UFO spotted from AIRCRAFT flying over London

The YouTube clip shows a dark-coloured disc with lights on either side flying above the cloudline


This extraordinary video shows a UFO in the skies above London – as seen from the window of an aircraft.

The two-minute five second clip, uploaded to YouTube, shows a dark-coloured disc with lights on either side.

The craft appears to be flying above the cloudline.

According to the video, the incredible scenes played out above the capital on the morning of May 25.

It has been viewed more than 92,000 times since it was first uploaded.

YouTube user Wayne McCabe was impressed with the footage, remarking:
“Cool intro and good video.”

However, Jessica Souzer was less impressed.

She wrote: “Looks like a boat in an ocean photoshopped into the sky.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan Dockter suggested: “Military drone of some sort.”

National UFO Center

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