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Filer's Files # 40



UFO sightings have picked up again in the US and continue in Norway.  UFOs were observed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Singapore, and Norway.  Crop Circles were reported in Canada and the Netherlands.

US AND BRITAIN will likely launch attacks within Afghanistan in the next several days.  Small teams of elite US forces, together with British commandos, have begun operating on the ground around key targets inside Afghanistan in the first phase of the US led military offensive.  Specialized military reconnaissance units are focusing on primary targets for potential air and ground attacks, notably hideouts of the terrorist organization led by Osama bin Laden and vulnerable bases of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban militia.  These forces are also attempting to obtain Afghan allies who hate the Taliban.  Afghanistan is involved in a civil war with the Taliban controlling most of the country and the Northern Alliance holding about 10 percent of the country in the Northeast.  The Northern Alliance will benefit from an airborne resupply route from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to Bagram Air Base.  It is likely we are already using some of their facilities.  Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were once part of the Soviet Union, and with prodding from Russia, may offer bases for US forces.  These countries operate Russian-built, twin-engine An-24s and An-32s transports fly in supplies and ammunition at night to the Northern Alliance.  Surprisingly, India was the first country to offer the US air bases to fight the Taliban and also to send in supplies to support the Northern Alliance.  Pakistan is unlikely to allow bombing attacks from its territory, but will probably allow aerial tankers and cargo aircraft to operate from there.  Attacks will likely be launched from aircraft carriers at sea.

President George W. Bush said in a White House meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan, "He and his military planners had studied the lessons learned by Russia in its losing struggle against Afghan rebels in the 1980s."  US Special Forces have begun carrying out scouting missions to pave the way for air strikes followed by landings by helicopter-borne troops."  These operations involve small teams of four to 12 men, that are secretly helicopter into Afghan territory.  They hide during daylight and then use night vision equipment to pinpoint command posts, supply depots, training headquarters and other targets for US military strikes.  At least 2,000 members of the US Special Forces, including the 75th Ranger Regiment, their command unit, have deployed during the last week in bases close to Afghan borders in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.  Britain reportedly has its 250-man Special Air Service on secret missions in northern Afghanistan.


Lee Robertson, the project structural engineer who helped design the World Trade Center  claims the twin towers were designed to take the impact of a four engine 707 commercial jet aircraft.  At 8:45 AM, Flight 11, a 767 aircraft crashed into the center of the North Tower exploding its jet fuel.  The fires continue to burn for 1 hour 27 minutes, but only diminishing smoke is observed when at 10:30 AM the North Tower suddenly collapses.  At 9:03 AM, Flight 175, a 757 aircraft slams into the South Tower near the corner of the building spraying most of the fuel outside the building.  The fuel is burned away in seconds with a huge fireball explosion as most of you have seen on television.  At 9:50 AM, only 47 minutes later the South Tower collapses.  Both buildings successfully withstood the aircraft's impacts and their devastating explosions of jet fuel.  People in the 80th floors remarked they hardly felt the impacts.  I have spent a great deal of time looking at the video of the tragedy.  Something seems wrong.  The South Tower who took less of a hit and much less jet fuel collapses in half the time it takes the North Tower to collapse.  I noticed that just prior to the collapse of either tower, debris is sent into the air like an explosion has just occurred. 

The general wisdom is that the burning of the offices inside the towers eventually caused the failure of the steel structure.  It is well known that steel eventually melts with high enough temperatures.  Watching the impact of the aircraft on the towers, it is apparent that within seconds all or most of the jet fuel exploded and burned when the aircraft crashed.  The highest temperatures occurred at this time, and this is when the steel was most likely to have melted.  The secondary fires from the office furniture and supplies are very unlikely to have reached high enough temperatures to melt the steel.  The steel came from Japan and was designed to withstand high temperatures and was protected by concrete insulation to withstand high temperatures. 

