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Filer's Files # 46



UFOs have been reported in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington, California, the United Kingdom and Turkey. Afghan's Northern Alliance captures Kabul.


The Leonid meteor shower is expected to be brighter and more violent than usual on Saturday, and Sunday, November 17 and 18. Space Shuttle flights are being canceled and astronauts in the International Space Station are bracing themselves. It's expected to be the most powerful meteor storm to hit in decades and 600 communications satellites orbiting Earth are at risk. NASA has already taken steps to protect the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope and other satellites. North America should see a spectacular light show if viewing conditions is good. Try to get to a dark area away from lights and if there are not any clouds you should have a great view this year. The cosmic fireworks will begin as the Earth begins to cut across the orbit of Comet Temple-Tuttle, and into the blizzard of 160,000 mph meteoroids. The comet jettisons tiny fragments of itself creating a shower known as the Leonids. This is an annual event, but this year Earth will cut across an especially dense part of the comet trail.

Space Weather Link | Jaw-dropping Leonid


Mitch Battros writes that, NASA has just released information announcing the sunspot count is now 258, which is a count of 108 over the predicted "apex" (or maximum) for "Cycle 23." NASA had predicted the "apex" of a 150-sunspot count would have occurred 11 months ago in January. Now we are in November with sunspot counts and solar flares as large as ever. It has become obvious to scientists, we are not in a normal eleven-year cycle. The question has to be asked, "Then what is going on?" The answer would suggest we must be in a much larger cycle then anticipated. I call this a "Mega Cycle" with perhaps thousands of years in-between. This 'mega cycle' has indeed been announced in many of our ancient text documents. The Maya have stated, "This is the cycle of the sun. In this time, the sun will speak to us." The Hopi's stated, "This is the time of purification." The Third Letter of Fatima states, "The skies will turn red."

The Bible states "fire will come from the skies." All of the previous quotes indicate this very time the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century described as both "the end of time," or "the beginning of time." Of course, this as in all interpretations should and must be acknowledged as nothing more than one person's conjecture. However, over the years I can say ancient text has proven to be accurate and worthy of serious consideration. I assure you, there are many at NASA, NOAA, and Naval Observatory who are scratching their heads saying, "this isn't supposed to happen. The sunspot group that occurred on November 12, 2001, is so large you could fit fifteen Earth's from one end to the other. Watch for X-Class flares to begin soon. I would expect continued X and M-Class flares throughout this entire week. Watch for spectacular Northern Lights and "record breaking" weather to continue for an undetermined period; perhaps for the next thirty days. Equation: Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Weather Thanks to Mitch Battros


Stan Friedman writes, "Although the case for the flying saucer reality is far better than the case against most convicted criminals. If you do it on an evidential basis, you can look at things like Ted Phillips' collected information on over 4,400 physical trace cases from 66 countries. These are cases where the saucer is seen on or near the ground, and after it leaves, one finds clear physical changes such as burn circles and burn rings, landing gear marks, swirled vegetation, dried out soil, and so forth. People say there is no physical evidence. Well, if a footprint and a fingerprint are physical evidence, then the physical trace cases are certainly physical evidence. In addition, the same things keep happening all over the world. The problem is most people are unaware of the evidence, even though there is a preponderance of evidence. Given the physical trace cases, the radar sightings, the photographs and the eyewitness testimony from people all over the world, we have quite sufficient evidence to conclude that our planet is being visited by manufactured objects behaving in ways that we Earthlings cannot yet duplicate, and that therefore were produced someplace else." Thanks to Stanton Friedman


PARAMUS -- I am a 16-year-old amateur astronomer. My mother who was the other witness is 45. She is a very serious person in the way that she isn't fooled. At about 23:00 hours on October 30, 2001, we went from Paramus to Hackensack to pick up my brother from the bowling alley. We saw four lights that moved around in oval orbits. They moved around as a group never changing their movements. We looked for a source of the lights but couldn't find any. You could tell they were moving as a group because you could see that when they crossed paths it was over a different spot then before. They had a bright narrow end and extended to a faded wide end. We watched each one move around and as they met in the middle the bright part of the light seemed to miss each other. When we got home I took out my telescope and aimed it at a fixed spot where the lights would move through my point of view. After about five minutes of consistently looking through the telescope I saw a little bright dot move just in front of the light. When I called my Mom to see, she saw that one of the lights stopped and became brighter. I quickly turned the telescope toward it, but just as I almost had it in my finder scope it faded away. Thanks to NUFORC Director Peter Davenport


