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Filer's Files # 39



Reported UFO sightings are down, but some were observed in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, California, England, and Norway.  There are cattle mutilations in Montana, Canadian crop circles, and evidence of life and tunnels on Mars.  Because of the catastrophe most people are glued to the television.

SEND A PRAYER, THE YANKS ARE COMING AND IT WON'T BE OVER UNTIL ITS OVER, OVER THERE.  America is getting ready for war as US military forces deploy to the Middle East and South Asia.  Many countries such as Britain, Turkey, and Pakistan have agreed to participate.  Some kind of a strike against Osama bin Laden can be expected in the near future.  Commando type raids are likely.  During my trips to Turkey I saw some of the toughest mountain fighters in the world, and I hope we can get Turkish Special Forces to join the fight because they understand mountain fighting.  It will take a few weeks for our key naval forces to deploy from half way around the world.  Air Force raids could occur at any time verified targets are acquired.  The enemies include both Osama bin Laden and Iraq who supports his activities.  The initial mission will be deploying aircraft, supplies, covert forces, and other troops to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean.  France has agreed to let the US use its large military base at Djibouti. 

B-1 bombers with enhanced electronic countermeasures are being sent to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Diego Garcia.  These bombers operate at very low altitudes and will likely conduct some of the first attacks.  The terrorists do not have a sophisticated air defense system, and penetration into their territory should not be a problem.  The key will be for intelligence to find the well hidden and dug in terrorists, then to destroy them.  Osama bin Laden apparently moves with his caravan to a new hideout, often a deep cave almost every night.  Covert forces that could launch helicopter or parachute operations are already in the area. 

CNN reported that F-15 fighters were launched from Otis AFB shortly after the first airliner hit New York.  The F-15s nearly missed the second airliner before it hit the second tower.  Langley AFB, F-16s were scrambled from Langley to intercept the AA-757 before it hit the Pentagon but were too late.  President Bush had given orders to shoot down any aircraft entering Washington airspace, but NORAD claims none of its fighter's expended weapons.  Unfortunately the F-16 fighter unit at Atlantic City had lost its alert air defense mission, so it was not on alert.  It is very possible if this unit was on alert only 75 miles from New York it could have stopped the second attack in time.  Our F-15 and F-16s are flying fighter patrol the Northeast Air Corridors with KC-135s from the 107th ARW at Niagara Falls AFRB flying tanker support. 

As a retired intelligence officer I would like to clarify some factors.  Intelligence had intercepted messages from Ben Laden to his men in the US.  They knew he was preparing for attacks, but did not how or exactly where the attacks would occur.  Meanwhile, Robert Collins writes, Sunday's 60 Minutes TV Show did a great job on the mentality of suicide bombers.  Seven million people come to this country every year on temporary visas for various lengths of time.  Of those only 3 1/2 million actually go back home but the rest stay here illegally according to the head of INS.  The hijackers had expired visas.  FOX TV just showed their own check on Airport Security using their own news people before the Sept 11th, attack.  They tried to pass 15 items through the checkpoints at various airports of which Logan Airport, Boston was one of them.  Consistently, they were able to get 14 of the 15 items through airport security including some big knives.  Any wonder why the Hijacker's succeeded.  Successful operations against terrorists require strong intelligence and security.  Terrorists always try to penetrate the weakest link in a country's defenses. 

The evidence indicates that at least two more aircraft hijackings were planned on September 11, because box-cutters like those used by the hijackers were found on aircraft grounded just after the attacks.  The aircrews essentially had no weapons to fight the hijackers.  Many effective weapons can be made from Plastic and similar materials.  It is my opinion that some pilots should be armed.  The government can nationalize the airlines during a national emergency, so aren't the pilots government employees as soon as a potential attack occurs?  Among the belongings of suspected terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, were manuals showing how to operate crop dusting equipment that could be used to spray fast-killing toxins.  The discovery resulted in the grounding of all crop dusters nationwide.  Terrorists also have obtained licenses for driving trucks containing toxins.  These poisons could be sprayed over cities. 

Readers must understand we are at war.  The terrorists want to kill your children, your spouse, and your neighbors.  Look for UFOs, but be aware you are in danger from these people. 

