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Filer's Files # 51



NORTH POLE REPORT -- A UFO with a red nose light has been seen conducting
training missions over the Arctic. UFOs have also been reported in New York,
Washington DC, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, New
Mexico, California, Chili, United Kingdom, and Italy. A lost underwater city
has been found in Cuba.

ANGELS -- Throughout ancient religious writings there are descriptions of
angels sent by God from the planet Heaven. These angelic visitors are often
described as arriving and departing inside clouds or flying metallic objects.
It seems reasonable that these stories are based on truth and represent
actual visits by angels, visitors, watchers, extraterrestrials, messengers,
or what ever you choose to call them. Angels are described as essentially
spiritual and superhuman beings that are messengers of God and visitors from
another world. The angels are often given credit for bringing writing and
early technology to Earth. An Angel of the Lord spoke with Abraham in the
Torah, when he was 99 years old and childless, telling the Jewish leader he
had been chosen to be the father of a multitude of nations. One angel
brought the message of the entire Koran to Mohammed and the Moslems. In
Indian Vedic writings the topmost authority in the material universe is known
as Brahma, and he lives in the highest material planetary system, called
Brahmaloka. The writings contain detailed descriptions of flying craft and
their operators.

In the Christian Bible it states: In the sixth month, God sent the angel
Gabriel to Nazareth and a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married
to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary.
The angel went to her and said, "Greetings you are highly favored! The Lord
is with you." Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind
of greeting this might be. But the angle said to her, "Do not be afraid,
Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth
to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and will
be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of
his Father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, his
kingdom will never end. "How can this be" Mary asked the angel, "since I am
a virgin?' The angel answered, The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the
power of the Most High will over shadow you. So the Holy One to be born will
be called the Son of God! Luke 1-verses 26 to 35. Two thousand years later,
much of world celebrates this birth at Christmas time.

Thousands of books have been written describing the angels interactions with
humans. Many people write and tell of healings and other miracles caused by
angels.. If even one percent of the stories are true, we have angels here on
Earth today. If you visit the great temples and churches around the world,
you will find that many have accounts of an angel who designed and oversaw
their construction. Frequently, the stories include sightings of strange
shaped flying objects. You can argue that these are only stories, but very
strong evidence exists throughout the world or the reality of these stories.
Look at the shapes, towers, domes of these great temples and churches. Many
have features that look exactly like UFOs that were built at great cost and
are considered engineering marvels.

For example, the builders of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul believed an angel
had designed the structure and over looked its construction. Is it simply by
chance that its great domes look like disk shaped UFOs? We only have to
examine some of these structures to learn a great deal about the visiting
angels and their vehicles. Not only do the domes have an amazing similarity
to UFOs on the outside, but also on the inside of the buildings. These
angels may have a greater effect on the world than we realize. "For he will
command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." So
remember when you enjoy Christmas, it all started with an angel. Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year.


On December. 16, 2001, shuttle astronaut Dan Tani deployed Starshine 2 into
its own Earth-circling orbit. Starshine 2 is an eye-catching aluminum
sphere, about the size of a beach-ball and covered with glistening mirrors.
Like its sister satellite Starshine 3, which was launched on September 29th,
Starshine 2 reflects sunlight and looks to sky watchers on Earth much like a
pulsing 1st-magnitude star. Students and scientists plan to track the pair
by monitoring their flashes, and so learn how satellite orbits decay in the
outermost layers of Earth's atmosphere. The 845 mirrors on Starshine 2, were
polished by thirty thousand students in 660 schools in 26 countries. Visit
the website to find out when Starshine 3 will glide over
your town. Thanks to NASA


CATSKILLS AND ADIRONDACK AREAS -- Eugenia Macer reports that recently, an
entire neighborhood in the Catskills heard low-flying, invisible aircraft and
reported this to the police and to me. There was also a concomitant power
outage. The police could not recall the exact hour of the several power
outages nor were they interested in the invisible airplane scenario. Yet
they did not state they thought the folks who reported invisible airplanes
were "crazy." "It might be terrorist activity near the reservoir," stated
one policeman though the location of the strange "auditing" was about twenty
miles from the reservoir.

Similar unseen aircraft noises were reported in New Jersey and the South
American country of Chili. The Chilean Police authorities, Carabineros
headquarters in San Pedro de Atacama claim events of this type are common in
San Pedro, and for this reason, scant attention is given to them and they are
not entered in the police blotter unless the event has a level of relevance
that draws the attention all of the community's residents. I am going to
include this incident in my next book entitled, "DOING BUSINESS IN THE
ADIRONDACKS." Thanks Eugenia Macer- [email protected].


