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Filer's Files # 35



UFOs are reported in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, California, Washington, and Australia.


CHILBOLTON RADIO TELESCOPE -- Two new incredible Crop Circle pictograms or glyphs appeared in Southsea, Hampshire next to the radio telescope gives evidence of extraterrestrial contact.  The first glyph appeared on Tuesday,August 14, 2001, that shows a framed alien face with large dark eyes and a small mouth.  According to an employee at the Chilbolton Observatory on Monday, August 20th, a second glyph appeared of a framed complicated binary code that seems to a reply to a message broadcast from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974.  Astronomer Frank Drake was in charge and with Carl Sagan sent a strong signal into space towards M-13 a star system 25,000 light years away.  That radio signal depicted a stick drawing of a human and the Earth's location in the solar system. 

The makers of the glyphs would like us to believe that extraterrestrials intercepted the signal and returned it to the wrong radio telescope not as a radio signal, but as a glyph drawing in the wheat.  The reply glyph informs us that the aliens have large heads in comparison to their smaller bodies, gives their DNA, and that they apparently live on Mars and Jupiter if you assume they are in our solar system.  The glyphs are composed of hundreds of little cells acting as pixels in the wheat.  Radio show host Whitley Strieber
claims he was warned the glyphs were coming and there are rumors it is part of a TV show.  I would recommend we withhold judgment until scientists can closely examine the glyphs to determine how they were made.  See

A research biologist writes, "Many people have been speculating whether the new Arecibo crop pictogram in Chilbolton is a hoax or real?  The purpose of this message is: (a) to explain why the DNA part of that pictogram was altered from Sagan's original; and (b) to suggest a return message.  The central part of the Chilbolton pictogram shows that a DNA double helix as found on Earth, with 10 base pairs per turn, has been replaced on one side by a novel single-stranded helix with just 6 bases per turn.  I had to work hard
for several days, to discover that the single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn refers to 2', 5'-linked RNA or DNA, as opposed to the normal 3', 5' variety.  This is known to hardly any molecular biologist, and I found out only by making an accurate model.  Since the chemical formula of the 6-base helix remains the same as before, I guessed that any difference might be one of stereochemistry: change the sugar-phosphate connection.  A tiny single-digit change in the central "rod" of that pictogram, located between the two nucleic acid strands, may confirm such a change in stereochemistry once it is mapped accurately. 

In any case, there is no other plausible way of constructing a 6-fold helix as indicated.  (a) "Association of 2', 5' ligoribonucleotides," Nucleic Acids Research 1992, vol. 20, pp. 1685-1690.  This paper shows that 2', 5'-linked RNA will form double helices, but prefers to remain single stranded.  (b) "Synthesis and biological activities of 2', 5'-oligoadenylate," Nucleic Acids Research 1995, vol. 23, pp. 3989-3994.  This paper explores the use of 2', 5' RNA as an antiviral drug; it seems we have been exposed to such strange molecules in the past, and have evolved an interferon-RNAase L system against them.  (c) "2', 5' linked deoxyribonucleosides: thermal stability", Nucleic Acids Research 1997, vol. 25, pp. 3310-3317.  This paper shows that 2', 5' DNA will form a double helix with RNA but not DNA; hence any 2', 5' infectious agents would not be detectable by PCR. 

Recall that origin-of-life experiments in the 1980's by Leslie Orgel, found that RNA would often polymerize into two different forms, namely 2', 5 versus 3', 5'; and it was a mystery to chemical evolutionists why 3', 5' was favored on Earth.  Note that many abductees remain ill with chronic fatigue, which generally includes a high level of RNAase L; just as if their immune systems have been activated by contact with 2', 5' RNA.  The clear implication is that 2', 5' RNA may represent an alternative system of genetic coding to 3',5' RNA or DNA as found on Earth; and that the makers of the Chilbolton pictogram wished us to understand that fact.  Whether a secret band of elite scientists could hoax such a result seems doubtful; since 2', 5' nucleic acids are mentioned rarely in the literature, and nowhere does it say that they form a single-stranded helix with 6 bases per turn.  That I found only recently, by painstakingly constructing an accurate model.

