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Filer's Files # 49



UFOs have been reported in New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio,
Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, and Italy. Large
areas of the Midwest and Europe report seeing slow moving bright streaks in
the sky. Satellites continue to pick up uncorrelated targets each day that
may include UFOs.


Astronomers observed flashes and explosions on the Moon during the 2001
Leonid meteor storm, indicating meteoroids were hitting the lunar surface.
Like Earth, the Moon plowed through comet Tempel-Tuttle's debris field on
November 18th," says Bill Cooke of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.
But, unlike Earth, the Moon doesn't have an atmosphere where meteoroids
harmlessly disintegrate." Instead, lunar Leonids hit the ground and explode.
Using 8-inch telescopes equipped with video cameras, David Dunham in
Maryland and Tony Cook in Virginia independently recorded the flash -- a
double confirmation. "We estimate it was as least as bright as a 4th
magnitude star." Flashes and lights on the Moon have been recorded for
centuries. At least 6 Leonids hitting the Moon in 1999 caused explosions
bright enough to be seen from Earth.

Reports of bright lunar Leonids two years ago puzzled many scientists. Their
calculations suggested that a Leonid hitting the Moon would need to mass
hundreds of kilograms to produce an explosion visible through backyard
telescopes. Yet there was little evidence for such massive fragments in the
Leonid debris stream. Hundred-kilogram meteoroids hitting Earth's atmosphere
would produce sensational fireballs, brighter than any sky watchers actually
saw. Jay Melosh, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona's Lunar
and Planetary Lab teamed up with Ivan Nemtchinov, a Russian physicist skilled
in computer simulations of thermonuclear explosions. "Leonid impacts aren't
as potent as a nuclear warhead, but they are powerful. They hit the Moon
traveling 72 km/s or 160,000 mph. The energy per unit mass in a Leonid
strike is 10,000 times greater than a blast of TNT." Using computer programs
designed to study bomb blasts, Melosh and Nemtchinov discovered that Leonids
didn't have to be so massive to produce flashes. Impactors massing only 1 to
10 kg could do the job. because much of the ground within a few meters of
the impact point would be vaporized, and a cloud of molten rock would billow
out of a growing crater. "At first the cloud would be opaque and very hot,
between 50,000 K and 100,000 K," explains Melosh. Milliseconds after the
initial blast, the cloud would expand to a few meters in diameter and cool to
13,000 K. That's the critical moment," he says, "when the vapor becomes
optically thin (transparent); then, all the photons rush out and we can see a
flash of light from Earth." Thanks to Space Weather at


NEW BRUNSWICK -- The witness reports that, "While watching the Leonids meteor
shower on November 18, 2001, I noticed a boomerang shaped object flying
directly above me at 5:05 AM." It made no sound and had no lights. The
surface appeared smooth, with no visible engine or tailfin. I couldn't make
out the color, but it appeared flat or matte, possibly gray. The altitude of
the object is difficult to gauge but based on the size, speed, and wingspan,
from my perspective, it was larger than a 747, traveling 300 to 600 mph at
under 10,000 feet. It looked like a giant boomerang, flat with a narrow


ANNAPOLIS -- The witness set his alarm for 4:30 AM on November 18, 2001, to
meet some friends to watch the Leonid meteor shower. Going out on the
balcony, I saw three meteoroids almost immediately. I excitedly phoned my
friends and when I looked outside again, I saw two large luminous Flying
Triangles over the houses and trees. Flying in formation they headed south.
At first I related the illumination to the meteor shower, but when I looked
directly at the objects an instinct kicked in that these were NOT shooting
stars, and I was witnessing something incredible. I live a block and a half
away from the Naval Academy and I am used to Navy flyovers, Blue Angels, etc.
THIS WAS DIFFERENT. The Flying Triangles did not project light to the
ground; they themselves were yellowish, white light. Their edges were not
sharp; they were slightly rounded with the glow of the light. They appeared
to be flying in formation - points facing down, close together, on a
diagonal. Together, they were about the size of a half moon. Their movement
was fluid and quick and they were SILENT. I was only able to watch the
objects for 7 seconds and soon after they disappeared, I heard a boat horn
sound twice quickly indicating they may have seen the same thing. I met my
friends and told them I was sure I had seen UFOs. They reacted with friendly
skepticism, but I saw the triangles again in the southeast corner of the sky.
I sat up, pointed, and said, "Look!!! There they are!!!" One friend was
able to see them much farther away. Just before they disappeared, one
triangle broke out of formation and darted ahead. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director of the National Reporting Center


