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Filer's Files # 34



UFOs are reported in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, California, Canada, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand and from space.

University of California at Berkeley announced that astronomers have discovered a planetary system with two giant planets centered on a star that is similar to our sun in chemical composition.  The findings indicate smaller planets similar to Earth may be located in orbits inside these giant planets.  The astronomers believe many stars may have solar systems similar to our own.  Assuming the inner plants actually exist they are likely to have water and life may flourish there.  The newly found solar system is orbiting Ursae Majoris only 45 light years away, about 200 trillion miles from Earth.  "Of all the solar systems that have been found, this is the one that looks the most like our own," said Debra Fischer, an astronomer. "Nothing else is even close."


STATEN ISLAND -- We were on the beach at midnight on July 15, 2001, looking into sky with friends and other watchers.  We noticed 5 to 8 circular burnt orange colored lights in formation flying over Staten Island.  These lights were all lined up horizontally. They moved slowly towards our direction.  Due to a disruption, we had to leave the scene but other watchers stayed. Thanks to Joe Stefula


PALISADES PARK -- Several witnesses reported seeing a UFO descend from the sky on August 16, 2001.  The witness states, "My wife, my neighbor and I saw an object come down from the sky at 9:30 PM.  The craft was oval shape with a cap full of white colored lights.  This is the first UFO we have ever seen.  Thanks to  Varadaraj Kandasamy at [email protected]

TRENTON -- Several reports have come in from witnesses watching from the Scenic Point on Route 295 over looking the Delaware River.  They report seeing strange moving lights at night. Some are round and others spear shaped moving over the woods and river.  A diamond shaped craft was also sighted on August 18, 2001.  The sightings have continued for the last week and video has been taken.  Reports from this general area have continued regularly through the years.  Frequently, the sightings have involved several islands in the Delaware River north of Philadelphia and south of Trenton near Burlington.  This area appears to be heating up again.

CARTERET INVESTIGATION CONTINUES -- Gabriel wrote and phoned to tell me he was a witness to the Carteret sighting.  He was located near the large satellite dishes in Carteret.  He reports he had the best seat there and saw it all unfold.  The witness claims, "I saw it from two directions from Exit 13 and Exit 15 of the New Jersey Turnpike where dozens of cars were stopped to watch.  The object observed by hundreds was a dark black space craft for sure with a triangular shape.  Gabriel states, "I had a pair of binoculars and I saw a ship I know what a ship looks like.  All the lights were attached to the large ship. I was looking right at the ship it had a dark shadow ''V' shape behind the lights.  Also those people that saw the lights didn't see that there was a couple of small ships first. That is why the video shows the lights were in too different forms.  The other was a single light with 'v' shape.  There was allot going on that night.  We also noticed that all commercial aircraft had stopped flying over the area.  Thanks to Gabriel [email protected] Bayonne, NJ


NEW HOPE -- Anthony Volpe reports that on June 17, 2001, Lynn and I were traveling east on Woodhill Road in Upper Makefield Township.  The sky was clear and cloudless.  As we crested a hill and cleared the trees blocking our view, we saw an object hovering in the foreground.  Being familiar with the area, we estimated that it was hovering over the Delaware River.  It was slightly larger than 1/2 inch as viewed at arm's length.  It was shaped like a 'bar' or elongated rectangle with square ends.  The color was a nonreflecting white.  If clouds were available it could have easily hid among them, but there was not a cloud in the sky.  We consulted a local map for distance and direction information.  The distance to the Delaware River from our sighting location is one and six-tenths of a mile (1.6 mi.)  The UFO was hovering at a 30-degree angle above the horizon.  The direction was 303 degrees compass heading on our map.  Extrapolation of the size, distance and angle above the horizon shows the UFO to be approx. 170 feet long hovering at approx. nine-tenths of a mile (4,750 ft,) at a distance of 1.6 miles away from our viewing site.  Lynn and I observed the UFO hovering for several minutes.  We lost sight of it as we approached Interstate I-95 South.  Thanks to the Volpes [email protected]