If the message is authentic, one must wonder whether it was sent by radio some time ago, yet not made public?  Finally, George let me suggest a "return message" that could open communication rapidly.  I suggest that you ask people all around the world to write the following in deserts, beaches, forests, crops, and on all frequencies of amateur radio:  "2', 5' --- 6 ............ 3', 5' --- 10   " Or simply "6  /10" if they are lazy.  But the full message is better.  Thanks to Red Setter.


The Bush Administration may have several reasons for placing weapons into space.  The US is concerned that hostile regimes in North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria are working to produce missiles that can carry deadly chemical, biological, or nuclear warheads.  There is also a potential threat from Russia and China.  North Korea's test of the Taepo Dong 1 missile, and Iran's development on the Sha-hab 3 missile indicate attacks could come sooner than anyone thinks.  Saddam Hussein did not shrink from attacking Israel with missiles.  It is prudent to prepare to defend the US and its allies from missile attack.  President Bush has offered to cooperate with Russia on a global defense system. 

However, this may all be a smoke screen to defend us from potential enemies in space.  Asteroid 2001PM9 was discovered on August 11, 2001, and could make a close pass on May 10, 2003.  The first possible impact date calculated and the one with the highest probability of occurring is on June 17, 2005. Chances of impact are one in a million or less, but other asteroids may be lurking out there undetected.  Newer calculations now indicate there probably is little or no threat from this particular asteroid that measures 3/4 of a mile in diameter.  The impact from an asteroid of this size could kill between 500,000 and 1.5 Billion lives depending on where it hits Earth. 

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory claims there are currently 315 known
"potentially hazardous asteroids," or PHAs.  Each appears to be on a course that will one day bring it close to Earth's orbit, but scientists stress that none of them are known to be on a collision course with the planet now. Recent observations at the European Southern Observatory with the world's first operational virtual telescope 'Astrovirtel' have determined that the newly discovered asteroid "2001 KX76" has a diameter of 1300 kilometers.  An asteroid that could cause a global disaster would have to be more than a quarter-mile wide.  Smaller asteroids strike Earth abort every 5,000 years that could destroy a city or cause devastating tsunamis.  Scientists have called on governments to make plans on how to defend our Earth since little is being done to determine if any large asteroids might be headed for Earth.

It is reasonable to assume the President is aware of the possible danger from meteors and is developing forces able to deal with them.  He has picked the former head of the US Space Command, General Richard B. Myers to be the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in charge of all US Military forces.  He is now the Vice Chairman of the JCS.
Name=2001pm9&group=all&search=Search, Objects: 2001PM9; Earth Impact


PORTLAND -- NUFORC reports that a witness heard on the radio that the US space shuttle would be visible in a fly over on August 14, 2001.  He went outside at the appointed time and sure enough it flew over as expected.  The interesting thing is that at arm's length 4 inches" behind the shuttle, I could see a faint dot following at the same speed.  The witness stated, "I also saw this a few years back when the US shuttle had just separated from the Russian MIR station.  It was not announced that it would be visible with any other US or Foreign craft.  Cliff Rowe was monitoring the NASA TV video
from the STS-105 on August 11, 2001, as it glided silently around earth.  He observed a large dark round blurry object at 10:20 AM Central Time video taped by the shuttle camera.  The object was the size of a thumb placed over the object on the TV screen.  The Shuttle's camera caught the object on the lower left of center with the background of white clouds below. 

Editor's Note:  Jeff Challender and Les Willie have also been recording video from the U.S. space shuttles for years that show UFOs.  We can speculate they are similar to the X-33 Venture Star developed at the Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works facility in Palmdale, California.  The program was canceled in March,but the Air Force's top space official General Ralph E, Eberhart commander of
U.S. Space Command wants them.  This craft could be used as a space bomber bringing weapons to anywhere on Earth in less than 90 minutes.   

