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Filer's Files # 42



UFO SIGHTINGS HAVE BEEN OBSERVED AROUND THE WORLD.   UFOs were spotted in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Nebraska, Puerto Rico, Chili, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and Australia.  Britain and US continue attacks on Taliban in Afghanistan.


If anyone is out there watching Earth from space apparently we have the appearance of signaling.  The sun's light reflects in different ways off the oceans, land, city lights and clouds.  Our view from Mars would be fairly spectacular with the shimmering lights.  The reason we may have visitors is that our Earth would attract passers by with lights and electronic signals. 


On October 15, 2001, astronomers announced they have discovered eight more extrasolar planets, including three that scientists called "cousins" of planets in our own solar system.  This brings the total number of extrasolar planets to nearly eighty.  It also indicates the universe is full of more planets than there are grains of sand on the seashore.


Mitch Battros writes, "In the last several months the Sun and Earth have experienced an unexpected, some suggest unprecedented, amount of sunspots and solar activity in the way of M-Class, X-Class flares, and numerous CME's (coronal mass ejection's).  This is more evidence showing an undeniable connection between the Sun's increased activity and 'record breaking' weather on Earth?  I have been documenting evidence ever since I asked the question in 1997, when scientists claimed the bad weather was caused by El Nino. Hmm, what is El Nino?" Well no one seemed to know the answer.  This is what started a wondrous journey to discover where all this wild weather was coming from.  My research ended with the Sun.  It quickly became evident there was a direct correlation between the Sun's activity (Solar Flares, CME's, Geomagnetic storms), and extreme weather to shortly follow.  In fact, it occurs within 48 hours after solar events occur. 

What has not developed as of yet, is a way of predicting 'where' on Earth we will experience the extreme weather events.  I expect this will be developed within the next 2 to 5 years.  I was able to create a very simple equation which indicates the chain of events which occur showing the Sun to Earth connection.  Equation: Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather.  You can sign up, with Mitch Battros by sending an email to: [email protected] with your name and email address.


LAFAYETTE -- On October 1, 2001, a low flying object changed from bright blue square to red diamond shape.  The witness reports, "I was driving west on Route 20 between Pompey and Lafayette, with my two children ages 13 and 11.  About 9:00 PM, 15 feet in front of us were 4 bright blue lights moving above us.  They were in the shape of a square.  I stopped my car and opened my window and there was a very loud noise.  Then all the lights turned red and the shape changed to a diamond shape.  The object moved at a rapid rate of speed, then all the noise stopped.  There was complete silence and then the object disappeared from view.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Center


MUFON's Photo Expert JEFF SAINIO reports that he has reviewed several videos taken on September 11, 2001, during terrorist attacks.  He states, "Sorry, I just don't see anything.  I guess in "JPG 1 it is seen slightly to the left and above the wing."  I simply don't see anything there.  There is a tiny spot on the right side in the later frames; it's so small it doesn't mean much.  Could be a distant plane, many miles away.

Remember, "everything in the air is unidentified until it's identified."  This is not to say that every plane, leaf, balloon, and insect should be investigated.  People should look for clear evidence of something unusual, not assume that every tiny blob in a picture is proof of men from Mars.  Thanks to Jeff Sainio.


A friend and I observed a flying triangle in the early morning of October 7, 2001.  We were around mile marker 85-90 on the Garden State Parkway, northbound, at 1:15 AM.  It was essentially three lights of even brightness, white like stars, and in a fairly perfect, isosceles triangle.  There was no object visible, just the lights, but their precise arrangement gave the impression of it being one object, and motionless.  It looked like a triangular Constellation of medium brightness, white stars in the sky, and seemed for some reason to be maybe twice as large as a regular airplane.  It was about a mile up.  Nearby there was a regular star, and at first we tried to make sure, these were not stars.  These didn't twinkle like stars.  They were simply three pinpoints of very white lights, very clear and steady, and no other lights could be seen as part of an aircraft, like strobes, red/green markers, etc.  It was probably about 20 degrees up on the horizon, I'm guessing, and I would have guessed it was well south of Newark.  It certainly wasn't going very fast. 