BUCKS COUNTY -- Bill D writes that, on November 6, 2001, was driving south on I-95 just past the Route 1 interchange at 5:36 PM, when I looked up and saw a white fireball traveling south parallel to the highway. It was brighter than Jupiter but not as bright as Venus. I saw it first at about 30 degrees above horizon. It went down to about 20 degrees and winked out suddenly. The total time of visibility was a bit less than one-second. It was pure white, no trail, and no fragments. I've seen about a half-dozen fireballs in my time, and this one seemed to travel faster than the rest. I turned on KYW News Radio Station for rest of ride home, but there were no reports. There seems to have been a high number of fireball sightings recently. Thanks to Bill D. [email protected] and Joe Trainor Masinaigan


WOODBRIDGE -- The witness reports two red lights, flying in a circular pattern with several repetitions over a period of at least a half hour. Two rectangular objects were flying in a semicircular pattern October 26, 2001, I was only able to distinguish them once they were going away from me at 12:30 AM. I guess looking at the back end. I could see a bright red light, and only the light. The light didn't blink, but just faded in and out over time. I couldn't see the whole flight because trees behind my house blocked the whole view. However, I did see the back end of the pattern four times before I went inside my house. There were several minutes between sightings. I could also hear a low rumbling, almost like a jet engine, but it was constant, never really fading too much as the object went away, and didn't really get louder as it came close. I don't know if this was "alien" but I don't know what it is. Thanks to NUFORC


MIAMI -- On October 12, 2001, the witness was working late and went out on the back porch for a smoke late at night. He saw a craft hovering high in the atmosphere that was changing colors or flashing lights. The witness states, "I noticed the disk shape in the south sky high above Miami." It changed colors, white, red, and green, with what looked like blue flashes in-between. I looked at it through binoculars, then tried to record it with a digital camera, but would not pick it up. I tried with the camcorder, but could not pick it up. I awoke my wife and daughter and we watched it for twenty minutes. It has moved west a small bit. It is not a star, not an aircraft. It appears very much to be in the atmosphere and therefore not a satellite. For the first time in my life, I do believe I have actually seen a craft, not of this world. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


FORT PAYNE -- I am a newspaper reporter who interviewed a man about video footage he shot while hunting a deer on Lookout Mountain on October 18, 2001. He said, The mystery object had a reflective glare like the metallic exterior of a passenger jet, but it did not move like one. AT 5:51 PM it maneuvered more like a helicopter, although he saw no rotor blades and it suddenly, abruptly went straight up and out of view. This gentleman had no idea what to do with the footage and contacted the local newspaper. He'd seen it 5 years ago and again before this, but this was the first time he had a video camera. We reported on numerous UFO sightings in Fyffe, Alabama and strange cattle mutilations that suddenly ended. I, myself, saw what the people were seeing back in 1993. I don't know if it's space aliens, but something freaky is going on here. NUFORC Note: Digitized image was forwarded to NUFORC for our inspection. It appears to be quite indistinct in the digitized version. Thanks to Peter Davenport.


WATERTOWN -- On November 10, 2001, John H. writes, "I was sitting in the back yard around a fire pit hoping that maybe I would catch a glimpse of the northern lights I missed earlier in the week. I happened to look up at 9:30 PM and from the east about 45 degrees I saw a very fast moving object about as bright as a meteor, move straight west and fade in the clouds. The whole incident lasted about 5 seconds so I had enough time to say to my wife, "Look at that, there, right there going over our neighbors house," so she also saw it. It was bright enough to see through the thin clouds. I was assuming it could be a meteor, but I saw no tail, neither did my wife. The light was a fuzzy light, not as sharp as a bright meteor might look.