Watching the meteor shower on December 14, 2001, the witness noticed two
lights that seemed to be changing directions in their movement. The brighter
of the two was actually three lights in a triangular formation. The smaller
light followed the triangular lights back and forth across the sky at 11:30
PM. They were faster than a jet airplane but not extremely fast moving.
They seemed to be at a medium altitude, perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 feet. This
made the actual size of the object undeterminable. After some time the
triangular light vanished in an instant and the other light turned in the
opposite direction and flew off. I thought this might be a military aircraft
since I live near Andrews Air Force Base, but the triangular shape is what
sparked my curiosity and made me think that something unusual was going on.
It may very well be an air force plane, but it remains for me a UFO
nonetheless. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


GREENSBORO -- Saturday night, December 15, 2001, my wife and I with a friend
went out to eat at the Carrabbas restaurant. We had a two-hour wait outside
sitting on the bench; I noticed a very, faint amber colored triangular shaped
object moving to the southeast at 7:20 PM. The UFO phenomena has always
interested me so I am always looking, but 99.9% of the time I can identify
anything in the sky, but this time it was strange. As it got closer, I
noticed that within its triangular structure it appeared to have many spheres
or "orbs" interchanging within it. The entire craft remained the faint amber
color, although the spheres appeared to be more translucent. My curiosity in
the object attracted a crowd who also saw the same thing. One lady let out a
startled yell, another said they were just balloons. However, the size of
the object at that altitude would have meant the balloon cluster would be
huge, and it retained a definitive shape, but the rest of the craft did
appear to morph somewhat. We watched it fly off towards Fayetteville at a
1000 feet. Initially it looked like a jetliner with its lights on shrouded
by heavy cloud cover. This was clearly unidentified. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director NUFORC


BREVARD -- My daughter phoned to tell us, there was a really strange light
moving down the St. John's River. From our patio, we scanned the sky at 7:30
PM, and saw the bright object moving south above the river. I knew it was
not an airplane because there was no sound. When the object cleared the tree
line we nearly freaked out. It was a bright round object with rings around
it. I grabbed my binoculars and was amazed. The object inside the rings
seemed perfectly round and had a silver gray color. There were bright
flashes of light on the surface and it looked like Saturn. It moved very
slowly down the river and at times seemed to hover over the water. After
awhile it drifted behind the clouds and we never saw it again. This was
definitely not of this world.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Gary England Chief Meteorologist, KWTV NEWS 9O reports that
on December 1, 2001, at about 10:15 PM, my wife, two others and myself were
in our car traveling south. One of us pointed to the west and said, "What is
that?" We had wild scramble to get out of the car for a better look. For a
moment, the fuzzy lights appeared to be similar to the bottom side of an
airliner. But in what seemed like a split second, numerous streaks of bright
light were silently blazing across the western sky toward the north. Like so
many of you who saw the event, I had never seen anything that could compare
to it. It was absolutely beautiful as well as a bit scary for a brief
period. I turned to my friend and commented that I certainly hoped we were
not observing incoming ICBMs. As it turns out, a rocket was involved. It
was a Russian Proton rocket, called a SL-2 system. It was launched from
Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan at 2:04 PM Saturday afternoon and had placed
communication satellites in orbit. It then reentered the atmosphere and went
into a never to be forgotten long duration, fragmented bright burn across a
crystal clear night sky. Thanks to Jim Hickman,
[email protected]


WICHITA FALLS -- I was outside in my front yard on December 6. 2001,
stargazing as I often do since I'm an amateur astronomer. It was a very
clear night southerly breeze. Looking up at 10:00 PM, I saw a rod shaped
object it was white, about 4 foot long and 6 inches around. It was only
fifteen feet over my head and barely cleared the roof of my house. It was
moving from north to south opposite the wind. I'm a very scientific minded
person. This is the second time in last few months I have seen unusual
things. The [thing] made no sound and had no lights it was just very bright
white and perfectly formed. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


