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Filer's Files # 48



UFOs HAVE BEEN REPORTED: in New York, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee,
Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Canada, Mexico, and Italy. Our
satellites are picking up hundreds of uncorrelated targets each day that may
include UFOs.


Tim Radford, science editor of the Guardian reports that: "Astronomers have
used the Hubble space telescope to detect the atmosphere of a planet circling
a star 150 light years away." The discovery reawakens the dream of detecting
extraterrestrial life in other star systems. A new breed of astrobiologists
is convinced that life on any distant planet would leave its signature in the
air -- just as methane and oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere would be a clue
to any passing aliens that the planet was inhabited. "Only a decade ago,
planets outside the solar system were still in the realm of science fiction,"
said David Charbonneau, of the California Institute of Technology, who led
the study. "Searching for a star's unseen planetary companion was crazy, and
hoping to see its atmosphere was even crazier." Now planets are discovered
monthly, and even their atmospheres are in reach, he said. "Suddenly,
discussing searches for Earth-like planets seems quite reasonable." But he
discovered no sign of life. The atmosphere of the planet that circles the
star HD209458, in the constellation Pegasus, is rich in sodium. The planet
itself is likely to be an inhospitable gas giant, like Jupiter. More than 80
planets have now been identified around distant stars. Thanks to Joe Stefula
and Guardian 11/28/01

Editor's Note: Dr. Robert Trundle author of "UFOs: Politics, God and
Science" from Northern Kentucky University notes that this is an important
step in the search for extraterrestrial life. Astronomers have made the first
direct detection of the chemical composition (sodium) of the atmosphere o
a planet orbiting a distant star.


In case you missed it, the computer company Intel has been running two
different ads for its Pentium 4 featuring those Gray Aliens. The commercials
are shown during Prime Time. Thanks to Robert M. Collins.


Debunker James E. Oberg who wrote the article concerning astronauts never
seeing an actual UFO in "The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters"
questioned the statements attributed to Astronaut Cernan in last week's
Filer's Files. My quote was that: Eugene Cernan who was the commander of
Apollo 17 that flew to the moon. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973 he
said, about UFOs: "I've been asked (about UFOs) and I've said publicly I
thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization.

"I must admit I'm unable to get on the Internet due to computer problems, so
I was unable to find an exact copy of the article. Jan Aldrich helped me out
by finding the article in the Los Angeles Times, January 6, 1973, Chriss
Nicholas, "Cernan Says Other Earths Exist," Jan says, "The article is
authentic." Cernan says, "I'm one of those guys who has never seen a UFO
(Unidentified Flying Object). But I've been asked, and I've said publicly I
thought they were somebody else, some other civilization." Gene Cernan goes
on about his positive views on life in space and the abundance of other
civilizations. So the quote is slightly different than given many places on
the web, but it is authentic. Thanks to Jan Aldrich and James Oberg.


BROOKLYN -- The witness was in a park on November 15, 2001, I noticed that
the clouds were being blown by the wind, and from behind the clouds I noticed
a white glowing sort of teardrop shaped craft. Behind the teardrop craft was
a little blue dot, tailing it. It seemed to be attached to the teardrop or
was being pulled by a blue glowing beam. It was moving pretty fast, but it
seemed to circle the whole park, which is at least four miles in diameter.
Then it just left it made no sound at all. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


EDGE WATER -- On November 9, 2001, the witness was outside aligning his
satellite dish, when he looked up, and right above him was something like a
lit up flock of flying birds. This was impossible because there were no
lights shining up and it was dark at 8:20 PM. The lights moved closer to
each other and moved away making a V-shape. It was like a big bird flapping
it's wings. The witness said, "This is the first time, I've ever seen
anything like this and it didn't make a sound either. The thing that freaked
me out the most was that there were three planes, immediately after I saw the
V- shaped craft. I don't even believe in UFOs, but I'm not sure now."

