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Filer's Files # 36




UFOs HAVE BEEN OBSERVED in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Oregon, and California.  Strange glyphs indicate alien contact may have occurred in England.  

ADMIRAL LORD HILL NORTON, a five star Admiral and former head of the British Ministry of Defense in July 2000, stated, "What I'd like to say is that there is a serious possibility we are being visited - and - and have been visited for many years - by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want.  This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers."  The book "Disclosure" by Steven M. Greer M.D.

-- The National Institute for Discovery Science on July 25, 2001, sent a FOIA request to the FAA requesting radar tapes (Tracon) for the July 14-15, 2001 time frame around the Carteret UFO incident.  NIDS also requested the tower voice tapes for the same time period from Newark International Airport.  A preliminary analytical report that details unidentified flying objects without transponders detected on air traffic control radar in the airspace around Newark International Airport on the night of July 14-15, 2001. 

By far the most noteworthy aspect of this communication is the large number of objects detected that DO NOT have transponders (all commercial aircraft have transponders) in the airspace around Newark International at the same time that an estimated seventy eyewitnesses on the New Jersey Turnpike and a further fifty (estimated) witnesses from Staten Island reported unidentified lights in the same area of sky.  A request to randomly check for aircraft without transponders at the same time on a DIFFERENT night produced the result that there were no objects without transponders in the air around Newark International airport on that second, randomly chosen, night.

This "control" study lends support to the notion that such a large profusion of objects without transponders in the air around one of the busiest international airports in the world is unusual.  Secondly, the fact that multiple objects without transponders were in the same airspace while over one hundred eyewitnesses on the ground were watching several unidentified objects over Carteret might be of interest.  Thanks to NIDS and MUFON's Director John Schuessler.  See report at:

Editor's Note:  Peter Davenport also requested a similar FOIA From the FAA.  Our contacts with military and Coast Guard radar operators have revealed similar information concerning unknowns.  A dozen anomalous targets possibly circling targets flew over the Newark International Airport general area on July 15 around 12:30 AM.  These anomalous targets flying through controlled airspace illegally flew in wide variations in speed.  Most were moving relatively slowly around 60 mph.  One was moving at 250 mph and a high-speed craft flew through the area at around 600 knots (690 MPH).  Speeds varied from 580 to 620 knots (670 to 720 MPH) faster than any normal jet traffic.  Numerous slow moving targets were also reported that flew slower than any normal aircraft traffic from 50 to 80 knots. 

My discussion with John Callahan former FAA Division Chief of Accidents and Investigation in Washington, DC revealed similar radar data has been available for many years.  He revealed that during his six years in this position other similar cases were investigated and the FAA was told by the CIA to keep this information quiet.  John revealed during the Disclosure Project how he had radar proof of a UFOs over Alaska that were reported by a Japanese Air Lines 747 flown by Captain Kenja Terochi in 1986.  The 747 crew and multiple radar have spotted a huge aircraft carrier size UFO over Alaska.  TWA and other airline crews also spotted the UFO.  Captain Terochi announced his sighting to the press and was soon relieved from flying duties.  The other aircraft crews were smart enough to keep quiet and keep their jobs.  This ridicule factor more than any other keeps the true extent of the UFO problem relatively secret.  Dr. Richard Haines a NASA scientist happened to meet the Chief Medical Officer for Japan Airlines and asked about the incident.  He was told a medical review board had decided that it was not wise to have pilots who see strange things.  Numerous near misses by military and commercial pilots are kept quiet in this way.  Fortunately, the pilots of the UFOs generally react quickly and avoid most mid-air collisions.  When our aircraft fall out of the sky and hundreds of witnesses report seeing a UFO in near proximity, it is time to consider their involvement in accidents.

On August 20, 2001, at about 10:00 PM, on a star lit night, the witness saw a flying triangle shape object with a bright white light at each point.  The witness states, "I couldn't make out any actual outline of the object or judge it's distance or size.  My best guess would be the size of a football field about a quarter to a half-mile away."  At first, it was stationary but then started to move slowly down toward the tree line and disappeared.  The duration of movement was 15 to 20 seconds.  The Flying Triangle made no sound and this exact object was also seen in February of 2001 in approximately same location."  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center


