Abductions: The Truth




          By John C. Thompson.

Since the modern era of abductions began with the Barney and Betty Hill UFO
close encounter of September 19, 1961 in New Hampshire, ufology has never
been the same. Before the Hills' encounter, UFO sightings were investigated
in a prescribed, straight forward manner that involved gathering supporting
evidence while simultaneously trying to disprove a witness's account. The
Hill's remarkable experience injected a new element, regressive hypnosis. In
future entity-related cases hypnosis would often come to be the only means
to prove or disprove an alleged encounter with aliens. Hypnotherapy, in
short, became a quick truth serum that often eliminated the necessity of
independent witnesses and background checks of the alleged abductees.
The lack of supporting physical evidence and why abductions, almost without
exception, were never reported to local police agencies was not addressed.
To explain these obvious discrepancies, UFO investigators and researchers
came up with innovative ideas. "Screen memories," abduction investigators
said, were used by the abducting aliens to conceal their ghastly abductions.
The "switching off" of important witnesses, who, somehow never saw their
loved ones abducted, was also employed by the tricky extraterrestrial (ET)
aliens to conceal their sinister space kidnappings.

As new UFO investigators joined the hunt in trying to solve the world's most
elusive mystery, they, largely, accepted hypnosis sessions with abductees as
a legitimate detective tool to seek the truth behind abductions. Objective
UFO investigators after many investigated cases, however, saw that many
aspects of the abduction experience were troubling. There seemed to be
considerable overlap into what in the past had only been referred to as
paranormal activity.

Abductees often say they hear explosions and unidentified, but alarming,
strange sounds in their houses. They also see small balls of light floating
on their ceilings and have strange green or blue flashes popping inside
their homes. While in bed, abductees sometimes find they have terrifying
nightmares where they can't seem to move. Often they feel "something" is on
top of them trying to suffocate or hold them down. Awakening, they see
"shadows" or short dark robed entities near the foot of their beds.
Frequently these unknown entities are found near the beds of their infants,
toddlers or children and seen to disappear through walls on entering and
leaving. Amazingly, the unknown entities do not cause witness to become
frightened as they watch/endure actions that should provoke great fear.
Mind-control, it is thought, is induced to calm the abductees during

Most, to nearly all, of the above has happened for centuries to people who
have never entertained thoughts of a UFO-connected experience. Earlier
victims believed their houses were haunted and that ghosts or demons were
bothering them. Church officials were often brought in to exorcise the
demons. Amateur "ghost-busters" engaged to explain the hauntings. The
demons, uncharacteristically, followed many of these same people from
house-to-house, just as abductees say abductions follow them through their
lives. If it was only ghost activity, as many in the past and even today
incorrectly believe, why would the ghosts continue to haunt in new
locations? Were tracking devices or implants placed in these helpless
victims hundreds or even thousands of years ago as abductees now believe is
happening to themselves, today?

To understand the riddle, it has to be accepted, as the preponderance of
evidence suggests, that UFO sightings and abductions are two distinct and
separate phenomenons. It cannot be positively said that no one has never
been physically abducted but it has definitely been an enormous mistake to
downplay the similarities between bedroom abductions and demonic activity.
Indeed with the exception of a handful of abduction accounts--the Travis
Walton account of Snowflake, Arizona being the most noteworthy--
that appear to have supporting witnesses, who actually said they saw
a kidnapping of a person into an unknown space ship, the testimony
of abductees, regardless of how it was acquired, should have never
been accepted at face value. If true objectivity had been observed by
abduction investigators this blurring of UFO and paranormal accounts
would have never taken place. It is this veteran field investigator's
belief that 99.9 percent of all entity sightings do not involve UFOs
or extraterrestrials. What most so-called "abductees" are really
experiencing are innerterrestrials (INTs).

Make no mistake they are an alien species--but not one of the flesh. These
dimensional creatures can move easily through walls and, yet, not violate
man's known physics. They are spiritually abducting so many victims
seemingly everywhere. They do not need space ships or space suits to
interface with us. They do not need to do insane breeding experiments as so
many abductees believe is happening. All can be explained as mind games that
nevertheless are of a sinister nature. They are, as abduction researcher Dr.
David Jacobs correctly proposes, a "threat," but not an extraterrestrial
one, as he believes. An ET threat would require a huge logistical
undertaking, involving thousands of space ships if there are a million
abductees or more as a Roper poll in the early 1990s suggested. The proof
that we have two distinct phenomenons can be found in what is not alike
between genuine UFO sightings and entity/abduction experiences.

