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Filer's Files # 37



AMERICA UNDER ATTACK -- The terrorist assault on New York and Washington, DC over shadow the UFO situation.  We send our prayers to those who lost their lives or loved ones.  These terrorist attacks have changed the world.  Everyone is a potential target and the magnitude of these attacks is extraordinary.  For sometime we have been vulnerable to terrorist attack.  I personally thought the teorrists would use biological warfare, but these attacks are certainly more spectacular.  It is likely the 757 and 767 aircraft were chosen by the terrorists since they carry a large fuel load and have common controls so that a pilot can fly either aircraft.    The United Airlines aircraft that crashed in Pennsylvania likely was going to crash in Washington DC at the White House or Capital.  We can assume the people in this aircraft are heroes and may have prevented further carnage. Cell phone calls from the planes claimed the terroists had mace and knives and were killing people.  During the 70s, hijacking was fairly common.  Everyone must consider airport security as part of their own responsibility.  In the future hijacked aircraft are likely to be shot down to prevent them from crashing into populated areas.  Aggressive attacks against terrorists and countries that harbor them must now be achieved to prevent further attacks on innocent civilians.

Damian Barna sent an e-mail stating,  "In the shots of the plane crash on the World Trade Center I spotted a UFO.  It is in the pax version of the shot.  For a few seconds the camera focuses on the UFO while searching the skies for planes.  I think, that I have it on tapee, but need to check my file.  Watch the footage closely, there is a cigar shaped ship off to the right when the second plane crashes from the left to the right.  There is a shot from ground level. The footagee shows what appears to be a cigar shaped cloud, but I know better I have learned to recognize the dimensions of the cloud coverd ships.  I will locate the footage on the tapes." Thanks to Damian Barna


Apparently, Hungarian scientists have found evidence of living organisms on Mars after analyzing 60,000 photographs taken by the Mars Global Surveyor probe. A three-man team said the pictures showed evidence of thousands of dark dune spots, similar to organisms found near Earth's South Pole, in craters in Mars' snowy southern polar region.  These spots indicate that on the surface below the ice there are such organisms which, absorbing solar energy, are able to melt the ice and create conditions of life for themselves,'' biologist and team member Tibor Ganti.  During harsh Martian winters, when temperatures plummet to minus 328   Fahrenheit, these so-called Mars Surface Organisms are protected by a thick blanket of ice which then melts as the planet's early summer temperatures climb to just above zero.  Large gray dark dune spots -- with a diameter ranging from 30 feet to several hundred yards -- are left behind.  These, the Hungarians claim, are dried-out organisms, which can reactivate themselves once the colder, icy season sets in again.  The same mechanisms can be found on Earth in ice covering lakes at the South Pole.  This could be the first real proof of life on Mars.  These would be living organisms and this would be the first find of living organisms on another planet," he said.   

Editor's Note: Often strange structures, domes, pyramids, are found on Mars.  Individually, most can be explained away, collectively they point to an ancient civilization once existed or has gone underground.  Hundreds of meteors probably strike Mars daily just as they do on earth but we are lucky to have our atmosphere that protects us from all but the biggest, while Mars is virtually unprotected.  Under these conditions life on Mars likely went underground and may have attempted to reach its closest neighbor. I have been looking both at images of Mars and on Earth for evidence of this hypothesis.  Throughout, the Earth and Mars there are strange burrows, burial grounds, or monuments to the dead.  Our lives are rather short and most wish to be remembered or to live on.  During the Disclosure Project Dr. Steven Greer and several witnesses revealed that there is life on Mars based on their contacts. 


KENNEBUNK -- While at the Astronomical Society of Northern New England's opening of their Starfield Observatory we were observing an Iridium Flare on August 24, 2001.  At 9:29 PM, we observed a trio of 'satellites' moving in formation to the west at 80 degrees altitude in the constellation Lyra.  We put several binoculars and one telescope on the trio.  We could only get one craft at a time and they were only dots of lights with no characteristics of commercial aircraft.  There were no noises as the craft were extremely high if not in orbit.  The trio of craft continued in perfect formation westward until out of sight over the horizon.  Peter Davenport commented that very few satellites fly to the west.  Observers seem to be quite qualified.  Thanks to NUFORC


