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Filer's Files # 30



UFO REPORTS from Massachusetts of a flying disc, New Jersey lights, Pennsylvania disc, a Virginia football UFO, Georgia plasma, Florida plasma orbs, Wisconsin flying triangle, Canada lights, Argentina orb UFO, and United Kingdom flaming UFO. PROVE UFOs exist by watching the skies and the International Space Station

Since the successful intercept of a ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean on July 14, 2001, the aircrews of UFOs have been putting on spectacular shows. Strange bright pulsating lights, discs, plasmas, and Flying triangles are being reported around the United States. During the summer months a tremendous amount of electrical energy is being pumped into the atmosphere. This electrical energy comes from multiple sources such as aircraft, automobile engines, radar's, electrical transmission lines, communication devices, and even sun flares. Numerous reports of plasmas, orbs, and electromagnetic energy similar to ball lightning have been reported. Project HAARP is also pumping huge amounts of energy into the atmosphere. Dr. Nick Begich the author of "Angels Don't Play This HAARP," claims the government is dumping a billion watts of electronic radiation into the upper atmosphere. "One way to visualize this power level is that 10-billion watt generator, running continuously for one hour, would deliver a quantity of energy equal to that of a Hiroshima size atomic bomb. (Page 112) The US Air Force's scientific advisory board on weapons for the 21st century states, "One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set." " It may be possible to "talk" to selected adversaries "in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."

Our atmosphere is so filled with energy that this may result in various displays of plasmas in our skies or help make the UFOs more visible. Arthur C. Clarke, author of "2001: A Space Odyssey" said, Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And here it is 2001.


Peter Davenport called to advise that multiple fireball like objects have been reported smashing through the atmosphere and exploding on July 23, 2001, at 6 to 6:30 PM. The reports of a large fireball or bolide was reported from all over the East Coast centered on the northern Appalachian Mountains heading west and causing large explosions. It is a natural event, which is called a bolide or a fireball. If the fireball hit Earth during the night time hours it would have been spectacular. It appeared similar to shooting star and was probably the size of a car and may have broken apart as it descended and burned as it entered our atmosphere. If some pieces made it to the ground they are quite valuable. The fireball may alert us to the potential danger from space.


BOSTON -- An anonymous caller notified me that he had observed numerous bright orbs twenty miles west of the city on July 13, 2001. The sun was setting in the western sky around 8:00 PM, when he and his son noticed a series of bright lights heading toward him. The lights were in a rough V formation and at first he thought they were a dozen aircraft with their landing lights on approaching the city. As they came closer the lights started blinking off and eventually they all disappeared.

HANOVER -- The witness reports that on July 11, 2001, at 5:45 PM driving south on Route 3 he noticed a white flash, as if something popped below the clouds ahead to my right at 2 o'clock. The flash didn't diminish, so it caught my interest. As it got closer I saw that there were no wings, so it wasn't a helicopter. I also observed a strange aura/trail around it similar to the heat that rises off a hot road. There were no sounds and the craft seemed also to have a slight wobble maybe caused by the aura, as it seemed to blur the outline. The object was silver and seemed to have black on it. The shape seemed to resemble a trash can or disc. It continued to approach, and passed overhead and I lost sight of it. Total time of sighting less than 7-8 seconds.


ROCHESTER -- Two witnesses were just sitting outside the Chili Disc Golf Club when they casually looked above the parking lot and noticed three flying objects darting around the northern sky. The objects were darting back and forth, blinking out, moving rapidly at 13:31 hours. Then they were joined at various times by 3 more-all the while darting back, forth -- up, and down across the sky. They moved slowly from a due north position to a more easterly position over a period of 10 minutes. They were distracted by a bike-rider and never saw the objects again. The objects were last observed moving southeast. Thanks to WUFOD.