The South Tower took a blow near the corner of the building spraying half the fuel that exploded outside the tower.  Temperatures were at their greatest at this point within the corner of the building, and the steel should have lost its strength at this point toppling the building over on its side or at least dropping that part of the floor, but it stood up.  Hundreds of expert rescue personnel entered the buildings and started conducting operations assuming the buildings were safe from collapse.  Emergency sprinkler systems appeared to be functioning even on upper floors.  After the initial impacts, little if any open flames are apparent as people conduct an orderly evacuation.  Several people who had evacuated the buildings claimed they heard public address announcements that the fire was under control and they could return to their offices.  Some people chose to return to work in the building rather than continue the evacuation, because it was thought the buildings were now safe.  Suddenly without warning the South Tower collapses.  Van Romero vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology states, "The collapse of the towers resembled those of a controlled implosion caused by high explosives on buildings and other structures.  The detonations could have been caused by a small amount of explosive put in more than two points in each of the towers.  It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points.  The MIT faculty announced that  "The structure was still good" after the planes hit"

The towers have exterior columns that were damaged by the aircraft, but the key to the buildings strength is its inner tubes.  These may have eventually melted losing their strength, or explosives may have destroyed them?  The towers steel cores were protected by several centimeters of cement-based insulation.  It is my contention having worked for several engineering firms that the firemen's expertise was correct.  The buildings should not have collapsed from the fire, that some other factors were involved.  These could be faulty construction, failure to follow the fire codes, or that the World Trade Center was again attacked with high explosives like it had been several years before.  Osama Bin Laden is an experienced structural engineer and terrorist.  The aircraft attacks may have actually covered up the actual explosions that destroyed the buildings.  The explosives may have been planted in the confusion.  Two hundred and thirty firemen who came into the buildings and started fire and rescue operations were killed along with almost one hundred police officers.  I watched several interviews with eight firemen who survived and none thought the Towers would collapse.  Further investigation of the catastrophe is warranted.  Thanks to


Peter Davenport NUFORC writes several people reported seeing UFOs in the video of the crashes into the World Trade Center.  We have looked at many videos and still photos of the WTC attack, and we believe that none of the allegedly anomalous objects appears to us to be UFO-related.  The tiny white object seen above Tower 1 at the time of the first impact appears to us to be a helicopter on the near side of the tower and resultant fireball, flying from left to right.

The fuzzy, indistinct object seen just to the right of the fireball erupting from Tower 2 (southern tower) is more difficult to ascribe to anything we are familiar with, but our suspicion is that the object(s) may be the engine(s) from UAL Flight 175/Boeing 767 which, because of their mass, penetrated through the building well ahead of the fireball and other parts of the aircraft.  We express our profound sympathy to the many thousands of individuals whose loved ones perished in this tragedy.  Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, Director National Reporting Center.


GRANTVILLE -- My 12 year old daughter came home from school and said that she had to tell me something and that she thought I would not believe her.  She proceeded to tell me that she saw two alien saucers approach our area on August 29, 2001, while waiting for the bus.  She said, "One had a sparkly light that came out the bottom of one of the ships in a tubular shape, that went towards the ground and stayed there for about 15 seconds and came back up the ship.  Then both ships left the area going away from our house."  My daughter is not the imaginative type, and she is afraid that something will happen to her or her family.  She prayed that whole day that nothing would happen, and she cannot sleep well ever since it happened.


MARIETTA -- The witness reports, "I was traveling east towards my home on August 29, 2001, when I noticed an airplane from the local airport.  I was nearing Wal-Mart at around 9:20 PM, when I noticed something just seemed out of place.  The object was traveling very fast, and its shape just didn't look right.  I realized it was not a routine flight, and it was coming from the wrong direction.  It was now flying directly towards my car and had five lights on it, a blue light was on the very front of it, a white light just below the blue one, 2 white lights on either side, and a flashing light in the center of it.  As it flew directly over my car, I slowed down, and I noticed other cars in front of mine slow down also, so I know I was not the only one who saw it.  It finally passed over my car, and there was no sound.  I could see the triangular shape very clearly and it was totally black against the moonlit sky.  The back had no indications of exhaust or smoke.  The back was concave in shape looking sort of like a boomerang but more triangular.  I could now see only four lights, the three white ones, and the bluish white flashing light in the center.  I was shocked when a second flying triangle quickly followed the first.  They both were moving at the same speed and 1000 foot altitude.  They were separated by about 1000 feet and were moving very fast probably above 300 to 400 mph.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