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- At 2:55 AM, the witness saw a glowing orange chevron
shaped object fly rapidly across the sky from west to east on November 9,
2001. The witness is a sane, sober 51-year old professional who has always
been skeptical of UFO sightings. He says, "Last night I saw something, which
I cannot explain. I fell asleep early in the evening and had to walk my dog
at 2:55 AM. I decided to look for meteors when I noticed a glowing pale
orange "shape" rapidly moving east, very faint to be barely discernible. The
orange light seemed almost translucent and was shaped like a boomerang or
chevron, except the leading edge was straight across as opposed to a "V"
shape on the front edge. It was perfectly symmetrical across its width. I
had difficulty determining the true size, altitude, or speed but it covered
100 to 120 degrees in 5 to 7 seconds. This seemed to be an unbelievable rate
of speed. I would judge the width of the object to be 5 or 6 times a full
moon's diameter. The length of the object from front to rear was perhaps 1 X
a full moon's diameter. The object made no sound. I am 100% convinced the
object was not a natural phenomenon such as a meteor or a cloud. Peter
Davenport reports he spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to
be exceptionally credible. We suspect this was a very interesting sighting,
similar to others that have been reported to NUFORC recently. Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC


LA GRANGE -- Researcher John Thompson says today I thought I saw a rare
daytime UFO. It went back and forth slowly; left-to-right, right-to-left
repeatedly, for about five minutes. It seemed to stop on a dime and reverse
direction. I took several photos of the object as it, occasionally,
flickered brightly with the reflection of sunlight. Guess what? It was a
glider catching thermos! I called the La Grange Airport to confirm. If I
had a video, however, shot from afar everybody would swear, as another person
with me who was watching agreed, that no plane could do that. Gliders can
because they have an unbelievable low stall speed. I now know what the
darting and reversing object in the famous 1994 Mexico City UFO video was
probably a glider. It was shot from a similar distance as it went in and out
of a cloud. Thanks to John Thompson


VICKSBURG -- My lady friend and I had gone to the Dollar General Store on
November 16, 2001. She was baby-sitting two children who were with us. My
friend went into the store and I sat in my truck with the kids and waited for
her. It was about 5:30 PM, and the sun was going down. The sky was very
clear and a light color, but the ground was almost as dark as night. The
four year old child pointed to the sky and said that she saw a light in the
sky, which I'm sure, was the crescent moon. When I looked up to see what it
was, I saw the moon and at a distance was a dark object shaped like a plump
Hershey's Kiss, or perhaps a teardrop with a slightly flattened-out bottom.
It was black in an appearance with a pointed top and seemed to have an
extremely faint aura around it that my friend also noticed. There were no
lights on it, and it made no sound. It was east of us in the direction of
the Mississippi River. Several others also sighted the UFO. Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC


MEMPHIS -- The witness reports, "I was on my way to work, traveling eastbound
on Winchester Road on November 2, 2001, just outside of the Memphis city
limits." There was low cloud cover covering the sun at 5:00 AM. I noticed a
long, black object traveling south at high speed beneath the clouds. The
object was traveling far faster than any flock of geese could fly. There
appeared to be a black "smudge" behind the object. I at first thought this
might be a black vapor trail, but the "smudge seemed to move in tandem with
the object but didn't linger in the sky. As we got closer I saw an acute
triangular shape with blurred indistinct edges. It moved across the sky at
high speed and was out of sight within seconds. I'm a professional with two
college degrees and skywatch planes regularly at Memphis International
Airport. I've never seen anything to compare with what I saw this morning.

MEMPHIS -- Two weeks later a Flying Triangle was spotted on November 14,
2001, by the same witness. He says, "Leaving for work at 5:28 AM, I stopped
to pick up the newspaper in our driveway. A definite and very well defined
and dark lengthy shadow flitted across the driveway." There was no sound
associated with the passing of this shadow. The shadow startled me so I
jumped into my car instead of picking up the paper. My first impression was
that something huge had flown beneath the streetlight and cast the shadow.
This explanation was quickly discarded due to the physical impossibility of
such an event, but I was puzzled by what I saw. It appeared that our cat had
been startled as well by the passing shadow because she ducked for cover
under a hedge.

At 5:35 A.M., an hour before sunrise, and I am traveling east on Winchester
Road going to work early to complete a project. The usual Fed Ex jets are
flying past on their flight paths to Memphis Airport. When I passed the Nike
plant, I noticed a "plane" that seemed much lower than normal for this part
of the landing pattern. It definitely caught my attention. It appeared to
be hovering in place at a spot just east of the Nike plant on the north side
of Winchester Road. This area is about five miles away from my home. I
slowed down and came almost to a stop to get a better look at the "plane."
It was my perception that it was not moving at all. As I studied it, I
realized that there was no strobe light on it. It also did not cast its
lights ahead of it, as you would normally expect to see the lights of a jet
beamed straight ahead. Instead there were three white lights aimed downward.
It was then that I perceived that I was looking at a triangular-shaped craft
with three bright white lights, one at each corner, and a single red light in
the middle of the underside of the craft.