STATESBORO -- On November 17, 2001, three witnesses were outside to see if
the reported meteor shower had begun. While looking off into the southern
horizon, I noticed a green light at about 10:00 PM. At first it was a white
light that slowly changed to a light green color. There were no Flashing
lights or red lights, as associated with aircraft. In addition, the light
stayed on a straight path, and was seen for miles. The light also was moving
at a speed, which seemed out of the norm for local jet fighters. There was
no sound with the object which made me think it might have been an "early
meteor," but as the object continued into the distance, I noticed there was
no dust trail as seen with meteor's. In addition, the object did not appear
to be "Burning" or a "Fireball." The light continued into the distance until
it became to small to see.

AUGUSTA -- On November 19, 2001, the witness reports seeing a chevron shaped
object move from the north to south at 5:30 AM. Its movement caught my eye.
It had a 'V' shaped bank of white lights the same color as the stars. The
rear lights seemed to be offset a little. It had no aircraft type of
lighting on it and made no sound. The lights were perfectly round, like
domes. Could not see any shape but the v shape pattern of the lights. I
have seen this type of object on many of the UFO shows. Thanks to NUFORC


SOUTH WEBSTER -- On November 15, 2001, the witness and a coworker saw burnt
orange objects in the northeastern sky at 6:29 PM. Virtually the same object
was also spotted on May 31. We first saw a single burnt orange light in the
northern sky. It was there only about 20 seconds or so then went out. Then
in about a minute it was visible slightly left of its first location. After
about three minutes, we saw one, then two, and then three objects in the
northwest. They had the same shape, color, and brightness. We were shocked
because we thought we would never see this again. The sky was crystal clear
and no moon was visible. Objects were about at 45 degree's from horizon.
There were jets in the area but at a much higher altitude. Alternatively, so
they seemed. No sounds were heard. I have been watching the sky since I was
a small boy and I have never saw anything like this. Thanks to Peter
Davenport NUFORC


RIBOLT -- On November 15, 2001, at 5:55 PM a MUFON member reports seeing a
very bright orange light with what appeared to be four refraction lines
radiating from it, similar to the headlight of an airliner. A second,
identical, light appeared to the left and slightly up from the first. It
appeared as if two planes were in extreme proximity to each other. We
stopped the truck (expecting to see a plane crash) and I opened the truck
door and looked right at the two lights and then saw four to six more
identical lights appear in succession to the left and below the second light,
almost evenly spaced and forming a semi circle as the last one or two lights
appeared heading back to the right. The light positions remained static,
with no change or movement, and the lights remained steady with no
flickering. As I grabbed my camera, all of the lights disappeared. The
lights were much bigger and brighter than any star and we saw several
airplanes as we continued our trip and none of the plane lights remotely
resembled what we saw. A friend said she saw similar lights at her farm in
the far southeastern part of this county about a month ago and she was
relieved that we saw what we did. There was no sound.
RINGGOLD ((NUFORC Note: Please see report from Ringgold, OH, for same date,
and same approximate time.


OTTER LAKE, FOSTORIA -- Heather Power's reported to Skywatch International
that she was in her living room on December 3, 2001, when her daughter ran
out of her room and said. "Mom its back." I went to the bay window at 6:45
PM, and I spotted it almost immediately. It was a bright light hovering high
in the sky, but different from a star. I grabbed my binoculars and was
astounded, because it was brighter than all the stars that were out. This is
the second sighting of this kind. My daughter and I saw something similar
about a month ago, so we decided to keep watching, hoping to see it again.
Our house is on a bare hill on 4 acres, with a large bay window facing south.
There is open field around our house, and few trees, it is ideal to view the
night sky. I viewed this object hovering for about 3 minutes. It appeared
to be cross shaped, with the center being the brightest. As I was watching
it taking mental notes, it appeared, and at that instant, other duller (not
as bright) objects began to appear and disappear all around the area the
first one had been. My daughter is 13 years old, and she is somewhat afraid
when we see these lights. Thanks to Bill Hamilton of Skywatch International
[email protected].


