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Filer's Files # 47



WHITE AND EVEN SOME UFOs They have been reported in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon/Washington, California, Canada, Argentina, and Chili.

GIVE THANKS: Our world changed on September 11, I ask for your prayers for the sick who write us and our country and the world. Give thanks with a grateful heart; give thanks to the Holy one who gave his Son. And now let the weak say I'm strong and the poor say, I am rich for what the Lord has done. This is a decisive time of hatred and war, at Thanksgiving its time to pray, give thanks, and reflect. Prayer can heal sickness and help you personally a great deal. The Bible says, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and remember there is someone out there watching.


Eugene Cernan was the commander of Apollo 17 that flew to the moon. In a Los Angeles Times article in 1973 he said, about UFOs: "I've been asked (about UFOs) and I've said publicly I thought they (UFOs) were somebody else, some other civilization."


LONDON -- The British government has announced that in an unbroadcast video tape made last month, Osama bin Laden declared that his al Qaeda network "instigated" the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Bin Laden's video states, "if avenging the killing of our people is terrorism, let history be a witness that we are terrorists." Bin Laden made the video on October 20 for secret distribution to al Qaeda members, but British intelligence learned of its contents. Prime Minister Tony Blair said in an address to Parliament that Bin Laden admitted the attacks, saying, "It is what we instigated, for a while, in self-defense. And it was revenge for our people killed in Palestine and Iraq. Bush and Blair don't understand any language but the language of force. Every time they kill us, we will kill them, so the balance of terror can be achieved." The British government did
not release the video. It is interesting to note that during Congressional Iran Contra Hearings fifteen years ago, Lt. Col. Oliver North warned that the terrorist Osama Bin Laden had threatened him and his family and in his opinion, "He is the most evil person alive that I know of."


Sunday morning I was one of many who watched the Leonid meteor storm light up the early morning sky at 5:00 AM. It was the best show in some 35 years. There were hundreds of meteorites making the most exciting display, I have ever seen. A combination of clear skies and no moon made for a great show.


PLEASANTVILLE -- On November 11, 2O01, at 11:20 PM the witness saw a very large cigar shaped object traveling very fast. The witness reports, "I was looking at the sky while my dogs got their nightly exercise. Very dim lights traveling across the sky caught my peripheral vision. There were 4 or 5 of them that came from a long object traveling south very quickly at about 60 degrees above the horizon. It was silent. I could see the lights for 4 or 5 seconds then lost it in the glare from the Ford dealership lights. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, NUFORC Reporting Hotline:(206) 722-3000


CARNEYS POINT -- At 12:35 PM, a veteran police officer and private pilot, accompanied by a legal professional saw a brownish black cylinder shaped object flew over their vehicle at 250 feet altitude on May 18, 1996. The sighting lasted five seconds before it vanished. One 50 feet long cylinder shaped object, dull brownish black in color, with a metal tail structure, crossed S.W. to N.E. across dual highway at moderate speed over our vehicle. The sighting lasted about five seconds, after which object vanished. The leading edges of structure appeared to display the dull pattern typical of "reentry burn" on the space shuttle. Local weather verified to be: Bar: 29.99, Visibility: 2 miles, ceiling 800 feet, Temp: 66 degrees. F, Dew Point:
63 F, Hum: 90%, Wind: SSE 6 mph. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, NUFORC,


SHILOH -- On November 11, 2001, at 6:20 PM a large triangular shaped object with large blue lights suddenly made a quick U-turn and hovered a mile away. The witness reports, "My husband and I were driving and as we approached an intersection near a small airport. There was a large triangular shaped object very close to the ground slowly moving over the intersection. We drove toward the object and as we got closer to about 30 feet away, we could see three large blue lights (one in each corner). It suddenly rose up and made a fast U-turn. In less than five seconds it was gone, quickly heading the other way. About three miles from the intersection, my husband and I
looked back and it seemed to be a hovering bright light at or near the
airport. The strangest thing about the whole ordeal was there was no sound at all. There was a car about two car-lengths in front of us who I am sure saw it too. Believe me, you couldn't miss it. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center