GRIFFIN -- I was getting home from band practice on September 11, 2001, the night that all the crashes happened and looking around I looked to the north and saw two disks with lights on the edge through some clouds at 8:45 PM.  I was surprised because, I knew they were supposed to be grounded.  They had lights on them that changed in Sync from blue to green.  They darted around each other for about 10-15 seconds before I lost track of them.  I was really freaked out and I felt like this needed to be shared.  I am very serious about this report.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ZIONSVILLE -- The witnesses report seeing a saucer shaped craft on September 1, 2001.  It had solid white lights at the ends and bottom, flashing white light on the top.  We approached by car at 9:30 PM, and the object appeared to be standing still and not moving.  The object hovered low then disappeared completely as we got closer.

TERRE HAUTE -- The reports seeing an elongated off-white iridescent oval shaped object that appeared in the center of the clear sky, going silently to the west at 4:57 AM.  I could make out an apparent dome-like structure on top before it went out of view about five seconds later.  The object was two inches across at arm's length.  Estimating 60 tangent at 500 feet away at ground level=866 feet high.  The same witness reported a minute later seeing a faint light green sphere change direction towards the south, almost as if it noticed I was observing it.  I say this for two reasons, as it shifted in direction directly between the trees in front of me, about 60 feet away, and in an instant stopped then accelerated three times, in about as many feet.  Either it moved faster than my eyes could track it, or it seemed to vibrate or shimmer losing it's round shape while in motion.  It then resumed course to the southeast.  Even though it was very small for it's altitude.  Using tangent at 65 degrees 50 feet away at ground level=107 feet high.  The size was a thumbnail at arm's length.  (Peter Davenport comments that both reports came from the same source.  We do not understand how anyone would be able to determine distances, altitudes, and angles with the precision implied by this case.)


GREENVILLE -- On September 23, 2001, the witness said, "I was traveling south on US 45 just south of the city of Greenville in Winnebago County.  I noticed an aircraft flying south parallel to me that had its landing lights on at 10:00 PM.  The aircraft made a sharp right turn and headed back to the north.  As we approached the aircraft near the intersection of 150 and 45, it appeared the aircraft had stopped moving.  As we got closer we could definitely see that it was not moving and that it was hovering at about 400-500 feet high.  Other vehicles were traveling south on US 45 and were slowing down also because of what they were seeing.  It appeared that it was no more than 1/4 mile away on the right side of the road hovering over farm fields.  The aircraft was shaped like a triangle with three or four bright white lights on two sides and two red blinking lights.  Thanks to UFOWisconsin by Duane W for drawing


CRETE -- On September 1, 2001, the witness reports seeing a UFO hovering over an open field at only 100 feet above the ground at 12:30 AM.  The witness was driving his truck, when the UFO moved quickly upward and away from roadside.  It was a dim yellowish white in color and the underbelly was brighter in color and definition.  The object was the size of 1 1/2 buses in length.  I did not believe in UFOs until this happened.  I was in total awe of how an object of its size moved and changed direction so fast.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC 


OMAHA -- The witness was traveling on Crown Point Road on August 29, 2001, near the Blair High Road intersection, when he saw a black shape moving through the air almost directly east.  The witness has many years of Air Force experience and familiarity with the air traffic patterns of the area.  He stated, "My immediate presumption was this had to be either a dark colored B1 or possibly B2 bomber heading in for a landing at Offutt AFB.  Then, to my utter surprise, the object 'banked' giving me an edge on view; and what I now saw was a very long, narrow angled black triangle.  Having seen number of 747s at that distance, I would estimate it at about that length of 231 feet. It was clearly not the shape of a B2, nor a B1, because the only time it's wings are back in a 'delta' type configuration is when it is flying at high speed (which this craft was not).  Second, because the shape was way too narrow and triangular.  I was going to stop and keep watching this craft, but I first looked down to my Van's clock to see the exact time, and when I looked up, the craft was gone."  Thanks to NUFORC