The craft was the size of a fifty-cent piece held at arm's length and a
quarter to a half-mile away hovering in place. It seemed to be hovering over
an empty field. I got quite a good look at it for a period of time I would
estimate as long as two minutes. I continued heading slowly eastward until I
lost sight of the object as I passed some trees. It was then that I resolved
to make a quick U-turn, go back, and get another look. I found a place about
two blocks farther on to turn around, and I raced back to look at the object
again. There was no trace of it whatsoever! I searched the sky for several
minutes in vain. The object had quite simply vanished. This craft was lower
than the passing jets, and the lights appeared to be of a different
intensity. Thanks to NUFORC


BOYNE CITY -- At 8:00 PM my husband and I sat down to watch TV and I heard a
loud rumbling sound outside on November 15, 2001. I looked out the window
and did not see anything. The next morning our office gal told me she had
heard the loud noise at the same time, and saw a flying object over her home
heading west that then came back east over her home a second time.

BOYNE CITY -- A second witness also reports hearing a loud rumbling noise at
8:00 PM the same night and went to her back door to listen. Thinking it was
a jet plane she went back inside but the noise continued getting louder, so
she went out again. She only saw stars, and went back inside and asked her
husband, son, and son's friend, "Can't you hear that?" They thought it was
just a slow jet but went outside to look. They rushed back in, and said,
"Come out and see this!" The witness states, "We could see this huge diamond
shape UFO with elongated bottom, with a light at each tip and an orange light
in the middle." It gradually moved off to the northwest but within five
minutes it was coming back. We all watched as it traveled over our home
traveling southeast, when it got over Boyne City all of a sudden all of the
outside lights started to spin around. Shortly the light on the right side
veered off over Lake Charlevoix, which was to the west, while rest of the
craft continued on its course, but soon the lone light came back and was
heading the same direction as the large craft. It traveled until it was out
of sight. I then started calling law enforcement agencies, FAA, and local
airports but was unable to find out anything.

MANCELONA -- Also on November 15, 2001, about ten minutes later at 8:10 PM,
my husband and I saw a UFO. It was a bell shape cylinder top with saucer
like bottom. It had three red lights on it in the shape of a triangle. It
glowed reddish with a little whitish light. It had some time of a grill
around its middle. It moved very slowly to the left as it was faced towards
us. There were two other normal aircraft following it. We saw it for about
eight minutes before it went out of our sight behind the trees. We took 3
pictures but they didn't turn out very well. Thanks to Peter Davenport


ONEIDA COUNTY -- Mr. Iman reported to UFOWisconsin that on November 21, 2001, traveling north on Highway 51 near Minocqua, he noticed how bright the stars were that night. Mr. Inman is from the Chicago area where the city lights
impair viewing. Suddenly at 8:30 PM in front of us, what looked like a
bright star fell into the forest at a VERY fast rate. My girlfriend also saw
it and we couldn't figure out what it was. Too fast for anything else and it
looked to be ten miles north of us. Never seen anything like it before.
Thanks to Jenny Hoppe [email protected], UFOWisconsin:


CHICAGO -- On November 15, 2001, a female witness reports. "I just turned
onto our street, I saw an object float over a building across from us. I was
a little taken aback; I told her to look, and then decided it must be a
plastic bag, blown up by the wind. The only thing was that it was clearly
moving at a constant rate; it had a specific direction (east north east) and
had an orange glow that was not from ambient light. I can only describe its
shape as akin to a baby pacifier. It moved quickly, but with a simultaneous
rocking motion, that seemed very measured and constant. It moved so quickly,
about the distance of three quarters of a mile, at about a minute's passing.
I might add that even though I'm in Chicago, it was a particularly still day
today. Very strange, for some reason, seems noteworthy

BATH -- On November 6, 2001, the witness observed a disk shaped object at
9:15 PM, and took five minutes of video of an orange round bright light
(zoomed), it had six smaller lights illuminating around it. From a distance
without the camera you could see the outline of the saucer. Zoomed in on the
saucer you could see the small lights and 1 bright orange color light that
would get brighter and bigger and then fade away into nothing but then would
come back again. The saucer was coming toward my direction and once I was
filming it remained in the same spot. After filming I got in my car and was
traveling east. As I was moving it was moving east also. I stopped at a
friend's house and she also saw the red/orange color light and the outline of
the saucer. It remained in the same spot. I got back in my car
approximately 10 minutes later headed back west to my home. The light was
still there but in a different location and further away. Thanks to NUFORC