MAPLEWOOD -- The witness reports he saw five figures in a formation soar on
November 19, 2001. They were bronze in color, and elliptical in shape.
Their sides came to a point, rather than just rounded. All looked to be the
same size. The formation they were flying was similar to a Less Than sign
(<). They were traveling towards the southeast at 11:45 PM and being a pilot
myself, I would guestemate around 40,000 feet. The sky was clear. I watched
them from about a 60-degree sky position from my right side, to about a
30-degree sky position on my left side. They flew virtually overhead. I saw
no other lights, nothing flashing, just the steady bronze color. I heard no
sounds from them, but at that altitude you probably wouldn't. There were no
trailing streams of light coming from them. I know the Leonid Meteor shower
has been going on, but with meteor showers, the light goes extremely fast,
has a trail of light, and is generally really bright. These lights could not
be meteors. There is not a great amount of military aircraft around here.
The objects I saw were traveling three times as fast as an airliner in
cruise. I'm not sure how fast our military aircraft can go, but it was
impressive whatever it was. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


On Saturday night, December 1st, around 10:15 PM CST, a sensational fireball
glided over at least seven states in the US Midwest. Airline pilots and
passengers had a terrific view, while automobile traffic stopped. Emergency
phone lines were jammed. There were about eight slow-moving fiery yellow
objects moving across the night sky. Police and television stations from
Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, reported seeing the streaks in the sky.

Sam Sherman the President of Independent International Pictures saw the CNN
broadcast video of the streaks of brilliant light moving across the sky from
Nebraska to Texas. He and several people who observed the video felt their
was more than debris breaking up and there was also a slow moving craft of
some sort visible among the 30 balls of light. NORAD announced that moving
from the southwest to northeast pieces of a Proton rocket had disintegrated
in Earth's atmosphere. NORAD has had a sudden increase in the number of
uncorrelated targets reaching one hundred a day. Correlated targets are
those contained in NORAD Computer Data Banks. Uncorrelated are essentially
unknown objects in space. Video of the objects shown on CNN seemed to move
too slowly to be pieces of a Soviet SL-12 Proton Rocket. If UFOs are
entering our airspace it is obvious that they might try to time their entry
with that of legitimate space debris. There have been numerous sightings of
green streaking objects entering our atmosphere since 1947. The Russian
Sputnik, the first satellite in space did not go into orbit until ten years
later. Kansas and Oklahoma witnesses reported seeing four long streaks of
light moving across the sky creating sparks as they entered the atmosphere.
UFOs frequently observed from the Space Shuttle do not create sparks like the
space debris that creates tremendous heat and pressures.

EDINBURGH -- The United Kingdom's Astronomy Technology Centre says a Proton
Rocket was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan at 18:04 UT on
December 1st. An 800 kg metal casing from the fourth stage of the rocket was
on its third orbit around Earth when it burned up in the atmosphere over
southern England and France at about 22:35 UT."
The National Space Development Agency of Japan has announced, the Fuyo No. 1,
satellite could fall onto any part of the planet. The 340 kg satellite will
most likely enter the Earths atmosphere on December 4, 2001. Thanks to Sam
Sherman of Independent International Pictures. Look for their label on DVDs/


PORTLAND -- The witness was driving home when he saw two objects just after
sunset on November 19, 2001. At first, they appeared to be airplanes,
although they seemed to be joined together and form one large hovering craft.
The witness estimated they were flying at 2000 feet altitude as they passed
at 5:15 PM. Then, after about ten minutes, they split again. One advanced
northward, and the other remained in a hover mode, perhaps advancing slightly
northward. The witness state, "I then saw a very small light leave the
remaining craft, and it fluttered downward erratically, kind of like a spark.
As I arrived home, this second craft advanced forward again, and I noticed
it was shaped somewhat like a plane, but all the lighting was white and
steady. There were no blinking red and greens that are normally seen on the
wing and tail sections of a plane." As I watched it slowly move northward,
it appeared not to have a body or shape. It was as if lights were arrayed on
an invisible craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


