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Filer's Files # 33



UFOs reported in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Canada, Australia, England, Turkey and Belorussia. Cattle mutilations in Texas and Montana.

AIR SAFETY -- Several of these reports again reflect on the safety of aircraft around the world.  UFOs are being observed by ground and airborne witnesses and confirmed by radar.  Near misses and other high speed maneuvers conducted by UFOs in approach corridors to our airports represent a potential safety hazard.  UFOs may also cause electromagnetic troubles in aircraft that affect navigation, guidance, and flight control systems.  Crews report ducking down in the cockpit and taking evasive action could result in aircraft losses.  China and Mexico have reported actual airborne collisions with UFOs.  A sudden dive by aircraft possibly avoiding a collision like Egypt Air Flight 900 should be examined in relation to these UFO reports.


CARTERET -- A new witness claims to have observed the structure of a large Flying Triangle near Sayerville heading for Carteret.  Witnesses further south along the New Jersey Turnpike saw aircraft on the normal approach to Newark Airport apparently being diverted because of the presence of UFOs in the early morning hours of July 15, 2001.  It is normal FAA procedure to divert aircraft away from potential danger without confirming the presence of UFOs to the aircrews.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that radar's in the New York area picked up a series of anomalous targets on the night of July 15, 2001, between 12:25 to 12:55 AM.  These targets roughly match the ground witnesses testimony of seeing lights over the New Jersey Turnpike.  Dozens of cars came to a stop on the Turnpike to watch the lights as they passed overhead.  Carteret is a very significant case because it occurred the day after the successful US antimissile test in the Pacific, the so-called son of Star Wars.  We can speculate the multiple UFOs were a response to this test.  Russia is strongly opposed to the development of this Missile Defense System and their involvement cannot be ruled out at this time. 

Carteret is only ten miles from New York City the home of most major television networks.  Numerous police and fireman were witnesses and took video of the event, that was shown on many television broadcasts.  New York radar operators indicate that dozens of anomalous targets were racing around the area.  There are wide variations in speed, altitude, and size.  Anomalous targets are those that are not using transponders that are required for all normal commercial traffic and identify the aircraft.  The anomalous radar returns were flying too slow or too fast to be normal aircraft and remain unidentified.  So far to my knowledge the government has not denied the sighting and no military maneuvers have been acknowledged. 

MUFON investigator Bob Durant reports, "In the short time the lights were displayed on screen, it was obvious that they were moving right to left at a slow but deliberate angular velocity.  There was no relative movement among the lights.  The top of a house or building, and possibly a chimney on a house, is visible beneath the lights and offer a reference for their movement.  No stars were visible in the video scene.  There were a total of ten lights, arranged in three groups.  Beginning from the left on the screen, which corresponds with the foremost lights, we see five lights, then a space, then four lights, a much longer space, and a single light which brings up the rear of the moving set.  There is no obvious symmetry to either the groups of five and four lights, or to the entire group of lights.  The lights depicted in the video are large, steady and white, though there is some slight but perceivable variation in diameter among them.  One of the lights momentarily nearly!
 "goes out," diminishing to a tiny point, then resuming its original size."  Thanks to Bob Durant.


PHILADELPHIA -- Truck size cigar shape object over the Blue Route 476 in the western suburbs.  The witness reports, "On August 10, 2001, at 11:47 AM I was driving to work and directly ahead of me, a half of a mile or so, I saw an object that resembled a cigar shape, quickly, zooming over the highway.  It flew over the trees and it disappeared. The craft looked as though it was about the size of a truck.  It seemed to reflect the sky on the top, and more dark on the bottom half.  It was not high at all, as far as my view, a half mile ahead.  It looked like it was maybe a hundred feet over the highway.  If I were to hold out my arm and clench my fist, the object would be about half the size of my fist. No one else, as far as I could see, saw the object.  But, because I love looking into the sky, I am more alert to the stranger objects then most people.  This was not a plane, not a bird, not a helicopter.  The object kind of teetered back and forth as it passed, almost out of con!
trol.  Last year, another UFO flew by within a hundred feet from the ground.  Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center

MCCONNELLSBURG -- "While many people saw the huge fireball streak across the sky last Monday evening many others are also reporting seeing a black object with a tail in the western sky Saturday evening July 29, 2001.  Bleachers full of people saw the object while attending the Grease, Steam and Rust Association's truck pull at the fairgrounds.