We were not far from McGuire AFB.  When I first pointed it out to Mike, in the car with me, he was also clearly struck by how unusual it looked in the sky, and said something like, "What is that?"  We probably could see it clearly for about ten seconds before it started to fade, all three lights at the same rate, as if it were entering a cloud or a mist, but the sky was actually very, very clear that night. It dimmed to completely invisible within the next 10-20 seconds.  My impression of it was maybe I was seeing the famed "Westchester wing," which I think I might have observed from a car at high altitude once before about 10 years ago. Thanks to bob Larson


Stan Gordon reports that on October 10, 2001, I received reports that fireball sightings were reported from Warren County, PA near the New York line at 9:00 PM.  One witness I interviewed, said that she saw a huge blazing orange ball of fire moving north.  During the evening I learned that other similar reports originated from Armstrong and Mercer Counties.  I was also told that emergency centers near Youngstown, Ohio received many sighting reports.  A resident of Allegheny County, near Pittsburgh, had knowledge that police in that area also received reports of something moving across the sky. I also interviewed a witness from Latrobe, PA in Westmoreland County, who watched a big orange-red ball of fire "as bright as the moon" followed by a glowing tail which tapered off in thickness. I am awaiting additional data concerning this event.  Thanks to Stan Gordon-Researcher PA UFO/ 724-838-7768  [email protected].


ROCKVILLE -- Mr. Brown writes, "I was 10 years old in 1966, when a very large UFO arrived and stayed over our house for a long time.  It took many years for me to remember this event.  My first recall was outside watching it go away.  Then after talking with family members, because of recurring dreams about seeing technology and UFOs, I began going through a period of time where I was flooded with recall, dreams, waken notions, visions, understandings, and even remote viewing, that ultimately culminated in an accumulated pile of information on how their propulsion works.  I have heard reports a certain percentage of close encounters report having been shown technology.  My knowledge of antigravity propulsion design is good solid evidence of human contact with alien visitors.  I was a drop out in the late 60's with no credits, had no interest in school; but after the recall of these visions and notions, I began research into science, physics and technology. I found a continual confirmation to the design as it came to me.  There also are other UFO encounters I have recalled immediately after being reminded about them by an old friend who was with me at the time.  I also have experienced several more while my wife or our sons are with us.  The recall began around 1994, and the sightings have continued until this year, where we now live in Texas.  Thanks to Mr. Brown [email protected]


STARKE -- Katana Lana writes, "In the late summer of 1997, I was driving in my car with my kids one night down a dark county road.  We saw a huge bullet-shaped craft in the sky, so I pulled over and parked.  Looking up, we saw a large diameter but short in length bullet like object very high in the sky moving north.  It had an orange glow and there were orange-red "sparks" all around the nose of the craft as you would see in a movie when something enters the Earth's atmosphere.  It seemed very high, as it didn't appear to be moving much.  Only by the sparks could one tell it was traveling at a high rate of speed.  Our house was just a mile away, so we hurried home after about 10 minutes of watching this thing.  Once there, the craft was still visible, seemingly in the same place as before, still bombarded with sparks at the nose.  It was much too large to be a plane of any sort, had no visible wings, windows or lights, just that orange glow.  I am assuming it could have been some sort of cargo craft.  It seemed far too large to be able to have taken off from the ground, perhaps the nose of a rocket, but, yes, it was huge.  Thanks to Katana Lana Austin.


