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Filer’s Files #47 – 2014 France’s UFO Research Team



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November 20, 2014

In special reports, this week’s files cover: French UFO Geipan Team, Islamic State, Revealing Quotes from the Koran/Qur’an, Earth’s Moon UFO, Time Travel and Its Impact on World Religions, and Initiative to have the US Congress hold a Disclosure Hearing. and Secrets of Growing Younger.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in: Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Sweden, and in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

The Filer Research Institute feels the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation. The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force and Prince Phillip told me of his personal interest in UFOs. The US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years under Project Blue Book; and I continue this advanced research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.


Major filer

George A. Filer III New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director Now receiving 3 million hits a month

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Special Reports

French UFO Geipan Team

French Space Center

BBC News reports, Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year but not many countries are willing to spend money investigating them. France has the only dedicated state-run UFO team left in Europe. Is France onto something? The French Space Centre headquarters (CNES) is the biggest space agency in Europe with 1,500 people most of them civil servants in Toulouse along with the UFO team called Geipan. That’s a French acronym for Study Group and Information on Non-Identified Aerospace Phenomenon.

They publish their results on their website which gets 30,000 hits a month. The team receives, on average, two UFO sightings a day. The department insists an 11-page form is filled out for each one. The idea is to provide details including photographs where possible but also weed out jokers and time-wasters. Its boss is Xavier Passot who is surrounded by dozens of books on UFOs, and stacks of documents. His mission is to be as transparent as possible about strange sightings and to follow up on each one that his team receives. It can trace commercial and military air traffic going back more than a week. They also check with the local police to ask whether the witness can be considered credible.


Xavier Passot. FranceUFO

Xavier Passot


Passot says the reports contain eerie accounts of strange things encountered in the skies by fighter pilots. The most common mistaken UFOs are Chinese lanterns sent up at night during parties. But there are around 400 UFO sightings going back to the 1970s that the French team cannot explain. One, an alleged flying saucer landing near Aix-en-Provence in 1981, has landing marks and multiple witnesses.

There used to be a UFO research team in the UK and another in Denmark, but they closed down years ago due to budget cuts. France’s UFO unit consists of four staff, and about a dozen volunteers who get their expenses paid to go on site and look into reports of strange sightings in the skies.


The emergence of cheap drones makes it difficult to determine if an unknown craft is of alien origin or just the latest UAV. There is an ongoing flap surrounding mysterious drones flying over nuclear facilities in France and how the French military cannot seem to put a stop to their unauthorized intrusions. It is not known if they are terrorist vehicles or interstellar visitors.

( – See more at:


Initiatives to have the US Congress hold a Disclosure Hearing.

Bassettand me

George Filer and Stephen Bassett at Disclosure Hearings

Within the next few days, every single member of Congress will receive a DVD of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, held last year with six former members of Congress. Within the next four weeks, Stephen Bassett of Paradigm Research Group and his small staff will visit every single office of our 539 US Senators and Representatives. How many of their 10,000 staffers actually view the videos and pass them on to the senators and representatives depends in large part on OUR efforts. If you want disclosure, please take a few minutes and email and/or tweet your two US Senators and your US Congressman to request a formal disclosure hearing with sitting members of Congress:

If you’re really interested in disclosure, consider emailing and/or tweeting your three members of the US Congress, every day for the next three weeks. Thanks for circulating this as widely as you can, Renée Neumann Tucson

Islamic State

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

In a 17-minute audio message, from its elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group set its sights firmly on Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam and the world’s largest oil producer and exporter. The leadership of Islamic State (IS) has no intention of standing still. Reaching out to IS’s growing number of Saudi followers, he sets out a target list for attack, starting with the Shia who make up a minority of Saudi nationals, living mostly in the oil-rich Eastern Province, and whom hard-line Salafi radicals view as heretics.

So deep are the sectarian divisions opened up in the Middle East by the insurgency in Iraq that many Saudis view IS as brave defenders of Sunni Islam against the encroaching forces of Iran and its Shia allies.


Saudi Arabia is home to Mecca, pictured, and Medina, the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad. Saudi officials have long been warning that their country is the primary target of IS. Having declared IS a caliphate this summer; it was inevitable that the group would choose to attack Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s supreme religious authority, the grand mufti, has branded IS as the “greatest enemy of Islam”. “Saudi Arabian rulers are the only authority in the region with the power to bring IS down.”

Yet many blame the Saudi authorities for the rapid rise of IS, accusing them of funding and exporting an intolerant version of Islam that has become a stepping stone towards violent jihad.