Jane and Bob Lamison of Cooper Lane also saw the object from their porch Saturday evening at about dusk.  They described it as a large black object with a tail and blinking lights hovering in the clouds.  The object stayed in the same area for about a half hour.  Although not officially identified police officials said it was probably a surveillance aircraft that the residents were seeing."  The Fulton County News," on August 2, 2001: Thanks to Jon Baughman [email protected]


ALEXANDRIA - RESTON -- Dennis C. who wrote, "On July 30, 2001, between 1:00 and 1:20 AM, I sighted something in the western sky that was pulsating or strobing in 3 to 4 colors.  This object was definitely not an aircraft because it remained stationary.  I attempted to view it using binoculars and a telescope but was not able to discern a specific shape or distinctive features.  Any visible white light in tiny objects gets refracted ever so slightly by a possibly damaged telescope.  The strobing appeared as if the object was in rotation.  The colors appeared to include red, green, blue and yellow, even when viewed with the unaided eye.  My wife could see three colors and she has rather poor night vision, so this also leads me to believe it was not an aircraft.  We both watched this object for at least 10 minutes until it was fully obscured by the clouds so it could not have been the International Space Station.  Thanks to Dennis C.and Larry Bryant


ST. PETERSBURG -- ISUR reports that.  At about 11:30PM on August 10, 2001, the witness, his son and a friend observed a bright white colored light/object hovering in the sky over St. Petersburg.  The object moved, then reversed it's direction 180 degrees, turned at sharp angles, and zig-zagged in an incredible manner.  At times the object would stop, then move forward in short pulse like bursts of speed, then hover for long periods.  After about 15 minutes, several jet fighter type aircraft appeared, believed by the witness to be from  nearby McDill AFB which is about 5 miles east across Tampa Bay.  Witness stated that these jet aircraft appeared to travel a course to the  southeast as if trying to locate something because they repeated this two more times, but at a higher altitude.  The light/object remained stationary while the jets flew this pattern.  Eventually, it begin to "drift" and then smaller lights/objects appeared from all directions, they too drifting, but toward
the primary object, then all finally became motionless.  These activities continued for over an hour.  Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board-State Director MUFONGA and D.


BLANCHESTER -- On July 31, 2001, at 11:50 PM, the witness relates, "I was driving southeast on Route 123, when I saw a Flying Triangular shaped object.  The tips of it were very smooth and round.  There was a white light in each corner and a bright red light in the middle.  It hovered there for about 30 seconds.  As I came closer it shot over to the north and came to a complete dead stop.  It didn't start slow or slow down to stop.  It stopped as fast as it went.  It just sat there in the sky perfectly still.  It stayed there for about 1 1/2 minutes.  I then turned onto my street and could not see it for a minute because of trees.  Then I saw it hovering over a house.  It took me two minutes to reach my driveway.  I couldn't see it anymore until it shot across the sky tremendously fast.  Faster than any aircraft and be completely silent.  It shot over my house, flew two houses north of mine, and hovered in my neighbor's field.  It wasn't very far from their house.  It just sat there hovering with no movement or sound, like it was watching me.  I sat in my car for two minutes and watched.  I was stunned but ran into my house to get my video camera, but I had forgotten to recharge the battery.  I was in my house for about a minute and ran back outside and it was still there.  We looked at each other for about 50-60 seconds and it was gone.  It was so smooth and graceful and never changed altitude or shape.  It was larger than a full moon.  Peter Davenport felt she was an excellent and credible witness.

FRANKLIN -- MUFON OHIO State Director Bill Jones received word of a sighting that occurred on August 3, 2001, from MUFON's Scott Arnette in Louisiana.  The UFO witness, Mr. Greg Banks of Franklin, reported he was awakened around 2:00 AM, when a bright light flashed through his window.  He then heard a "thunder like" sound.  Scott Arnette said that Mr. Banks claimed that no thunderstorms were in the area.  The hair on his arm seemed to stand up.  Mr. Banks went outside on the porch and saw a bright white light or sphere in the sky.  An aspirin tablet held at arm's length would not cover this light.  It was traveling slowly.  Then it stopped over a wood line to the east at about two miles.  The light bobbed up and down when a smaller white light came out from underneath it and bobbed around like a cork in the water.  It also moved around the parent object for a time, but mostly stayed underneath it.  The moon was visible to the south.  He tried to take a picture of the light.  Greg notified MUFON while this hour long event was going on.  Scott Arnette called the Springboro police but was unable to get confirmation of the sighting.  He asked the police to call him back, but they never did. 