HUDSON RIVER -- Gabriel Bellotti notified me that at 5:30 AM he was coming home from work on September 6, 2001, from Jersey City to Bayonne when he saw a meteor or comet.  It was big and flashed across the Hudson River or maybe over New York.  Someone else had to see this thing.  It was large.  It's the first time that I ever saw anything like this before.  It left a big streak in the sky and the middle of the streak was bright like a light was inside.  I just wanted to let you know so you can check it out, Thanks Gabriel Bellotti

LINDEN -- On September 7, 2001, I saw something very large and very strange (definitely not an airplane or airship) extremely high in the sky at around 3:30 in the afternoon.  It was in such plain sight that I could hardly believe that I'm the only one who could have seen it.  This thing just floated over without a sound.  Damnedest thing I've ever seen.  Thanks to Mike D.DTDream18

Editor's Note: A comet of fire ball was reported over the East Coast on September 6. A Russian rocket entering the atmosphere was also reported.


LAFAYETTE HILL - Red Jake E-mailed that, "I still cannot believe my eyes what I just saw.  It was September 3, 2001, at 9:06 PM.  My wife and I were just out for an after dinner walk and I noticed that there was a lot of airplane activity in the sky, due to the Labor Day weekend.  When I saw a bright white object that flew across the sky for about 1-3 seconds.  Then it just disappeared.  I am still in a state of shock, because I know exactly what I saw.  This is my first encounter ever with an UFO.  I wish to know if anyone else in the Philadelphia Montgomery County area saw the same.  Thanks to Red Jake [email protected]


Wayne -- I went out to my barn, before going to work to check on a couple of my cows and check their water on August 1, 2001, at 6:00 AM.  This is a big barn, with two sliding doors on the front, each about 15 feet tall, and 7 feet wide.  I leave the doors open during the summer so air can circulate.  When I walked into my barn an object was floating over the top of a cow that was about the size of a tire, but square, and angled down on all of it sides.  It looked about 8 inches thick, and maybe 3 feet wide, and it was black with some kind of gray markings on it.  The thing actually looked kind of beat up.  When I walked in, the thing just floated there for a couple of seconds, and then flew over my head and out the door.  It didn't fly real fast over me, but I don't know where it went once it got outside, and it didn't make any noise.  I looked a good while for it, but I never saw it again.  I went back inside the barn to check on my cattle that go in and out for water and food.  I checked on the cow that had the object over it.  She looked and acted all right, but I found a place on her ear that looked like she had been poked with a needle or something.  There was just a tiny bit of blood there, and her eye on that side of her head, had like a broken blood vessel in it.  I told my wife what I saw, and she told me that I was crazy, so I thought I would tell you.  I was also late for work because of this strange thing.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


WHITESBURG -- The witness lives on a large farm of 500+ acres with his wife and several children.  One night in mid-June at about 10:30 PM, the witness' son came in from outside and remarked on a strange aircraft over their property.  The witness and family members proceeded outside, and over their adjacent field was a hovering oblong craft (thicker in the middle), with white and red lights.  The primary witness (PW) stated that it appeared to be about 500 yards away and about 150 feet in altitude, because the lights seemed to illuminate the tops of some nearby trees.  PW estimated that the object was about the size of a quarter held at arm's length, adding that his thumb end would not have covered it.  He looked at it thru binoculars and noticed that there were steady white lights around it's mid-line, with red lights seeming to move along the mid-line between the white lights, as if in sequence.  PW added that the actual structure seemed to be metallic in tone, comparing it to the color of a Greyhound bus, or a DeLorean automobile (dull stainless steel body).  Witness then took a large extremely powerful handheld spotlight used in night fishing and spotted the craft.  The object then moved from about 2 o'clock to about 10 o'clock at an unbelievable speed (eye blink speed according to the PW), there to once again hover over a different part of the field at about the same altitude.  At that time, additional similar objects appeared over the field, and at one point, three were stacked up in a hover.  The whole family observed seven objects for thirty minutes until 11:00 PM.  The objects then simultaneously vanished from view.

The PW also added another unusual aspect to this occurrence.  Several weeks before this event, one of his friends was using a remote part of the property to camp.  The next morning as he departed, he asked the PW if he had sneaked down to the campsite during the night to shine his night fishing spotlight through his tent wall.  The PW had not done so.  Additional investigation will follow.  Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA, ISUR Board.