Sir Fred Hoyle was one of the main proponents of the Panspermia Theory for the origin of life on Earth brought here from space.  This theory is gaining more and more favorable attention among the scientific community.  It was his role and published writings in the 1950s on the cosmological origin debates against over whether the Big Bang (a term he created) or the Steady State theories (a theory he then championed more on philosophical grounds than scientific) that got me wondering about a populated universe.  He felt extraterrestrial life existed throughout the universe and was indirectly interested in UFOs.  Life was spread about the universe aboard asteroids, meteors, and even cosmic dust; a kind of Johnny Appleseed spreading the seeds of life everywhere.  For those interested in Sir Fred Hoyle and the Panspermia Theory, one can go to the What's New link on:  


OAKLAND -- My girl friend and I saw two UFO's on August 11, 2001, at 2:00 AM.  They looked about 3-4 miles away near the horizon and very bright.  The light they emitted was a white light and cast a reflection on the lake.  It had 3 different shapes that it kept alternating into every few minutes.  The first shape looked like two balls that were stuck together, then it appeared to move closer to me and would turn into a five pointed star, and moving farther away it became a fine point of light.  The light had an aura around it.  The light appeared to be stationary.  A few times it did move rather
rapidly, but would stay near the same place.  The first time it made a figure 8, then a few "sparkles" when other aircraft came near it.  I saw 6 planes go near the two objects.  It looked like a military plane shot a missile at it,(that is when I saw the first "sparkle").  The second UFO was higher in the sky and stayed in the same spot the whole time I was watching.  It was not as bright and was half the size as the first.  It had a shape of the two balls stuck together the whole time.  I had watched them for a couple hours and the
desire for sleep took over.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

LEWISTON -- Authorities have no explanation for eerie bright lights and loud rumbling sounds that dozens of people reported coming from the skies on August 25, 2001.  People from Lewiston, Auburn, Sabattus, Greene, Leeds, Monmouth, and Minot called police or the Lewiston Sun Journal about the lights and noises.  They said they saw bright lights or a streak of light followed by a flash, and heard loud rumbling noises.  "It was a long rumbling.  It sounded like a huge, huge object," said Lynn Madelyn Bailey, 59, of Minot.  "I was afraid to go out on my deck.  It sounded like it was right over my house."  But officials said no commercial flights flew through the area at the time.  Lewiston Police Sgt. Michael McGonagle tried to find the source of the phenomenon after taking several calls about it.  But after calling the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Guard, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and others, he didn't have an answer.  Thanks to the Lewiston Sun Journal and [email protected] -


CAPE COD -- The witness claims, "I saw at first what I thought was a shooting star on August 10, 2001, except that it was going a bit slower than usual. I saw another very small bright light amongst the stars 10:00 PM and it moved across the sky in an arc, not a straight line.  Another, then another followed that almost as if they were chasing each other.  The next few that I observed zigzagged across the sky changing speed and direction.  Then, a formation of four to five, lined up across from one another with one slightly ahead.  These lights are all very small, bright and disappeared very quickly.  The formation flew in an arc-shaped pattern then vanished.  This was not natural, so I asked my girlfriend come outside.  She pointed up and said, "Is that one?"  I looked up and a light was very quickly moving across the sky in a very tight arc shape.  She became frightened and went inside.  I stayed and saw more of these lights.  The last one I observed before it clouded up was traveling due west and suddenly sped off to the east.  I saw 40-50 of them within 1 hour and fifteen minutes.  Thanks to NUFORC.


TRENTON -- Bill Fenton reports multiple UFO sightings over the Delaware River and nearby woods on Wednesday August 22, 2001.  He phoned several times to inform me that he and his friends were observing high speed lights and a diamond shaped craft.  Flashes of light would depart the craft and fly into the area streaking past their position on Route 295 overlooking the Delaware River.

BRIGANTINE -- Later the same evening, I was awakened by a family overlooking the Atlantic Ocean who were witnessing high speed maneuvering lights at 4;00 AM.  The lights sounded very similar to those spotted over the Delaware River 75 miles northwest earlier in the evening. 