CHICKASAW STATE PARK, SULPHUR -- On November 10, 2001, from the south the witness observed what appeared to be a small, round, white light moving fairly slowly in all directions at 9:35 PM. At first it was behind trees but then it increased it's altitude and moved above the trees. The witness thought the light was no more than 100 yards away. Another witness thought it was no closer than a mile. At first its movement was slow and steady, moving toward the west while traveling up and down. It looked more like it was floating rather than flying. After a minute or two, it picked up speed moving toward the west or northwest. At this point, I grabbed my binoculars and lost visual contact for a few seconds. When I found it in my binoculars,
it was traveling at a high rate of speed and had a flashing red light on its tail, like an airplane. One of the witnesses confirmed that I was indeed still observing the same object. It now moved and looked like an airplane. I couldn't see wings or anything like that but like I said, it now had a flashing red light on its "tail." When the red light would blink, the front portion of the object appeared to have a slight tint of yellow to it. I noticed that I could hear a jet in the far distance but have no idea if it was coming from an actual airplane or from this object. Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center Reporting Hotline: (206) 722-3000


Researcher John Thompson has some thoughts on abductions related to the new Terrorist situation. One of the possibilities why so many abductions have taken place across America during the last decade is to weaken the resolve and resistance of America. As you know, I've advocated for a long time that abductions are really about "mind-control" and not the fanciful extraterrestrial kidnappings that many entertain. We have to assume that along with the general population an equal percentage of our nation's leaders have been abducted and "conditioned" over the years. Listening to recent talk radio shows some callers have expressed outrage that our response to the
09/11/01 slaughter has been far too politically correct. Coalition building and sensitivity to concerns of Muslims have overridden a true and strict military retaliation against the Islamic killers responsible for much of the world's terrorism over the last quarter-of-a-century. Diligent mind control and "programming" applied to selected individuals in the United States could do much to defeat America and the West. While abductions have occurred worldwide, their frequency and dispersion seems to pale in comparison to the estimated millions of Americans that have been abducted. Indeed, there is almost no data to suggest that abductions are numerous in the Third World.
The target of the abductors seems to be more of where the real power of the world resides: America and Western Europe. While culture, language difficulties, and lack of investigators in the Third World may keep reports of abductions low, I personally have heard of none from the Modest and South-central Asia while hearing of some in Africa, which is far more improvised. America is the leader of the non-Muslim world. To many Muslims, America is the enemy and the leader of the infidels; that is, nonbelievers. It may well be that we are engaged in a grand Crusade and abductions are simply another weapon being employed by demonic entities to give an edge to an otherwise weaker enemy. Thanks to Researcher John Thompson
[email protected]


KANSAS CITY -- On November 10, 2001, James A. Tutt Jr., a silver cigar shaped UFO flying over East 87th Street toward the Kansas City limits near the over and under pass area of I-435. It was 11:00 AM, and the sky was clear. James was using his powered + binoculars and noticed an object standing still east of him at about 25 to 30,000 feet altitude. The object continued hovering over the I-435 until he lost sight of it. The cigar was silver color and may have had fins on it, but it was too high to tell. This is not the first time that a similar object was seen. On September 27, 2001, there was a sighting
of another cigar shaped craft with several fins on its side. The craft was the size of a small house. Thanks to James Allen Tutt Jr.
[email protected] MUFON Field Investigator and Joe Trainor Masinaigan


HOUSTON -- F. Beau Spikes reports he and his wife saw unexplainable lights in the sky each night from October 30, to November 4, 2001, on several nights, two other friends also saw them. The friends were located five miles away nearer to Spring, Texas. We saw many light patterns from it with all colors. It would hover from side to side and up and down. We saw it for 30 or 45 minutes then went to bed, at 11:00 PM The second night we saw it again, 35 degrees up a little to the south from previous night. We watched for 2.5 hours, until 2:00 AM. The third night there was only one; I observed it from 12:00 to 12:30 AM. Fourth night there were three UFOs a little more south in
a pattern like a check mark. They took turns being "active." We watched from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. In addition, my friends my neighbor too had binoculars so I could see the colors as little bit better. There were brilliant colors of every shade, but mostly blue, purple, and green. Last night was a full moon too, and these "devices" still were plainly visible but the stars were not. We called the local FOX weather desk; they reported no meteors or weather balloons etc. These sightings in my opinion are definitely mechanical in nature. I don't know what they are but stars don't jiggle and bobble, stars don't appear to flash symmetric and lit appendages with alternating colors. Stars don't often change shape and have straight-line emissions and stars or planets don't change patterns in a group within a couple of hours. This is why my wife and I were convinced we were watching something bizarre. Since they appear (from my perspective) near a major
international airport, I doubt it would be foreign technology. Thanks to F. Beau Spikes ([email protected]) who writes, thanks for your reply, I would like to be contacted by a MUFON investigator. In addition, I have already entered a report at the form on the MUFON main page.

