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UFOs Are Real, Top Area 51 Scientist Reveals In Deathbed Video — 18 Aliens Work For U.S. Govt

UFOs are real and, in fact, the aliens who traveled here in their interstellar flying discs now work for the United States government — according to a top aerospace scientist who died in August, but left behind an extraordinary deathbed interview in which he reveals his high-level, inside knowledge of the United States government’s UFO program.

Boyd Bushman won numerous patents while working for Lockheed-Martin, Hughes Aircraft and several other aerospace technology firms over a 40-year career. Bushman is also credited, according to some reports, with developing the Stinger missile, the shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile that has played a key role in numerous conflicts for the past three decades.

Bushman died on August 7. But not long before passing away, he gave an extraordinary interview which turned up on YouTube earlier this month and has already accumulated more than 1.1 million views.


Given the nature of the purported revelations in the video, it’s easy to understand its popularity.

In the video, Bushman says that one of his top-secret jobs was to “reverse engineer” alien UFO technology for use by the United States military. But that’s not even the most extreme revelation offered by Bushman in his final living statement.

Bushman also shows what he says are photographs of aliens who work, and in some cases, have died inside the military’s highly classified Area 51 military base, also known as Dreamland, in the Nevada desert about 85 miles north of Las Vegas.

Founded in 1955 as a testing ground for what was then the United States’ most closely guarded secret project, the U2 spy plane, the so-called Area 51 has become at the same time one of the most secret and also best-known military research facilities. The base is no longer officially known as Area 51, but instead called the National Classified Test Facility.

Due to the extreme secrecy enveloping the “black” technology projects developed and tested at Area 51, the base has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, in particular UFO conspiracy theories. The idea that captured UFO spacecraft and even actual aliens are kept at Area 51 is far from a new one. Occasionally, individuals claiming to be Area 51 insiders have come forward to tell stories of the UFO research taking place inside the super-secret research facility.

But Bushman’s revelations would seem to carry a unique credibility, coming as they did shortly before his death when he would appear to have little to gain or lose by telling what he knows about the government UFO projects.

Among Bushman’s allegations, he says that the aliens at Area 51 traveled from a planet known as Quintumnia, but their technology allows them to travel to Earth on a relatively speedy 45 year voyage. The UFO craft are saucer-shaped and 38 feet across — and 18 of the visiting aliens, some of whom are 250 years old, now work for the U.S. government.

Watch the final testament of Boyd Bushman in the above video and decide for yourself. Is Bushman revealing the greatest secret in the history of mankind? Or is he just old and losing his mental faculties? After watching him speak, are you any more or less convinced that UFOs are real?
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1569327/ufos-are-real-top-area-51-scientist-reveals-in-deathbed-video-18-aliens-work-for-u-s-govt/#FvKveFKpu6jZtMbJ.99

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