BEDHAMPTON -- Hello Jeff, Saturday, November 24, 2001, was a special day when
the residents received a daylight visit from a UFO and the event was
fortunately videotaped by Anthony Woods, local resident and sky watcher. Mr.
Woods has been involved in UFO sightings for a long time, experiencing what
seems to be an exciting, personal interaction with these unknown objects. On
November 24, 2001, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds, and local
resident Anthony Woods was waiting for after several days of rain and bad
weather. But he was not preparing himself to work in his garden. Instead,
he grabbed his video camera and went outside to await the possible appearance
of a so many times before, when he had followed his unique ability
to sense the coming presence of an enigmatic visitor. I met Anthony Woods
some weeks before as a result of several fortunate circumstances. He
contacted me, interested in the UFO from the Mexican UFO Wave. He wanted to
make some comparisons between two strange-shaped UFOs videotaped by himself
on August 9 and September 22, 2001, in Bedhampton. He showed me the videos
and asked if I knew of similar UFOs from Mexico. When I saw both videos I
was quite impressed at the strange shapes, especially the one from August 9 -
something truly unprecedented, which I have never seen before. This unknown
object exhibited amazing polymorphic shape changes during its behavior...
which permits one to instantly discard the possibility of misidentifying this
craft as any known aircraft, bird, or balloon.

Anthony recorded superb daylight footage with his video camera, clearly
capturing the structural details of the UFO's body. The footage is almost 6
minutes long and during this period the UFO remained almost static in the
sky, rotating on its axis in a vertical manner, at low altitude. Definitely,
the most intriguing feature of this craft is its polymorphism - changing its
shape - continuously while doing maneuvers that defy the known physics laws.
Anthony videotaped this UFO above his parents' home. After several minutes
the object flew away at a steady speed. The September 22 footage presents a
barrel-shaped UFO, also rotating and reflecting the sunlight on its left
side. That morning, Anthony was in his home when he "felt" that sensation
and went outside and encountered the visitor directly above his garden. An
interesting feature of the footage is the presence of a large bird (possibly
a crow) that appeared to circle the hovering object to take a closer look
before retreating. Reviewing the video, Anthony pointed out to me another
interesting detail on both videos (August 9 and September 22). He noticed
that both objects appear to show, in some of the frames, 'spikes', or 'hairs'
sticking out. He thought that maybe it was just some type of distortion but
I replied that maybe those were the so-called "Angel Hair" filaments of thin,
spider web-like transparent fibers discovered after some UFO sightings - a
phenomenon well-known in Ufology. Thanks to Santiago Yturria Photos and
complete story at


CANTILLANA, SEVILLE PROVINCE -- On December 4, 2001, Jose B.S. was driving
his vehicle on Highway 116, past kilometer 12 heading toward Mairena del
Alcor at 10:58 AM, when he noticed of an oval-shaped object. He says, it was
similar to a lipstick, and white in color. The object followed a westerly
trajectory and plummeted in mid-flight before flying horizontally again,
stopping, ascending and disappearing toward the West at high speed. The
distance was about ten kilometers away. The witness places the object over a
town called Cantillana and was almost able to cover it with his thumb. We can
therefore estimate a relative size similar to that of the full moon or

As an anecdotal note, the witness points out that toward 10:30 a.m., jet
airplanes flew low over Seville Airport. Logically, all this data is being
analyzed, but given the urgency of the subject, the SIB calls upon the
international UFO community to aid in determining any concomittant sighting.
On the other hand, we welcome any information from friends in the province of
Seville. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Translation (C) 2001. Special thanks to Antonio Salinas, Director, Dept. of
Ufology/Exobiology, S.I.B.


The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) reports that there were numerous
UFO sightings this summer in Italy. Giuseppe Stilo has disseminated a
preliminary list of reports of the Italian wave of sightings. More than 67
sightings were recorded by August 1st and many others had been observed.
Meanwhile, the number of incidents reported by the mass media has been
diminishing (55 newspaper clippings gathered by Eco della Stampa during the
month of July, compared with 86 in June). The sightings were widespread
throughout the Italian Peninsula; with a slight lead in the northern regions.
Nocturnal lights prevail; but in July, there occurred 11 daylight objects, 8
close encounters, and 3 cases captured on videotape. There were 62 sightings
in June.

