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Filer's Files # 32



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MAN'S SEARCH TO KNOW HIS WORLD AND UNIVERSE:  UFO reports come in from New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin,
Columbia, New Zealand and Scotland.

PATCHOGUE, LONG ISLAND -- On July 14, 2001, at 11:21 PM, multiple reports were received from Long Island. In Patchogue, Long Island witnesses were traveling east on Route 27 and saw a brightly looking disc pass in front of their car on July 15. There were a total of four reports just minutes before the Carteret sighting at 12:15 AM.  There are indications that multiple UFOs were present along the Long Island, New York to New Jersey corridor. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


CARTERET -- Investigation of the twenty slow moving lights observed by hundreds on July 15, 2001, continue. Other witnesses now report sighting a fast moving UFO in the Newark Airport area.  "The video tape appears to show a UFO in the lower portion of the video closest to the videographer in East Carteret. 

SOUTH PLAINFIELD - Another report has been received from the area 15 miles west of Carteret earlier in the evening.

LINDA MOULTON HOWE called to ask about the Carteret sighting and told me she has just returned from Laos. She had been filming a series for the Discovery Channel television about the new Asian Enigma in search of the "wild men" of Laos.  These wild men are similar or may the same as Sasquatch or Big Foot.  We discussed the fact that when there are reports of UFO landings, they are
often followed by Sasquatch reports.     


ROANOKE - The witness of a UFO who was placed in a Sanitarium has been released.  Several organizations attempted to help the Caltech Ph.D. and we hope our efforts were instrumental in having him released.  Thanks to all our friends who attempted to help.


LAGRANGE -- MUFONGA's former State Director, John Thompson received a recent report of a 'white pyramid' hovering in the sky for about 8 seconds, around 4:00 PM on July 27, 2001. A motorist on Highway 219 just south of the Chattahoochee River observed it to the west at about a 45-60 degree angle, estimating it was a mile away. Upon reaching the next clearing, it was gone. The object was much larger than an airliner, and two sides of the pyramid were seen. There was scattered cloud cover.  The LaGrange Airport advised that there were no reported blimps or balloons in the area, and none of the
pilots had reported anything unusual. Thanks to John Thompson and Tom Sheets MUFONGA SD.


OHIO INDIANA BORDER -- Peter Davenport the Director of NUFORC reports that on Tuesday night, July 31st, at 2120 hours. (PDT), He received a report from a long haul trucker, traveling westbound through Ohio, and located 64 miles east of the Ohio border.  He reported witnessing a very dramatic blue-green "fireball," which was streaking from his left to right, approximately 25-30 degrees above the horizontal plane in the western sky ahead of him.  He
telephoned two minutes after the event. 

BLANCHESTER, OHIO -- On July 31, 2001, at 11:50 PM an object was moving so fast that the witness had a hard time following it.  Then it just stopped, without slowing down.  The witness said, "As I turned onto my road, it was hovering over our house.  I was trying to get home as quick as possible so my family could see it. I got to my driveway and it shot across the sky again, as silent as can be."  There was NO sound coming from this object.  It just sat in the sky, for about 4 minutes.  It didn't bob up and down or move in the slightest bit.  I ran inside to get my video camera (but the battery was dead), I went back outside and it was still there, over the field. Then it
was gone in an instant.  I have never seen ANYTHING go so fast and then come to a dead stop.  It was amazing! Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


MILAN - Outstanding Researcher Kenny Young writes he received an email from the gentleman claiming that an object was again visible last night after 2:00 AM.  At any rate, the weather around here is hot and hazy with a gloomy overcast. I would be hard to imagine an atmospheric or celestial issue like an incoming bolide/meteor/fireball that could be seen in daylight through this haze.  I had just talked with one of the witnesses by telephone regarding two suspected UFO sightings near Milan at 2:45 a.m. on July 31 and again on August 1st at 3:35 a.m.  She sounded sober and alert.  She said that what they had seen the last two evenings was 'very unusual' and that she had
"never seen anything like this before."  She described distant 'star-like
lights' in a fixed triangular formation.  This was not airplanes." I inquired how she could ascertain these were not airplanes (almost to the point of asking a leading question by getting her to describe any particular glow or color) and she said: "By the way it looked" and again went on to describe the three distant 'star-like lights' in a fixed triangular formation.