MOORESVILLE -- On August 6, 2001, my son, my boyfriend and myself were watching TV when my boyfriend went outside to smoke a cigarette.  He came in and had a strange look on his face and went into the bedroom and grabbed his binoculars and said, "Come see this!"  The three of us went out on the porch at 12:40 AM and looked west above the treeline and saw an object that was moving from side to side and up and down, changing colors from a whitish blue to red then to green.  We watched this for about 11 minutes until it dropped below the treeline. I have never been a believer of UFO's but after seeing this disk, I question my belief.  A brief description of the witnesses' backgrounds are, 41 year old nurse, 20 yr. old navy enlistee and a 40 yr. old ex military combat engineer who all saw the same thing with our own eyes.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


INDIANAPOLIS -- Tom Sheets ISUR received the following report from Angela Clark about her sighting on August 7, 2001, at about 5:30 PM.  She let the family dog out into the backyard and noticed an object in the sky in the vicinity of some clouds.  She continued to watch as the object suddenly darted straight down and made a quick 90-degree turn to the right, suddenly stopping to hover over some adjacent homes.  I phoned Angela who described the object as appearing oval shaped, metallic colored, and lighter on top and darker on the bottom.  It had a wobbly spin while hovering and there was a slight haze around the craft.  She estimated the distance at 1/4 mile and altitude at 2500 to 3000 feet, and actual size as similar to 3 or 4 automobiles (HUMVEES) grouped together.  Angela is a former police officer, skydiver, and military dependent.  The witness stated she then ran into her computer room and grabbed her digital camera, returned and snapped a photo of the hovering object. (See At that point the object slowly began to move upwards, then quickly accelerated upwards and out of sight so fast she could not track it.  Angela forwarded a copy of the photo to ISUR and me for preliminary inspection.  The photo indicates a bright sunny day, with a few cumulus clouds, the glare of the sun is evident on the clouds and on the hovering object.  The object appears to be oval shaped but could be 'capsule' shaped and hovering beyond and over some homes.  Angela is currently a homemaker studying for a medical certification.  She is an excellent witness.  The case has been turned over to Indiana MUFON, State Director Jerry Sievers for a local in-depth investigation.  Thanks to ISUR [email protected], and Tom Sheets [email protected], ISUR Board, SD MUFON of Georgia.

SOUTH BEND -- On August 14, 2001, Mark Radecki, 47, was sitting on the back door step when he heard a whistle, like a hawk makes.  He looked up expecting to see a hawk when he spotted a black coffin shaped object directly overhead traveling northwest at 1342 hours (1:42 PM).  It flew away at a steady speed of 1400 MPH.  The witness heard the whistle one more time before it flew behind some trees.  Mark says, "My estimate is that it was fairly low 800-1500 feet, and at its speed it would have crossed the entire sky, being directly overhead, I about 6 seconds.  A favorite hobby of mine is to sit in the yard, with my binoculars and field guide, and watch and identify all the aircraft that cross the sky.  So I am familiar with all types of aircraft, their speeds, and altitudes. This was not one of them.  Mark also saw a black egg shaped UFO with short stubby wings ten years ago.  The object was one inch in size at arm's length.  Sky was partly sunny, w/high cumulus clouds, 80 degrees, 10 MPH wind.  Thanks to Skywatch and UFO-PI Online Reporting and Mark [email protected] [email protected]


WILDWOOD -- This is the second sighting of similar objects within the past six months for me.  I first saw two objects on April 26, 2001, and a report was filed.  On August 2, 2001, I was able to distinguish a little more detail than the first time.  I observed directly west of Route 45 and Center Street in Grayslake two bright lights stationary in the sky at 1:15 PM.  They were not moving as in the first sighting.  This time I was able to get my wife to view these objects with me and with binoculars.  They were round and had lights, which seemed to be like multiple strings descending from top to bottom.  They could have been windows but were too far distant to really confirm.  When I looked at them with just my normal eyesight they were very bright in the sky, and with the binoculars I could distinguish the strands of lights on the side of the object.  They were quite a way's off in the distance but were very large.  They started moving towards the southwest after about 15 minutes until they disappeared.  Once they started moving, they moved rather slowly.  During the first sighting I had, they moved very fast