COLDWATER -- Pat Wells saw an amazing orb in the western sky with his 30-70 binoculars on October 1, 2001, at 4:26 AM.  It stayed stationary for fifteen or so minutes then flew west.  The light was intense.  Pat says, "I was looking above the western horizon about 20 degrees and saw on orb with red white and yellowish flashing lights within and revolving it then moved west pretty dam fast."  I would be interested in any other sightings.  God bless America.  Thanks to Pat [email protected]


LITTLE ROCK -- Kaleeh Rodgers. E-mailed that, "My friend Kristen and I were outside around midnight on September 31, 2001, trying to get my telescope ready to look at the satellites.  We heard you could see them then.  Kristen screamed, "WHAT'S THAT?"  I looked up and I saw these green, red and blue lights blinking green, red, and then blue.  Then all the lights came on.  Then they would all go off, and blink again, following the same pattern each time.  This "craft" hovered over us for about 30 seconds to a minute, then flew off into the night sky faster than any plane, I have ever seen. One of my interests is planes.  Thanks to Kaleeh Rodgers.


SALIDA -- Seems we are having a mini-flap of sightings here in the San Luis Valley, which, appears to have commenced with Tim Edwards' on September 10, 2001, with the sighting and videotaping of a triangular object cruising over Salida.  On September 22, visiting Texas hunters at the San Luis Lakes observed a "huge moon-sized, glowing ball hovering to the north over head the Dollar Lakes.  This is the supposed location of the sipapu or "place of emergence" for the Pueblo Indians.  The object appeared to extend two bright beams of light into the lakes.  Two other witnesses at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis Campground also reported seeing what was probably the same object.  The following morning at 11:30 AM, another witness (while driving in the Baca development) reported two disc-shaped objects flying low over the Sangre de Cristos near Crestone Park.  When a conventional plane flying at a higher altitude neared their location, both discs appeared to "vanish into thin air."  I am investigating a number of other reports from this past week, which I will post after confirmation.  Thanks to Tmv [email protected]


MIDALE, SASKATCHEWAN -- Three more Crop circle formations about 80 miles northeast of Midale, were formed in wheat and found September 26, 2001.  Whether this is actually three circles in one formation or three separate formations is not known at this point.  Thanks to CCCRN NEWS [email protected] [email protected]


OSLO -- On September 25, 2001, police in Helgeland, north central Norway, have been getting a rash of reported UFO sightings, while a woman in the northern town of Bodø insists a small flying object landed in her garden.  Tøgersen says several more people have come forward after news reports carried the account of three people in the town of Mosjøen who dove for cover when they saw a low-flying, whirling object hurtle through the night skies On September 23.  "We also have several other witness observations of the same phenomenon in the same time frame on Sunday," Tøgersen said.  Other people have reported sightings of additional UFOs that apparently resemble small, brightly lit balls.  While the larger object over Mosjøen emitted no noise whatsoever, Tøgersen says the smaller objects are reported to have made a hissing sound.  But the most remarkable reports came from the northern city of Bodø.  There, a woman went out of her house and a flying object landed on her lawn, stood there awhile, and then lifted off and flew away.  Two other separate individuals reported the same sighting, at the same time, on Saturday evening.  One of the two was driving his car when he spotted it flying over Vefsnfjorden, while another saw it while out on a veranda.  Both reported that it was brightly lit.  Thanks to Frode Sætran and Gerry FarShores at


Bill Clark writes, "Thank you for all the information on the military buildup in Asia in Filer's Files."  I think I will stop reading the newspapers and just wait for your report each week - it's concise, clear, and with some solid observations!  I am a Ph.D. student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where most of the Mars data is being analyzed (at the Center for Space Research).  I have been in the middle of a big debate about Mars.  About half of the scientific community believes that no water could ever have existed on Mars.  The reasoning is not hard to follow.