I am not satisfied that this is 'something different' without any outstanding characteristic such as glow, pulse or halo.  Just three star-like lights that could easily be high-flying jets for purposeful or purely coincidental reason were flying about the same speed and from the position of the observer may have been in a convenient triangular formation.  Perhaps even high-flying spy satellites? Thanks to KENNY YOUNG [email protected].


OSCEOLA -- I was traveling west from Midland towards Luddington at around 12:20 AM this morning on August 1, 2001, and I saw what I thought to be a shooting star tracking from South to North.  I caught it early on and couldn't make my mind up what it was. I was almost suggesting to myself that it could be a satellite due to the way it wasn't getting brighter, when it did just that. Slowly it started to fizzle like a fireworks, then it grew in size getting brighter all the time and seemingly sparking, then I saw a puff of green and then it all turned a really bright burning green. I past a few trees but could still make it out it was so bright, then I came out on the other side (I was looking north now) and the fire stopped and just this red glow continued for a second, then it was gone.  I suspect there is a hole in
the ground a few miles north from here. The object didn't break up.

Peter Davenport reports NUFORC has received a number of very interesting reports from Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and other states, which suggest to us that the event may not have been a typical meteoric event.  One young woman in Ohio reports that she was witness to a blue-green fireball, which suddenly stopped and hovered for an estimate 5 minutes.  It then "shot off,"
moving over the horizon very quickly. Thanks to NUFORC


LEXINGTON - Kenny Young reports a television news crew suspects that they have captured a strange aerial object on videotape.  WTVQ-TV News Channel 36, an ABC affiliate in Lexington, reported on their 11:00 p.m. newscast that one of their videographers documented the suspected oddity on Thursday, August 2, 2001, over the city. Cincinnati resident Chris Heiert caught the story as it was broadcast from the Lexington television station and quickly notified me
of the report.  Within minutes of receiving the information I had placed a call to the news station and was lucky to speak with the videographer at 11:20 p.m. while the news program was still in live production. The videographer,  informed that he had been interviewing someone at a car  wash on Richmond Road for a news segment scheduled for Friday's newscast. The person being interviewed at around 5:30 p.m. first spotted the object and gestured for the news crew to take notice.

"I looked in that direction and this thing was visibly seen with the naked eye," the videographer said, "so I swung my camera around to get a shot of it and shot it for a minute."  The object seemed to hover in place and was a large circular object with dome-shaped center roughly the size of a car or van. "This is where it gets weird," he said. "Coming out from the dome are little legs that curve down like triangles or something, and it rotates."  He described the object as having no smoke and no lights. Thanks to Kenny Young
[email protected] .


DUNDEE - CORRECTION -- The Flying Triangle sighting report carried in July 21, Filer's Files #30, took place on July 15, 2000, rather than 2001 at Benson's Hideaway.  A new sighting took place on July 21, 2001, about 9:40 PM when a group from Benson's Hideaway Restaurant located on  Long Lake again saw UFOs. Both sightings were observed by a multiple group of UFO buffs. A light then came from the south end of the lake next to Dundee Mountain. It
was about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. It looked like it was lower than Dundee Mountain and just a little higher than the trees. The light was a golden color and had golden lights shooting out from the edges. As it moved along the Eastern Shore of the lake it made little jumps almost straight up in the air and then continued on its original path. The light continued to the north end of the lake where we were, at this point someone yelled, there's another one. It came north along the western edge of the lake and it too, shot up almost straight in the air a couple of times. This one did something different though. It blew up to a white light, which was much
bigger, than the golden light at least four times. It then dropped two lights like the sparkles that drop from sparklers.  It moved directly across from us, while the first light it had moved northwest and disappeared.

Bonnie Meyer reports, "I believe that it left the atmosphere so fast that it only looked as if the light went out."  A third golden light came from the same area and was coming towards us slowly. When it got about half way down the lake the second one started to move off and then they stayed about the same distance apart and moved off.  A few minutes latter another light appeared. It came almost the length of the lake and was either much smaller or it was much higher because it was smaller. As it got closer to us it turned west and settled almost stationary in the southwest. It stayed there
for a long time. It seemed to become three separate lights one bluish green, one orange red and the other white. They seemed to be playing tag, running circles around each other and zigzagging with each other.  Then there was a slight popping sound and two lights dropped from the underside of the center light. One of the lights took off in a northwest direction and was out of sight within a minute or two. The greenish blue light stayed in the area and was still there when I left at about 12:30 A.M. When I talked to people the next day they said the light was still there at 2:00 A.M.  Thanks to Bonnie Meyer of Lightside and Jim Aho.