Along with Qatar and Kuwait, the Saudi authorities are struggling to prevent millions in donations from private individuals ending up with IS” The Saudis also point out that they fought and won a bitter three-year insurgency by al-Qaeda inside their country that cost hundreds of lives. Their air force has joined the US-led coalition in conducting numerous air strikes against IS positions in Syria, yet this is deeply unpopular with many Saudis.

More than 2,000 Saudi nationals are estimated to have joined the ranks of IS, bringing with them an extreme brand of ideology that views large portions of the population with suspicion and intolerance.

Saudi Arabia is unlikely to face a direct military invasion by IS.

It has a well-marked and patrolled northern border with Iraq and a military equipped with billions of dollars’ worth of Western weapons. Instead, it faces a growing threat of bombings, shootings and kidnappings.


Kobani, Syria

Kurdish forces say the battle against Islamic State for control of the Syrian/Turkey border city of Kobani has turned definitively in their favor following weeks of punishing U.S.-led airstrikes and the arrival of Kurdish reinforcements from Iraq.

Kurdish Commanders belonging to the Popular Protection Units known as YPG, said the intensive bombardment in recent days had allowed their fighters to seize several strategic hills, and key buildings from Islamic State militants. Almost half the Kurdish fighters are women which is particularly offensive to the Islamic State.

About 250 Islamic State fighters remain in Kobani, concentrated in the southeastern corner of town, said Rafiq Baradar, a YPG commander. “They will probably be finished in four or five days,” But the Kurds say it will likely take weeks and possibly months to clear traces of the militants from the area, in part because of lingering snipers, roadside bombs and explosive-rigged buildings. Islamic State also seized scores of villages outside Kobani that must be secured, the Kurds note.


Kurdish fighters captured six buildings from Islamic State militants on Tuesday and seized a large haul of their rocket-propelled grenade launchers, guns and machine gun ammunition and ammunition after air strikes.

The Kurds blocked a road Islamic State was using to resupply its forces. “During the last few days we have made big progress in the east and southeast,” said Idris Nassan, an official in Kobani. “The Islamic State is not retreating as much as we want, but it is retreating.

Revealing Quotes from the Koran/Qur’an


The Islamic State is killing and beheading large numbers of people claiming to follow the Koran. The recent beheading of children, American and British citizens whose parents claim their sons had converted to Islam

Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy writes, “About sixty-one percent of the contents of the Koran are found to speak ill of unbelievers or call for their violent conquest; at best only 2.6 percent of the verses of the Koran are noted to show goodwill toward humanity. About seventy-five percent of Muhammad’s biography (Sira) consists of jihad waged on unbelievers.”

(Quotes below are from N.J. Dawood’s The Koran: with a Parallel Arabic Text, Penguin Classics, 1990)

“The only true faith in Allah’s sight is Islam.” Quran 3:19; “The Imrans,” Dawood, p. 51

Lord Allah…Give us victory over the unbelievers.”

Quran 2:286, and Quran 3:148, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 46 & 67

I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.”

Quran 8:12, “The Spoils,” Dawood, p. 177

“It is unlawful for a believer to kill another believer, accidents excepted. He that accidently kills a believer must free one Muslim slave… He that kills a believer by design shall burn in Hell for ever. He shall incur the wrath of God, who will lay His curse on him and prepare for him a mighty scourge.”

Quran 4:92-93; “Women,” Dawood, p. 92

Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them.”

Quran 4:34, “Women,” Dawood, p. 83

“A male shall inherit twice as much as a female.” Quran 4:11, “Women,” Dawood, p. 77

Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women whom you judge fit to act as witnesses.” Quran 2:282, “The Cow,” Dawood, p. 47


Earth’s Moon UFO


This UFO was found by Streetcap1 of YouTube in November 2014 of a rock-like craft which could easily hide on the surface of the moon and fly after any intruder to their airspace.

I have often wondered about their drones. This one is a solid. It will last much longer if its tech is all inside of the metals. No rust or oxidation, no breakdown of the material, because the metallic coat around it protects it. This is a strange, but not unexpected UFO. Thanks to

NASA photo:


Time Travel and Its Impact on World Religions

2nd Part by Robert Spearing editor of


The never ending question for UFOlogists has always been – Why then and why there?


It is obvious that Jerusalem (above) is the center of three of the world’s main religions. The significance of it then and its possible role in an end of the world scenario much prophesied makes one wonder as we have on this website before whether or not time travelers are at play attempting to alter or secure the course of human history. It would actually make prophecy more plausible as the prophecies may have been based on scientific fact if somehow the authors had details of such technological interventions!