PADUA -- The Monselice Case occurred on the evening of August 3, 2001, at
about 11:15 PM, two women sitting on a bench in a square observed an enormous
four-sided object descend from the sky. It made no noise and stopped a few
meters above the ground directly over the witnesses. The object, measuring
side-on approximately 10 meters in length, had rounded edges and many lights.
At the structure's center, there was a ring of intense light, with a little
red light in the middle. One of the women fled in terror, hid behind a small
statue of the Madonna, while the other remained paralyzed on the bench.
Suddenly, she rose and took a few steps forward, until she was directly
beneath the object: She gestured strangely with her arms and made some
noises. Her friend continued to call to her screaming and finally convinced
her friend to join her behind the statue. After a few seconds, the strange
metallic platform, with a kind of "muffled noise," eventually split up into
three parts which then shot away at an incredible speed. Two luminous discs
in one direction, one multicolored one in the other. Their screams caught
the attention of another woman who caught sight only of the two frightened
witnesses. A third witness, who was 500 meters away, saw a "stupendous and
intensely colored" square-shaped object, which she stopped to watch for its
"extremely beautiful colors: white, red, yellow and green." The two
protagonists of the story remained greatly unsettled from their experience:
one of them didn't manage to sleep at night for a week or more, remained in a
state of shock and speechless. An inquest was conducted by the Carabinieri,
and the case was picked up by various Ufologists who issued varied and
contrasting statements. The Pordenonese Antonio Chiumiento affirmed that it
had to do with an extraterrestrial object which was going to attempt to
abduct one of the two women. Instead, The International UFO Center
maintained that the cause likely was a top-secret American airplane. The
Venice contingent of the National UFO Center finally reported its detection
of a slight trace of radioactivity at the spot, leading to alarm among the
population and the intervention of the Regional Environmental Protection
Agency, which alternately refuted the presence of any radioactivity. Il
Gazzettino, Padua edition and Il Mattino di Padova, 17-30 August; UfoItalia,
23-30 August; collaboration by Roberto Labanti, Matteo Leone, Alessandro Luè,
Dario Paganini and Gildo Personè.]


HESSDALEN -- The Italian Mission Returns Home After four weeks, the Italian
mission came to an end on 22 August in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway, where
sightings of strange lights in the sky have occurred repeatedly for twenty
years. The expedition, conducted in collaboration with the National Council
of Research Activities, had the goal of acquiring optical and electromagnetic
data on the phenomenon. CNR was led by the astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani;
and was organized and financed (for the second consecutive year) by the
Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen, a group created in Bologna last year
for this specific aim and coordinated by Renzo Cabassi. The unfavorable
atmospheric conditions notwithstanding, various video and photographic
captures of the phenomenon were acquired this year. Photometric and
spectroscopic techniques were put to the test. The data gathered will be
analyzed and interpreted and finally summarized in a preliminary technical
article to be published in the future on the CIPH Website


The UFO world has been reverberating for weeks after the September airing on
National TV Channel 2 documentary, "OVNIs, le secret American,", the work of
the French journalist French Vincent Gielly, who during two years of
investigating has interviewed numerous experts, viewed archives and consulted
documents around the globe. The clamor also derives from the fact that the
documentary was preview-broadcast exclusively to the French Senate last 24
April, arousing a certain interest in the objective and historic piece. The
documentary is actually modeled after the life of the astronomer/Ufologist
Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek. Among the Ufologists interviewed (Americans,
overall), there are some of the most notable names on the American scene.
Already arousing particular interest is news of the inclusion of a French
counter-espionage official who is actively involved with the subject of UFOs.
The program has already garnered positive reviews from numerous newspapers
on the other side of the Alps, and followers hope that this signals a
turnabout in the way that television handles the subject in their country.
Thanks to Edoardo Russo and the Italian Center for UFO Studies at 10121 Turin, Italy and
[email protected]


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour-long tape of UFOs shot
in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from
space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the
shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will
be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real
UFOs. I feel confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury
that there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff
Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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