PRADERA -- El Pais News reports appearance of a strange luminous object, which suddenly became visible in the skies over Pradera and disrupted the tranquillity enjoyed by the residents.  Precisely at 8:15 p.m. all eyes began looking automatically toward the heavens. There, a yellow and feeble light descended rapidly, as if seeking shelter in the mountainside's dense vegetation. Phanor Peņaloza says, "the fireball had a strange rotating movement, it took at least 15 seconds to cross the sky and vanish." Many residents of the Comuneros, La Lorena and Berlin neighborhoods witnessed the luminous phenomenon, which was allegedly responsible for two power outages
five and ten minutes after the incident took place. Lieutenant Rodolfo
Paredes of the Pradera Fire Brigade, who also saw the lights, believes that "it was all caused by a lit flare that someone fired" The firefighter's argument is based on the fact that the light had a permanent flame as it rose and later descended, something that happens with so called gunpowder rockets.
Thanks to the El Pais News

Karen L. wrote to the Skywatch International stating, "I had a UFO encounter back in 1978, where I was actually missing for two days.  Its a  long story but the point here is that upon return there started a three month period of "extreme" supernatural activity in the apartment where I was living.  There were three other people living there and we all had to put up with items flying through the house, things suddenly lifting off and levitating on the dinner table as we were eating meals, people appearing and walking through walls. The list goes on and on and this happened everyday, day in day out.  I found it all extremely interesting while my friends found it absolutely terrifying. Needless to say that after three months they couldn't take it anymore and had to move out.  I decided to move back to New Zealand where the entire thing started again in my next residence.  We got professional help in
and without telling them the details the moment the walked into the house they came straight for me saying it was all centered around me (yep tell me about it).  They couldn't help unfortunately so again I moved and this time it stopped. It's now over 20 years later and things still go 'bump' around me ;)... I'm used to it now.  Karen

Editor's Note: I have investigated several cases that also involve
Poltergeist activity.  Seldom will a witness mention these occurrences and it usually takes getting to know the witnesses quite well.  Unless people are specifically asked, they are unlikely to volunteer this information.  My experience has been the wilder and more unbelievable stories are likely to be the most real.  Those who investigate cases by visiting with the witnesses have a wonderful opportunity to obtain the entire story. Thanks to Karen L.
and Skywatch International.


DUNDEE -- The Courier News reports, "The best photographs of a UFO ever taken" have been snapped by a Leven man from outside his home," he claims.  Andrew Wilson (58) believes he saw the UFO when he was looking out of his living-room window on August 3, 2001.  Mr Wilson claims it was moving across the sky, "It was a small thing and it was traveling fast but there was no sound from it."  A member of the RSPB and a keen bird watcher, Mr Wilson owns a book on astronomy and often watches the night sky, "I like the stars,
they're beautiful," he added. It was, perhaps, this hobby that allowed him to witness another UFO in 1971, "It was right above me. It had a red dome on it, and a flashing light."   Mr. Wilson has two witnesses who also saw the latest object. Firm in his belief that what he saw was an UFO, Mr. Wilson has handed the matter over to the authorities. Thanks to [email protected] - and Courier News, August 6, 2001.


Bond Johnson writes, "After more than three years of eye straining research of comparing the computer enhanced and carefully dissected Ramey Office Photos (ROP) with the blueprints of RAWIN/MOGUL and to other weather devices circa 1947 -- and with extensive consultation of UFO experts from Klass to Rudiak to Friedman -- The Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) has concluded that there is NOTHING to be seen in the ROP that can be matched to ANYTHING expected to be found in the crash of a RAWIN/MOGUL or any other known "weather device." Further, in spite of frequent and widespread invitations for such, no one -- from dedicated skeptic to devout believer --
has SUGGESTED that ANY piece of wreckage to be seen in the ROP has any specific terrestrial genesis.