INVESTIGATION -- Investigator Kenny Young reports he contacted the witness who sounded alert and explained that he had never seen anything like this before and was not medicated and had been sober during the event.  He asserted his inability to explain the sighting.  His mother, who he said is extremely religious, also saw the object after he awakened her.  She said, it was "something very unusual."  The witness recounted the same details as he told Bill Jones, and added it was over Springboro.  Interestingly, Greg informs that the sound of helicopters were heard several minutes into the event while he was standing in the yard and talking on the phone with Scott in Louisiana.  Greg states that he could not visually see helicopters or ascertain the source of the helicopter noise.  He was not familiar with any recent UFO sightings.  His sighting has similarities to the recent nearby Waynesville police/UFO sighting in that the object first appeared near to the witness and then re!
ceded into the distance over a brief period of time.  This location is 25 miles south of Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  The Springboro Police Department advised they had no relevant UFO sightings.  Banks was a friendly and cooperative witness.  Thanks to Scott Arnette, Bill Jones, KENNY YOUNG U F O R e s e a r c h


DOWNERS GROVE -- A glowing, gold/orange cylinder-shaped object was observed on August 1, 2001, flying northeast toward Chicago at 8:15 PM.  The area of observation is near O'Hare and Midway airports, and several jet aircraft were in the area flying in normal traffic patterns.  We noticed the object was flying nearly at the same altitude of the jet aircraft, but much faster.  The object all at once slowed down as a B-757 aircraft departed Midway airport, westbound and flew past our position.  We were amazed at this behavior, as if the object was observing the jet.  The object then accelerated to the northeast and disappeared in a wink as a B-727 came into view from the east.  The 727 entered the O'Hare inbound traffic pattern, flying downrange and turning 180 degrees to begin a final approach.  We stood in disbelief to what we just witnessed.  It seemed that object was right on top of the 727 and then just vanished.  Based upon my 25 years in the airline industry, knowing aircraft performance, physical characteristics, and traffic patterns flown by commercial aircraft in this area, I have never seen such a strange object or vehicle in this area.  I am quite certain the object was not a military or commercial aircraft.  Based upon the following observations: 1) Aircraft operating in the area were distinguished by familiar physical characteristics, dark in appearance with wings, landing lights and anti-collision lights easily seen and flying in a pattern.  2) The object was a glowing, gold/orange cylinder with NO wings and NO tail section; it changed speeds, and immediately vanished.  I have witnessed UFO's hovering near the ground, and flying at altitude in the western US I have never seen an object or UFO enter controlled airspace until this incident, and frankly, the episode was chilling.  I am very concerned about the possibility of these vehicles colliding with commercial aircraft.  Peter Davenport spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to be quite credible with considerable experience in the aviation/airline industry.

EVANSTON -- On August 7, 2001, I looked up at 10:20 PM and saw a streak of light and then it slowed down.  I couldn't tell the exact distance but I would estimate 200 to 300 yards away.  It was traveling very slowly like it was looking for something.  I noticed that there were lights all around the side of the ship.  It was kind of like a Flying Triangle with a broad side in the front going to a point in the back.  The two front tips seemed to have two brighter lights then the rest.  It moved real slow for about 15-20 seconds, and then streaked off to the north.  All lights on the Triangle were bright hazy white.

WHEATON -- On August 6, 2001, while standing in the backyard of my sister's home around 4:00 PM, playing with my three year old nephew, I happened to glance up and saw a round whitish-silvery circle.  It looked about the size of a pinhead from where I stood, motionless in a clear blue sky.  It seemed to be as high as a commercial jet.  I I watched for about a minute, and then it shot upwards at a rapid speed, which caught me off guard, causing me to sort of startle, until I could no longer see it. 