SEA BRIGHT/SHREWSBURY RIVER -- Peter B. Tarlton and his girlfriend reports that on August 21, 2001, while fishing at the Sea Bright Bridge, a glossy white ovoid/cylinder was observed at 3:45 PM at an altitude of 1500 feet.  The object/craft approached the beach heading due west making a slight curve to the southeast.  It had no visible aero forms/planes, was matte white to glossy white.  The O/C rose leisurely in altitude from 1500' to 2500'.  Haze and smog affected visibility; however most interestingly, it slowly pulsed to an intense white-hot light/power up phase, slid behind some haze, and disappeared.  My girlfriend and I both conducted additional observations of commercial jetliner aircraft, in the same vicinity, under the same environmental conditions, and the sun's glare was 20% to 30% of what was observed with ovoid cylinder.  Additionally jet aircraft did not disappear; their aero surfaces were clearly and visually distinguished.  The same observation was not repeatable with commercial traffic under same conditions.  The object turned and disappeared.  I have witnessed over 25 craft in this area, within five years.  All of these 'sightings' have occurred within a five-mile radius of Sea Bright Bridge.  Thank you for your efforts, excellent site, and contributions to the Disclosure Project.  Thanks to Peter B. Tarlton.

TRENTON -- Bill Fenton reports multiple UFO sightings over the Delaware River and nearby woods on Wednesday, August 22, 2001, and several days following.  He phoned several times to inform me that he and his friends were observing high speed lights and a diamond shaped craft.  Flashes of light would depart the craft and fly into the area streaking past their position on Route 295 overlooking the Delaware River.

On Wednesday, August 28, 2001, I drove to the Delaware River scenic overlook with Bill Fenton and observed several high speed maneuvering lights between 9:30 and 10:30 PM.  There was fairly heavy commercial traffic moving north along an airway.  However, there were unexplained lights over a landfill across the river in Pennsylvania.  I also saw a green light flash over Route 295 moving east.  There is unexplained activity in the area for many years. 


BAINBRIDGE, Ohio -- Is it an alien invasion or just an optical illusion?  A Bainbridge woman is searching for answers reports WKYC-TV Website in Cleveland. On two separate occasions, Heather Rice of Bainbridge says she saw, and taped, a UFO.  The first time was August 29th, while getting her daughter ready for school.  The second time was the very next morning.  Rice says she saw a "mother ship" and four others surrounding it, flying in a triangular pattern.  "It looked like a circular thing with windows with the red and green lights shining through," Rice says.  "It was spinning fast."  Rice took her videotape to Bainbridge Police.  "We can take a copy of her tape and then turn it over to NASA if they want they can take a look at it," Lt. Jon Bokovitz says.  "They've enhanced some video for us in the past.  Maybe they can determine what it was."  Thanks to Gerry at [email protected] -

MARIETTA -- On August 31, 2001, the witness was driving home at 9:20 PM, when the witness noticed a very low flying plane coming closer and related.  As it came closer I could see that the object had a Flying Triangle shape with lights on all 3 points, and a flashing light in the center.  It was moving at a rapid pace and passed directly over my car.  I slowed down, and so did other cars as it came over and I could clearly make out the shape of the object.  It was triangular and the back of it seemed to be concave.  A second later, a second craft of the same size and shape flew in formation with the other at the same flight level.  I watched both of them until finally they disappeared behind the hills at which time I called my mom on my cell phone.  The Flying Triangles had a wide wing with a concave back, and looked black against the moonlit sky.  Both craft had lights on the bottom corners and a flashing bluish white light in the center.  There was another blue light in the very front, above the white light on the bottom.  These craft were flying very low, I would estimate between 500 and 1000 feet altitude probably below safe flight rules.  They were traveling very fast about 300-500 mph, much faster than any commercial plane I have ever seen.  Thanks to Joe Trainor editor UFO Roundup.

Editor's Note:  Again we have eye witness reports of multiple aircraft flying so low as to create a safety hazard to both air and ground traffic.  They seldom use transponders as required by safety regulations.  Similar reports have been reported in the Chicago area and picked up on radar causing the diverting of aircraft landing at O'Hare and Midway Airports.  Kenny Young reports that similar lights were reported over Milan, Indiana not far from Cincinnati at 2:45 AM on July 31, 2001.