CHICAGO -- It was about 3:00 AM on August 5, 2001, some friends and I were sitting around in my friends yard talking and one of my friends pointed to the sky and said, "What is that?"  We all looked to where he was pointing and I saw an object that seemed to be glowing with its own light traveling across the sky from southeast to northwest at a steady rate.  The object appeared to me to be squarish and a yellow orange color with very faint red spots of light surrounding it.  I heard no noise.  The object traveled in a straight line across the sky, not speeding up or slowing down.  It was a very clear night, with a nearly full moon.  We had observed several planes traveling from west to east that night, both before and after we saw this object.  They were all obviously planes, with the tell tale blinking lights and the jet noises.  This object was different.  We immediately began listing off the things it could possibly be.  Someone suggested that maybe it was a children's balloon caught in some freak jet stream.  However, the wind wasn't blowing and the stars were clear, not shimmering like on windy nights.  I got out my camera and snapped some pictures of the object, but as of yet haven't gotten them developed.  A similar object was seen on August 9.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MERCER -- J writes on the evening of August 3, 2001, I was traveling to northern Wisconsin with a friend for fishing.  We were about 3 miles south of Mercer on US 51 at 12:30 AM when large bright yellow-orange lights appeared in the sky directly a mile ahead of us at 1,500 feet altitude.  They were about the size of your thumbnail at arm's length.  The full moon was up and the lights were just slightly smaller.  The lights almost looked like yellow orange fireballs, but didn't flicker and the outside edges had a blur or hazy appearance.  The lights were "stacked" directly above each other a 100 yards apart.  We both saw the lights as if someone switched on a light.  We drove until we were a half mile away and I stopped to get my camera from the trunk.  Then the lights moved straight up and the spacing between them doubled.  As we exited the car the lights moved to our left about a half mile all without changing their formation.  The sky was clear and as I took the first flash picture, the lights converged towards the middle light and formed a perfect triangle on a horizontal plane at 200 yards apart.  I took 6 pictures in 5 minutes. 

There was no noise even my hunting dog was quiet and still, which is very unusual.  We drove a mile further down the road and snapped another picture just as a pickup truck swerved sending gravel flying.  I pulled along side the truck, and young driver said, "What the hell am I looking at?  I've been watching those lights for about 10 minutes and when I saw your flash I knew you guys saw them too."  The three of us watched the lights rise slowly, then the speed increased until they reached an altitude of about a mile and they disappeared.  We drove into Mercer and realized the town was blacked out.  I contacted the power company and they said the outage was caused by a "regulator reset."  Thanks to Jim Aho W-Files


MAMMOTH LAKES -- I was camping out near Mammoth Mountain when the crickets stopped chirping at 3:45 AM on August 7, 2001. From the West, I noticed a dark disk shaped object slowly moving and stopping as it made its way towards my location.  I was inside my sleeping bag next to my girlfriend who was asleep. The object got within fifty feet and I was frozen in fear and curiosity.  I watched the craft slowly slip by, stopping for a few seconds at a time and continuing.  There was a very slight hum. The craft emitted a dull blue beam from the far edge of the disc as though it was searching for someone.  The craft was now clearly visible as a shiny disc, and came to a complete stop.  I crawled towards it hoping it didn't detect me.  I kept thinking that this craft might have infrared or heat sensors to detect any movement outside, but there was no deviation from its course/task.  At one point, the craft got to about 2 feet from the ground and the humming became louder.  I got back without causing any notice when the craft became enveloped by the surrounding area.  It became invisible, but with a slight atmospheric distortion.  I watched this mirage-like phenomenon float upwards until I could not see it anymore.  Five minutes later, the crickets started again and I stayed up all night.  This has changed my life forever and makes me realize we are not alone. 

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK -- On the evening of August 8, 2001, at 10:15 PM my girl friend and I were looking at the night sky while camping at the North shore of Saddlebag Lake (elevation: 10,000 feet).  The sky was clear, and moonless.  We witnessed and heard a formation of three "military fighter jets," displaying normal navigational lights, and flying at 15,000 feet on a due west heading. Trailing the formation of fighters at the 8 o'clock position was a large "Chevron Shaped Object," backlit by starlight."  We estimated the Chevron to be 100 yards from wingtip-to-wingtip.  The object had three "white colored" lights -- one at the apex, and one at each wingtip."  The object matched the jets air speed and seemed to move south more like a glider than a powered aircraft.  We watched for two minutes.  My girl friend and I are very familiar with the air traffic in the Tioga Pass area and these were flying south and parallel to the commercial air east/west corridor.  Neither one of us have ever seen an "aircraft" this large.  Both of us are trained and experienced professionals (Health Care and Photojournalism).  We are certain of our observations. Thanks to NUFORC.