CARTERET -- A series of strange extraordinary lights were seen flying over Carteret only 10 miles from downtown Manhattan on Sunday morning July 15, 2001. This sighting has created a great deal of interest in the news media and the local population. Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center received at least fifteen reports concerning the sighting. We are working to investigate the cause of the sighting. The story was carried on CNN, MSNBC, ABC New Jersey FM 101.5, and many other stations. The object flew about a five miles south of Newark Airport around 12:30 AM. Witnesses reported seeing a cluster of lights estimated as 15 to 30 amber, gold, orange lights hovering and moving slowly at an estimated 10 mph. Many witnesses were traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike when they noticed the lights above them and an estimated 75 cars stopped on side of the highway. Many of their occupants stood outside their vehicles watching the formation of lights. This is a twelve lane lighted highway and the light pollution creates difficult viewing.

Six policemen and hundreds of witnesses viewed the huge unidentified flying object or objects. After initial investigation witnesses agree that a very large object was flying at about 10 to 20 mph described variously as a V, U, or M formation. The light formation appeared different to various witnesses. Some people claimed to have seen 30 white lights; some claim they were only able to view a dozen lights. Those in darker locations described the lights as white, others called them amber or gold. About ten lights stayed lit continuously and at least a half dozen other brightened and dimmed in unison. The witnesses claimed the lights stayed in the same relative position as they moved slowly across the sky towards the southeast. Some people claimed the lights appeared to fall or climb just before going out.

I have made an initial examination of the videotape taken off the news channel. There appears to be a smaller structured object in the lower right hand part of the screen. This object appears to have two smaller lights and may be the source of all the lights perhaps using holographic projections. In-depth analysis of the videotape is needed. The sound bite from the video was also interesting in that you could hear a woman's voice say, "Isn't it amazing!" This lends credibility to the video, since it doesn't sound like their acting. In recent days many of the witnesses were whisked off in limousines to appear on the various news shows. Some were paid for their videos and photos making it difficult for our research until things quiet down.

Peter Davenport appeared on MS NBC and discussed the sighting. I thought it was significant that the host commented that the station gets numerous UFO reports everyday, and they could spend all their time covering UFO reports, but this one was special. "Eyewitness Joe Malvasio said, "It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. They were just hovering, and then they just disappeared. One at a time, each one started to fade until they were gone." According to investigator Bob Durant the wind was measured at 2351 hours from 340 degrees at 10 mph, and at 0051 hours on July 15, from 310 degrees at 10 mph with clear sky. The winds indicate the lights may have been drifting with the wind to the southeast. The descriptions and video are similar to the Phoenix Lights, where a similar V formation appeared in March of 1997. Another similar sighting was reported over Rockford, Illinois on March 18, 2001. The formation also matches reports of unexplained lights in the sky from all across the United States, as well as England and Europe.

According to ABC news, Colm Kelleher of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) says that from what he's heard, this one sounds like the Jersey Lights were a set of military flares. The NIDS claims their witnesses saw pieces of burning debris coming off the lights, and another said he saw a puff of smoke when one of the lights went out through his night vision binoculars, although he did not see a parachute. Unless these two witnesses are lying (one is a cop, the other in "special forces"), it sounds like something man-made. "

We know that each witness will observe extraordinary objects in a different way. It is interesting to note that MUFON witnesses did not see any evidence of flares. The lights did not swing like they were attached to parachutes nor was there smoke, lines, or structure visible. The lights operated in a continuous manner similar to aircraft lights, unlike flares. The lights moved in unison as if connected to a flying object. Another group of five or six lights brightened and dimmed in unison. Flares when dropped from an aircraft are generally blown around randomly and will drift and descend downwind. Generally, they do not remain burning or airborne for more than 5 minutes, while most witnesses claimed a much longer time period. Smoke trails are usually quite visible as flares slowly descend. I have also fired Anti-Sam flares from my aircraft that travel like a rocket with a visible trail. In most videos and eyewitness accounts flares with parachutes are discernible as they meander and descend fairly quickly. We estimate the total sighting to be ten to twenty minutes. Flares also tend to illuminate the parachutes and area around them. They do not brighten and dim in unison. I visited the area of the sighting specifically looking for any signs of parachutes or similar remains. So far the police have not located any evidence of flares or similar burning or pyrotechnic objects. There have been no fires reported. The entire area over flown is densely populated with homes, and numerous fuel tanks. Signs are posted stating no smoking due to the obvious danger from fire among the tanks. I also visited the shoreline of the Arthur Kill River. There was no evidence on or along the shore of parachutes or pyrotechnic devices. We can hypothesize that a formation of balloons or aircraft could carry the lights or special long burning flares.

