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Filer's Files # 52



George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
December 27, 2001, [email protected]
Webmaster Chuck Warren,

NORTH POLE REPORT -- A UFO with a red nose light was seen heading south on
December 24, 2001, and has been reported almost every where by NORAD with
sightings in the US , England, France, Italy, Brazil, South Africa,
Australia, Finland, Russia, Afghanistan, India, and, Singapore. NORAD has
tracked Santa every Christmas Eve since it was founded in 1958. Santa is
resting after his long journey that included gunfire over the Middle East,
falling bombs in Afghanistan, no fly zones over Iraq, the American Air
Traffic Control System, and fighters launched out of Holloman Air Force Base
at 2:00 AM to intercept. The NORAD Santa Cam picked up Santa Clause and nine
reindeer, the lead reindeer had a red nose light.

UFOs HAVE BEEN REPORTED in Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, California, and Cuba. While
Santa reports increased, the number of UFO reports dropped as they have done
in recent years during the Holidays.


More of the building blocks of life have been found in meteorites and comets.

A discovery by a NASA scientist of sugar and several related organic
compounds in two carbonaceous meteorites provides the first evidence that
another fundamental building block of life on Earth may have come from outer
space. A carbonaceous meteorite contains carbon as one of its important

Previously, researchers had found in meteorites other organic, carbon-based
compounds that play major roles in life on Earth, such as amino acids and
carboxylic acids, but no sugars. The new research is reported in a paper,
"Carbonaceous Meteorites as a Source of Sugar-related Organic Compounds for
the Early Earth," by Dr. George Cooper and coworkers at NASA's Ames Research
Center, Moffett Field, Calif. "Finding these compounds greatly adds to our
understanding of what organic materials could have been present on Earth
before life began," Cooper said. "Sugar chemistry appears to be involved in
life as far back as our records go." As far back as 3.8 billion years, he
said. An isotope is one of two or more atoms whose nuclei have the same
number of protons but different numbers of neutrons. Scientists have long
believed meteorites and comets played a role in the origin of life. Raining
down on Earth during the heavy bombardment period some 3.8 to 4.5 billion
years ago, they brought with them the materials critical for life, such as
oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen and nitrogen. Sugars and the closely related
compounds discovered by Cooper, collectively called "polyols," are critical
to all known life forms. They act as components of the nucleic acids RNA and
DNA, constituents of cell membranes.

"This discovery shows that it's highly likely organic synthesis critical to
life has gone on throughout the universe," said Kenneth A. Souza, acting
director of astrobiology and space research at Ames. "Then, on Earth, since
the other critical elements were in place, life could blossom."

Cooper identified a small sugar called "dihydroxyacetone" and several
sugar-like substances, known as sugar acids and sugar alcohols, in his study
of the Murchison and Murray meteorites. All these are important for life
today. He also found glucose, one sugar alcohol, glycerol (also known as
glycerin), that is used by all contemporary cells to build cell walls. The
work is published in the Dec. 20 issue of "Nature" and can be found at: Thanks to


NEWPORT NEWS -- The witness reports that on December 16, 2001, I was outside
with my dog, who was looking up at the sky and backing up. Something in the
sky startled the dog, so I looked up and saw there was a disc shaped object
zigzagging across the morning sky from east to west at 10:30 AM. The disc
was glowing, so I yelled for my boyfriend. My boyfriend said it looked like
a glowing football to him, but I thought it looked like a disc. It was very
fast and it seemed like it was producing it's own light. It made no sound
and left no trail of itself being there. The sky had a few cirrus clouds,
but the majority of the sky was clear. There was only one craft and I could
see it until it met the line of trees that border the horizon, it continued
to glow for the fifteen minutes we saw it. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director NUFORC at Reporting Hotline:(206) 722-3000


