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Daytime UFO filmed in Lenoir NC Aug 2011

Filmed By: Michael Beckham


I recorded the video in August of 2011 in Western North Carolina in the town of Lenoir. I had a camera on hand because I was filming various geoengineering activities on that day in particular. I watch the skies alot and have witnessed 5 encounters to date here in Lenoir alone. One of those encounters was a mere 500 ft. away from me. Anyhow, I noticed this object and started filming it. My best guess to it’s altitude would be about 20000 feet up. I have never seen anything like it. Some people thought it was trash or debris in the wind, and some speculated a weather balloon. I have ruled those out due to it’s symmetrical shape, and timed counter clockwise rotation. I have never seen a man made object such as this either. This is the second unidentified flying object I have seen in the daylight. I was fortunate enough this time around to have a great camera so I could film it.


National UFO Center

Web Development Director for National UFO Center, WaterUFO.net and Earth Changes Media UFO Researcher

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