The Federal Aviation Administration said, that there were no planned military operations in the area and that air traffic was light at the time of the reported sightings. No pilots flying in or out of Newark Airport reported seeing anything out of the ordinary. One witness claimed that an aircraft on approach to Newark Airport appeared to be diverted prior to landing. The military has denied having flights in the area. The New Jersey Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing at Atlantic City Airport denied any exercises or having any F-16 aircraft airborne at the time. McGuire AFB 305th Air Mobility Wing also denied having any aircraft airborne at the time. There are no restricted areas in the Carteret area although air traffic is under tight control because of the three major airports. The Army's Picatinny Arsenal is 30 miles northwest of Carteret. Based on the wind direction the lights are likely to have flown over the arsenal. I called and spoke to the Command Section who denied launching any kind of balloons or flares with artillery. They assured me they didn't do anything like that there,

I drove several hours to Carteret to interview a Ukrainian Priest, Right Reverend, Father Chubenko on July 17, 2001. I believe he is probably the strongest witness because of his location at a comparatively dark observation point next to the rectory on Roosevelt Road. He is extremely intelligent, an excellent witness, an electrical engineer, and a pilot. He was adamant in his belief that the lights were not flares. He has flown over the area on a regular basis and felt the lights were at 3,000 feet altitude. He measured the lights with his fist at arm's length and the lights covered 5 widths of his fist about 24 inches. He estimated the lights covered a 1000 feet of air space.

Additionally he documented his sighting immediately after it occurred and before any news media coverage. He specifically tried to analyze what he was viewing. We were both interviewed on ABC Channel 12 by Cynthia Scott. His son Greg Chubenko was driving in Carteret, when he spotted the UFO and phoned his father who was in bed. Father Chubenko got dressed and went outside to observe and immediately spotted 15 or more lights flying over the Rectory. Father Chubenko indicated, that an apparent craft flew overhead, although he did not see a structure only lights. He watched the lights very closely for more than 5 to 10 minutes. The lights were completely synchronized and brightened and dimmed in unison. There was emission from the light like a candle droppings, as the lights would descend before shutting off. Almost all witnesses claim these were not flares, candles in bags etc. The lights were similar to glowing stars, but not shining in any particular direction.

I asked specifically if he thought these were flares? He said, these were not flares he was sure of that. The lights did go out periodically. He felt that many lights moved in unison that they appeared to be attached to some kind of an object probably a craft, although he did not personally see a craft. The lights moved in unison and they brightened and dimmed in unison as if they were attached to the same craft. The newspaper claimed that the lights might be bags of garbage on fire. He laughed since fuel storage tanks cover this area and burning objects could easily cause a fire. The lights periodically stopped working and shut down as if one was turning off a light. Some may have fell 400 to 500 feet like they were shutting down. It did not appear as a burning light, a flame, a fire, or a flare. They were more like a star or planet. This is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Since there have been no fires associated with the UFO sighting the police are not investigating the possibility of arson or pyrotechnic devices.