HOWELL -- At 7:39 PM Tuesday, October 2, I was driving east on Clyde Road four miles north of Howell, when overhead I noticed a bright white fireball trailing a line of blue and white sparks.  The fireball descended at a rapid pace moving east.  Its diameter was about the size of a pea held at arm's length.  It was much larger and brighter than what is seen during a meteor shower (i.e., falling stars).  As I said, I first noticed it through the top left of my windshield as it shot downward at what I guessed to be a 60-degree angle.  It descended below the horizon.  I thought it might hit maybe 10 miles east.  Thanks to NUFORC .com


GRAFTON -- Nick B. writes, "I was with my friends on the night October 6, 2001, and we were walking around at about 9:15 PM.  I was just looking up at the North Star and I noticed something that looked exactly like a star but it just started moving across the sky.  I watched it and realized it was going fast.  One of my friends knows planes really well.  When I showed him, he took a moment and said, "It moved too fast to be a plane and it wasn't blinking red or green.  Therefore, I finally pointed it out to the rest of my friends and they all agreed with me that it wasn't a satellite or a plane.  We watched it until we couldn't see it anymore.  There were nine people who saw it including me.  It didn't make any noise it just looked like a star, but moving really fast across the night sky.  Thanks to nick

MONTICELLO AND ALBANY -- Also on October 6, 2001, UFOWisconsin reports that at sunset a friend saw something, phoned me as "it" left his area and while on the phone with him, I saw this "thing" too.  When it was visible to him, he and his grown son had it in sight through binoculars - and said it looked like a long oval with two spumes of fire coming out.  What I saw, with just my eyes, was a long BRIGHT cylinder moving very slowly towards New Glarus (8 miles from Belleville).  It was weird. By the time I went in to get a scope, and came back out, it had finally disappeared. Thanks to Jenny Hoppe and ufowisconsin:


ASHGROVE -- At 8:03 PM on October 4, 2001, three witnesses watched a saucer shaped object flying above them.  They report it had white stationary lights on the bottom and each side with a blinking bright white light on the top.  The light on the left side was dimmer then the rest and sometimes went out.  Then came back on again.  Not flashing just turned off, and then back on in a few minutes, it did this 4 times.  It sat in a stationary position for about 7 minutes then slowly "floated" to the south.  It bobbed up and down slightly and moved from side to side slightly, there was no sound except for the planes that passed close to it landing at the Springfield airport.  This object appeared to be about 9 miles east of us over Springfield's Branson Airport.  A 727 landed while this object was still overhead.  The object was five times wider, and much taller then the 727.  In addition, this was not any kind of blimp.  This object stayed in sight for 14 minutes and then disappeared.  No movement, no nothing, just gone.  Thanks to Peter Davenport who indicates this case is under investigation by Missouri Investigators Group.


FREDERICTON -- My boyfriend and I were walking back from seeing a movie and it was around midnight on September 28, 2001.  We had stopped to look at the Little Dipper in the sky when he said, "Did you see that falling star? " I was disappointed that I hadn't seen it, and then he said, "What's that! Look!!" I looked up to where he was pointing and it was obviously something shaped like a disk or saucer.  We saw the curve to it perfectly, and it had a series of six or seven red lights on it.  It was flying through the sky slowly, but we had to run to keep up with it, so we wouldn't loose it behind some trees.  There were NO clouds except for a few that were obvious to the eye, but there were none around the object.  We couldn't hear anything that would have made it an airplane and it was moving too flawlessly to be an airplane.  We watched it for nearly a minute, and then it just disappeared. It was so beautiful!  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


SAN JUAN -- On Tuesday, October 9, 2001, a correspondent for reported having sighted a UFO over Rio Piedras at 4:40 PM.  He spotted a flattened oval silvery white craft flying horizontal towards the west when it suddenly tilted ten degrees downward.  The speed was faster than an aircraft and its height was low as it passed behind some buildings and disappeared.  The witness was driving along Expreso las Americas highway. The witnessed immediately phoned Orlando Pla who climbed onto his roof, since from that vantage point the area in question can be perfectly seen.  Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.  Translation (c) 2001 Lucy Guzman,