The bible often predicted in the Old Testament and in Jesus’ own words of troubles in the skies. Were they talking of comets and asteroids or of armies in the air – time travelers perhaps that were either attempting to alter the timeline or preserve it?

To anyone living in the 21st century it is obviously impossible for armies to be fighting in the skies in the 1st century A.D. But if one invokes time travel then we have a legitimate theory to expound.

Who would gain from altering the course of history? Quite a few it turns out. The Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians – HEY!! That’s just about everybody isn’t it!

And why does it seem to be a question of religion?


A more recent example of temporal tampering may be seen in Germany over Nuremburg in 1561. In perhaps one of the most significant UFO sightings in the history of the world an aerial battle was seen by thousands of inhabitants and enshrined for eternity in a woodcut by Hans Glaser several years after the event.

Before we go into the details of the Nuremburg sighting lets describe the religious climate of the time. It was only 40 years earlier that the great schism in the Catholic Church occurred with the breakaway views of Luther and Protestantism. Where did these earth changing events take place? You guessed it! Germany.

And besides Nuremburg there are several other documented aerial sightings and battles in the skies over Germany and Switzerland in the ensuing years. What was taking place? What was the attraction of so many UFOs to a place so torn by religious differences? Were these UFOs attempting to reconcile the Christian Faith? Or were they attempting to ensure division? How many possible scenarios may have played out with assassinations and counter-assassinations taking place on the ground during these years to ensure a certain outcome or an alternative one!! We may never know. So on to the analysis!!

This paper aims to understand one aspect of the famous Nuremberg UFO sky battle of April 14, 1561 – that of the huge black spear that followed later after the battle. Before going any further please read the description of the day while looking at the photo and pay particular attention to the last sentence.

UFOwoodcutNuremberg, Germany in 1561
Nuremburg, Zurich Central Library Woodcut

Translation by “Stapledon”
“In the year 1561 on the 14th day of April in the morning between … [difficult special time phrase] … and … [difficult special time phrase], that is in the morning between 4 and 5 on the little clock, a very horrible vision showed at the sun when she razed and was seen at Nuremberg in the town and in front of the gate and at the countryside by allot of male and female persons. First the sun showed and was seen with two blood colored, half round strokes like the diminishing moon right through the sun, and in the sun, above, under and on both sides stood blood colored and partly bluish or iron colored, also black colored round orbs. The same on both sides and in circled plates around the sun – there were such blood colored and the other orbs in great numbers, standing three in a row, sometimes four in a quadruple, also allot as singles. And between such orbs a lot of blood colored crosses have been seen, and between such crosses and orbs were blood colored strips. Mixed in with others stood two big tubes, one to the right and one left, and in those tubes were three, four and more orbs.


This altogether began to fight the orbs first in the sun moved towards the ones standing at both sides, so the ones, which were outside, moved together with the orbs out of the small and large tubes into the sun. Also the tubes moved towards each other like the orbs and everything fought and battled with each other nearly one hour long. And after the battle, which moved for a while into and again out of the sun from one side to the other most violently, exhausted itself by each other, everything (as drawn above) fell from the sun and the sky down to the earth like burning all together and vanished down on the earth gradually in a big smoke. After such events something like a black spear, the shaft from sunrise [east] and the headed towards west, has been seen with big thickness and length. ”
Everyone is familiar with this battle and the myriad craft types associated with it. It is clear two opposing forces did battle in the sky with casualties crashing to the ground as well as a clear winner. Oh to do an archeological digs here also for fighter craft remnants!

What isn’t usually focused upon is the large spear like object that appeared later in the day after the fireworks were done. What was it and why did it appear? My theory is that while the earlier objects were most likely extraterrestrial UFOs with opposing agendas, the black spear is most likely terrestrial in origin. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a B-1 Bomber and there may be a reason for that.

First, and most obviously, B-1 Bombers are black and spear like as shown.

Second, why would an advanced alien race or races cross interstellar space with a spacecraft or plane in tow that is only capable of flying in earth’s atmosphere when it’s obvious they could use their orbs and flying crosses and tubes to the same effect? Something’s not right. It’s not aliens here!!!!

Could the black spear like object be from another time but terrestrial? ARE WE TALKING TIME TRAVEL? Is this an American 21st century craft and do opposing forces want to impede or advance its mission in an all out battle earlier in the day?
Third, if you look very closely at the black spear you’ll notice cuts or canals in its fuselage Could these be the cuts of wing flaps? If so, was the plane descending for a landing? If so, to where?