I also interviewed Middlesex County Sheriff's officer Andrew Halkovich. He had not actually seen the craft, but was on his porch with his dog at the time the UFO flew over. His dog suddenly jumped up and started barking, jumping, and running around on his two back feet. He had never seen his dog do anything similar to this and was quite surprised and concerned. He had trouble trying to keep the dog quiet and calming it down. He did not think to look into the sky at the time. They live near the Newark Airport and his dog is quite familiar with aircraft flying overhead. He felt it was very significant that his dog felt or heard the UFO. No one has reported that the object made any noise.

Another, MUFON investigator has been able to interview Lt. Daniel Tarrant of the Carteret Police Department who claims, "I saw 16 golden-orange colored lights, several in a V-type formation, others were scattered around the V." Lt. Tarrant felt it was some kind of falling space debris. At least 15 people contacted the Carteret Police Department.

NOTAMS: The Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) or warnings are much earlier in the day and fifty miles to the south. This area around Carteret is also devoid of low level Military Training Routes or restricted flight areas. The investigation will continue.


VAN SCIVER LAKE -- Justin Time writes, I wanted to advise you of a daytime sighting that I had on July 15, 2001, while fishing in a tournament in Tullytown, Pa. Sometime between 11:00 AM and noon while speaking with my fishing partner, I noticed a small silver metallic colored oval shaped sphere to the east. The sighting lasted only a few seconds. It looked very similar to the object filmed in Gulf Breeze, Florida that I saw on television. The two objects are very similar. I kept waiting for the disc to blink out like the one on the video, but it never did until it flew behind a cloud. My fishing partner did not see the object; but he saw my facial expression change, and asked, what I was looking at? The day was clear with blue skies and broken white puffy clouds. The object moved left to right, and right to left, in short staccato like movements. I did not perceive any altitude changes. It was about the size of the head of a pin at arm's length. Thanks to [email protected]

Editor's Note: Justin is most likely referring to Ed Walters who wrote several books such as the "Gulf Breeze Sightings" and "UFOs Are Real; Here's The Proof" by co-author Bruce Maccabee with an introduction by Major George A. Filer.


ROANOKE -- Robin Hodge reports that T.R. was driving to work on July 12, 2001, on Peterscreek Road when he saw a very large blimp like object near Mill Mountain at 10:20 PM. T.R. described the object as being shaped like a football with many amber lights outlining the shape. He said he could see a very large strobing reddish orange light on top of the object and the bottom was lit amber underneath. He said he could not have blocked the object out if he were to hold a quarter at extended arms length. My husband called the Roanoke Regional Airport traffic control. He asked, if there were any blimps in the area last night and the control officer said "no". I asked him if anything unusual had come across radar and he said "not to my knowledge". T R is a very reliable conservative citizen. Thanks to Robin [email protected]


ROSWELL -- On June 1, 2001, (Father's Day), a resident was in her backyard feeding raccoons in the woods when a green hovering ball of light suddenly appeared off to her left, very close and low at 10:42 PM. Then, "as though a lens opened," the vicinity of the witness and the raccoons was illuminated by a soft greenish light. Then within moments, the ball and illumination moved to the area of her neighbors property on her left where some trees had been removed. The witness looked directly at the hovering light ball, and within a few moments it seemed to 'implode' and vanish, the soft greenish illumination also vanishing. The witness indicated that she was sure of the location of the ball directly over her property, then her neighbor's place, perhaps 20 to 25 feet above the ground. It moved about 30 feet away after moving over the property line. The witness made direct eye contact with the green ball and for about five seconds and noticed that it appeared to have 2 or 3 horizontal slits in the middle. It was several times her thumb size at arm's length with no sound. Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA


MIAMI -- Susan Cerdan reports a substitute teacher for Sebastian High School had a report by two teenage girls. They were driving east on 512, on July 17, 2001, in Vero Lake Estates, just north of Vero Beach, at around 9:50 at night. The driver saw an object out of the corner of her eye assuming it was the full moon. She was with her sister who was looking straight at it who yelled, "oh wow!" The object was big and bright yellow, moving slowly eastward on a diagonal. It looked like the full moon and in a flash it exploded (imploded)? And was gone. The next night Channel 25 in West Palm Beach, the news anchor reported a woman had seen a UFO the same day, that was fiery and red/yellow, she heard an explosion and heard a splash, as it went into the ocean. She later found some unusual rocks on the beach and had an expert from the local museum who claimed they were volcanic rock from off the coast of Florida? Thanks to Susan Sunset Director/Founder The Florida UFO Research & Study Group [email protected]!