NORTH FOND DU LAC -- My husband had just left to go hunting. It was about 5:30 AM, when we saw two stars, one brighter and one smaller in the southwestern sky. The smaller star started to move in a perfectly straight line slowly to the east. It traveled at the same speed as the space lab traveled that we viewed a few years ago. Then it disappeared. I know it did not go behind clouds.

OZAUKEE --Grafton County: Mark J. was taking out the garbage on October 31, 2001, when he saw a huge giant white light above him at 8:30 PM. Mark says, "I saw a flying dark triangular shape with a giant white light in the middle of the UFO traveling pretty fast." In addition, on the bottom left corner there were two smaller lights. Mark says, "It was raining and when I stared at it, I could see the rain coming off the back end of it." I have never seen anything like it. I called my friend and he told me to go to the UFO Wisconsin web site. After that call I went outside to see more but it was completely gone. Thanks to Jenny Hoppe [email protected],


LITTLE ROCK -- My wife and I observed a cylindrical metal craft on October 28, 2001, that was flying a direct course from south to north at 5:05 PM. The craft appeared to be made of shiny metal and made no noise. We looked at the craft with binoculars, and both agreed that we could not tell what it was since there were no wings. The cylinder was flying at a relatively low altitude, 10,000 feet or under. Several airplanes were flying overhead, and all had contrails, but the craft we were seeing had no contrail. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HOUSTON -- Beau Spikes writes, I would like to be contacted by MUFON. In addition, I have entered a report as you requested at the MUFON. We have seen these objects every night since November 2, 2001. We are trying to get closer and take photos with ASA 400 film as you suggested. The only camera I have is a regular 35 mm cannon. As far as detail, the lights appear every night in a different location. There is at least one, and as many as five per night, all appearing at same time. What I see is a spec of light that changes colors and shapes. Sometimes it is a dot, sometimes a vertical bar, sometimes, and a horizontal bar. Sometimes it is a vertical bar with a horizontally sweeping white dot in the middle that is very distinctive. Sometimes it has an umbrella shaped top with colored appendages underneath. The appendages rapidly change shape and colors. The lighted objects often move in an unpredictable manner. Usually they sit still, but sometimes they shift every few seconds, side to side and up and down. In addition, I know I saw a "string" coming from these things. I wondered if the recent mass coronal ejection's might be part of this sight? However, I saw the lights before and after the solar flares, (with no difference), so I completely disregard them as a part of my sightings. Thanks to beau spikes [email protected]


PHOENIX -- I was sitting out side of the shop I work at on October 19, 2001, and was having a smoke about 8:45 PM, watching the sky, which was hazy but clear enough to see stars. There was a light layer of clouds coming from the west out of California. I suddenly caught a glimpse of something flying over my head. I looked up to see a group of three reddish/orange, somewhat bright yet fuzzy looking lights flying at what seemed to be couple of hundred feet above my head but completely silent. It traveled at a very fast speed from east to west across the sky towards Luke Air Force Base. This took a total of about 6 to 8 seconds. Just as it was passing over the top of the roof of the house, my receptionist looked out the door and said, "What's that?" Then another person I work with ran out the back door and was asking what I saw. I was describing it to her and all of a sudden a boomerang shaped cloud traveling the same direction was moving across the sky at an extremely fast speed too. The other clouds that were in the sky never changed, they were in the same place as they were when the event started. Thanks to Peter Davenport


BUCKLEY -- Two slow-moving flying triangle shaped objects with blue, white, and red lights, with very bright strobes in unison, along with bigger white lights at 3 points were spotted on October 24, 2001. The two craft were headed south, slightly above a low broken cloud cover at 8:05 PM. The craft were about one mile apart, with one trailing back about 60 degrees east of the other. As their strobes flashed, a faint outline appeared to reveal a solid triangle, rather than a conventional wing. Their altitude was about 1500 feet. There were distinct bright red, blue, and white lights in line on the trailing edge of both craft. There were no red or green strobes in conventional positions on the craft and no landing lights or a similar typical arrangement apparent. The witness states, "This was not at all the typical type of light arrangement, as I'm accustomed to light airplane traffic, commercial traffic to and from SeaTac, and military traffic to McCord Air Force Base. I'm not familiar with this light arrangement and there was no engine noise. Commercial flight from SeaTac at 2020 hours with takeoff lights and conventional configuration of lights flew over just west of my house, well above the other objects' with engine noise very clear. Thanks to Peter Davenport