CHICAGO -- The witness reports, "Ten of my friends were sitting outside on a patio at 3:15 AM, on August 9, 2001.  Twenty minutes after some of us saw a very bright meteor overhead we saw an object in the southeast heading northwest at a constant rate of speed.  As it grew closer it appeared to be diamond shaped and orange in color.  It flew directly overhead and at its closest appeared possibly 3/4 the disk of a full moon.  There was a near full moon this night and I saw it pass in front of a bright star which confirmed to me that is was indeed a solid object. It appeared to be luminescent in some fashion, but the moon was very bright.  Several people in the group described several small points of light, "like the ends of a fiber optic cable" said one friend (number varies between 6 and 7) offset but surrounding the diamond shape.  I very clearly saw the orange body of the object and it made no noise.  Minutes after the object disappeared from sight an airplane took off heading east over our heads from O'Hare airport.  The comparison to a low flying commercial airplane was easily dismissed as we observed blinking navlights on the wing tips of the plane, take off lights and an audible engine noise.  The observed craft had neither of these.  A girl in the group grabbed her 35 mm camera and took two photographs the UFO as it departed.  The group of witnesses were 24 to 30 years of age working in fields from business to art.  Peter Davenport interviewed this witness, and found him to be an excellent observer and reporter of the facts.

Editor's Note: Radar controllers have been reporting unidentified flying objects in the approach area to Chicago airports.  Aircraft have been diverted and the radar anomalies were blamed.  I suggest our ground reports from reliable witnesses indicate UFOs are regularly flying in the area.


WAUSAU -- MUFON John Schuessler reports that some 300 people called WIFC-FM (95.5) local radio personality Tony Brueske claiming they had witnessed a mysterious green or blue light floating over Wausau.  WIFC Program Director Danny Wright has provided MUFON with a CD of calls indicating nearly 500 calls.  They all saw a green or blue light moving north really low in the sky."
"Hi, this is Tina in Antigo," one caller said.  "I saw it, too at 11:20 PM moving north.  When I first saw it, it was almost white, then it was bluish-green."  No one can explain why 500 people from Stevens Point to Minocqua, phoned a radio station to report the light.  "I'd say it was probably the International Space Station (ISS)," said Arnie Nelson, former director of the planetarium at Wausau West High School.  "I didn't see it, but that's about the timing it would be, and the brightness."  The ISS orbits 250 miles above the Earth, and its brightness varies with its path and weather conditions.  According to, the ISS passed over Wausau moving northeast at about 10:30 PM.  Thanks to State Director Chad Lewis and Nicholas D. Roesler Assistant State Director and "WAUSAU Daily Herald" (8/3/01 By Peter J. Wasson


KELOWNA, BC -- The witness states, "At 11:30 PM, I observed a disk shaped object hovering silently 500 feet above Dillworth Mountain on August 7, 2001.  The disk had a large red and white ball of light in the center.  The color of the disk appeared black against the night sky and produced no sound.  The object turned down the illumination of the center red and white ball of light like a dimmer switch. 

VICTORIA, BC -- Peter Davenport phoned me to report on the August 12, 2001, sighting of a group of UFOs flying in formation above the city.  While going outside for a smoke at 12:15 AM, I noticed five people at the wedding reception pointing at the sky.  Just as we finished discussing the shooting star, which I had just witnessed, one of the people in the group yelled, "What is that?" and pointed above us looking east in the night sky.  It was a group of about 6-7 oval shaped objects traveling in a straight-line formation.  They didn't seem to be lit up by their own luminescence but since they were traveling over Victoria near the city center it looked as though the city lights lighted them up.  The objects appeared to be a grayish in color.  To my shock there was about 6 or 7 stars in a hexagonal pattern, but the stars were moving like they were doing a show.  They were in a semicircle and the circle sort of broke a bit.  Then one by one they started to move farther away and !
sped off at a high rate of speed.  The wedding videographer was able to tape some of the event as we pointed to the UFOs.  The objects continued a slow climb in the square shape formation.  They got smaller and disappeared.  Thanks to Peter Davenport.