APPLETON COUNTY: CALUMET -- John B. reports, "We saw three flashing lights on August 30, 2001, at 8:30 PM that were lined up in a row.  They were flashing in sequence.  Two flashes, pause, three flashes, pause, four flashes, pause, and then repeated.  The front light was amber and the others were white.  At first, it looked like they were all connected.  Using binoculars, it looked like only the front light was attached to the next segment and the other segments were separate.  The object was cigar shaped and had some sort of windows in it.  Suddenly, the rear lights split apart and flew in different directions.  Then, as it got further away, it "realigned" into one cigar shaped craft that was headed toward Outagamie County Airport.  My wife called the airport and the tower had not seen anything as I described, on radar.  I also saw them on August 27th, when we saw only two similar lights. 

SHEBOYGAN -- Steve Oplatek on August 29, 2001, decided to step outside his house to smoke at 8:40 PM.  I noticed six large aircraft flying west with strobe lights at a fair rate of speed.  I heard jet engine noises and noticed that slightly ahead of the aircraft were another set of moving lights.  The second set consisted of two lights that were orange in color and steady; they did not blink like a strobe.  After further observation, it appeared to me as if the aircraft were pursuing the orange lights.  I got this impression because the aircraft were maneuvering a lot compared to the orange lights.  After 2 to 3 minutes the orange lights started to separate, one took a slight turn to the North, while the other one continued west.  The aircraft then split up into two elements consisting of hree planes each.  It looked like the aircraft were trying to surround the orange lights, perhaps in a dog fight.  This sighting lasted about five minutes.  Six aircraft in such close proximity to Sheboygan is unusual!  Thanks to Jenny Hoppe who announces the launch of "UFO Wisconsin," their very own UFO Reporting Center at 


BLOOMINGTON - The witness relates, "I was driving home from work on Route 51 to Heyworth on August 22, 2001, around 11:15 PM.  I was about half way home when I noticed three bright lights, side by side in the sky hovering around the Randolph Grain Elevator.  I estimate the object was about 500-1000 feet in the air.  Curiosity got the best of me so I turned on Randolph Road and proceeded east to check things out.  As I got closer, the object was still hovering and the lights were getting brighter.  I passed the grain elevator and the object still had not moved.  I was getting closer, my cell phone rang, and no one was there and no incoming call registered in my phone log.  I kept driving and the object darted northeast very quickly and was gone.  I checked the flight schedule at the Central Illinois Regional Airport and a plane comes in from Chicago at 11:10 PM.  I stopped on the road ten miles away and could see the landing lights of the plane, but the object had an oval shape based on the layout of the lights and darted away.  I saw something out of the ordinary.  Thanks to NUFORC.


PAHRUMP -- On August 24, 2001, the witness drove 60 miles southwest of Las Vegas and stopped on a bluff over looking Pahrump at 9:30 PM.  They observed an orange light hovering above the city.  The witness stated, "We watched this light for several minutes, as we were observing this light it started towards us and in a few seconds was above our car.  We were somewhat startled at this, as there was no noise or any other signs of a propulsion engine.  We watched as this light appeared to be descending upon us, being a little intimated by this, we got in out vehicle and sped off.  The light did not follow us, but left us wanting as to what it was?"  Thanks to Greg BeardenGBLVN22


VISTA -- On August 21, 2001, the witness reports seeing lights on each side of a flying triangle craft at 7:01 PM.  First a bright light came out from behind a cloud like a slow moving plane, but it was not a plane because there were no red and green navigation lights on each side.  There was no sound it was just a white dot, then a minute later another bright dot appeared, and behind it was a triangle shaped craft with three lights on each side followed.  They all went behind a hill and that was it I didn't see them leave

CARDIFF STATE BEACH - On August 21, 2001, two hours later another witness was standing at the very edge of the beach at 9:00 PM.  A dim pattern of lights in the sky caught his attention and at first he thought it might be a formation of planes.  The witness states, "Through some low clouds, the craft appeared and it turned out that the light pattern was just one side of this triangular object.  The main body of the object was black with rows of lights on each side of the triangle, with three bright lights on top at each corner-top and bottom.  The object moved slowly south out of a low cloud, stopped, and rotated about 60 degrees.  The Flying Triangle wobbled as it rotated.  During the entire event, there was no sound louder than the crashing of the waves on the beach.  I would estimate the object to be 2000 feet above the water and 2500 feet off of the beach.  The Flying Triangle was 450 feet or more in width.  I saw this object fairly clearly and it was large enough in my field of view that I could see many details.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


KANATA, ONTARIO -- There was a clear blue sky on August 25, 2001, as the witness and his wife drove north and noticed a high flying jet plane leaving a contrail at 10:02 AM.  One minute later they saw another craft moving northeast without making a contrail.  It was moving just too fast and too high to be a glider or small airplane.  It looked like a perfectly cylindrical metallic object with a quasi-transparent dome shape attached to the top similar in texture to what you can see when the moon is barely visible during the day.  There was a variable haze surrounding the object the fast moving object.  As the object came over head the witness laughed to himself and realized the shape of the object was just like a UFO portrayed in a B movie.  Comparing the UFO with a helicopter flying over the witness felt the UFO was the size of a big commercial jet.  He is an amateur astronomer and has a Master degree in engineering. 