A friend related the following story to my wife.  President Bush visited the World Trade Center and talked with one of the rescue workers who were picking up debris.  The rescue worker told the President that his uncle was one of heroes on Flight 93 that jumped the hijackers and crashed in Pennsylvania.  President Bush hugged the man, and told him, "Your uncle saved my wife's life!"  The President took off his own hat, signed it, and gave it to the rescue worker.  Later, the rescue worker attended the memorial service for his uncle, and gave the President's hat to his uncle's wife, who was very touched by the gift.  I send our prayers to those who lost their lives and their loved ones in this national tragedy and our forces won't be back to its over, over there.


BOSTON -- Joe Trainor reports actress Anne Heche almost took the Boston plane to Los Angeles that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Only at the last minute did she change her plans and fly to Toronto with her new husband for more book signings of "Call Me Crazy."  Instead of heading home to California, she flew to Toronto and saved her life.


ST. JOHNSVILLE -- The witness reports that two flashing objects in the sky appear as if they are "talking" to each other.  At 11:33 PM, on August 24, 2001, my father and I witnessed two objects in the sky a ways apart, flashing different colors, from red to blue to white.  At first my father believed that they were "quasars" but one of them moved and reappear a short distance away from the original spot.  When looking at these objects, I could notice that at one point it appeared they were shaped like a boomerang, and then they would "change" into a circle.  Both my father and I are law enforcement officers.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director UFO Reporting Center


LONG BEACH ISLAND -- While on vacation this summer Robert Lamarco noticed a cylinder shaped object just off the Atlantic coast four times.  One sighting was the third week of August, and he saw it twice on September 19, 2001.  The sighting was at about 11:00 AM and again at 2:30 PM.  Robert said, "They came in slow from the north, and went out to the back at my house in Manahawkin.  My boy's and I saw it again on Wednesday.  It seemed to be more over the land, and higher in the sky.  It moves so slowly.  When it was right overhead we could see that they had a cylinder shape and the ends were flat.  It was a soft white in color and there was no mistaking it for a plane, or blimp.  There were very few clouds in the sky at the time we saw it."  Thanks to Robert Lamarco [email protected]

NORTHERN NEW JERSEY -- On September 24, 2001, the witness could not sleep so around 3:00 AM, she went outside for a smoke it was very quiet and only the sound of crickets broke the sound.  The witness relates, "I was scanning the skies and noticed a very bright light traveling east going towards New York that was flying well below the clouds.  Suddenly it stopped and made a quick southerly movement for about two miles.  Then it stopped again, and then traveled very fast to the east again and then out of sight.  There was no sound.  This was in no way a plane or a helicopter, it went off almost like a shot "one minute it is there the next it was gone" I had no chance to get my binoculars to view it better.  Thanks to Louise SHnSASSY1  [email protected]


WHITESBURG -- MUFON State Director Tom Sheets and George Lainhart met with the witness who spotted a UFO in June at his home.  The witness turned over several good sketches of the UFO and reconfirmed his personal account as being correct.  During further inspection of the surrounding property, the witness pointed out the treetops that were illuminated by the hovering craft.  George had brought along his laser range finder used in his duties on the SWAT Team.  George ascertained that the trees, which were first illuminated, were 336 yards away (the witness had estimated 500 yards).  The second tree to which the object moved was only 74 yards away.  Using these more exact ranges and a terrain feature of known size, we later hope to determine a more exact real size for the object.  Various police officials and local clerks in area stores advised they had no knowledge of similar reports for the first two weeks in June.   

On September 10, the witness phoned Tom at 10:00 PM and indicated the objects may have returned, as he could see bizarre lights over the distant part of his property.  Tom proceeded to Whitesburg, which took about one hour.  They had left the area upon my arrival, and did not return up through 3:00 AM.  Thanks to Tom Sheets State Director.

LAGRANGE -- Around 7:45 PM, September 21, 2001, John Thompson saw a "donut" like rope contrail.  It had about 7-8 round spaced "donuts" in a portion of the contrail.  I had a throwaway camera with me and took three photos of white contrails several miles away over the Georgia-Alabama border to the west, going south.  It might have been one of the advanced military aircraft deploying. Thanks to John Thompson