NORTH PORT -- The witness reports while driving on interstate I-75 on
December 16, 2001, between exit #33 and #34 an object appeared in the
northeastern sky at dusk. It was 1000 feet up, and a mile from our current
position. At first, it appeared to be a plane heading in our direction at
6:05 PM. Almost immediately the driver of the car and I realized that this
was not an ordinary aircraft. There were two lights in the front of the
craft like an ordinary commercial airliner but the lights were at least 10-15
feet in diameter and blinking on and off one at a time. On the top of the
craft were five or six bright blinking lights similar to the strobe effect
what you would see on the top of a tower. There did not appear to be any
shape of a wing or tail found on either a plane or helicopter. As we got
closer we saw that there was another large bright white light turning on and
off and the craft was completely stationary just to the side of the
interstate. I then stuck my head out the window and observed the same bright
lights that were in the front and side of the craft in what now appeared to
be the rear of the craft. We were going 60 MPH and as soon as I brought my
head into the car the lights completely disappeared. We scoured the sky for
several minutes, but it was gone. The craft was black or gray in color.
There was five cars driving in the group with us and all of the people in the
other cars had baffled looks on their faces. My driver and I could not
identify the craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport [email protected]. Web:


WINTERS -- Joe Trainor writes, "Here's a UFO report I received from an
eyewitness in my area. I just got it today December 23, 2001. The sighting
was in the heavily forested region of the Chippewa Flowage in Northern
Wisconsin, south of Ashland, a notorious UFO hotspot. On August 13, 2001, at
7:00 PM, E. A. Gawlik and his two sons were standing on the shore of the Lake
of the Pines. The witness says, the sun was just starting to drop below the
tree line behind us. My son said, "Dad what the heck is that?" He pointed
to the north and we could see an object approaching from the west at 100 feet
above the tree line moving real slow to the east. It then flew two hundred
feet above the water and its speed could not be more than 30 mile per hour.
It was a bright silver object about the size of a dime held out at arm's
length. I saw a metallic almost reflective object that without my glasses
was round. My boys both said they saw a "V" shaped object. It was a quarter
of a mile away moving very slowly to the east across the lake. After fifteen
seconds the object turned into a small red dot. The red dot lasted about
one-second and then it vanished. Thanks to Joe Trainor, [email protected]
and [email protected]


MANITOU SPRINGS -- Kevin Jones reports that he was on 20 Mile Hike with the
Boy Scouts in the autumn of 1976. At 10:00 PM, after camp was pitched I was
looking at an incalculable number of stars. A light that looked like a star
moved slowly across the sky. The light entered a box that could be drawn
with imaginary lines between four stars and started to bounce erratically
never leaving the confines of this box. Next we saw a faster moving light
pulsating at a rapid, standard rate pass though the sky. Then we saw another
solid light rocket across the sky low, along the tree line. Before long, the
sky seemed to be alive with moving objects. We saw a grouping of three stars
in a triangular formation that flew across the sky but each individual point
of light took turns taking the lead. It traveled always leading with the
point. We saw more than a dozen lights in motion. All of this yellowish
starlight lights, solid and flashing, were about the same size and intensity
of bright stars.

We ran to get to camp to show the other Scouts. At about half way there I
noticed larger illuminated objects floating over the fallow field. We saw
relatively close lights the size of beach balls. These objects were round
and internally illuminated, the color of dirty streetlights. The light did
not seem to be focused in a beam but rather evenly radiating. The motion was
like an under-inflated balloon over very hot pavement. As the pavement heats
the balloon rises quickly. As it rises, the air in the balloon cools so it
rises more and more slowly until the balloon achieves neutral buoyancy. This
state lasts for only a moment until the balloon begins to sink. The sinking
slows closer to the ground as the air inside reheats and so the cycle starts
again. There were three or four of these bumping around over the field.
They could have been the size of cars. Thanks to Kevin Jones
[email protected]


TUCUMCARI -- Lord Vile reports that a half dozen witnesses saw a high speed
object moving southeast across the sky towards Texas on December 1, 2001, in
the late evening sky. You could hear the roar of several F-16 fighters
chasing the lights. These lights changed direction numerous times as the
fighters gave chase. At first they flew east, then south and then a 180
degree turn to the north. Suddenly the fighters fired eight to ten air to
air missiles at the evading lights. An airborne explosion was followed by
what appeared to a crash of the unknown object.