BEACH OF CAVANCHA -- On October 5, 2001, a gigantic pyramid-shaped UFO was seen in the Northern Chilean City of Iquique.  The eyewitnesses were a taxi driver and two of his passengers.  They claimed that the UFO was about 300 yards long and shaped like a pyramid.  Carlos was driving at 7:45 PM, when some lights were seen coming from the south side of the beach.  At first, it looked like an aircraft, but as it got closer and closer, perhaps too close for any ordinary aircraft -- it hovered a kilometer from the highway.  As Carlos passed a curve, he was able to view the object form a slightly different angle and noticed that around the object was red, yellow, and green flashing lights, as well as a white light at the top.  It almost looked like a giant stealth bomber.  However, this object was about 300 yards in length, so it was not a plane.  As it got closer, Carlos began to accelerate the car.  Suddenly, a very bright light came out from the bottom of the object, illuminating the entire beach.  "It was scary; the light was so strong that we were able to see the waves in the ocean.  When I turned to see my passengers, they were speechless.  We were all astonished," he said.  The cab driver claimed that the sighting lasted about 20 minutes.  Thanks to Jaime Ferrer Calama UFO Center translated by Mario Andrade, and [email protected]  <[email protected]>


BRAY/COUNTY WICKLOW -- On October 11, 2001, The witness reports seeing a remarkable, bright light, that was very low, too bright to be a star and very clear. I got the video camera and started to record, when I zoomed the camera, I could see the lights circling around an object, and turning.  I kept recording but it was very cloudy and sometimes the clouds prevented it to be seen, I waited till it came back and went on recording between 8:26 to 8:47 PM, When I was tired, I left recording.  It was still there, when a big piece of cloud stopped our view.  The object moved from the northwest to north east Thanks to [email protected] and Joe Trainor Masinaigan


LONDON -- The witness reports, On October 4, 2001, I was on the 9:30 AM Flight leaving Heathrow Airport.  The plane was in a steady climb and when we reached about 10 to 15 thousand feet above the puffy sparse clouds I was looking out the forward window.  Looking as close to straight down as I could, I saw some sort of movement between the ground and the puffy clouds right below us.  I could see that the ground was being distorted as this object passed above it.  It caused a wavy appearance to the ground.  Looking closer I could see a definite line where the distortion ended, it looked like a huge contact lens, or a clear plastic disk flying beneath us.  I watched the disc pass under three or four clouds and always continue on the other side.  I could only track it so far because of the small windows on a 777.  I then leaned back and could still see it in the window that was in line with my shoulder.  It was traveling in the opposite direction as the airplane, and going maybe three times faster than the clouds passing below us.  I watched it until I could see it no more due to the small windows.  Right after it was gone I noticed directly below us a nuclear power plant.  This object was traveling away from the power plant.  I believe this was not a reflection as it was observed from two different windows.  It took me a few seconds to realize that what I had seen was really there.  Thanks to NUFORC


NEW DELHI -- Sunila reports that on August 15, 2001, a huge dark silver gray flying saucer shaped UFO was observed for 7 or 8 minutes.  The object was flying low.  The witness indicated the color was silver gray.  The object looked like two saucers inverted over each other and moved slowly across the sky.  There were no known other witnesses in the neighborhood.  Thanks to [email protected] (sunila) and Joe Trainor [email protected]


BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND -- The witness reports I was in my car near the small town of Dayboro on the 8th of October 2001 at around 6:00 PM when we struck a dog crossing the road.  We turned into a nearby house to ask if they owned the dog. As we entered the driveway an orange, oval shaped object in the sky caught my eye.  It moved slowly to the left and then suddenly shifted its course diagonally downward. It disappeared behind a shed. The orange glowed brightly but did not change. As soon as I saw it I new it was something weird.  COLOR/SHAPE: Bright Orange, Oval.  It moved slowly at first but when it changed direction its speed tripled instantly.  It was 3 to 4000 feet high.  There was a report of two other very similar sightings at the same time at different locations in Brisbane on a popular radio station called JJJ (107.7fm) Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan       


Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network apparently has more forces deployed in the United States that are likely to launch new attacks.  Stronger and new anti-hijacking efforts may be causing his forces some problems.  Law enforcement authorities have announced that ringleader Mohammed Atta of the attacks and pilot aboard the American Airlines flight that first struck the World Trade Center, met secretly twice last year with Iraqi intelligence agent Ahmed Samir Ahani.  Its likely Iraq is involved with the suicide strikes and could have provided Anthrax to the terrorists.  Atta lived at one time lived near the Florida site where deadly airborne exposures of the anthrax bacteria killed one man and infected another.