Finally, if you look very very closely at the Nuremberg woodcut you will see that just behind the lower left wing of the black spear is a small rectangular protrusion. Looking at the B-1 photo, we see a similar rectangular protrusion just past the cockpit and just before the start of the upper right wing. Coincidence? Intentional attention to fine detail in the 1566 woodcut?

To conclude, is it possible that a 20th or 21st century American, Russian or Chinese vehicle travelled back in time for unknown purposes and did someone or something attempt to intercept it as opposing forces attempted to allow its passage? Is this all part of centuries long battle across time to influence the final outcome of the world religion’s end times view? Let’s keep digging. Thanks to Robert Spearing editor of


UFO Sightings in the United States

Alabama Disc


Huguley — A disc-shaped UFO with two bright tubular-shaped lights was spotted on November 2, 2014 in Case 61372. The disc hovered over nearby treetops. The witness first saw the object when he was eastbound around 3 AM. He saw the mysterious object going down at slow speed from the west and hovering along the side of the road for a few seconds. There was no other traffic, so he clearly saw the object without distractions. He saw the white lights very clearly, which were side-by-side on the bottom of the UFO and appeared to extend its whole length. The object hovered for perhaps 5 seconds before it went up into the southeast sky with tremendous speed and quickly disappeared. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ


Arizona Lights


Phoenix – Lights spotted above mountains and videotaped early in November move up and down and side to side over mountain.

Note: In clear cold air an aircraft with landing lights approaching from long distances can appear very strange.


California Red Lights



OxnardI’m a security officer at a Lowes home improvement store. I was doing a parking lot patrol in the truck on November 15, 2014, when I glanced up and saw four glowing red lights moving in one direction.

One kept getting close to another. I went to go park the truck and hurried back. But couldn’t see them anymore. I walked back and forth to see if they were really gone. About five minutes later I saw one in the sky. The single glowing object seemed to turn and disappear but the way they were moving made me not believe it was an airplane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Flying Object

Pueblo — I was in my back yard hoping to catch a few shooting stars from the meteor shower on my camera on November 18, 2014. I noticed the object because of its movement and thought it was a plane.
It was flying north and changed direction in a L shaped pattern to the east for a few seconds, then flew north for a few seconds, changed direction again to the east, and then again north. At first it was high up in sky, when it was directly overhead it was lower and clearer and I grew scared, as it moved away it rose in elevation again. I lost sight of the object when a bright meteor traveling along the same path intersected it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Cylinder


Canton — I drove in my driveway about 5 pm, on November 5, 2014, and noticed something rather odd flying above our horse barn in the clear sky. The object was flying in an odd sort of way, not like any aircraft and it was shimmering and glowing. It had no wings and it looked like two silver cigars attached together by a smaller tubular connection. It was the size of a private airplane. I had the impression it was ascending but at first moved slowly. After a moment it was above my house and somehow I managed to take a photograph on my cell phone and when I looked up again it was gone. I sent the image to an ufologist who said it looked very genuine to him and his expert friend.


There were two flashing lights close together. As a researcher of Biblical prophecy I am reminded of 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11,” Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they should believe a lie:Thanks to MUFON CMS


Indiana Ball with Tail



Indianapolis — I was taking pictures on a sail and noticed this in the picture on November 10, 2014.

I never saw it personally. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Kentucky Disc



Pendleton County — Glenn Pennington here with a couple pictures for you. I’m still having nightly sightings here in our area around my farm.

No one wants to come and see my craft nightly. Unbelievable..Thanks to Glenn Pennington

New Jersey Lights


Richwood – On November 15, 2014, from our patio at 8:15 pm, an orb was in the western sky 15-18 miles from our property. I think we may have seen a UFO tonight that was an alternating bright purple and white glowing object. This object hovered in a stationary position for about 30 seconds than moved to the right and left. The object then dipped rapidly down below the tree line. It was gone for 15 seconds and then shot straight up at a ridiculously rapid rate. It hovered again and then was gone. It did not look like or moves like the other obvious air traffic. All of this was witnessed from my back patio looking out toward the river in the direction of the Commodore Barry Bridge. I am certain it was not an airplane of any kind. Thanks to Brad Scull


New York Cylinder

New York — Believe it or not; I’ve seen a long cylindrical, bright silver cigar shaped UFO in the sky above my house one morning about 10 am. The UFO was stationery in the sky on a clear day. There was no sound. When I came out of the house I saw it and sat down on my stoop to watch. It looked to be about 50 yards long without windows or indentations. As it moved sideways silently in my direction it became much larger. After twenty minutes it moved one hundred feet and stopped. On the horizon about 500 feet I observed a colorful red, orange, blue blinking lights forming on the horizon. Upon completing the circle the UFO sped off and flew through it. Then the circle of lights disappeared… There was no sound. I swear this is the truth. I didn’t continue talking about my experience because people became frightened. This is the truth so help me God.