GLENDALE -- The witness reports that on November 2, 2001, "I witnessed the best thing ever. At 9:25 PM, I saw, what appeared to me as a UFO. I have never seen one before and the object I saw was lower than most aircraft in the area and shot across the sky at a high speed much faster than the aircraft here." The object was round, the bottom looked reddish gold, there were no lights and no sound and it departed to the west. I have become a believer. I'm very excited about the entire event and want to share this extraordinary night.

FOOTHILLS, AHWATUKEE -- Rick says, "I was looking up at the sky from my car on November 8, 2001, when suddenly I saw something hovering around the mountain in a circular way at 9:50 PM. It hovered around the mountain six times. At first all I could see was a white dot in the sky, but after a minute it approached more towards the mountain and seemed like a huge battleship with four lights in the sides. The color was metallic brown, and it hovered around oddly, nothing like any thing I've ever seen. After about 10 minutes, it headed of to the west. Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and Rick.


EVANSTON -- A trucker driving through Wyoming observed an oblong green glassy object starting at 11:00 PM on October 24, 2001. The UFO hovered in front and above our vehicle. The truckers called 911 several times and were given an Air Force number to call. The object stayed near by until 4:00 AM, and he indicates that he misplaced 300 miles of this trip. Later the truckers were buzzed by a helicopter shortly after the last contact. ((NUFORC Note: The witness chooses to remain anonymous, but reported that the sighting was rather dramatic, and that other truckers on the same highway probably were witness to the event. We would welcome other reports from anyone who might have seen something unusual on this date in the Wyoming area.


SANTA MONICA -- While driving west at 65 mph on the 10 Freeway on October 26, 2001, I saw a trail of bright white sparks coming from an object with three lights on it. At 8:45 PM, it was moving north across the freeway at maybe 5 to 10 thousand feet with a passenger jet high above it. It gave off sparks for maybe 20 seconds and then the lights in the nose went out. The sparks were like a fireworks rocket, but this had head lights. Therefore, it was not fireworks. I could not see any detail of a craft, just three lights and sparks. I called the Santa Monica police and asked if a plane had crashed in the area. They said no. NUFORC Note: There was a similar report from Los Angeles of object moving to southeast at 0130 hours on October 27.

BURBANK -- On October 26, 2001, I was looking westward over the San Fernando Valley at 8:45 PM when I saw a fireball or bolide coming in from the ocean shooting sparks out its tail. The fireball was only five seconds in duration, but quite bright. It was on the left of the Hercules constellation.

SKSEBASTOPOL -- A couple was driving home on October 27, 2001, when a UFO suddenly popped up above their car. The witnesses report, "Our car began to stall, when the craft showed up and was hovering over our car all the way home. It would disappear for a few seconds then hover over our car while we drove down the road that my girlfriend lives on. Once we got to her house at 10:00 PM, it popped up hovering at an angle over her house for around twenty seconds. It was the size of a house. I myself have never believed in flying saucers, but now I believe that I actually have had an encounter with one. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


CROMFORD -- The Matlock Mercury Newspaper reports, "A nervous Winster driver was just seconds away from photographing a UFO on Halloween." Derek Holmes (66) was driving home from Lea Croft Road when he spotted a strange bright light in the sky. Mr. Holmes said: "I thought to myself good God what is that? I could see this very big, bright, white object. I felt nervous, it was a peculiar feeling, and I had read before about UFOs thinking there must be some simple explanation." Mr. Holmes on Bonsall Moor first spotted the UFO near the Salter's Lane junction at 10:32 PM. As he drove nearer the light it was a round airborne object, with curved edges. Slowing down, Mr. Holmes searched for a safe place to stop on the narrow road, to capture the brilliant image on film. But despite having a camera in the back he was too slow. "The size of the light went down, it was as if someone had hit a dimmer switch and it went yellow," added Mr. Holmes. "It started to move into the distance and then disappeared." Thanks to Matlock Mercury via Matlock Today 11/8/01 and FarShores UFO News