JERSEY CITY -- UFOzone reports that on August 24, 2001, "I have video of a strange phenomenon that my wife and I witnessed last night from our apartment.  I first saw the strange orange lights at around 12:00 midnight and got my cam.  Normally, it is difficult to see anything in the night sky that is why this sighting is so unbelievable.  We watched for five minutes before it vanished.  It was changing shape before our eyes, and a satellite issued from it.  I live right across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center.  I taped the phenomenon over Newark Airport to the southwest.  Thanks
to Dan


PITTSBURGH -- On August 13, 2001, my husband and I were sitting on our bed at 10:45 PM, when I noticed a bright light outside the window behind him.  The object seemed to 'twinkle,' and was gold in color.  My husband and I noticed green and a blinking red lights that seemed to pulsate.  Two other objects appeared 'that were exactly like the first and all three together formed an 'upside down triangle.'  They were motionless for about a minute, then began moving slowly.  We stayed to see if they would come back, and they did in about a minute.  This time, there were only two lights.  There was one behind each tree with their lights still blinking.  They stayed behind the trees for a minute, then went away and came back a minute later, then disappeared.  My husband was not convinced they were UFOs, but our cat was acting strange all through the night.  She got under the covers last night to bite and scratch one of my feet, which she has never done before.  This morning she started hissing at me and making weird sounds and her fur was standing straight up, like she was spooked.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

POCONO MOUNTAINS -- Eileen writes that on August 13, 2001, around 1:00 AM she spotted a Flying Triangle shaped UFO flying south near Tobyhanna.  Eileen states, "I thought it was three lights making a triangle, but then the way it went behind a cloud we all decided it was one UFO.  The other UFOs we saw were going from south to northwest.  They were coming from behind a cloud and moving very slowly, so we could follow their path until they were hidden behind trees.  No matter what time of year I go up there I am sure to see them."  Thanks to Wileen at Leenie9850

HAGERSTOWN -- Two of my employees where changing shifts at around 7:00 AM on August 1, 2001, when the night auditor saw a cigar shaped object in the sky. The object seemed to be about 5 miles away and moved at a very slow pace just above the tree lines.  When all of a sudden it shot a bright star object from one of the ends, and flew up into the sky and out of sight.  Both employees where very stunned and have been talking about it ever since.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC


STOW -- Tami writes, "The first sighting occurred while camping at Silver Springs in Stow and the second series of sightings was at my home in Akron."  I spotted something in the sky about 2:30 AM on August 14, 2001, and at first I thought it was the Goodyear Blimp, but this object was hovering.  My sister and I watched this thing flash bright red and blue lights, it was awesome.  I started looking around and saw more.  My brother in law said he couldn't think of anything that they could be.  It seemed like everywhere we looked there were two or more of these objects floating in the sky.  Some of the bigger "lights" flashed colors like they were communicating with each other. 
It looked like they were practicing for something.  The little dull looking objects maneuvered around the bigger lights.  We watched these objects until sunrise when they vanished.  They returned the next night at around 9:00 PM, but were not present on Thursday.  They returned on August 17 and for the next six nights.  None were visible in daylight hours.  They look like stars, but are brighter, and they "strobe " red and blue, and white.  Some moved
very fast and others just hover.  Thanks to [email protected]


INDIANAPOLIS -- Angela R. Clark a former policewoman photographed a UFO on August 7, 2001.  She writes, "When I was 8 or 9 years old I saw my first UFO. A few days after that sighting my best friend and I were out playing at night when we heard some strange "music," that sounded like an Ice Cream truck.  We looked above the treetops and saw an Ice Cream truck that was flying.  I have been terrified of those trucks ever since!  Last night, I went outside about 12:45 AM and it started to rain with lightening.  That's when I heard it.  I heard ice cream truck music!!!  My husband the skeptic heard it too.  I came inside and got in bed as my husband was turning off all
the lights.  ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC ... was right outside of my 2 story window.  It was so clear and distinct ... you would think that it was literally outside of the window.  My husband looked at me and said, "Did you hear that?"  It doesn't make sense an ice cream truck would be out at 1:00 in the morning, during a storm!  What the heck is going on?  Thanks to Angela and Jim Osborne MUFON Investigator

Editor's Note: George Hansen has written a new book called, "The Tricksters," any true UFO stories have this strange trickster of joker aspect.  The photo Angela captured of a disk shaped craft can be seen at


DUNLAP -- At about 11:10 PM on August 13, 2001, I was driving north on IL Route 40 when my wife and I saw several private airplanes with flashing lights that were easily seen.  In front of us an object came streaking down with a long tail at 20 degrees from vertical.  It was a small parallelogram with sharp angles, for the corners did not look to be right angles.  I remember that the parallelogram was a double image.  I could not blink to clear my vision or I would have missed it.  My wife did not recall a double image.  At arm's length it was 1/4" long and 1/8" wide and the tail would have been 10 inches long.  The object and the tail looked blue green; to my wife they looked more yellow.  I did see it though a tinted windshield.  It looked big enough and close enough that we thought it was going to hit the nearby fields and make an explosion, but it did not.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC who spoke with this witness, and found him to be quite credible.