CALDWELL -- Jim Henderson of the "Houston Chronicle" 7/31 reports that prize bull mutilations leave Texas ranchers guessing at the cause.  Similar cattle mutilations are reported in Montana and the West.  The prize bulls of Burleson County are dying.  The troubling questions are how and, more importantly, why.  Some ranchers talk of a cult that drains the blood of the animals for use in satanic rituals.  The sheriff believes most of the animals are dying of natural causes but admits he is perplexed by some of the circumstances.  An investigator for a cattlemen's association chalks up some of the deaths to thieves stealing body parts, rather than meat.  Cattle have been turning up dead under what ranchers consider "mysterious" circumstances at almost predictable intervals -- once or twice a year, around the time of Halloween or Easter -- for nearly a decade.  "I don't know what it is," said Johnny Lyon, who lost a valuable Charolais bull last Easter.  "It could be a prankster, !
but if it is the other (a cult) it could be pretty dangerous."  Rarely is there evidence to back them up.  Nevertheless, ranchers in Burleson County believe there is something more than storytelling going on there.  When Lyon found his bull at the rear of a 300-acre pasture, its abdomen had been split open and its genitals removed.  He said that has been a consistent pattern in previous incidents.  There were no signs -- claw or teeth marks -- to suggest that his cow had been killed by a coyote or other predator and "there was not a drop of blood on the body or the ground," the rancher said.  The cause of death was not apparent; body organs and, sometimes, tongues were removed while the valuable meat was untouched.  In most cases, the genitals were removed.  And, Lyon said, it appeared in each case that the blood had been drained from the bodies.  The latest deaths have attracted little attention, except among ranchers.  "I haven't heard any talk about it," said Caldwell Police Chief Virgil Hurt.


ROCKINGHAM -- On July 28, 2001, Brian Richard's phone rang off the hook for two hours as scores of witnesses reported seeing five bright orange lights travel slowly over Waikiki and Warnboro, south of Perth at 8:00 PM.  They headed south with one in front.  Three were in a straight horizontal line.  The lights seemed to pulse in unison and faded out beyond Warnboro.  They were observed for some 15 minutes.  At 8:30 PM a single orange light appeared from the north and performed a series of aerial maneuvers, zigzagging about and moving up and down, side to side before fading out.  At 9:10 PM two more appeared traveling southeast.  One of the callers related his dog was barking excessively and' running around.  This doesn't sound like pranksters setting off hot air balloons made from orange garbage bags and paraffin-wax firelighters suspended underneath.  Not one witness out of the twenty I spoke to believed these were hot air balloons.  Thanks to Brian Richards's [email protected] 


TYNESIDE -- UFOzone witness report: I was out walking my dog on August 11, 2001, around twenty to Twelve at night when I saw something strange suddenly appear to the right of where I was walking.  I was on Station Road walking with Ralf, my Dog.  The object was strangely glowing.  I stood and watched for a few minutes wondering what it was when I saw a larger object, which had the same kind of glow to it, come out of no where and seemingly disappear when it came into contact with the smaller object.  Its not surprising so many people witnessed the event.  The object from what I could make out hovered for some time, and looked kind of round, but it seemed to change shape every so often, and move at high speeds up and around the sky.  UPDATE -- Two witnesses reported that the UFO returned, on August 11, and could be seen over the sea near Tyneside.  Witnesses watched the light for an hour and fifteen minutes and again moving in a triangular range of motion covering "four fists" measured as the reporter held his arm aloft.  Thanks to Dan [email protected]


AEGEAN SEA -- Two Turkish pilots from the 122nd Squadron while on a routine training flight in a U.S.-made T-37 off the coastal town of Candarli notified their home base control tower that a bright object had approached their plane at high speed and reportedly gyrated around them for about a half hour on August 6, 2001.  The Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" quoted their call: "Object approaching the wings.  Now it's behind the plane, now it's in front of us."  They told their controller and the regional war alert center of the Turkish army that the apparent Unidentified Flying Object had an unusual shape. 1/Lt. Dincer, the pilot radioed, "We are facing an unusual situation. We see an object shaped like a cross between a cone and a disc, with support legs, extremely luminous and high speed". Later, the Turkish Air Force announced that the UFO was a weather balloon.  The quakes in the Caspian Sea several months back, were also accompanied by UFO sightings.  Thanks to Cinde Costello SSD, MUFON-

Editor's Note: It was not explained how the pilots could chase a balloon with support legs for a half hour without being able to identify it correctly. 