The witnesses scanned the news reports for more information. Television
verified that missiles had been fired at an unknown object. Later NORAD
announced that a Proton rocket had been used to launch three satellites from
Russia ten hours earlier. The rocket had reentered the atmosphere at
approximately 2120 hours, Mountain time on Saturday, December 01, 2001. The
actual Proton rocket debris was reported with white "tails", slower and
larger than shooting stars were seen moving from southwest to northeast.
However, accounts that reached the National Reporting Center and myself
described what appeared to be more than just the reentry of a single rocket.
Normally, reentry vehicles do not change course, nor are they chased by
fighter aircraft.

Rick Bordignon reported to NASA he was in a commercial airliner bound for Las
Vegas when he saw them. "I was looking out the left window into the starry
night when I noticed an approaching light," he recalled. "I was thinking,
Hmmmmm, looks like a missile. But rather than raise a general sense of panic
by yelling 'Incoming!,' I did the next best thing and got out my camera. "I
snapped one picture, but my camera is poor in low light. So I stopped to
adjust the settings. When I looked out again I was amazed by what I saw:
hundreds of objects with colorful glowing tails! So I snapped another one
but it only picked up the brightest fragments -- and it was shaky, too. "The
light plume [seemed to] go up and over our plane. After it was gone I looked
around to judge the reactions of the other passengers -- and I swear everyone
was sleeping! "When I got off the plane, I tracked down the pilot. He said
every pilot in the Midwest saw it and it was the 'buzz of the frequencies.'
They had never witnessed anything like it before." See following URL for

Editor's Note: Whenever, space debris is spotted there are frequently
additional UFO reports. We could simply ignore these reports, but a pattern
is developing. First space debris, then numerous UFO reports, then strange
associated reports not really explained such as the Louisiana report below.
Are we using space debris for target practice or are UFOs attempting to
penetrate the atmosphere using the standard space debris for cover?


S.BOSSIER -- Possibly connected to these reports on December 1, 2001, the
witness reports hearing a tremendous roaring sound at 8:45 PM, (CST). The
noise made their house vibrate, so the witness went outside on his deck and
saw two large, low altitude craft, flying at about 2,000 feet or less. The
craft had a strange lighting configuration, very bright red lights in the
"center of both craft, and bright white lights on front and back. It was a
clear night with good visibility. There were no wing lights or tail lights,
just lights spanning the length of both craft! There were no green lights or
other lights that FAA requires. These craft were extremely noisy, rumbling
and roaring, to the point, I feared a crash was about to occur! The duration
of the sighting was too long to be conventional jets, judging by their size
and altitude. Being so low and large, it was hard for me to comprehend how
they could stay airborne. There may have been more then two, but I only saw
two craft the size of B-52's bombers. However, they were not jets like those,
they flew much too low and slow! Thanks to Peter Davenport


TEMPE This may be pretty weak, but as the sun started rising this morning at
8:00 AM I saw what looked like a bright star, about 2 degrees below the moon
on December 3, 2001. What was unusual was that the sun was rising, and there
were no other stars out. I was driving to work a distance of 20 miles, and
throughout that drive the star was still visible. Even now, with the sun
entirely raised and sun beating down on the ground, the dot, though very
faint is still visible. The position of the dot stayed constant relative to
the moon, which leads me to believe it was very far away. It is possibly a
satellite in synchronous orbit or a planet? but I've never noticed such a
thing before, and certainly not with the sky so bright. It did not make any
movement while I was watching it.


TROUT LAKE -- With over 2000 eyewitnesses here at the Sattva Sanctuary in
Trout Lake, some of which are Astro/Nuclear/Plasma physicists, 14+ hours of
video of ships stopping, lighting up on command, accelerating, making right
angle turns, landing and morphing into as many as four brilliant lights then
back to one, appearing with pre-knowledge right on schedule, and with
pictures taken by UFO investigators etc., it seems this is not enough. This
case, if the evidence presented in a court of law, would win hands down as
proof UFOs are real. People are executed on less evidence. There are even
pictures of ships stepping down in vibration. Scientists, such as Jim Todd
at the Omsi Planetarium say these are nothing more than satellites. We are
at a complete loss as to how a scientist with any ability to reason or apply
scientific method could make such a statement after viewing the footage.