ARLINGTON ALIEN ACCOUNT -- A college student worked in a paint store frequented by a painter who claimed to have alien encounters. He was a peculiar kind of guy who lived, alone, in a small house outside the city limits. "He often talked about being visited by beings from other planets and strange futuristic technology that they had showed him and space ships and the like. The painter and college student became friendly as the painter began to talk about his leaving this earth to go to live on another planet. They showed him all their strange machines. The painter told the college student that he had no family and that before he left this earth to go and live on another planet, he wanted to deed his house and land to him. The student told him (with tongue in cheek) that, "sure," before he left for
outer space, he could deed his house to him. The painter transferred his house, and land and all his assets to my business associate. In addition, within a matter of days from doing so, the painter called him and told him to come to a certain field on his property at a certain time that very evening. He told him that he would be leaving this earth with the men from outer space tonight, never to return, and that the student would be able to see him leave on the space ship if he would be at the field at the appointed time. The student drove up to the man's property, parked his car, and walked to the particular field that the painter had specified. As he approached, he could
see a strange kind of green mist-like light coming from behind the rise of earth ahead of him. When he reached the edge of a berm he saw a saucer shaped craft hovering just a couple of feet or so above the ground and glowing green. The painter appeared and looked over at him, and acknowledged his presence with a wave. An opening appeared in the saucer and the painter entered.

The craft shot straight up in the air and in a matter of only seconds was a bright dot that just disappeared. After a while, when he realized the painter was really not coming back, he and his wife and children moved into the house that the painter had deeded to him. They did not stay very long. He said, "You wouldn't believe all the strange, eerie things that went on in that house." He added that some of the technology (having to do with computers and nanotechnology) that exists today are things that the painter had told them about that seemed so far-fetched at that time. He is a very no-nonsense kind of person, which makes me believe his story even more. Talk
at you later, [email protected] (name removed) Mike_Harman


GLENDALE -- Rick reports seeing what appeared to him as a UFO on November 6, 2001. He says, "I just witnessed the best thing ever." I have never seen one before only read about them on different sites. However, the object I saw at about 9: 25 PM, was lower than most aircraft in the area and shooting across the sky at a high rapid rate much faster than the aircraft here. The object was round, the bottom looked like a reddish gold color, no lights and no sound. I ran downstairs, from my apartment, went to the parking lot, not
3 to 4 seconds later and the object was gone. I read your site and other's and has had many mixed feelings until now. Now, I myself have become a believer. I thought you would like to know my story; I'm very excited about the entire event and wanted to share this extraordinary night. Thank you for your time. Thanks to Rick Glendale at Eichbaum74, and Joe Trainor Masinaigan


NAMPA -- D. Kennedy reports a flying wing entered our line of site as we were watching the Leonid meteor shower on November 18, 2001. It flew directly over us then off to the south at 2:45 AM. It made "NO" noise, and had "No" lights. There was a faint temperature glow on the leading edge of the wing, tip to tip. Altitude was impossible to tell. If it were higher than 5,000 feet the craft would have been extremely large. It did resemble a B-2 Stealth bomber, but without the sharp angles. All the edges were rounded, more like a boomerang. My wife observed it as well. The color was dark, possibly black with a rounded boomerang shaped flying wing with temperature glow on leading edge of wing. The height and speed are unknown. The higher it was? The larger and faster it would have been. Joe Trainor writes, "Here's a sighting from Idaho. However, it sounds less like a UFO than some
sort of flight test of a prototype "flying wing" aircraft of our U.S. Air
Force. I was amused to see that this event took place in Nampa. In 1883, this town was the site of a very unusual Fortean event. A man named M.A. Kurz began drilling a well, and the sump pump spit up a human figurine of incalculable age from a depth of 300 feet below ground. Part of the "doll" had begun to metamorphose, showing an age of hundreds of thousands of years. Good luck with The UFO Store. Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan


Last Sunday, November 11, 2001, my mother and I saw a UFO. It was about four minutes after seven when my mother called me out of my room to our back porch. She pointed out an object that at first looked like a bright star. Then it started to move very slowly and we began to see more detail. There was a red intense red aura type of light not totally surrounding the object just enough to make out a shape with binoculars. This thing was far away at least a thousand feet up, and kind of a disc shape with a black mass to it. It appeared then it would disappear for about 4 to 6 seconds. Then a red ball object came out of the lighted end and seemed like it dropped like a flare after you shot in the sky. I can tell I never been so excited I finally saw one after all these years of looking in the sky. Thanks to RT