WHITEFISH -- Brian Schweitzer, a cattle rancher, who was the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the US Senate last year, recently found one of his cows killed.  "The brand inspector said lightning caused the death."  Mr. Schweitzer said, "but there was no lightning that night.  And it very much looked like those incisions were done with instruments."  Mr. Taliaferro, a cattleman who has been ranching for 25 years.  "When you see it, I tell you, it makes a believer out of you that something weird is going on."  Eight cow killings have been reported in Montana since June 12, the most recent on August 31, 2001, and they all appear similar to 67 cattle mutilations in the 1970's.  Law enforcement officials and veterinarians who investigated said they had never seen anything like it.  In all the cases, part of the animal's face, called the mask, is removed, along with reproductive organs.  There is usually no blood, and predators will often not touch the carcass.  County sheriff's deputy says people who dismiss the deaths are not looking hard enough.  No vehicle tracks or footprints have been found around the animals.  "There are smooth edges on those cuts and no bite marks.  The mystery and savagery of the deaths have led the more fanciful to speculate that the cattle, which can weigh nearly a ton, were killed by a band of satanic cultists, by UFOs or by secret military testing. 


BELLFLOWER -- Kim writes that on September 22, 2001, my Mom called us outside to look at a strange bright red light in the sky.  My brother and his friend, my boyfriend and our friend all went outside at about 11:40 PM to discover an extremely bright object bigger than a star.  The glowing light was coming towards us from the east.  We watched it for about ten minutes as it continued to come closer.  When it was almost overhead it suddenly stopped.  We continued to watch it for probably about five more minutes as it just hovered there.  We live 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles and thought it might be a terrorist plane.  Suddenly the hovering red light flashed a couple of times and dropped an object.  It moved closer when it flashed again a few times and dropped another object.  We waited for an explosion of a bomb, but nothing happened.  The light blinked and then flickered away and we saw the (unlit) object fly away quickly.  It moved so slowly, we figured it probably wasn't a plane.  Thanks to Kim SBsurge4


RED DEER, ALBERTA -- Paul Anderson reports the 'Star of David' formation is 422 feet in diameter, making this the largest, and arguably most complex formation yet found in this country.  The large circle in the center is 106 feet, the smaller circles range from 42 to 44 feet.  Connecting pathways are about 3 feet wide.  Judy Arndt of CropCircleQuest and coordinator Gordon Sopczak conducted a ground survey of the formation yesterday.  The formation was found September 16, 2001.  The crop is mature red wheat, which is very dry and brittle.  Aerial photos show the geometry is off in places, although the overall design is impressive, and very large!  The seed heads do not show any obvious damage associated with mechanical flattening (as in most hoaxes); plant stalks are bent at various heights, from ground level to about three inches above the ground.  No stretched or ruptured nodes found.  Nurses in nearby Lacombe on September 15, 2001, reported seeing odd triangular configurations of lights at 3:15 and 5:00 AM.  A few nights later, on the at 1:05 AM, other nurses saw a set of lights, arranged in seven triangles, peach or light orange in color, which changed to an arrow, then a crescent shaped pattern before disappearing.  Thanks to Paul Anderson [email protected], Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

VANDERHOOF -- On Saturday, September 8, 2001, I drove three hours to see six new Crop Circles in a field around the small airport.  Mr. Brent Miskuski was flying over the area in his plane and spotted the Circles from the air.  He sent along 3 pictures of the Crop Circles which I have placed to my site. It was an awesome feeling standing in this field.  You can find the information at the following URL: 


DERBYSHIRE -- Matlock Mercury reported how a disc-shaped object had been captured on video over Bonsall Moor last October, for six minutes, just hovering quietly in the sky.  Some experts have hailed the footage as "the best UFO video ever" and it has been the subject of national and international interest.  On August 27, 2001, Karen Sismey looked out from the Thorn Tree Inn to spy a similar object in the same area.  "My husband Phil had been out there at around 10:45 PM when he saw something hovering in the sky, for a good 15 minutes. " It was showing very vivid colors with red at the bottom, and then ranging from emerald and blue colors to a bright lemon yellow."  The object was seen by other visitors to the Thorn Tree.  "It was not a helicopter or an airplane and I know that it shouldn't normally be there."  Thanks to Gerry Farshores -