One of the first objectives of any manned Mars mission will be to create an atmosphere.  The planet's gravity is so small that this atmosphere would have to be constantly replenished to remain stable.  Now, if there were ever water on the planet, it would not have remained for very long at all - it would quickly evaporate, then be lost into deep space because the gravity could not hold it there.  So it is virtually impossible that water could ever have existed on Mars - especially not in a huge volume as we have on Earth, for eons; long enough to have caused all the land features we see now.

An alternate theory, which is presented in great detail on my web site at, is that there is a strong gravity flux in the neighborhood of Mars, sufficient to cause these patterns on the surface.  It would also explain why the Russians never made it to Mars in six attempts, and why all three of our most recent missions to Mars have failed (two crashed, and the third lost half its solar panels in transit).  It is certainly reason to be cautious in our (meaning the US) current Mars mission, and the UK's upcoming one.  I have a trajectory optimization program on my web site -- with source code -- if anybody wants to see for himself or herself how tricky this mission is!

The problem is that, if you accept that the peculiar patterns on Mars could not have been caused by water, and that they were caused by this gravitational phenomenon - then it is necessary to say that this gravity flux may be strong but it is probably not capable of creating such fine features as we see on the planet surface.  Thus people are even more hesitant to discard the water wash theory because of what it would mean in the interpretation of these surface features - i.e., they are not natural.  Thanks to [email protected] (Bill Clark, P.E.)


Nancy Talbot phoned to inform me she had witnessed the formation of a Crop Circle in the early morning hours of August 21, 2001.  Nancy had gone to Holland to visit an amazing young man called Robert.  Nancy was reading in bed at 3:00 AM, when she heard cattle outside her room making noises.  A few minutes later, they started again but stopped about 3:15 AM.  Nancy noticed her room was brightening like a welders arc light.  An intense column of light was above the field located behind her bedroom.  There were two tubes of light about a foot in diameter shinning down on the field.  The lights went out for a second and other came down.  Nancy jumped out of bed and called for the young man she was visiting named Robert.  He was also awake in the kitchen and also saw the lights shinning down about 85 feet away.  They rushed outside and there was nothing in the sky or field.  Everything was quiet with no sound, and no smells.  They walked toward the field and just beyond the fence was a Crop Circle in the string beans.  It was a 35 foot ellipse (stretched circle) with a twenty foot long off to one side with a crossbar at the end, forming a 'T' coming off the ellipse.  Nancy thought she saw some steam rising from the Crop Circle.  The next morning Nancy saw the field from her bedroom window.  We wondered if the Crop Circle had been made so Nancy could see it.  This observation seems more than a coincidence and infers intelligence at work.  Thanks to Nancy Talbot and George Reynolds Maryland MUFON. 


JURONG WEST -- Residents report seeing a UFO on September 22, 2001, that hovered for 15 minutes over some apartment flats.  The UFO sparked excitement and speculation among the residents, some of whom called the Channel NewsAsia hotline.  Resident Benjamin Lee captured the object on a video in the distance.  "Then the saucer was just hovering over the buildings, with a very bright light.  "At first we thought it was a chopper, but the lights were running around the whole thing and it looks much more like a saucer." It was as wide as the flat window,"  Joanne Lee says, "I didn't believe it, so I used a toy telescope to look at it.  It was very clear, like a plate, rounded, with blinker lights," another eyewitness, Mr. Tan, said.  I saw it at 9.45 PM.  I used a telescope.  There were many lights on the bottom of the saucer.  There were three windows.  Fifteen minutes later, it flew off in another direction," Madam Yong added.  A spokesperson from mobile phone company Star Hub thought it could be their lightship, which flew over the Bukit Timah expressway that night.  StarHub said the two 1,000-watt lights on the lightship are so bright it could have been mistaken for a UFO. Thanks' to correspondent Christopher Lee / Singapore and [email protected] who notes the 'UFO' could have been an advertising lightship - -

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Regards, George Filer

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