NORWICH -- On November 7, 2001, a single fighter aircraft that sounded like a NATO F-15 Eagle was escorting a triangular shaped craft over Norwich at 6:15 PM. The fighter was about six aircraft lengths behind and four widths to the left hand side of the Flying Triangle. The fighter could clearly be heard but there was no noise from the other craft. The fighter was displaying full navigation lights, while the only illumination from the triangular craft was three small green lights one at each point of the triangle. The shape of the Flying Triangle craft was clearly visible against the stars as it passed between them and the witness. A close friend also saw the two craft for ten seconds as they headed east and disappeared. The black triangle had three sides of equal length. They were flying at an estimated speed of 250 to 400 knots at an altitude of 1500 feet. Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and Mr. Davis ([email protected])

Editor's Note: Joseph Trainor is the former editor of UFO Roundup a great weekly report. As most subscribers and readers of UFO Roundup know, Joe has been offline due to cataracts in both eyes. Joe had his first eye operation in August and since then he has been wearing dark Solar Shield glasses. He stated that he was still myopic but the vision in his "blind" right eye is much improved with the new lens, while his left eye is a total blur! On October 29, Joe had his second cataract operation at in Duluth's Miller-Dwan Hospital It apparently went pretty well because Joe was able to send in this report. Let's all pray for a quick recovery for Joe.


DENIZLI, SOGUT MOUNTAIN -- The Milliyet news reports a UFO was photographed recently. The person who took the picture was actually preparing an article about Denizli and he was talking to the farmers and village people. When they climbed to the Sogut Mountain, he decided to take pictures of the village people who were guiding him. At that time he accidentally took the picture of a UFO. His name is Okan Ilhan and he is a dentist. Sirius in Istanbul is investigating. Thanks to Leyla Degirmen [email protected] photo at,


KABUL -- Northern Alliance forces have closed in from three sides on a large concentration of Taliban troops in northern Afghanistan, threatening to destroy the last major Taliban Army in the north. Mazar-e Sharif, a northern crossroads city fell on Friday, Kabul the Afghan capital fell on Tuesday, other key towns were evacuated as Taliban forces retreated. Taliban forces are also fleeing Kabul in what appears as a rout with large numbers of Taliban forces surrendering.

The Northern Alliance has been reinforced with US Special Forces advisers and Forward Air Controllers who call in air strikes on key enemy positions. The B-52 and fighter strikes are very effective causing heavy casualties to the Taliban troops. Alliance commanders claimed that as many as 1,200 Pakistanis and Arabs fighting with the Taliban had been killed near Mazar-e Sharif. It is apparent the Taliban have suffered serious casualties and are demoralized. These victories are important to the United States in pursuing its goal of dismantling the ruling Islamic militia, which is harboring terrorist Osama bin Laden. The Northern Alliance has retaken Kabul, and roughly half the country. The Taliban have not only lost large geographic areas, but they have lost the main part of their fighting force. US bombing shattered the Taliban's command structure, and weakened its political grip: The Northern Alliance forces with a few US soldiers have been welcomed as liberators in Kabul.

However, the real key to the Taliban's rule is the south and the city of Kandahar. It is the real center of Taliban strength and al Qaeda influence; Kandahar must fall to mark the end of their rule. Taking the city could also pin down the Taliban to the countryside and keep Osama bin Laden from escaping. The Northern Alliance's successes have opened the door to Kandahar and the south, but the next step must come quickly to prevent the Taliban from reorganizing its defenses. And press reports suggest that Kandahar is already in chaos and may have been seized by deserters. This situation is ideal for U.S. military forces to launch a quick operation to take the city before Taliban forces can reorganize.

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