Nuclear physicist searches for evidence in Roswell UFO case

LAS VEGAS — The original investigator of the famed Roswell UFO incident says he hopes an upcoming appearance in Las Vegas might produce a piece of “smoking gun” evidence or a new eyewitness.

Stanton Friedman
Stanton Friedman Photo credit: Redstarfilmtv.com

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has spent more than 30 years investigating the story about an alleged crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The military initially said the object was a flying saucer, but later changed its story and said it was really a weather balloon.

Friedman has interviewed dozens of witnesses over the years who allege the craft was something from outer space.

Friedman plans to speak at the Atomic Testing Museum on East Flamingo Road Friday, March 28. He says some of the same scientists who worked on the atomic bomb program in New Mexico would likely have been part of any cover up of a crashed UFO.

“The same smart people knew where the other smart people were to get answers and people knew how to keep their mouths shut, and some guy’s saying, it couldn’t have happened there, would have been an article in the Physical Review the next month,” Friedman said. “No understanding of how security operates and that’s part of my role is to educate the world. There really are secrets being kept folks, like it or not.”

Friedman thinks some of the Nevadans who worked at the former atomic test site might have information about the Roswell crash and he hopes they will come forward during his presentation at the atomic testing museum. The public is invited.

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