NASHVILLE -- On August 28, 2001, in the early afternoon the witness was fishing on the lake at Washington County Conservation Center.  I heard what I thought was jet noise and looked up and saw a long narrow object silver in color.  The craft had no wings or tail and had a long cigar shape, longer than most jet liner fuselages.  If this is not a UFO is it possible that the wings of a jet may blend against the sky or clouds and not be seen under some circumstances?  There were some high clouds and sky was visible behind the object.  If the lighting had somehow obscured the wings I would have seen the engines.  In addition, the "windows" were on the bottom and visible to me.  Airline windows are on the side.  The area is near several airports so jet noise is common.  I am now listing this as one of my UFO sightings, bringing the total up to four since 1958.
Editor's Note:  Based on your description it is difficult to determine if you saw an aircraft or a UFO.  Most likely the color of the wings, engines, and tail blended with the background since they are often painted white or gray while the rest of the aircraft is a more prominent color.  However, there are no aircraft with windows on the bottom and we do get UFO reports of silver cigar or cylinder shaped craft frequently.  These have included near misses where the pilots ducked down in the cockpit.  The jet noise would indicate the craft had jet engines, but we will probably never know the true answer. 


WEST OLIVE -- The witness was on the beach when he saw white lights that he thought were bright stars at water level 70 miles out on the lake on August 13, 2001.  The center light shot strait upward probably 50 miles high faster than any plane and stopped.  The second object on the left moved upward, while the center craft did a zigzag pattern while moving down the shoreline in less than a second.  The third stood very still and then shot strait up very fast and disappeared.  The first moving object appeared to be spinning in place.  They all went under the horizon for probably two minutes.  Upon returning they made sharp, sudden, and fast maneuvers.  I returned to the beach the next night and saw a very bright light in the exact same spot.  The light started doing the same sharp, fast up and down movements as the others.  Within a few minutes five aircraft started moving toward the UFO.  It made very uneven flashes of light, moved north, and disappeared.  Thanks to Peter Dave!
nport and NUFORC


DULUTH - The witness reports he and a friend were heading home from the Barnum Fair twenty miles southwest of Duluth on August 18, 2001, when we noticed a bright light in the southeast.  My friend thought it was Venus, but it seemed too large, too bright, and too low.  It was the only star in that direction!  At 10:13 PM, it suddenly darted straight north for three seconds covering a lot of ground in that short time.  We lost sight of it, but when we turned left towards home and came to an open field, we saw the bright object again.  It was hovering but then moved upwards quickly and the light went out, and then came back on again about ten seconds later.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


COLUMBIA -- I saw three lights on August 18, 2001, that looked like running lights for some blacked out shape at 10:30 PM.  It occurred at night so the shape was not visible.  It was very low when I first saw it above my window and moved much faster than any plane or helicopter.  It made no sound.  It buzzed my neighborhood moved to hover above some trees, which I am guessing to be about 400 yards away.  After a while it went off into the treeline and disappeared out of sight.  Thanks to NUFORC.


YUKON -- The oval object was seen at 10:45 PM on August 18, 2001, moving east at a high rate of speed.  It was a pastel red orange color.  It did not have any lights on it such as our planes have.  It was the solid pastel red orange color that disappeared going toward Oklahoma City.  I watched in total amazement since I never believed in such things.  I Believe Now!  It resembled the way a searchlight moves, but this was not a searchlight.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Lisa Ghariani sent an e-mail telling me she was traveling from Anadarko on Highway 15 on August 19, 2001, when she saw a singular oncoming light moving horizontally towards her.  At 11:45 PM, outside of Yukon I slowed a bit and watched as the light got brighter and brighter.  It finally came directly in front of the car at about 40 yards away.  It burst into a very bright circle with four diamonds like points and came directly towards me, then vanished.  I pulled over thinking it might be a motorcycle, but nothing ever passed or made any kind of sound.  Thanks to Lisa Ghariani LongShortrose


BRAZORIA -- The witness related, "We heard it go over the house on August 18, 2001, you could hear a huge rushing sound of air."  There was a loud continuous sound that sounded like a zip gun or reverberating siren sound.  The thing had to be very large and traveling just above the treetops at 12:05 AM.  It was very low.  There was the rushing sound of air, but no motor sound.  We live under a flight and know what aircraft sound like.  This was nothing like anything we ever heard.  Please advise.