MOSJØEN -- Gerry Farshores writes that on September 23, 2001, three people ran into the police station in Mosjøen, central Norway, to report seeing an unidentified flying object streak low over the city.  Police say all three are credible, and they're classifying the incident as a UFO sighting.  "We're talking about three sober, credible people who we have no reason to doubt," said Roar Tøgersen of the Helgeland police district.  Three witnesses were sitting in a car when they saw an unusual object flying low through the nighttime skies.  They said it resembled some sort of helicopter, and that it was flying from the south in a northerly direction.  "We don't know what it was, therefore we're calling it a UFO," the object rotated around its own axis.  The three got out of the car to get a better look, but quickly dove for cover because they were afraid the object was about to crash.  They said there was no sound at all from the object, and that they felt threatened.  Police in both Mosjøen and Bodø took the report seriously and sent out patrols to search for any wreckage.  Nothing was found after several hours of searching.  Thanks to Aftenposten, Oslo / Norway, Frode Sætran and Gerry FarShores, 


As editor of Filer's Files, I'm not a scientist but, I obtained extensive intelligence and photo interpretation experience while serving in the Air Force.  Mars has indisputable evidence of vast water flow that cut canyons, valleys, riverbeds and left shorelines of lakes and seas.  Within many of canyons and valleys are lava tube or strange tunnel like structures.  These apparent tubes may an optical illusion, but I personally see a rounded 3D effect to the strange, tubes or tunnels generally located along the bottom of valleys.  With the limited equipment available to me, I feel these structures definitely need further study and analysis.  Astronomers for more than hundred years have been watching Mars and claimed they saw canal like structures on the Red Planet.  M. Schiaparelli the Director of Observatory at Milan stunned the world in 1877 announcing that Mars had a series of connecting straight lines or canals.  Their visibility was not always the same but, more than sixty had been observed that terminate at canal junctions or in dark areas thought to be seas.  Numerous other astronomers such as American Percival Lowell confirmed the findings with more powerful telescopes and noted that many of the canals terminated in five and six-point intersections.  These were much more complex than structures formed by nature and Lowell announced this indicated intelligent deliberate planning on Mars.  Water ice does exist on Mars, but sublimates around -100°F (-73°C), due to the low atmospheric pressure of 6.1 mbars. 

When our Viking satellites reached Mars, no canals were found, but it may have been the tunnel like structures that the astronomers had been observing?  We now know that an international team of researchers has discovered compelling evidence that the magnetite crystals in the Martian meteorite ALH84001 are of biological origin.  The researchers found that the magnetite crystals embedded in the meteorite are arranged in long chains, which they say could have been formed only by once-living organisms.  Dr. Serguei M. Pershin Ph.D., a Principal Investigator for the NASA Mars Polar Lander LIDAR experiment, claims he has discovered organic pigments on Mars relating to photosynthetic organisms.  The organic pigments suggest that life still exists on Mars.  Cyanobacteria that dominate Earth habitats such as Antarctica quite likely survive on Mars.  The red-green pigments of cyanobacteria are in part due to Chlorophyll for converting solar radiation into food (photosynthesis).  Cyan bacteria can tolerate the extreme damaging effect of solar UV-B by synthesizing a variety of protecting pigments, which either screen or prevent the effects of the radiation.

Based on the assumption there has been life on Mars at least in the past, I examined the evidence as if I was preparing an intelligence report on the possible tunnel structures.  A large tunnel structure was imaged by Mars Global Surveyor on August 11, 1999, at 39.12N 27.08 W in flat terrain.  Within the area there are several deep valleys or channels probably caused by the erosive movement of water in the past.  These channels or canyons appear to be an average of 150 meters deep.  They are now dry but appear to have been formed by water.  Strange tunnel like structures possibly lava tubes appear to have been formed within these channels.  The apparent size of the tunnels is quite large with the width ranging from 125 meters to 200 meters in diameter.  (410 to 656 feet) The tunnel structures visible above ground are some three kilometers long running in various directions similar to the astronomer's maps.  Most of the tunnels appear to be buried, but may have been visible in the past. 