STEVENS POINT -- UFOWisconsin reports that the witness was in a parking lot
full of running semi-trailers on December 11, 2001, so I am unsure as to
whether there was noise to go with this 'sighting'. From 7:30 to 8:00 PM, I
was out in the parking lot having a smoke when I noticed what I perceived to
be airplanes off to the southwest. I didn't make much of it until I saw a
bright orange flash out of the corner of my eye. I then saw five sets of
little blinking lights, as they traveled from the southwest to a direct
southern view. I was joined by an older woman, and pointed out the lights to
her. We were trying to figure out exactly how many there were, when again,
the orange flashes occurred. They looked very much like large meteors at
about 35 degrees. There were two bright orange flashes, running in parallel,
and they didn't seem to be at the right height for a meteor (they started too
low in the sky). The blinking (twinkling?) lights then dispersed, and at
least two headed south, below the tree line. Within minutes, the lights were
gone. At this point, a guy came from behind a semi and said 'were you
watching that? What was that?' Thanks to Jenny Hoppe,,
[email protected] (Jenny Hoppe)

UFOWisconsin has completed the investigation of the Beaver Dam video from the
Schwante's on July 9, 2001. It was determined that the object was a kite.
This was confirmed by MUFON members Jeff Sainio and Richard Heiden. As for
the other reports, we are a new organization and we do not have the resources
to investigate every report that we receive, many come from military training
areas that are used by the National Guard and Air Force. Many say we may
contact them but we are unable to follow up on that request. With low
resources and financial support we encounter these troubles. Many of the
reports that we have received we believe to be IFO's and also many
misinterpreted objects. As you know Nocturnal lights are hard to decipher
and that is the most common report that we receive. We have had many very
interesting reports; one was of a shadow that was seen on the ground with no
identifiable object to correspond with the shadow. I attempted to contact
the individual to get more information with no luck. I thank you for
including our reports on Filer's Files and we hope to be able to submit more
cases as they are finished. Thanks to John Hoppe Director UFOWisconsin


ALBUQUERQUE -- On December 1, 2001, my son (26) and I were driving on I-40,
heading east down the hills into Albuquerque at 9:20 PM, when we observed a
formation of five very bright spheres with long, arcing, glowing tails
traveling slowly north. The first three were in a triangular formation and
much brighter than the last two, which were offset from each other. The
latter two abruptly disappeared, and the remaining ones continued to travel
across the sky, disappearing behind the northern mountain range. They were
too slow to be meteorites, and we could see them very clearly. My son is a
physicist and amateur astronomer and I am a teacher and book illustrator. We
can not explain what we saw. We discussed all the possible explanations for
our "sighting" and came to the conclusion that they moved too deliberately to
be "space junk" or huge bright comets. They were definitely not airplanes,
as they had very bright, glowing trails that followed their arc of travel.
Occasionally they would flash with blue light. They were the largest objects
in the sky - impossible to ignore. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN MATEO -- A physician was driving south on Highway 101 on December 3,
2001, with his fiancée when they noticed a large patch of light about the
size of four football fields likely over the ocean. This light made a dark
night as bright as day for 5 or 6 seconds and then a spherical craft shot
into the air with a bright white and yellow tail. It had a diameter of
approximately 200-300 feet. It's tail turned red and then yellow and it
continued straight up until it was indistinguishable from a star. This
process took about 5 minutes. This is the first time either of us have seen
anything like this. I grew up in the U.S. and am a physician.

SANTA BARBARA -- Sean K. reports that on December 5, 2001, a star-like object
was observed in the southwest, at about 30 degrees above the horizon. Its
position first made me think it was Venus, but as I watched from my yard, it
slowly rose and moved east. I sat down, took a sightline off of a nearby
tree and within a minute confirmed the object was not stationary, but could
not be a star or planet because it was moving opposite the rotation of stars.
At no point did it move quickly. After watching the object for about 5
minutes, my two neighbors came out and we all watched. One got his
binoculars and we saw a metallic object, not at all like a star with
dimensional width as opposed to a point source. We observed it for another
five minutes and it was now about 70 degrees and perhaps two feet at arm's
length) from where I originally sighted the object. The object then kind of
disintegrated. It become cloudy or fuzzy, and then stopped giving off light.
Vandeberg Air Force Base is right up the coast, so it could have been some
kind of drone target or observation balloon. Witnesses were ages 35-41.
Weather Conditions: dry, clear, no clouds, visibility unlimited. Thanks to
Sean K.