PORTLAND -- The 10 o'clock KPTV News reports on November 15, 2001, includes video film of alleged UFOs. The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to the UFO phenomenon. For years, Mount Adams, in south central Washington, has been a hub for UFO activity. Mount Adams is home to what some call UFO's and others call naturally occurring lights or satellites. Hundreds of people have claimed to see the lights, and one man who lives near the mountain even claims to have contact with the extraterrestrial beings that are behind the lights. When James Gilliland built his home just outside Trout Lake, Washington, he had no idea it sat right in the middle of a UFO flight path. He and hundreds of other who frequent his 70-acre property near the mountain
believe the lights are UFO's. Gilliland has recorded over 15 hours of video of the strange lights. Gilliland also claims he has had direct contact with the inter-dimensional spiritual beings who control what he calls light ships. "These are very advanced beings technologically, spiritually we have to rise to the occasion," said Gilliland. Others say the strange lights are just natural occurring nocturnal geo-thermal lights or satellites. OMSI planetarium director Jim Todd says the images on James Gilliland's video look like ordinary satellites to him. "I can understand their excitement cause they see something moving across the stars. I've seen a lot of satellites space station shuttle and their fun to watch they really are," said Todd. More than 30 years ago, scientists from around the country began documenting the strange light phenomenon. In 1972, "The Investigation of Nocturnal Light
Phenomena at Toppensh, Washington" was released. The report outlines several encounters, such as the following: "The light moved so fast it gave the impression of a streak. It would appear stationary for a moment and then almost instantaneously appear some distance away." Now, over thirty years later, there are still no clear answers to the mysterious lights, but Gilliland does say the aliens have a message for all of humanity. "We need to clean up our consciousness. Clean up our environment, raise up, and lead a spiritual way of life." Thanks to [email protected] rd


ONTARIO -- Paul wrote I told my father was visiting me last week and I showed him the on line video of the Disclosure seminar. He reminded me of his unexplained encounter he had. This encounter happened a few years ago while he was working far up in Northern Canada. He was a hydro station inspector. He spent many nights awake looking at the skies and wolves. He is an amateur photographer and was looking to get shots of the wolves feeding at night, anyway he was gazing at the perfectly clear mid winter night, when he noticed three objects in the sky that were quite high in elevation. They were side by side and the middle object was longer then the outside two. The 3 objects were cylindrical shaped, joined together by small joints, like balls on a
string. Then one of the outside objects split off, flew a wide circle around the sky, and then shot off out of sight. The middle larger object and the smaller object beside turned lengthwise and seem to face end down towards him. They had very bright lights. They held this position for a while then separated and shot out of sight. He has never told any one of his encounter for fear of ridicule. He is a very honest person and knows aircraft as he was flying in helicopters all the time in the north. He does have a photo of the objects, which I have seen and are amazing. We both firmly believe we are not alone, how can you not with the billions of solar systems out there. Its time for governments to admit it. Thanks to Paul Cook in Toronto.


BUENOS AIRES -- An air of confusion and suspicion surrounds a hour-long incident in the night skies over the South Atlantic Argentine airspace. The Argentinean newspaper Clarín, reports a Lear Jet carrying Lt. Governor Daniel Gallo, encountered unidentified bright flashing lights in the sky over Patagonia. Piloted by commander Mariano Zalotti and copilot Mario Beban, the aircraft had left Jorge Newbery Airfield at 20.50 hours, November 12, and set course for the airport at Río Grande. The jet was traveling at a height of 10,000 meters when they saw a nearby blinking lights in the darkness. The "estrobocópicas" [strobe] lights appeared on the left side of their aircraft.
"Nevertheless, I never thought that it could be a foreign military airplane invading our airspace," the three occupants of the aircraft discounted the lights as being either a UFO and theorized that they could have belonged instead to a British aircraft, whose base is at Mount Pleasant, in the Falkland Islands." When flying over the city of Commodore Rivadavia, 75 miles out to sea [Strait of Magellan G-fs], we observed for the first time the flashing lights that followed a short distance, flying the same map course to a height superior and of greater speed," Commander Zalotti said later. "Then we flew at a cruising speed of 900 kilometers per hour." A British Embassy spokesman in Buenos Aires denied that it could have been an
aircraft from that country and described the claim by the pilots as
"speculation without sense." There was confirmation that no other
Argentinean aircraft had been flying in the area at this time. Thanks to
[email protected], Wilmar Caballero Published: 11/14/01


The following message was received by Inexplicata from Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar of Chile's TOC (Tecnologia, OVNIS y Ciencia) Channel 13 of the Catholic University of Chile broadcast a UFO filmed by Eric Martinez, a member of the GEO group, on Saturday, November 10, 2001. The UFO was filmed over the hills surrounding the La Florida commune. A curious detail is that one object was filmed by day, and another object was filmed at night. They could be one and
the same. "Thanks to Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology and INEXPLICATA--The Journal of Hispanic Ufology


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