Over the last half century UFO sightings have come largely in great "waves"
and, sometimes, in localized "flaps." The great documented UFO waves since
World War II have occurred in 1947, 1952, 1965-66, 1973, a smaller and less
defined wave during 1987-1988, and finally, the greatest wave, 1993-1997. If
you look between these great waves, at least in the United States, you will
a find a few localized flaps--Gulf Breeze Florida, Pine Bush New York, Fyffe
Alabama, and most recently, around LaGrange, Georgia. Markedly, sighting
reports show that there is a huge falloff of UFO activity between waves.
Abduction experiences, however, do not ride or crest with these same
waves. They have been everywhere and seemingly forever since the abduction
of the Hills. So have the sightings of witches, ghosts, and "haints, as
rural Southerners commonly call INTs, continued uninterrupted. Worldwide,
paranormal activity has occurred throughout history, with many saying that
today's demonic infiltration is at unprecedented levels. (A year ago a
Vatican guard went berserk and killed a fellow Papal guard. In a just
released (Feb. 1999) Vatican report on the incident it was learned that the
first thing the Pope's commission investigated was to see if the guard
had been possessed by demons.)

True UFOs do not occur often in urban areas, despite the vast majority of
UFO and abduction investigators living in large cities. Instead, most
authentic UFO sightings take place in rural locales. There is a good reason
for this: If UFOs are extraterrestrial space-craft, as many suspect, it can
be speculated that, at least during a portion of their activities on earth,
they can be seen and located by humans. Nearly all of the best
close-encounter sightings come from isolated spots where there
are seldom other witnesses around. Most UFO sightings also
occur late at night and, interestingly, during the period of Sunday through
Thursday; the exact times that most people are not outside! Secrecy is
essential for these physical craft as they can be seen and possibly touched
if detected. Not so with what abductees commonly call the grays, which are
really innerterrestrials. Like hauntings, abductions seemingly occur as
often in rural as urban areas and at random times which suggests secrecy is
not paramount.

Innerterrestrial--haints, shadows, witches, demons, grays, fairies, gnomes,
goblins, ghosts, reptiles, or whatever you want to call them--have no need
to exercise such great care. It does not matter if a person sees a gray
standing near their bed. They cannot be touched, nor can they touch a human.
Many witnesses of grays and haints have said they have actually had the
entities stick their clawed hands through their bodies with no resultant
physical harm. The author has investigated an account of a driver of a
pickup truck running a shadow over and then seeing the INT reappear inside
the cab of his truck. Innerterrestrials can be seen while wide awake, and in at least
one instance the author knows of, where two people have seen an INT at the
same time. These same individuals did not see a space ship near them or
think there was an ET connection with what they saw. While it would be easy
to lay all the blame on hypnotherapists for making the outer space
connection to what are really INT sightings, recent culture conditioning, as
noted ufologist Kevin Randle has said, is the real blame.

For instance, let us suppose a father awakens late one night and sees a dark
robed, faceless entity standing next to his son's baby bed. Then, several
months later, actually sees a UFO near his home or watches a movie about
abductions and recognizes the similarities to his own entity sighting. What
happens? Not unnaturally, this father would probably assume his son was
abducted and that he had seen an ET as it exited his home. The truth is,
throughout man's history, entities have been regularly seen.

Before the modern era of UFOs began in 1947, with pilot Kenneth Arnold's
Pacific Northwest sighting of several discs, people thought spooks, ghosts,
or demons were haunting a house or an individual. If in fact only the evil
ETs or benevolent "space brothers" are behind abductions, why aren't
millions of bewildered spouses calling local law enforcement agencies to
report that their loved ones have suddenly disappeared and are presumed
kidnapped? Why are there not stranded cars and trucks all over America's
highways, with their doors opened and their drivers gone? Has everybody been
switched off! Indeed, no one is switched off. Nobody is missing from their
beds or cars; it is only mind tricks played by the innerterrestrials.
Abductees meeting other abductees in real life can even be explained by the
mental imagery created by innerterrestrials.