These objects are coming in every size shape and color, are seen by multiple
eyewitnesses. They are shown maneuvering, responding to requests by people
on the ground to light up, landing on the mountain, and flying behind trees.
They allowed us to photograph them with pre-knowledge of the event. Any
reasonable mind would come to the conclusion that these are unknowns, they do
not fit into any know parameter and indeed need further study. There is no
landing strip in the nearby forest, and satellites do not change directions,
stop, and land. Enjoy the latest photos:


GRANTS PASS -- On December 15, 2001, the witness was driving to Eugene from
Medford and happened to look out of the window and through the clouds saw a
very large blinking red light. His mother was driving down the freeway so he
had an opportunity to study it. It was 6:10 PM, and at first he thought it
was just an airplane, but the witness states, "I kept looking at it, and was
surprised by the large amount of area it was lighting up." It was moving
from north to west, now very rapidly, still blinking, then I saw its huge
enormous size as it was blinking and realized that this wasn't an airplane,
and had to be a UFO. There was no doubt in my mind. It was a very large
Flying Triangle UFO outlined with blinking red lights. The triangular shape
was very large, and moving west closer down into the mountains, outlined in
red blinking lights. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO
Reporting Center


SACRAMENTO MOUNTAINS -- On December 10, 2001, the witness a filmmaker was on
a backpacking trip at Henry Cowe State Park with my father and his best
friend, who were sleeping when I saw this one. I looked up and saw something
moving twenty times faster than a plane at 3:00 AM. There was a sphere of
light blazing through the night sky. I have always thought the existence of
UFOs very possible. My father and his friend at other times have actually
seen UFOs. It was way too big and didn't move like a shooting star, and it
had no tail either. From what I could see in twenty seconds was white in
color, like a light. It came from beyond the horizon and just as fast as it
came it darted back into the sky. I thought to myself: "That had to be a
UFO. think it's obvious these things exist. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport,


MANZANILLO -- Nick Balaskas writes that he just got back from Cuba and what
may turn out to be a UFO encountered by the pilots of a Canadian charter
airplane I was a passenger on. Our Airbus 320 Skyservice plane (flight
SV524) was making a nighttime approach on December 14, 2001, to the airport
near Cayo Coco, Cuba.
We were startled when we heard the engines get louder and felt pushed down
into our seats. This was shortly followed by a near weightlessness
sensation. The captain announced that his instruments detected a false
signal of another aircraft in the area and in the interest of safety he took
evasive actions. This was the reason for what we felt.

My final destination was the next airport near Manzanillo, Cuba, but all the
passengers were asked to disembark at Cayo Coco so the aircraft could be
cleaned for new passengers. I spoke with a few of these passengers who said
they saw our plane "go around" after seeing a single red light fly low over
the airport as we were coming to land. They thought it may have been a small
plane but could not explain why only a red light was observed. Apart from
our plane, there were no others on the ground at that airport that night.

Getting back in the plane, I told the flight attendant standing by the door
next to the cockpit about the red light seen by passengers at the airport (in
a loud enough voice so the pilots could hear too who turned their heads in my
direction). She suggested it may have been a UFO and said she would find out
for me. I never heard back from her. I later told the passengers seating
next me who experienced what I did and they thought they would be more
comfortable with the explanation of a near collision with a UFO than the
thought of flying in an airplane with faulty instruments. Is there anyway of
finding out what really happened during that aborted night landing? Thanks
to Nick Balaskas


NEW YORK CITY -- SCI FI Channel has repeatedly ran an advertisement that
showed the following has announcement: "Get the Whole [email protected]", then "SCIFI Happens in NY." Then a thirty second video
is shown of a women riding in a helicopter on July 24 2000, near the World
Trade Center Towers. She points to a UFO behind one of the towers that
suddenly acceleration and flies past the helicopter. As it climbs up out of
sight the UFO leaves a contrail. MUFON's Jeff Sainio has analyzed the video
for us and has made the following findings:

"Since careful analysis of the video shows the expected westward motion of
the helicopter, and even cars moving through an intersection, the background
video appears real, with presumably the UFO pasted in. The violent motion of
the helicopter appears difficult to explain in this scenario, with the
chopper below the tops of, and only a few hundred feet away from nearby
skyscrapers. Such aerobatics seem like a risk to life or a pilot's license."
I improved my image-analysis software, allowing me to stabilize the image of
the UFO contrail. Previously, with only cloudy reference images, the
field-by-field motion of the UFO couldn't be reliably measured. With
stabilization, the UFO motion is shown, toward the end of visibility, the
UFO only moves every other field (i.e. every frame, not every field). This
is conclusive evidence that the UFO was edited into the video by a lazy faker
who didn't bother working on every field as required for a real video. I
re-checked the helicopter motion and merely got better images verifying my
previous conclusions that the helicopter did some violent motion, and the
blades bounced around quite a bit. Thanks to Jeff Sainio,
[email protected]


