3 recent UFO videos from Mexico

Several interesting UFO videos have surfaced from Mexico in the last few weeks. The Epoch Times features them on a story about UFO videos from February of this year, although one of the videos was actually on the last day of January.

The first video was filmed at 8 pm on January 31, 2014, according to the YouTuber who posted it. The account is under the name CHIVASHALOMEX. The video was taken in the city of Cuautla in the Mexican county of Morelos.

The account holder appears to be mostly interested in videos games and animation. There aren’t any other UFO videos posted on the account, and the account is several years old. This lends credibility to the video, because this person does not seem to be a habitual hoaxer. Also, many hoaxed videos are on brand new accounts with no history.

The witness says he took the video from the patio of his house.

The second video was taken about the same time of day as the first – 8:26 pm to be exact – on February 10. This video was taken in the Atizapán de Zaragoza area of Mexico City by UFO hunter José Luis Rueda. Rueda posted the video on YouTube where he posts his other investigations into paranormal phenomena.

This video was made using a Yukon Ranger night vision system, and it shows three white dots in a triangular formation. You can tell from the description that Rueda is very excited about the video. He says it is excellent and that he and his research colleagues had never seen anything like it. He says it is clearly a triangular UFO.

The third video was filmed at 10 pm the next day, February 11. It was filmed near the Caucel police station in the town of Merida in the state of Yucatan, Mexcio. It was posted on YouTube by Solomon Mayorga.

Mayorga says he is not claiming that the object is a ship, but that it is an unidentified flying object, making it a UFO. He says it is the first time he has recorded anything like this.

Mayorga’s YouTube account mostly contains video of news items and safety videos. The account has been open for several years. All of this, like CHIVASHALOMEX’s account, lends to the credibility of the sighting. Whether or not the object is truly anomalous, Mayorga appears to be genuine, and not a hoaxer.

His video shows a bright object zipping back and forth in the night sky. Like the other videos, some have suggested it is a drone or quadcopter. Others have suggested that perhaps these videos are of top secret advanced aircraft from the US.

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