Best UFO Documentary in 2010 / 2011: The Day Before Disclosure

The following documentary is the best UFO documentary  seen in 2010 and it sets a new milestone for 2011. The Day Before Disclosure not only gives us hard evidence, but also credible testimonials from high-ranking military officers.

Terje Toftenes is a great director who’s done his homework and created a master piece of a UFO documentary. He not only has a great feeling for typography and film design, but also a lot of knowledge about the UFO topic and compiled what I’d call the best documentary about this topic ever.

Hadronic Mechanics: A New Approach

Hadronic mechanics is a pretty interesting theory. Distances of several light-years would no longer be a problem. Considering that some civilizations could be millions of years ahead of us, I believe they might have found a solution for inter-stellar travel. Many scientists also start looking at the Drake equation from a different perspective and conclude that the probability of intelligent life in our own galaxy is VERY high.

UFO Testimonials

As for the testimonials, I dislike Dr. Steven Greer for selling the people (I believe he makes quite a good amount of money of this), but who can really blame him? Besides, the testimonials at the National Press Club seem very legitimate and are most likely not faked.

For me The Day Before Disclosure is clearly one of the best documentaries of the last year. I also recommend to check out the other New Paradigm documentaries at newparadigm.no

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