The tubes remind me of large tunnel structures built for subways or the Chunnel that goes under the English Channel.  They could be natural structures formed by lava flows from extensive ancient volcanic activity on the planet, particularly in the Northern level plains.  Running perpendicular to the darker tubes are white ribs or striations that appear to provide the main support.  The striations may be a rib like structure and appear made of different materials than the tube itself and are evenly placed at an estimated 60 meters or 200 feet.  They appear to provide the main strength to the structure.  The ribs bend in a uniform manner around turns and occasionally appear anchored to the side of the channel to provide further support for the over all structure.  Often, the tunnels overlap one another and meet perpendicular to each other as described by the astronomers.  One set of tunnels joins and appear to dive further underground, while others appear excavated.  At first the striations reminded me of the sand Sief Dunes in Saudi Arabia, but these are uniform with the prevailing wind.  The tunnels change direction frequently, but the striations remain perpendicular and constant even with the change in direction.  Therefore, it is doubtful that these are sand dunes that were formed by the prevailing winds.  Windblown sand and dust on the lee side of impact craters clearly show the prevailing northwesterly winds.  The tunnel structures clearly change direction and disregard the prevailing wind patterns.  The tunnels are not eroded either from the wind or the water flow.  The tunnel system is likely part of the water drainage system.  The concept of canals by the early astronomers may be correct, but the water flow may be diverted inside the tunnel to avoid evaporation and the extreme cold. 

Lava flows often have tunnel like features with open areas at the center.  Heavy water flows may have helped erode the openings for increased water flow.  We can speculate that the lava flows were then altered for cultural purposes.  If intelligent life exists on Mars, it could have up graded the tunnels for cultural activities.  It is even possible the astronomers observed the tunnels under construction that were later covered.  Water is likely transported at the base of the tunnel and could carry boat traffic.  Higher levels in the tunnel could support high-speed rail line and a highway.  Living quarters and areas for farming could be situated along the outer edges of the structure.  When the Martian atmosphere thinned and the lakes began to dry up, the inhabitants built these structures to transfer water, move between underground outposts and create a habitat for the remaining life.  It is likely some atmosphere apparently collects within the tunnels.  Water melting from the Ice Caps and underground could be captured and transported inside the tunnels.  Boats or barges could float on the water.  Geysers spurting water indicate more water is available underground than generally realized. 

The underground habitat is probably protected from Cosmic rays by a combination of the thin atmosphere, soil, and steel ring structures.  Other images from other areas on Mars show hints of similar tunnel like structures so we can speculate they extend underground for long distances.  One tunnel structure seems to run from the Polar cap south to the Cydonia City area.  There is no apparent evidence of damage to the structures from meteorite damage, they seem in good repair although there are craters in the general area.  At the largest width of the main tunnel there appears to be a dome like structure at the top.  This dome is likely an observation post since almost all the tunnel structure can be observed from this point.  Not all civilizations may choose to live above ground.  Underground living provides warmer temperatures, access to underground aquifers, protection from the elements and potential enemies. 

One of the complexes of Mars that most likely represents the remnants of an ancient civilization is at Cydonia.  The Fort, D & M Pyramid, and the Cliff represent structures that seem unlikely to have been formed by natural forces.  The 'Cliff' at Cydonia is a two-mile long tapered wedge that is located near the perimeter of a 'splash'-style crater.  Running parallel to the 'Cliff' is another tunnel like structure.  Both objects would have been destroyed and buried under a shock wave of debris from the meteor impacts, so it is obvious they must have been formed some time after the meteor impacts.  These impacts are relatively recent, therefore, it is very unlikely they are natural features and represent structures built by intelligence.  There is no geological mechanism that could create such clearly defined formations, nor could they have emerged from the debris surrounding the crater impact still intact.  Neither the 'Cliff' nor the tunnel like structure could be part of the crater or its ejecta.  The 'Cliff' and the companion tunnel are some of the most important anomalies at Cydonia and strongly hint of a hypothetical Martian Civilization. 

The civilization was eventually faced with both a vanishing water supply and atmosphere.  The population then would likely attempt to preserve their lives by going underground.  A tunnel transportation system would be a logical part this activity.  Melting water from the snow at the poles in the springtime could be transported towards warmer areas.  Underground living provides protection against meteors and radiation and food can be grown using artificial lights.  Large monuments may have been built to mark the passage of their civilization and a sophisticated society would have likely ventured out into space.  At the end of World War II a great deal of German manufacturing had gone underground.  The Heinkel firm produced 725 Volkjager HE-160 jet fighters per month using 2000 workers all underground. When necessary a civilization will go underground.

It is difficult to determine if the tunnels are still in use, but we may be observing the remains of an ancient civilization.  Infrared photography generally not available to the public indicates numerous underground heat sources often in straight lines.  These could be some lave flows, that were later modernized to provide a low cost, ready-built enclosure for habitation and transportation.  The tunnels need further investigation, since they hold the key to understanding Martian history.  See for photos.

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Regards, George Filer

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