In Afghanistan, US military strikes have apparently been effective since the C-130 Gunships are now going into combat.  These four engine aircraft are vulnerable to ground fire but very effective against ground targets laying down a withering fire from heavy machine guns and cannons.  Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime may decide to leave the key cities of Kabul and Kandahar rather than attempting to hold and supply them. The Taliban infantry is most effective fighting in the countryside.

Words can help win the war.  NBC sent reporters into Afghanistan to the Northern Alliance's front lines.  They were welcomed by the soldiers, who asked why the US was bombing their Taliban enemies.  The reporters happened to have a copy a Newsweek to show the devastation at the World Trade Center.  Our new allies had no knowledge of the bombing of the US by the terrorists.  In this part of the world there is no TV, little radio, and no newspapers.  The US is dropping leaflets and radios to try to explain to the people why we are fighting.  Millions of packets of food and leaflets are being dropped to spread the word.  It is hoped that the Afghanistan people may force Osama Bin Laden to surrender or to leave to stop the bombing.  He is a Saudi Arabian born and is not a native.  Most of the Afghanistan's people are under nourished and some are starving.  Its hoped the US can send a clear message to the terrorists and those supporting them, "You're on the wrong side, get on our side and we will feed you and help you."  This war may be won by communicating why we are there, rather than bombs.  Robert Collins writes that he heard that two more bunker busters were used today against tunnels near Kandahar.  The secondary explosions lasted for an hour or more.  As Rumsfeld said, "they weren't baking cookies in those caves."  These caves/tunnels are suppose to be where the Taliban has their Chemical, Bio and nukes stored.

Several factors are helping Osama bin Laden.  First, he has a good chance of escaping to another country such as Somalia.  Second, his religious fundamentalist allies in his native country of Saudi Arabia have increased their strength.  King Fahd is becoming weaker both in his physical strength and as a leader of a great nation.  Many royal-family members are funding fundamentalist groups through charities.  The problem is to know which ones will attempt a violent over throw of the government.  Violence could break out as early a Monday in Saudi Arabia creating a threat to US interests in the Middle East. 


NEW YORK -- Disclosure presentation by Steven Greer, M.D., NYC on October 26, with Video Taped Testimony of Military, Government & Intelligence Witnesses Friday, Oct. 26, 7:30 PM: The New York Academy of Medicine, Hosack Hall, 1216 5th Ave. at 103rd St., NYC $10 Facility Fee Donation.  Parking: Academy, 50 spaces free after 5:30 PM, 1st come basis; Merit Parking, 107th & Madison Ave.  Doors open 6:30 PM    Disclosure Video Presentation starts at 7:30 PM., Thanks to Jim Schilder Disclosure volunteer

TORONTO -- Disclosure presentation by Dr. Steven Greer, Major George Filer (ret.) Commander Graham Bethune (ret.) in Toronto on Sunday, October 28 at the University of Toronto at 1:00 PM.

SAINT LOUIS MUFON CONFERENCE -- MUFON Conference at J.C.Penny Auditorium, University of Missouri, St.Louis Campus, 9am-9pm., Nov.3rd.,2001,  FLYING SAUCERS - HIDDEN HISTORY - 2001 (D-Day of Disclosure) 1) Press Conference 2) Richard Dolan - U.F.O.'s and the National Security State 3) Harold E. Burt - Flying Saucers 101 4) Dr.Carol Rosin - The Future of Space And Extraterrestrial Intelligence 5) Stanton T. Friedman - Putting The Pieces Back Together Again 6) Special Speakers Panel $10.00 per each of six sessions,or $50.00 before November for all. 1-800-489-4UFO, MUFON/MISSOURI, P.O.Box#643,St.Charles,Mo.63302,  [email protected] ,or 636-946-1394, The Airport Marriot Hotel $65.00  Thanks to: Bruce Widamen State Director Missouri

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