ST. PAUL -- The August 13, 2001, issue carries a serious UFO article titled, "Seriously is there a middle ground between skepticism and belief?" by Susan McClelland. "To the first-time tourist, St. Paul, Alberta., could easily pass for a set from The X-Files.  The billboard at the edge of the small farming community about 200 km northeast of Edmonton welcomes visitors to the world's first UFO landing pad -- a circular cement deck attached to the chamber of commerce.  The chamber itself looks like a spaceship.  Businesses with names like Mama's Flying Saucer Pizza & Breakfast and the Galaxy Motel line the main street.  The biggest surprise, though, may be just how long it's been since the townsfolk put out the alien welcome mat. "The landing pad was built during Canada's Centennial," explains Mayor John Trefanenko. "People wanted to create something that would be recognized around the world. Over the years, we kept building on that theme." And build they have. UFO fervor has spawned an industry in the town of 5,000 that brings in some 30,000 visitors a year.  Townsfolk have developed otherworldly areas of interest.  Fernand Belzil, for instance, a semiretired cattle rancher, is one of Canada's few experts on a grisly type of animal mutilation in which all the blood has been drained and certain organs surgically removed."


NOTTAWASAGA BAY ON LAKE HURON -- On August 4, 2001, at 8:00 PM we saw a jet going from SW to SE and an object came up behind it on exactly the same flight path, but much faster than the jet.  When it reached the jet it disappeared and the jet kept going.  It overtook the jets speed at double or triple the speed. The object was bright and round with no noise.  We live on the shore north of Barrie, Ontario.  Last year, my husband and I were sitting on our deck in July, when we watched a jet flying southeast at 6:50 PM.  Another object came out of the southwest on a diagonal flying much faster than the jet.  It crossed in front of the jet and the jet veered to avoid a possible collision.  We were afraid for the aircraft.  I reported this to the government, but we never given an explanation.  The object looked oblong or round and it was a metal material because the setting sun made it look orange.

TORONTO -- Harry Harris writes, my friend and I were standing in Pratt & Whitney Canada's Mississauga Company's parking lot for our lunch break, when we looked up at something like a bird passing overhead.  I continued to focus on what eventually seemed to be two spheres orbiting about each-other but moving at a constant 25 MPH velocity and in a straight line. They were like two tennis balls made out of frosted glass light-bulbs  traveling just above the power lines.  I was a mile west of Pearson International Airport at 12:30 PM. The object was traveling west. Thanks to Brian HBCC UFO Research - [email protected]

ALTON BARNES --A huge crop circle was reported at Milk Hill, Wiltshire on August 13, 2001, that inclues some 250 circles.  So far scientists have not attested to its authenticity.


PELOPONNESE -- The witness reports, "I saw a strange light in the sky over Patra on August 8, 2001, at 21:30.  First, I thought it was a satellite, or fireworks from a boat. My house is near the sea, but there was no boat!  It wasn't an airplane because it had such a big light and lasted about four seconds.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


ISMIR ---Hakan Konac reports that Turkish Air Force pilot First Lieutenant Ilker Dincer was flying a T-37 Training Jet (122nd Squadron) on August 6, 2001, when he encountered a UFO at 12:30 hours near Candarli. Radio communication from the Pilot: Dincer: "We are facing an unusual situation. We see an object shaped like a cross between a cone and a disc, with support legs, extremely luminous and high speed".  Dincer reported the incident both to the Ground Control and to the Combat Operations Center (COC) and asks for radar confirmation. COC: "Negative. We detect a high rate of maneuvering in your aircraft but no detection of a second object around."  Dincer moves the T-37 closer towards the object and according to Dincer, the object also moves closer towards the T-37.