NASA reports that its Scientists already know there is water ice in the polar
cap. However, water ice near the surface in warmer regions of the planet
would be a remarkable and long-sought finding that would have broad
implications in the search for extraterrestrial life. The data, collected
during tests of Odyssey's neutron spectrometer, show signs of hydrogen, which
may mean there is water. Hydrogen is one component of water but also exists
alone and in other substances. NASA researchers stressed that the findings
are preliminary at a meeting at the American Geophysical Union in San
Francisco. The detection of hydrogen points to the possibility that there is
water ice within 3 feet (1 meter) of the surface, said James Garvin, lead
scientist for the Mars Exploration Program. "But whatever it is, it bodes
very well for finding hydrogen in the upper few feet of Mars, and the most
likely culprit is water ice." Such ice might melt in summer months and would
be reachable by robotic or human explorers. It might even support microbial
life, as researchers have found on Earth that wherever there is water, there
is life. Bill Feldman, the principal investigator of Odyssey's neutron
spectrometer reports the quantity of hydrogen detected was startling --
suggesting a huge concentration relative to what was found with a similar
instrument on Lunar Prospector, which surveyed the Moon. Researchers may
task Odyssey to begin mapping crustal water ice during the first week
January, Garvin said.

Garvin said a great story might be about to unfold. The hydrogen detection
was made during the first test of Odyssey's neutron spectrometer, a subsystem
of a gamma ray spectrometer instrument. Garvin explained that the
speculation of water ice is based on comparing observations over the
permanent ice cap with observations farther south. Scientists know that the
polar cap contains both water ice and carbon dioxide ice, commonly thought of
as dry ice. "This pass suggested that hydrogen was enriched in a
high-latitude region extending from around 55 degrees North to near to the
edge of the North polar cap," Garvin said. "This suggests, that if the
hydrogen in the northern high latitudes is water, that there is ice in the
upper meter or so of this region and that it is masked by a carbon dioxide
frost cover on the permanent cap." Thanks to

Editor's Note: There have been strong photographic indications of water on
Mars for many years.


ABC News announced on Christmas Eve that prayer, chanting, meditation and
similar forms of prayer have an amazing effect on the human body. Blood
pressure is lowered and a feeling of relief from stress is accomplished.
Praying is excellent for your own good health and mental well being. Also,
those who are sick are most likely to recover if prayed for by others.

Just before Christmas, several ministers were invited to the White House to
meet with President Bush who was energetic, joyful, and very focused. One
minister asked President Bush how he could seem so calm and peaceful in the
midst of all the tragedy? The President's reply was, "I'm feeling stronger
now than I've ever been in my life. And the reason is because every person
in America is praying for me. When I stay on my knees, that's when I have
power." The ministers then asked the President how he would like them to
pray for him, and how their congregations back home should be praying. The
President asked for clarity of mind so that he could make wise decisions, and
then he asked that we pray specifically for his wife and two daughters, as he
is very concerned about their safety. No human leader is perfect, so let's
keep President Bush lifted up in prayer.

This years tragedies on September 11, changed the world. Terrorism was able
to destroy some great buildings and kill some 3000 mostly innocent civilians.
There is still a moral distinction between killing soldiers and civilians.
I hope a lesson is learned that little was gained by either side by these
actions. Just when the UFO Disclosure Project was starting to gain momentum
the world was only concerned with terrorism and finding those responsible.
May God bless America and may His glory be done in the midst of this tragedy!
God reigns over heaven and earth and I hope there is a Happy New Year for us
all. A prayer for us all might even help heal your own body and perhaps our


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour-long tape of UFOs shot
in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from
space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the
shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will
be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real
UFOs. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury
that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff
Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011 Jeff has an
operation his back and is still in pain, we ask you to send your prayers.


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