Thomas A. Phelan is an award winning author of 5 books; former radio and television host; former City detective; former CIA agent and Private Investigator. World War ll and Korean War vet. Thanks to Thomas

Tennessee Flash


Sitting outside at work on November 9, 2014, I was watching an awesome sunset and wanted to take a picture of it. I saw a bright flash of light and looked up to see something going crazy up there. It was flying up, down, sideways and took a picture.

When I lowered my phone, it was gone. I reviewed my pictures and to my amazement, I had it on my phone. It looks like it split into two different objects and left a smoke trail behind.

It looks like a little silver line. The sun was bright and caused it to reflect flashes. It is not the first thing I ever seen up there. See what you think? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Long Object


Dallas — On October 5th, 2014 at about 7 pm, I left my son’s apartment to go to the store. I noticed the moon was bright and saw a commercial jet headed to love field or dfw airports. Then I noticed a very bright, long object. It looked like the entire object was one lit up, not flashing like regular commercial planes. It was flying fast and high. I used my phone to take a picture of it.

I watched it fly across the sky as I kept waking to keep it in view. It was blocked by an apartment and as I cleared the apartment, it was gone. When I zoomed in on the picture, it is clearly odd. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Flashing Objects


Renton — I was photographing an eclipse on the 23rd of October 2014, with cloud cover and a beam of light in the sky. I did not see the object until I reviewed my series of photographs taken from 3:42 PM to 4:08 PM. The Renton Municipal Airport is a mile away and I did see lights of red and green flashing in the clouds. All four were in the clouds and were flashing. I saw a flash like pinkish lightning and something fly by moving much faster than the planes. The sun looked as if it was pulsating and my ears were ringing in a very high pitched tone. One picture has a plane on one side and an oval like object flying diagonally, then stop, go straight down, due a 180, a figure 8, then fly out of view while the plane has only moved a few feet. Then in another sequence there is a beam of light shining through the sky and a metallic object as if it came out of a black hole. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Wisconsin Bright Light


Coon Valley – On November 8, 2014 at about 5:41 PM, I noticed a strange light in the sky move to the SE at a slow speed. It then moved upward getting smaller and disappeared. A second very bright light appeared making strange move. Like the first it had a fairly bright center with an orange glow around it.

I photographed this UFO. I detected no sound. Both UFOs flew southeast in erratic patters of flight. Each took about 45 seconds or so from first appearance to their slowly ascending and apparent disappearance. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Sightings

Australia Dots and Large Black Disc

Newcastle – My skepticism disappeared on the December 4, 2013, at 11:10 am, when I stepped outside work and almost directly over head were four tiny white silver dots that looked like stars with four more below them evenly spaced apart. I rang my wife and was quite shaken by this experience. After 10 minutes they slowly moved away to the southwest. I reported the lights and rang Parks Observatory. He said. “There was one black dot on the screen he could not account for. “ Thanks to John Hayes


Broadmeadow The event took place in District Park, next to Energy Australia Stadium at 19:40 on November 4, 2014, while jogging I looked up at a moving yellowish light. I knew the space station was going to be visible at 20:10 AEST, but this was not a space station. It made no sound. The light was rotating from left to right, moving up and down as though searching or observing. When the light was directly above me I could see the light positioned on the side of a matte-black disc 40 meters in diameter and at a height of 250 meters. I became terrified and fearful for my safety. The object flew SE, although moving in a jolted and intermittent motion. NOTE: The image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ

Canada Triangle

Vancouver bc – My sighting occurred on November 14th, 2014 at 11:43 pm, of a large triangle craft moving around five times faster than commercial jet. It looked far away and as big as five or more 747 jets. It traveled in straight line then vanished into the air. Thanks to Dave


Costa Rica Sphere

CostaRicaOctober 15, 2014, on the CoralPrincess

After departing Limon, Costa Rica on October 15, 2014, on the Coral Princess bound for Jamaica, my wife and I were taking pictures of the sunset. When we got home and looked at the pictures on our computer screen,