An INT, perhaps, visits one person and then scans their image for later use.
This same INT then, days, months or years later replays this saved image
into a future victim. Sometime later the INT returns to its original victim
and plays the new scan into that victim's mind. Months or years later these
same two victims, by chance, meet in real life and presto! They think they
were abducted together aboard a space ship. Victims are being repeatedly
visited as many abductees claim. Why are so many being visited by
innerterrestrials? If hybrids are not being created, as many abductees
report, what are the INTs doing?

An important clue was provided by Wes Clark of MUFON and CE-4 Research Group
in Florida. George Filer, MUFON's eastern regional director, on receiving similar
reports from this investigator and Wes, decided to put us in touch. Wes, it
turned out, had carried his research one step further than the author's. Wes
offered proof that abductions were only demonic encounters. He said several
of his "abductees" had stopped their abduction experiences by screaming
"Jesus is my savior" when aliens were next seen.

This investigator has since found that this same approach used by some, he
knows, has also stopped their unwelcome visitors from returning. One woman
told this investigator while standing in the hallway of her home in daylight
that she had a haint jump on her back and try to "suffocate her." In
desperation she yelled, "Jesus! Jesus! Save me!" The haint immediately flew
off and has not since returned. Another individual while having a lucid
dream of a dark, big-eyed, gray screamed, "Jesus is my savior!" as Wes
suggested. That was nearly nine months ago and all alien related activity in
his house has vanished. A third person, who believed he was an abductee, and
after seeing his dog going crazy a top his bed barking at an unseen entity, performed an
undescribed exorcism. That was several months ago and all his alien troubles
have ended. The simple "cure" is, admittedly, totally dumb-founding. While
the relationship between abductions and paranormal activity has been
documented by many investigators, this is compelling proof that abductions
have nothing to do with space kidnappings. If high-tech ETs are behind the
abduction madness, why would one's belief in God stop abductions cold? Such
Jesus-laced utterings would not have stopped earthbound evils, so why would
they halt highly advanced and technologically sophisticated ETs from abducting?

Innerterrestrials are real. They are a threat and, in the author's opinion,
conditioning mankind for their own sinister purposes. As man's technology
exponentially advances, we are increasingly becoming the threat to the
innerterrestrials. This could explain the upsurge in INT abductions. While
there is still no conclusive physical proof that ETs are visiting earth,
there is over half-a-century of credible eyewitness reports to suggest that
extraterrestrials are here. Sometimes INTs and ETs play on the
same "fields" but their objectives are different, and with the
extraterrestrials, their motivations unknown. True UFOs should be the
providence for our best scientists to investigate. Conversely, religious
leaders, and not UFO investigators, should be investigating "abductions."
Detailed warnings and the dangers of INT contamination should be given to
the clergy's cherished congregations. Not just mutterings about taking care
against the "devil and his agents," but real warnings of how the
innerterrestrials actually do their dirty work. Special attention should be
provided to parents that their children are vulnerable to mind-conditioning
or, worse, "dumbing-down" attempts by innerterrestrials.

Until clouded abduction reports are placed in the true paranormal arena they
belong, ufologists cannot expect mainstream scientists to seriously
investigate UFO sightings. There is no proof that extraterrestrials are
kidnapping people. There are tens of thousands of credible anomalous
airborne sightings by equally amazing numbers of impressive and reliable
witnesses to suggest many UFOs are real. Ufologists need to work with what
they have the best chance to scientifically prove.

About the author: John C. Thompson is a past state director of MUFON of
Georgia and one of the seven founders of ISUR. He served in the Marines
and is a graduate of the Universityof Tennessee, where he majored in Geology.
He has worked as a geochemical prospector foruranium, a wire-line engineer in
the petroleum industry and a sales engineer in processcontrol instrumentation.
Since 1981 he has been self-employed and operates an insurance agency
and premium finance company. He and his family currently reside north of LaGrange.

Copyright 1999 John C. Thompson . All rights reserved.

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