Captured~UFO in Mars Rover Photo? 2013

It was a clear and sunny day in Gale Crater. Almost shirtsleeves weather, being a balmy 15 degrees fahrenheit, as the plucky Curiosity continued its journey across Mars in the name of science. In Curiosity’s travels many odd items have been seen. A ‘flower, a rat, and a gorilla head. Joining this bizarre martian menagerie is an unidentified flying object.

Preposterous! After all UFOs come from Mars. If you want to nitpick, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a genuine UFO to the martian natives. But are our robots truly alone up there? A YouTuber who goes by liemee watcher was browsing the rover’s archives and found this gem. Bonus, it’s just 53 seconds! Trust me, you’ve got 53 seconds.

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