ROCK RIVER -- On August 18, 2001, I was traveling northwest on Highway 30 toward Rock River at about 10:30 PM, when an extremely bright flash like an explosion occurred, and it was as bright as full daylight.  There was a bright orange flash then an object left at an extreme rate of speed vertically and escaped the atmosphere in less than 1 second!  This stretch of road is desolate and I do not know of any other traffic other than another lonely motorist that I passed as I came into Rock River.  I have seen explosions before and nothing other than a nuclear blast from my military training was as bright.  I am also aware of other incidents in this area for many years.  Thanks to NUFORC


PORTLAND -- on August 17, 2001, two persons saw the glint from a silver spherical object moving southeast at high altitude at 12:35 PM.  Just before the sighting, a squadron of UH-60 military helicopters flew in formation northeast towards Portland PDX airport.  The spherical object appeared to have movement on the underside, similar to a tail and moved rapidly across the sky.  I grabbed my partner and directed his attention to it.  "My god!  It is a UFO" was his response.  I grabbed the camera off the table and got three shots before I lost it in the trees.  We ran out front of the house, and looked along the expected path of the object, but it had disappeared.  The witness occupations are Chef/Teacher/Artist and, ironically enough, a Radio Talk Show Host who specializes in the topics of Paranormal and unexplained phenomena.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


Joshua Tree -- On August 24, 2001, there was a terrific meteorite shower show, but nothing compared to the 3 black 'Triangles' seen at approximately 1:30 AM zipping around rapidly and dead stopping in midair.  Shirley and I missed it, but not this man- ([email protected]).  This morning over coffee at the Country kitchen inn, he excitedly told me all about it.  If he wasn't a believer before, he sure is now.  Thanks to Dex [email protected]


RACHEL -- AREA 51 researchers witnessed the new version of the F-117A stealth fighter during the morning of June 12, 2001, when they took a film crew from the Learning Channel for an overnight stay up Tikaboo Peak.  Just before 8:00 AM they watched a KC-10 refueling tanker fly right overhead refueling an aircraft about twice the size of a F-15 chase plane.  Standard F-117 and F-15s are about 65 feet long with a 43 feet wingspan.  This aircraft was almost twice the size of the F-15 with a more streamlined cockpit.  It is gray, appears 100 to 130 feet long with a 65 to 85 feet wingspan, and is likely a bomber.  Thanks to Skywatch.


CHILBOLTON RADIO TELESCOPE -- Two new incredible Crop Circle formations or glyphs appeared in Southsea, Hampshire next to the radio telescope gives evidence of extraterrestrial contact.  The first glyph appeared on Tuesday, August 14, 2001, that shows a framed alien face with large dark eyes and a small mouth.  According to an employee at the Chilbolton Observatory on Monday, August 20th, a second glyph appeared inside of a fenced area with a complicated binary code that seems to be a reply to a message broadcast from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974.  Astronomer Frank Drake and Carl Sagan sent a strong signal into space towards M-13 a star system 25,000 light years away.  That radio signal depicted a stick drawing of a human and the Earth's location in the solar system.  An apparent alien answer to the radio signal in a pictogram has caused a heated controversy.  Some say aliens made the glyphs.  Others claim hoaxers using boards to knock down the wheat made the glyphs for an upcoming television program.  The glyph is very complex and tells us the aliens have large heads in comparison to bodies smaller than ours, provides their DNA, and that they apparently live on Mars and Jupiter if you assume they are in our solar system.  The glyphs are composed of hundreds of little cells acting as pixels in the wheat.  Charles R. Mallett and the BLT scientist team have already made some preliminary discoveries indicating the glyphs are real and not hoaxed. 

Genuine crop formations or glyphs are often observed with plasma balls or luminous orbs over them, sometimes strange sounds are reported, people entering the formation claim physiological effects, large knuckle like or exploded nodes are noted on the stalks of grain, meteorite dust is often found within the fields, and electronic and electrical effects can be measured.  Formations made by tricksters do not have any of these effects although; it has been suspected that some tricksters may have seeded fields with swollen-node-stems.  Hoaxers could seed a formation with authentic swollen-node-stems, but this would be a difficult process.  First authentic matching plants with swollen nodes would need to be dug up, transported, successfully transplanted, and kept alive at night without leaving traces.  Crop circle Electronic/magnetic sensors are able to pick up various kinds of readings in authentic fields.

Bruce Maccabee wrote, "At my suggestion Paul Vigay has compiled a graphic representation of the number of agriglyphs per month for the last several years.  It shows that the foot and mouth disease restrictions on entering fields had little or no effect on the numbers.  Very heavy fines are given to be who enter fields without permission.  Experts on both sides are withholding judgment until scientific analysis can be made of the alleged alien message and its authenticity.  Early indications are that the glyph contains information that could only be known by high order of intelligence.  Some scientists claim aliens would not communicate in this way, but they may not use radio communication since it so slow.  Thought waves sent from the Moon by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell were virtually instantaneous.  Aliens may want everyone to see their handiwork.
Perhaps they have attempted to reach various governments who have ignored them, and they prefer to openly communicate.  There are many possibilities and its too early to rule out alien contact.  See:,

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