FRASER -- There were four of us laying out in the back yard to watch the
Leonid Meteor shower on November 16, 2001. It was the day before the peak,
but there were a few around 10:10 PM as we watched. Person #1 is male, 16,
and in the 10th grade in high school. Person #2 is female, 16, and in 11th
grade in high school. Person #3 is male, 16 and in 11th grade in high
school. Person #4 is female, 14, and home schooled. Person #1 and #4 are
brother and sister.

The sky was crystal clear. Person #1 fell asleep. At 10:10 PM persons 2, 3,
and 4 all saw five red jagged triangular shaped crafts, flying in a perfect V
shape across the sky. They stayed in perfect formation, and flew fast from
east to west. They didn't make a sound, and seemed to be flying at about 150
feet above us. We were all frozen, staring at them with disbelief until
after they passed. Then, petrified, we all ran inside as fast as we could
and told person # 1 and 4's mother about what we saw. We then looked up "UFO
sightings in Colorado." Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SACRAMENTO -- The witness says he is reporting this event for my wife - who
on November 4, 2001, sometime between 12:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon, claims
she saw a UFO at the intersection of Florin Road and Franklin Boulevard.
Before making a left hand turn on Franklin Blvd, at a red light, she noted
that many witnesses were on the sidewalk pointing their fingers in the sky
yelling, "UFO, UFO!" My wife then looked up into the sky, while heading west
on Florin Road and looked up towards the western sky and claims to have
witnessed two silver shaped dishes. The dishes hovered for about 2 or 3
minutes before disappearing before her eyes. After the saucers disappeared,
her light turned green, and she proceeded to make her left hand turn. Thanks
to Peter Davenport NUFORC

VENTURA/SANTA BARBARA COUNTIES -- Don Robertson reports he just received an
email from David Anderson saying he and the family had seen the
Camarillo/Holiday UFO last night, and so did I. It appeared in a clear patch
of sky surrounded by clouds, at my location near Saticoy, CA. at 4:55 PM. It
was visible for ten minutes, and then disappeared. I saw two downward jumps
with the naked eye, and then it disappeared rather slowly...blurring out.
There did seem to be a blurry light before it went, altogether. I've
observed this effect before.

On November 19, 2001, I saw the object for the first time this year. It
appeared, and disappeared, just before 5:00 PM. David Anderson said he'd seen
it on October 31, 2001. I think this is the sixth year in a row that this
object has been observed. For those of you unfamiliar with the object's
history, David discovered the UFO on Thanksgiving, six years ago. Still
photographs and video tape have been shot of it over the years, and many of
us from the Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties MUFON, have been watching for it
ever since. Thanks to Don Robertson GBR262


David, Same thing happened to me last night. I went out and looked to the NW,
didn't see it and then turned to check the Moon, and found the object
gleaming almost overhead. It was the same on Thanksgiving. Here are the
appearances so far this year, as far as I know: October 31, 2001, in
Camarillo. November 19, in Ventura...appeared and disappeared. November 22,
over Ventura/Saticoy...10 minute sighting November 23, NW, high Somis, 5
minute sighting at Saticoy Country Club November 25, over Camarillo and
Ventura...4:54 to 4:58 PM very bright. I shot some pictures through a 250 mm
lens, but am unsure what the results will be. I'm going to try to video tape
it, too. Can you all go out and check to your southwest very high up, about
4:50 PM. Please check when the sky is clear. We still need people in
Bakersfield to check, also, to their southwest. Understand that this is the
only time a star is out at this time of the evening, but it is very
bright...almost as bright as Venus. If you see a star at this time, it is the
object. I trust most of you know the difference between a star and a plane.
The object will not move, neither will a star! Watch for at least ten
minutes, and you will see the object disappear. Stars do not disappear. If
possible view the object through binoculars and you'll really see it!! Keep
checking, and write down what time the object appears and disappears. Thanks
to Don [email protected] (Edoardo Russo) [email protected]

Editor's Note: In November, Mars is low in the SSW at dusk and sets in the
WSW at about 10 PM. Its possible veiwing conditions may be playing tricks,
UFOs generally move after hovering for a while.


