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NIEL MORRIS University of Manchester, UK
The Alien Autopsy - The Roswell Link

Niel Morris writes, "During the early stages of the re-examination of the
Fort Worth Photographs it became increasingly apparent that the debris
contained markings laid out in a regular fashion, this can be seen even on
very damaged beams, the "symbols" maintain a regular layout." As the range
of these expanded a search started to try and match them with known
characters used in written languages both ancient and modern. Some of the
symbols appeared much like those used by the early Egyptians but many others
did not seem to match anything that could be found on earth. I had come
across in the literature references to writing having been seen by a number
of witnesses to UFO encounters, these too were sought out but again no
matches were found.
I was well aware of the Alien Autopsy film that had appeared in the UK early
in 1995 and was also aware of the symbols seen on beams displayed in the
film. I again turned to some good quality prints I had from the Debris
Footage in which the beams appear. While I examined one of these images at
high magnification, off to one side of the image, away from the main debris
on show in the frame, my eye was attracted to a regular pattern in the dark
background of the photograph, the regular pattern of a "symbol" I had seen
just a few minutes earlier in the Fort Worth debris!.
These findings will no doubt prove to be highly contentious but it does not
change the content of the images and their similarity of form and style,
before being dismissed these points have to be credibly answered, if that
cannot be done then we have to contend with the distinct possibility that (a)
at least a portion of the AA Film, The Debris Footage, could very well be a
historical record of events and (b) ,The debris seen in the Fort Worth
Photographs and that seen in the AA Debris Footage once shared a common
The linkage hinges on the fact that unknown and only recently discovered
features in BOTH sets of images match, and that as one of these sets of
images (the Fort Worth Photographs) has a proven history dating back to the
day the photographs were taken and developed on the 8th July 1947, they are a
factual historical document. The logic then is that "undiscovered" features
within these images could not be known to post 1947 "hoaxers" for inclusion
in a later "fake" , hence IF matching features, particularly if they too were
"undiscovered" until now, were found in the "test" document there is a very
high probability they too originated from a contemporary 1947 source, bearing
in mind we are speaking of "unique" features so far untraced elsewhere. To my
knowledge the features I discovered 12 months ago in both sets of images had
never been noted or reported, I assume because no one has ever seen them
I leave the final judgment to you, I myself find the evidence compelling.
Thanks to Neil Morris Feb 2000, Please visit is website for more details at:

This is what all the fuss is about, a very small section of one frame of the
AA Debris Footage:

In the enhanced sections of the image the vague outlines of the markings can
be seen the right-most "back-to-back J" being the clearest and by chance the
first to be spotted.

The next image below gives a general overview of the current state of play,
the full AA image is inset in the top right corner, no doubt it will be
recognised. The bottom right inset shows my highlighted interpretation of the
symbols, here I must say I am still working on the less well defined markings
to the left end of the beam and I anticipate I will revise some of these
interpretations shortly. The highlighted inset also has a pointer identifying
the location of the beam within the AA image.

The "stacked" insets to the left of the image show identified crossmatches
from the Fort Worth Debris.

Below a direct comparison of the "back to back J" found in the Debris Footage
and the Fort Worth Debris.

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