Picture DSC05685 taken at 6:03 pm showed what appears to be a round object racing through the clouds. Other pictures show nothing. My wife used our Sony DCS-H50 Cybershot. Thanks to MUFON CMS


India Cylinder

Raiganj, West Bengal On October 19, 2014, I had my life’s first UFO sighting that is impossible to believe without seeing with one’s own eyes. Yesterday, I was on my compute about 9 pm, when my mother called, my brother, father, and I to see an elliptical shaped orange-red bright glowing structure slowly coming towards us. It was making a very slow buzzing sound. It was heading south but unfortunately I didn’t see it again. We rarely see helicopters or planes over us. My mother said that it was constantly coming with a glowing light for about 45 seconds. When we saw it, it was about the shape of my forefinger and was not any aeroplane. Thanks to MUFON CMS


Ireland Lights



Dublin — It was the evening of June 22, 2013, the evening of the great moon. I was back in my apartment after a day out with my friends and was admiring the great moon when I saw like small explosions coming out of the moon.

It was incredible. I saw very bright dots that were bigger than stars. Then I noticed that there were three spheres moving slowly near the moon that suddenly disappeared. It was spectacular! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Sightings

MXLas Villas de Huatulco30July14

Las Villas de Huatulco, Oaxaca — We were looking over our vacation pictures of the ocean on July 30, 2014. We had two interesting pictures with what appears to be disk in the sky from two different cell phone cameras out in the ocean. We were on board a tour boat going from bay to bay, snapping away. This is the best picture from that day.

Thanks to MUFON CMS
Veracruz – On November 5, 2014, this is the second UFO video to come out in the last two years with a UFO over Laguna Verde Power Plant. There was another in March 2012. Aliens are interested in our technological advances and how we make energy, while impacting the Earth with pollution. If their ship is damaged in some way, they may be harvesting some of the plants energy to help them get home. This short video was taken by an engineer at nuclear electric plant in Veracruz, Mexico where a UFO was recorded fortuitously like a cross. Thanks to

New Zealand Disc



Christchurch My mother was driving me around and was
trying to take photographs. A major earthquake had hit the city on September 4, 2010. I was visiting and this photo was taken soon after I arrived in Christchurch on January 17th, 2011. I only noticed the black oval artifact after I examined the photo. I did not notice any object at the time -but the windscreen was clean.

Object appears to be oval, dark and flying on an oblique angle beyond the traffic lights on the right of the photo. I took two photos in succession – the object was only in one of them. I heard ufos are stabilizing fault lines?

Romania Disc


Predeal-Brasov – I live near the Carpathian Mountains where there are really strange stories about extraterrestrial activities not so far from our cities! A couple years ago during a summer camp with kids up in the mountains I was taking pictures on June 28, 2012.

When I got home I started to erase the bad pictures and got this picture. I thought that my monitor has some dust on it, but I realized I had taken a picture of a UFO. I didn’t hear it or see it. I sent my picture to the Romanian ufo Society and they said that I was taking a photo of a UFO, but they didn’t have the technical support to clear the picture!

What did I see there? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Sweden Light


GPS: Lat 55,93 Long 12,81 — I was out at the backyard of my house and looked up at the dark sky when I saw a very bright light that was moving pretty fast straight above me heading southeast on August 7, 2014.

I had my cell phone and took two still pictures and also film the light with the camera. Photos and footage were taken when the light had passed and were heading away from me. The light was much larger straight above me before the pictures were taken. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/Scotland Enormous Light Craft


Edinburgh — It had been a cold cloudy night on January 14th in 1991, when I was 10 years old living with my father who was a soldier and my mother. We lived in an army estate overlooking Edinburgh City. It all started when our upstairs neighbor had informed me that other 10 families in our block had seen UFO activity the night before and that the lights had returned. Everyone in the block went to look and I observed a bright white light a considerable height above Edinburgh Castle that gradually split into five lights that formed into formation like of 5 on a dice. As they floated in our direction, the middle light turned red and the other lights moved in synchronized patterns. We are 10 miles from Edinburgh Castle and the lights toward us and floated above us. The object was larger than a 747. Nearby animals were alarmed and distressed. Dog’s barked excessively. At the age of 10 I was more curious then afraid. The object then moved slowly away. I pointed the flashlight at the object and the lights went out. The encounter lasted 25 minutes. NOTE: The above image is a rendering. Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ


Secret Gift for Growing Younger

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