BURNABY BC -- On August 24, 2001, the witness and her husband were heading home to Surrey, when she looked up and noticed a huge blimp at high altitude at 6:05 PM.  It was much bigger than any airplane.  The object was stationary, and had a reddish rustic tinge of color.  They traveled down Willingdon Avenue and on to the freeway watching when it moved northwest.  They had never seen an object move with that speed and that size.  About 1 1/2 hours after they got home to Surrey, they had to get back onto the freeway for an engagement in downtown Vancouver.  Again they noticed a black object stationary in the sky again so they pulled over at 7:40 PM.  It was the same oval shaped and very dark black large oblong/shaped object.  NUFORC felt the witness was exceptionally eloquent and credible and was not describing the laser light over Victoria, BC, later and the same night.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


[email protected] writes for over five years, my fiancee and I have had a very active poltergeist in our lives.  We have been subjected to a wide range of supernatural events, daily 'miracles' such as items flying around our home and in our car; things appearing and disappearing in front of our eyes; strange telephone calls and messages; imitative voices calling out; footsteps in the house; items being teleported from our home thousands of miles to the home of a friend; friends being hit by flying items in their home while speaking to me on the phone; bizarre computer and electrical interference's; displays crashing to the floor or flying across aisles in stores; books flipping into the air from shelves in bookstores; items jumping from grocery shelves or slamming to the floor near us.  We have had many hundreds, probably more than a thousand, events or manifestations of literally "impossible" actions since April of 1996.  While all this has been stupefying and life-altering, we also--during a peak early period of these manifestations, in September of 1996--had a very vivid and fairly close-up UFO sighting while driving at night on a freeway.  A wide-ranging pair of bright white lights hovered over the expressway ahead of us for five minutes; their "wingspread" so wide I assumed it to be a jumbo jet in distress flying low towards us.  On finally approaching the lights, and driving under them, the bright light-turned-to-shadow revealed (to me) a high-tech and metallic stacked superstructure situated above and back from the blinding lights.  The structure appeared like the top of a wedding cake, two barrels stacked up, a smaller upon a larger cylinder.  The lower cylinder was ribbed with perfect vertical lines.

My fiancee, amazingly, saw another aspect of the object very clearly.  She saw rows of yellow and red windows or squares situated below the lights, in such depth and so uniform that she thought she was looking at a skyscraper.  Amazing that the two of us, seated a couple feet apart, both clearly saw two distinct images.  (On passing under the lights and structure, it disappeared in an instant.  I pulled over, but it was suddenly gone. Naturally, we were left--and have been since--contemplating the connection between our poltergeist experiences and the UFO sighting.  I feel they must be connected, but how?  At the other end of the spectrum, I have been in touch with a veteran UFO experiencer who feels the common poltergeist manifestations in our lives are in fact ET actions, that we are in fact being toyed with by aliens who for some reason have become attached to us.  The most common poltergeist occurrence is the appearance and disappearance of 6 to 9 beer bottles from our refrigerator.  daily.  The bottles often disappear with a loud "clunk" and usually end up all over the house half filled and ice-cold. 

We had a personal object disappear from our home one day and show up that day at a friend's house over 2,000 miles away.  I said to the friend on the phone, "Watch, the next thing will be you'll have a UFO sighting."  Within a few days he saw a UFO that he videotaped.  The coincidence of the poltergeist onslaught and the UFO sighting surely can't be disconnected?  I went to see a priest about the poltergeist, but though he volunteered to "cleanse" our home, I sensed he was not too eager to do so, since poltergeists--unlike classic ghosts--do not take well to religious adjustment.  Anyway, bringing the alleged 'demons' subject back to the world of UFOs, can anyone shed light on this mystery of our lives, the bizarre relationship between poltergeists and UFOs?  Thanks to [email protected] and Skywatch International.