Dincer: "The object is now coming closer to my wings, now its behind us, Ill get it in front of myself, now its in front of us, hey this is certainly going for a dog fight with us".  The object gyrated around the T-37 for thirty minutes. The object and the T-37 maneuvered around each other during the encounter until the object disappeared at an incredibly high speed.  The incident is under investigation by the Turkish Air Force who at first claimed it was a weather balloon.  Thanks to [email protected] (Giuliano 'Jimmy' Marinkovic)


WAIHEKE ISLAND, AUCKLAND -- Joe Trainor received this report from Anthony Milas and his girlfriend who saw a gray cigar shaped craft surrounded by trailing flame on July 13, 2001.  The sun was setting at 5:30 PM, and the object was two-thirds its size.  The flaming trail moved very slowly downwards and arcing to the north.  It was moving with the head of the trail leading.  After five minutes, it broke into two trails - a larger and a smaller.  The smaller one appeared to hover.  The larger one was observed for five minutes before it disappeared behind clouds close to the horizon.  The object slowed its descent moving to the west.  Anthony states, "Using my binoculars it was now maintaining a steadier altitude and I clearly saw a gray cigar shape, and the flaming orange/yellow was surrounding this and trailing off it."  The object disappeared behind a cloud near Rangitoto Island, several kilometers away.  My girl friend saw something similar several weeks ago, but assumed it was an artifact of the sunset.  The sun had set and this cannot be explained by natural phenomena.  The object was observed for ten minutes close to the horizon, and I assume it was very large, far away, and traveling very fast.  Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and [email protected] (Anthony Milas) [email protected]


On August 18, 22 days into her hunger strike, Lara announced on the live Ground Zero show (1080KOTK - Portland) that she will take her Presidential hunger strike to Washington, D.C. and the White House, as a daily reminder to President Bush.  "I am asking President Bush to fulfill his campaign promise, and make public information on U.S. government involvement with Extraterrestrial craft, technologies, and civilizations by supporting the Disclosure witnesses who are ready to testify before the U.S. Congress.  Thanks to ECONEWS SERVICE:


Researcher Jeff Challender informed me, he watched the STS-105 Discovery tape during the shuttle overnight mission on August 10/11.   In one segment, there is an object, similar to Storey Musgrave's "space snake" moving about in daylight over the Indian Ocean west of New Guinea.  It appears to be going away from the tail of the Shuttle Discovery, and is first seen against the blackness of space, then in silhouette against the bright clouds and sea.  The camera zoomed in on it briefly, but didn't focus, then the downlink was cut.  A half hour later, at orbital sunset, it was still out there in the distance until they cut the feed again.  This was no ice chip.  Later on, during a night pass over Texas and the Gulf, there was another of those bright zips of an object passing quickly.  It resembled the strange bright zipping object seen in the Houston sequence from STS-96 in June 1999.  Now since the Perseid meteor shower was at it's peak that night, it's possible that this streak was a meteor. 

Later, Cliff Rowe was monitoring the NASA TV video from the STS-105 on August 11, 2001, as it glided silently around earth.  He observed a large dark round blurry object at 10:20 AM Central Time video taped by the shuttle camera.  The object was the size of a thumb placed over the object on the TV screen.  The Shuttle's camera caught the object on the lower left of center with the background of white clouds below. T he DARK SPOT seemed to be stationary at first appearing as a possible spot on the camera lens.  As the Shuttle moved and the camera zoomed in on it, the object moved slowly to the southeast.  The Shuttle camera began to pan to get a closer look at the object, and appears to have rapidly switched to several different colored filters.  Then the object disappeared into the clouds below.  The Shuttle transmissions then switched to the NASA animation picture of the Shuttle.  We had a monstrous size UFO messing around our earth in the upper atmosphere and this isn't the first.  These things are all over the place and most people are being shielded from this information.  If you don't believe me get the tape "What Do They Know" by Jeff Chandler (his E-mail: [email protected]).  You will be able to see these objects from raw NASA data transmissions that have been caught on tape by Jeff.  You will be able to tell the difference between ice crystals and UFOs passing by.  If the proof on this tape doesn't convince you, nothing will.  Thanks to Cliff Rowe [email protected] and [email protected] (Jeff Challender

Editor's Note: Unidentified Flying Objects with regularly flashing lights are frequently videotaped in space by the Shuttle's cameras.  It is certainly possible that these UFOs are ours and that classified black hypersonic craft are being covered up by unclassified programs such as the canceled X-30 National Aerospaceplane project in 1994.  It seems reasonable that a reconnaissance aircraft was built to follow on to the SR-71 Black Bird.  Most likely a black-world hypersonic aircraft has been built and is now flying.  Jeff and Cliff may be seeing these craft or are they real UFOs?

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER ARTICLE -- I wish to thank Mike Vitez for writing an excellent article about me for the Sunday August 19, 2001, Newspaper.  The article was well written and contained a balanced view of my interest in UFOs. 

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