HALIFAX, NS -- As I gazed at the night sky on November 15, 2001, I saw
something, and I didn't know what it was, at first. It was glowing red and
traveling very fast at 11:00 PM, and I realized this was no comet or shooting
star. It stopped very suddenly and let down two more fireballs. I was
thinking, that's weird. It stopped for only four more minutes, but that was
long enough for me to get what was happening. It was emitting long beams of
light in a pattern 1, 2. Then stop 3, 4. Then stop. I hurried inside to
get my binoculars but by the time I came out it had started moving again.
The other two Fireballs' went in opposite directions. One flew east and one
south. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN LUIS TLATILCO -- Sixteen metallic-white objects were sighted at 9:32 AM
on November 21, 2001 as they flew over in the municipality of Naucalpan in
the state of Mexico . Fourteen of these objects remained close together
while the remaining two stayed apart. The sighting lasted 15 minutes
enabling Mrs. Guillermina Vargas and her son to see the objects through
binoculars, record them on video, and even count them one by one from their
own home. Antena Vórtice has in its possession a three minute video of these
objects. In an interview, Mrs. Vargas stated: "the objects moved slowly
toward the center of Mexico City. What saddens me the most is having not
been aware of the moment in which they disappeared." Thanks to Joe Trainor
[email protected] and Scott Corrales


AREZZO -- The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) reports that the analyses
of the "Angel Hair" is continuing concerning the falling of whitish filaments
on October 11, 2001, in the province of Arezzo. The phenomenon involved
additional residents from the area, and over a time period of at least an
hour, from 2 to 3:00 PM, and included ten witnesses. The filaments were also
very long (up to 5-6 meters), and fell copiously and continuously, eventually
becoming entangled in trees, on gates, and on the ground. Microscopic
examination of the filaments, a colorimetric exam of their structure, and a
fusion test revealed a structure that was varied, yet prevalently
polysaccharide and irregular, leading to speculation that the filaments were
of a natural and not artificial origin.

"UFO Baby", a New Comic Strip on newsstands beginning 26 October is the
first installment of a new monthly comic strip entitled "UFO Baby" (published
by Play Press of Rome, 192 pages, 7000 lire). It concerns a feature
originally published between 1998 and 1999 in Japan (where last year, a
televised version of it was also aired). Two teenagers observe a UFO and
subsequently discover a newborn extraterrestrial, together with its
babysitter and a stroller shaped like an Adamski-esque flying disc, which
landed on Earth due to a space-temporal distortion. Thanks to Centro Italiano
Studi Ufologici and Edoardo Russo [email protected]


Several people wrote that during the Congressional Iran Contra Hearings, Lt.
Col. Oliver North warned that the terrorist Osama Bin Laden had threatened
him and his family and in his opinion, "He is the most evil person alive that
I know of." Hal Putoff writes, that Oliver North fingered the terrorist Abu
Nidal, rather than Osama Bin Laden. Others reviewed the transcripts and
claimed there was no specific terrorist name mentioned. Thanks to Hal Putoff


Robert Collins received the following message from Major Darren, "Your web
site is most impressive, especially the items about MJ-12. Having been
involved with that subject area for many years, I can say most of what you
state is fact. Although I don't know about the Aviary ( the so called list
of intelligence operatives given names or birds). I do know MJ-12 was an
active group of quasi-government personnel involved in the safeguarding of
UFO and ET secrets. Were you involved in this program? I am retired Air
Force Major (0-4) and worked with the Office of Special Investigation and AF
intelligence for most of my 24 year career. Regarding James Jesus Angleton,
he was never a member of MJ-12. He might have been privy to some information
from MJ-12 but never a member. Angleton, in 1970, wrote a
counterintelligence assessment of the UFO phenomena. In this document,
Angleton mentioned the Roswell incident, also an incident in the New Mexican
Desert in 1964 and an exchange program between EBEs and us in 1965 and 1969.
This document was entitled, " Assessment Number 7." I know Rick Doty read
this along with some other former government employees. The document was
classified Top Secret, codeword, with limited distribution. I saw the
document while assigned to Air Force Intel in the late 70s. Too bad we
couldn't get our hands on this document. I'm sure it is tucked away in some
obscure vault with CIA headquarters. Thanks to Darren and Robert Collins See


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MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports
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Send your letters to [email protected] Sending mail automatically grants
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initial reports and require further investigation. Regards, George Filer

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