Also, after more than a half century the US government has produced NO documented evidence as to the etiology of the Roswell crash -- even when RPIT and others requested such documents under FOIA. Finally, after its extensive research -- including discussions by three team members w Prof. Charles Moore -- RPIT has concluded that there is NO evidence that ANY known RAWIN/MOGUL launch could account for the strange and well documented reports connected with the Roswell crash of 1947. Thanks to Colonel James Bond Johnson RPIT
Project Director.


SAN DIEGO, July 29, 2001 -University of Southern California announced Experiments done more than two decades ago on Martian soil collected by the Viking Landers 1 and 2 provided evidence that life might exist on Mars, says Joseph Miller, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Cell and Neurobiology at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.  Miller recently did a re-analysis of data collected by the landers, and found that something in the collected soil was apparently metabolizing nutrients-and doing so with a distinct biological rhythm that, he says, can only be found in a living cell. Miller presented his findings at an astrobiology symposium held during the International Society for Optical

In August and September of 1975, the Viking spacecraft were launched from Cape Canaveral. After traveling for nearly a year, each was deployed to the planet's surface. Once there, they performed a series of experiments-including one in which a robotic arm scooped up samples of soil and deposited them in petri dishes, along with a drop of anutrient solution that had been labeled with radioactive carbon. The idea, explains Miller, was that if there were any living organisms in the sample, they would take up the carbon-labeled nutrients and process them, eventually releasing the radioactive carbon in a gas form.  A radiation detector was set up near the covered dish, connected to it by a tube through which any released gases would travel. There was definite evidence of a gas release. It
seemed Levin and Straat had indeed found life on Mars-but other scientists felt the release might be better explained as the result of chemical reactions with highly reactive compounds like uperoxides and peroxides. Unable to prove that the gas was definitely being released by living organisms, the NASA scientists let the matter drop.

Based on new discoveries Miller started studying the old data and after reviewing just 30 percent of the data, Miller was able to find something remarkable-something, he says, that went unremarked-upon in the original papers. "The signal itself not only had a circadian rhythm," declares Miller, "but it had a precise circadian rhythm of 24.66 hours-which is particularly significant, because it's the length of a Martian day." The fluctuations in gas emissions seem to be entrained to a 2 degrees C fluctuation inside the lander, which in turn reflected not-quite-total shielding from the 50 degrees C. fluctuation in temperature that occurs daily on the surface of Mars.  Temperature-entrained circadian rhythms, even to a mere 2-degree C fluctuation, have been observed repeatedly on earth.  As for the original
concerns of the dubious chemists, who thought the same sort of signal could simply be coming from highly reactive, non-organic compounds in the soil, Miller says such a scenario would be almost impossible to imagine. The circadian rhythms from the Martian soil persisted for nine straight weeks."

"There is no reason for a purely chemical reaction to be so strongly
synchronized to such a small temperature fluctuation," he adds. "We think that in conjunction with the strong indications from Mars Observer images that show water flowed on the surface in the recent past. I think back in 1976, the Viking researchers had an excellent reason to believe they'd discovered life; I'd say it was a good 75 percent certain. Now, with this discovery, I'd say it's over 90 percent."


Dr. Robert Trundle has written the new book "UFOs: POLITICS, GOD AND SCIENCE" (2001, European Press). With commentaries by Harvard's John E. Mack, MD. as well as NASA's Dr. Richard Haines and US Air Force Intelligence Maj. George Filer (Ret.), this book makes a novel defense of alien UFO visitation.  After revealing why current science cannot be used to exclude the visitation and
listing the testimonies of well regarded witnesses, several perplexing
questions are raised: Has the academic community had a role in obstructing truth about the phenomenon of UFOs?  Were military denials of alien UFOs ordered by one of the most admired US Presidents who, with no one noticing, virtually admitted of the cover-up? Might a cover-up be actually justified?
Do bizarre reports, which rival X-Files, have a basis in science?

Having received his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Robert Trundle is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and Scientific Research Society of Sigma Xi. He has written over forty professional articles and numerous books. This new UFO book can be ordered by e-mail from the distributor Casalini, The Book Place (, or directly from the European Press.  ( for approximately $27.00. More information on the book is also listed on the web site ""

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MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL for $30 per year by contacting [email protected].  Mention that I recommended you for membership.  Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared.  These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint.  Send your letters to [email protected].  Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name.  Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.  Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.

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