WESTERN TIP OF CUBA -- Canadian explorers using a miniature submarine to
probe the sea floor off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on Cuba's western tip
have discovered stone structures deep below the Caribbean Sea that may have
been built by an unknown civilization thousands of years ago. It appears the
remains of a submerged "lost city" were found that include structures laid
out like an urban area at a depth of 2,100 feet. The shapes resemble
pyramids, roads, and buildings. The Cuban Academy of Sciences and ADC a
Canadian company plan further exploration next summer. A Remotely Operated
Vehicle (ROV) was sent down to film parts of the 7.7-square-mile city and
confirmed the presence of huge, smooth, cut granite-like blocks in
perpendicular and circular formations, some in pyramid shapes. The
intriguing discovery provided evidence that Cuba at one time was joined to
mainland Latin America via a strip of land from the Yucatan Peninsula and may
have been the reason for the fabled Atlantis.
Thanks to [email protected] and Translation (C) 2001 by Scott Coralles


LA FLORIDA -- The December 6, 2001, Diario "Las Ultimas Noticias" reports
that a gigantic and flaring light landed for hours in the vicinity of San Ramon
Hill, filling local residents with fear. Ufologist Alberto Urquiza discarded
the possibility that the lights belong to helicopters, airplanes, or planets.
Jessica Serrano manages some tourist cabins in a place known as Los Rulos
saw a UFO on November 16 at 22:00 hours, with some friends at work. A white
light emerged only meters away from the place. "It lit up everything, it was
as big as a stadium.

Alberto Ruiz, a researcher with the GEO UFO group (Grupo de Estudios
Ovnilogicos), notes that 17 sightings of unidentified flying objects were
recorded between November 6 and the 25th in the pre-Cordilleran region.
"These are large lights that descend to earth and remain suspended a short
distance from the surface. The witnesses have seen them at some 100 meters
distance. Some of the lights have remained suspended in mid-air between four
and six hours. Ruiz, who witnessed the phenomenon on November 10th, stated
that he received simultaneous phone calls regarding sightings from five
communities who were observing the phenomenon. Thanks to Alberto Ruiz,
[email protected] and [email protected].


CARLISLE -- On December 12, 2001, the witness a former military pilot
reports, "I was watching the night sky in Northern Britain. My attention was
drawn to a large, bright object in the western sky at 6:07 PM, much brighter
than Jupiter or Mars appeared. It was moving quickly east. I had a pair of
binoculars with me, and I focused on the object. It resolved into a bright
disc, with a large teardrop shaped aura around it. I would estimate it's
altitude to be 20.000 feet, and speed to be about Mach 3 (relative to an
object traveling at that altitude). I observed it for about 30 seconds
before it abruptly disappeared. I could see no reason for its disappearance.
The ground temperature was -2c, and the sky was clear and bright with no
clouds. I have observed an unusually large number of meteorites over the
last 30 hours. I'm a recently retired police officer and have never sighted
anything like this before. Thanks to NUFORC.

ROYAL AIR FORCE -- Rod reports, I recently received a letter from my father a
former Royal Air Force squadron leader in World War II, who piloted planes
across the channel to drop resistance fighters into France. He had two UFO
sightings. My father wrote: the first sighting was in 1941, while I was on a
bomber course. Going home late at night on my own down an empty lane on a
black night, the only sight and sound coming from aircraft taking off ahead
on night-flying exercises. I suddenly saw a light coming towards me at about
200 feet. It looked like the nose light of a plane -- but no navigation
lights showed. Nor was there any sound. It passed silently over my head,
and as it went on the light vanished. Nobody else was near to witness it, so
I didn't tell anyone.

The second was outside Brighton Station waiting in the bus queue in the late
1960s, one evening as it was getting dusk and street lights were coming on.
Suddenly, over the station roof two headlights were switched on. They looked
like Fred McMurray's flying Ford fuelled on "Flubber" -- but the body of the
car was invisible. The man next to me saw it too, but we just looked at one
another and said nothing. The lights only flicked on and off." Thanks to


The Italian Center for UFO Studies
reports that Italian Sightings total 600 in 2001. With the 13 cases gathered
for the month of November, the Year 2001 sees the number of presumed UFO
sightings in Italy surpassing the 600-number mark. This is twice the normal
average for our country. Monthly listings of the entire 2001 Italian UFO
case log including all of November are now available on the C.I.S.U. website
( Thanks to Edoardo Russo for the
Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici, CISU,


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour-long tape of UFOs shot
in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from
space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the
shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will
be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real
UFOs. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury
that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff
Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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