MINSK (BELARUS') -- On July 19, 2001, at 11:20 PM, Michael Goldencov, a journalist, and his girlfriend Olga Korotkina, a student of Minsk State University noticed a triangle object high in the night sky of Minsk, Belorussian capital.  The guys walked opposite the Lithuanian Embassy when Michael saw strange sparkling lights that he first considered to be an aircraft's signal lights.  The object flew making square turns.  The shape of it was triangle with like a police car sparkling big lights in each corner.  Michael and Olga watched the sparkling lights for two minutes.  Michael Goldencov said, "I think that it was scanning the city and filming it.  I am sure that somebody else had to see it because the object was pretty slow and stayed above the city.  No doubt the police and militaries saw this object."  Thanks to Vadim Deruzhinsky, Editor-in-Chief of the Secret Researches Analytic Journal [email protected]


On Sunday night July 29, 2001, at about 11:45 PM, my two daughters and I witnessed a UFO hovering over the air base in the north of Singapore.  The moon was shining very brightly and the UFO appeared as an egg or like that of a hamburger bun.  The UFO was silver in color and 25 feet high and about 70 feet wide.  It had 4 huge portholes on its side.  The UFO had five lights spread over the side of the space ship and the lights were situated between the 4 portholes.  The first, third and fifth lights were small round white lights while the second and fourth were orange lights.  AT the back of UFO was a big red flashing red light.  On the top of the UFO, somewhere mid-ship is a semi-flat white light that did not flash.  The UFO was hovering about 120 to 160 feet above the ground over the air base helicopter squadron.  The speed of the hovering craft is estimated at or between 2 to 10 miles per hour.  I have 12 years of naval service and have not seen an air plane capable of doing such acts.  Thanks to LOOKIN4ET.

Dr. Robert Trundle's "UFOs: POLITICS, GOD AND SCIENCE" (European Press, 320 pages) is praised by Harvard Medical School's Dr. John Mack and NASA's Dr. Richard Haines.  Dr. Mack stated, "Only a philosopher could have written [and defended]... that it is not correct to say that 'descriptions of a UFO are necessarily wrong because they violate our scientific theories'."  Dr. Haines said "You are about to be treated to a most interesting journey into... the mysteries that swirl about the subject of UFO phenomena."  By examining current science, with inclusion of scientists at the US Air Force Academy, the case for nonhumans visiting earth is that current science cannot exclude it and that reliable witnesses affirm the visitation.  Besides including witness reports, Dr. Trundle also sheds new light on science and religion:  A religious and scientific belief system may well be shared at some level by humans and extraterrestrials in virtue of the physical nature of the universe.  This suggests that many alien species are not only more "friend" than "foe" but biologically similar to humans.  Nevertheless, all of these points are resisted strenuously by most university professors-those most protected to pursue truth because of the tenure system.  Dr. Trundle, with humor, quotes scathing comments of his work just because it seriously considers UFOs.  He reveals how a trendy political correctness poses the greatest obstacle to intelligent investigations of, what would be, the most astonishing event in human history: the visitation of nonhumans to earth.  This is the first UFO book by a university philosopher.  It can be ordered by e-mail from the distributor Casalini (, The Book Place (, or directly from the European Press for approximately $27.00.  More information on the book is also listed at ""

LARGEST UFO CD-ROM IN EXISTENCE The Black Vault has unveiled thousands of documents relating to the UFO phenomenon.  Some, have never been published in electronic form, nor have other seen even the light of day.  Declassified in recent years, this CD holds over 5,000 pages of material, covering the past half-century of government involvement in the UFO field of research.  From the CIA recently declassified documents to the FBI.  From the NSA to the DIA, this CD has a fantastic archive, ready to browse with high-resolution scans.  Easily read and easily navigated, this research tool will be used for years to come!  To order, call toll free, (866) 828-2858 or outside the continental US, (818) 886-0131. Or order online today,

 MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL for $30 per year by contacting [email protected].  Mention that I recommended you for membership.  Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared.  These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint.  Send your letters to [email protected].  Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name.  Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.  Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.

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