a common occurrence for us.

We are all counseling practitioners and know what we saw and are not crazy. It is always an amazing feeling when I see this happen. I hate the feeling of watching the light fade into the distance at a fast speed. I am a believer in life on other planets. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/Wales Triangle


Four Crosses — A keen astronomer believes he saw a UFO in the skies above his home at 10 pm close to the Montgomeryshire border on April 9, 2015. This is the second unexplained incident within a year in the area. Jamie Keeling, 28, from Four Crosses claims to have heard a low deep rumbling noise from above. Mr. Keeling says he saw a large black triangular craft flying overhead with a bright, pulsating red light at each corner, travelling at a constant speed and height. It looked very large in size and was travelling due east. “My father is a pilot, and I am a keen amateur astronomer, so I know what I am looking at. Mr. Keeling said, “It was impossible to distinguish whether the lights came from one large triangular aircraft or three military aircraft flying in formation. He said there were no stars visible between the three red lights. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ World UFO Photos

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