LAWTON -- The witnesses were driving north on 82nd Street when they saw four objects take off from the ground one at a time in three-second intervals on August 15, 2001.  The objects flew north at super high rate of speed and would go out of sight in about three seconds.  The disk shaped objects appeared 3 to 5 feet in diameter.  Watching this event was awesome but the weird thing about it was no noise.  Each object looked as if it were being propelled from the rear because the rear of each unit was blurry, like heat waves or exhaust.  Each object traveled on a trajectory of about 25 degrees
and flew due north.  The witness contacted local media but there were no other reports.  Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC


ROSEVILLE -- We were driving west on Pleasant Grove Boulevard when, Janice, sighted group of six to ten objects she thought were big birds.  As she pointed them out to Richard, she noticed they were changing formation and moving up and down.  Richard also saw them and decided to get closer by turning left on Washington and later stopping his car to observe.  The objects moved southeast towards them flying in semicircular patterns, straight lines, and constantly changing their formation.  Some were at higher altitudes but these were neither birds nor balloons, and were under their own
mode of power maneuvering in unusual patterns.  As the objects changed directions, their color would change from a very bright white to brilliant silver.  The objects moved away but returned.  They flew in three triangular pairs, then formed a straight line moving east.  They reversed direction with two groups of three at one point, forming a delta shape and making arcing turns.  They watched for five minutes and the objects formed a delta shape again, and moved away at high speed to the northeast.  Richard is a 61-year-old engineer and Janice is a 53-year-old homemaker.  Thanks to [email protected] and NEW-WUFOD-I..1-408 SITE:  

WEED, NORTH OF MT. SHASTA -- On August 20, 2001, Mary C. was driving southbound on I-5, looking out of sunroof to stargaze at 10:00 PM.  She noticed three stars moving in unison southbound.  They were positioned to make an uneven triangle (no sides equal in length).  Initially I thought it was a satellite; however, the "stars" were too far apart and moved in perfect unison.  I questioned the likelihood that the "stars" were lights on the points of a craft but the space in between the "stars" was camouflaged against the night sky.  We observed the lights moving southbound and one by one they disappeared as it reached a portion of the nebula.  The speed was steady, not fast, but not slow.  The white lights did not twinkle nor blink. They made a triangle at 30,000 to 60,000 feet, but this was only an estimate. Thanks to (Mary c.)  [email protected] [email protected] -


SALMON LA SA -- We were camping out on the river on August 10, 2001, on a clear dark night and noticed a very bright white ball hovering to the south that moved downward to the peak of the mountain.  It exploded nonviolently into two small spheres that moved toward the peak, when a bus sized craft appeared.  We could not really see the craft, but saw four 2x2 glowing magnificent orange lights under it.  It acted like it was going to land. 
None of the lights signified it as an airplane, as none were blinking.  The craft got closer to the two spheres, and they both went over the mountain, out of our view.  Then a second ship, identical to the first, made the same trajectory towards the others, and zigzagged to maneuver over the peak of the mountain.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


PERTH -- Brian Richards reports that on the August 11, 2001, at 9:30 PM, independent witnesses reported seeing three very bright amber lights hovering overhead at Rockingham.  They were in a triangular formation with the apex pointing west towards the ocean.  One group of witnesses calculated their height at 200 feet and the size of a basketball.  The lights then started to move in different directions, coming back together and moving apart again.  After 12 minutes the lights headed out to sea and gradually blinked out.  The witnesses were able to see the lower object in silhouette after the light had gone out.  They could see a dark arrow or delta shape moving westward.  Thanks to Brian Richards [email protected]  ASPR/UFORUM(WA)

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Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.

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