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September 1999

The alleged alien appears to have been photographed outside at night. The photograph shows the alien's right arm and side. He is standing still or almost still. If he were walking, his arms would have been swinging like a primate, rather than hang in a resting position at his sides.

Head: This is a closeup of the alien's head. Note misty energy field. Side view: This is the right side of the alien's body. Backside: Note prangish glow on alien's back side.

Note the orangish glow around the alien's head, neck, shoulders, and backside of his body. The glow is likely the alien's energy field. It is possible the glow was not apparent to the photographer. Note the absence of an energy glow on his front side. Note muscular structure in torso, arms, thighs, and hand.

It is easy to presume the orange striping is part of the skin, but it may not be. Due to the cloudiness surrounding the striping, it could also be part of the alien's energy field. It is also easy to presume this is the skin of a reptilian, but there is no indication of such.

Note plasma light halfway between alien and right edge of photo. Note brownish streak above alien's head which is very likely an extinguishing plasma light. Plasma lights occur naturally but are often invisible to the human eye. However, a camera will often detect and record these energies. Alien are often seen in proximity with plasma-type lights.

Note mystery light on far right side of photo. Is this a plasma light? UFO light? Posterior of another alien walking?

If you have information about this alien, please contact us at [email protected].

Note glowing energy field on posterior. Mystery Light: What is the mystery light on far right side of photo? Plasma? UFO? Another alien's posterior?

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