On the show 20/20 TV show on September 5, 2001, Ann Heche revealed more information about the curious event near Fresno, California on August 19, 2000, in which she was found wandering outside a rural ranch house, wearing a sports bra and shorts and babbling about "the spaceship."  Ms. Heche said, that six years ago, back in 1995, she began hearing disembodied voices.  The voices told her that she was "Celestia," an avatar from "the Fourth Dimension" who was destined to give birth in the 21st Century to "the New Messiah."  Ann Heche's middle name is Celeste.  During the six-year period, which includes her celebrated romance with Ellen DeGeneres, Ms. Heche experienced a wide range of paranormal phenomena, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, glossolalia, poltergeist levitation activity and visualization of departed spirits.  According to Heche, her lover's reaction was, "So you talk to the dead, eh?  That's nice.  Uh, just don't talk about it, okay?  Oh, and I love you dearly."  While at the Sierra lodge that day, Ms. Heche says she heard the voice of "Mamnod" or God instructing her to take a blast of Ecstasy and then report to Fresno for a rendezvous with the spaceship.  "I was ready to return to the Fourth Dimension," she said.  Ms. Heche remembers driving "for five hours" to Fresno.  Which is really unusual since she was only on the road for no more than 80 minutes.  The voice then told her to pull over, leave the black SUV and head out into the farm field "where the spaceship would be landing soon."  When her friends came to see her at the medical center on the morning of August 20, Ms. Heche said she suddenly snapped out of it.  No more voices.  "I was sane for the first time in 13 years."  Thanks to Joe Trainor  Masinaigan 


CHILBOLTON RADIO TELESCOPE -- Nancy Talbot from the BLT Team called to inform me that the two new Crop Circle formations or glyphs next to the radio telescope had been investigated by a scientific Team.  The investigators indicate they did not find evidence for authenticity, nor did they find evidence the glyphs were a hoax.  It was reported in error that the field was surrounded by a fence.  There were no visible changes to the plants, such as node enlargement or expulsion cavities.  The glyphs also had a grid line 3 to 4 inches thick that underlain the crops that could be used to help create the design.  This does not prove that the glyphs were man-made nor does it prove they were made by aliens.  They could not provide evidence for extraterrestrial contact.  The first glyph appeared on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, that shows a framed alien face with large dark eyes and a small mouth.  The second glyph appeared with a complicated binary code that seems to be a reply to a message broadcast from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974. That radio signal depicted a stick drawing of a human, our accurate DNA, and the Earth's location in the solar system.  Early indications are that the new glyph contains information that could only be known by high order of intelligence.  Some scientists claim aliens would not communicate in this way, but they may not use radio communication, since it so slow.  There are many possibilities and its too early to completely rule out alien contact.  See:,  Thanks to Nancy Talbot will speak at Levittown Hall in Hickesville, NY on October 21, 2001. Contact Ms. Steele (516) 420-8767.

LARGEST UFO CD-ROM IN EXISTENCE The Black Vault has unveiled thousands of documents relating to the UFO phenomenon.  Some, have never been published in electronic form, nor have other seen even the light of day.  Declassified in recent years, this CD holds over 5,000 pages of material, covering the past half-century of government involvement in the UFO field of research.  From the CIA recently declassified documents to the FBI.  From the NSA to the DIA, this CD has a fantastic archive, ready to browse with high-resolution scans.  Easily read and easily navigated, this research tool will be used for years to come!  To order, call toll free, (866) 828-2858 or outside the continental US, (818) 886-0131.  Order online today,

"THE UFO EXPERIENCE" WEBSITE NAME TO BE AUCTIONED --"The UFO Experience" annual conference has been ended and the conference website closed down.  The website's URL << will be offered for sale at auction via the Internet on e-Bay on September 24, 2001.  The listing will be in the "Domain Names" section.  (On e-Bay's home page, enter "Domain Names" in the question box "What are you looking for?" and then select the "Find it!" button.)  The auction will have a floor of $500 and will last five days.  Preemptive bids will be considered before the auction.  I reserve the right to cancel the auction if a preemptive bid is accepted.  John White, Producer "The UFO Experience" Conference 60 Pound Ridge Road Cheshire, Connecticut 06410-3412, USA Tel 203-272-2151. Fax 203-250-0501, E-mail [email protected]

MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL for $30 per year by contacting [email protected]  Mention that I recommended you for membership.  Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared.  These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint.  Send your letters to [email protected]  Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name.  Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.  Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.

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