Are you sure it was a ghost you saw

A reflection to an upcoming article about UFO hunters in search for Ghost Rockets

Update: Wikipedia changed the page as soon as the propaganda was discovered. Watch the screen print here, just seconds before Wikipedia took it away!


I don’t like waiting. It is like the calculator in my head taps on the stop watch and says “you’re loosing valuable time”. I am fortunate that way, not being limited by things I can’t do but limited to time doing it. A lot of people think the other way around. But, here I am waiting and waiting… I am waiting for an exiting press kit about UFO research.


I’m not entirely new in this subject with UFO’s and aliens but, I am pretty sure I am unique in the way I think. Most journalists when getting a lead, lit the after burner and set course to the source. And… there I go in the opposite direction? or even beyond the source.


A lot of years BC…


“See fire… Uggh, me do too… ah… so does rest of tribe… Whaz Christine doing in jungle?”


What DID we see anyway


99% of the world population believe that an alien look like the Anunnaki’s deformed heads of “creatures” found on stone tablets and cave walls and further more, a lot of people think that the Aliens are us.

With 99% of the population, I don’t mean that “as many” believe in UFO’s and Aliens only what they look like. Look at this link where Wikipedia got attacked in some kind of religious/racial war. Here our questions got erased by someone who could not accept diversity but, not the diversity we first think of while reading?

Someone hacked Wikipedia in attempt to spread false propaganda against groups of people
Someone hacked Wikipedia in attempt to spread false propaganda against groups of people


Now, don’t put a head on a stick and blame the victim, just because you’ve seen and read about a “creature” on your tablet. In this case, most people will throw themselves over the manipulation of facts and put a head on a stick!

We humans do such things, we love fire, until we get burned… I saw something else however, running in the jungle (I took a screen print – so if the page will change we still know what it was).

The alleged truth, the accused person are set up to be from another culture.


However, I am pretty sure he is NOT what he/she claims. Too sad to see this really. Looking for Alien proof, we simply can’t be the ones staring into the fire.


Why am I so sure? If you haven’t already figured it out


The way the man/woman spell Zechariah Sitchen’s name “Zakaria”. That simple. Zechariah is Hebrew, any Arab man or woman know of this.


Thinking outside the box to discover UFO’s


Thinking “outside” the box, mean in other words thinking outside our closed ecosystem on earth. Inside our ecosystem we are all alike. We even think the same thoughts. Sooner or later, anyway.


Looking back through non secret x-files, we find scientists trying to figure out what a “alien” would look like. I am pretty sure that while they think, they forget this, what they create are a match to, only what we already know of and have.


Thinking “outside” the box must therefore be not thinking, not seeing at all


I have had some pretty strange experiences myself. Never reported them though because, I didn’t know what it was. Just as if I would need a “drivers licence” from the alien before I file a report. “Sir, may I see your Alien species licence? Can you tell me your occupation and whereabouts here on earth…”.


It is a very thin line between the truth outside the box and the truth inside our heads.


True story:


“I woke up in the middle of the night, to the light of the full moon. It was absolutely astonishing. Soft and bluish it spread throughout the bedroom. I gazed at the moon for a while but reflected on something in the corner of my eyes, something moving on the wall above my head.


I don’t like spiders and even though this seemed to be so much larger than a spider could ever be, I sat up quickly to focus on what was crawling down the wall in my bedroom.


– Nothing! I couldn’t see it anymore. So, I thought to myself “nah, I’m dreaming”. I laid down again only to see it much clearer this time. I focused on it and it looked like an anemone from the sea with hundreds of tentacles or a land crawling jellyfish moving slowly towards me.


Such a beautiful creature that didn’t seem to cast any shadow?”


Too weird to be real, right ?


But, I actually saw it! So, the first thing I had to do the following morning was to divide this “creature” and the experience into facts. I had to prove that the creature wasn’t real and second, I had to prove that the creature could be real.


Why didn’t it cast a shadow if it was real? See-through or not. Everything that is, except thought, ghosts and religion cast shadows. Why didn’t I see it while I was sitting up?

So, it hit me. I didn’t see it because it didn’t reflect any light.


So whatever shadow it would have cast, it would be too insignificant for me to see. For me to see the creature at all, I had to be in the exact right spot, with the exact right light and in the exact right time. I couldn’t have planned this in a million years.


How do I prove this?


So, I needed to find a diamond. Something made of charcoal-carbon yet look like glass. I then stumbled on a substance, a color so black, that it becomes invisible. Vantablack!


2014 a British company started a production of a “strange, alien” material so black that it absorbs 99.9% of visual light, setting a new record in the world (from NASA who had a material that left only 0.04% of light for the eye to see).


To stare at the “super black” coating made of carbon nanotubes – each 10,000 times thinner than a human hair would be like looking at nothing at all. It is so dark that the human eye cannot understand what it is seeing. Shapes and contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent void.


So, I actually DID see something


And it wasn’t my imagination playing a prank on me but, what was it?


Until next time, have a great weekend. Love to be with you


National UFO Center

Web Development Director for National UFO Center, and Earth Changes Media UFO Researcher

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