DUNDEE -- Jim Aho writes we have a hot new sensational UFO report on July 15, 2001, from with over 50 witnesses, photos and even VERY CLEAR video taken by a professional. The object was a Flying Triangular shaped craft. The witness Tim states, "I observed it through binoculars and I could see that it had three lights at the corners - blue, purple and green - and a faint blue outline. At first, the object was stationary but a ball of light approached the triangle from the right and changed both course and appearance. It changed from a ball of light to two lights: one red and one flashing white and could have even been mistaken for an aircraft. After about 7 minutes, the triangle craft started moving in a tumbling motion like it was almost rolling away to the right. It was like a pyramid with three sides and a bottom. When it started moving I could see that it was three dimensional. Jim writes, "I have seen a photograph of the craft. It's a little blurred because it was moving but is an outstanding sighting. There were about 17 witnesses who were at Bill Benson's UFO Bar facing south who saw orange lights, and a light with a bluish "cloud" around it. I saw a pyramid shape with three lights across the base that were purple, white and blue. The object moved slowly enough for us to get a good long look." Heidi Hollis is investigating. Thanks to Jim Aho W-Files


PORT COLBORNE, ONTARIO -- Brian of HBCC UFO Research reports that on July 16, 2001, the witness came down stairs to check on his child who awoke and called out at 2:23 AM. There was a glowing light circling just above the clouds. It wasn't circling in a neat pattern; it almost looked as though it was going into a dip as it would turn and come back around. I was so amazed at what I was seeing so I awakened my daughter and had her come and watch. We both stood there watching and another appeared and they began to move in sequence. This lasted for another minute and my daughter decided to return to bed. Five more appeared and it disappeared before my eyes. This is the second time I have witnessed this light in the clouds near Fort Erie. I believe I witnessed some kind of alien craft! Thanks to HBCC - [email protected]!!!!! ---


MALVERN HILLS -- On July 1, 2001, a mass of yellow and orange flame was seen over the Malvern Hills, emitting a shower of sparks and a strange trail of vapor at 7:10 CDT. Jon Percer, of Welland, spotted the strange object and alerted his wife Mary. "It wasn't going very fast and the vapor trail didn't get any longer." The couple watched the object for several minutes before it disappeared over the hills. A spokesman for the Royal Air Force said there were no operational air bases nearby. Thanks to Worcester News Cosmiverse Staff Writer


CACHI -- Two police officers confirm having been followed by a gigantic UFO for over one hour. The police officers left Cachi at 3:00 AM, in car number 301, under the command of Sergeant Daniel Humberto Flores age 40. They took route 33, and observed a strange luminosity near the hills like a star, but much bigger. They said, "It was 20 meters in radius and of intense luminosity. It came by our side at about 300 meters distance and accompanied us for well over one hour. First we were curious, then we became excited, but finally we were victims of terror: The ship placed itself in front of us on the road and the car lights went out, the steering failed and the engine went dead. It was almost 4 o'clock in the morning" related Ramiro Corimayo, a 27 year old assistant constable. The event took place two months ago in May," said Corimayo. "When we heard that the local mountaineer Antonio Zuleta had filmed a UFO we decided to reveal what we lived through. We saw the film and in reality "the thing" was very similar." He stated, "The persistent bursts of light that came from that luminosity and gave out red, yellow, violet and green flashes of light. Despite the light's power that lit everything it didn't blind us. They stopped the car to determine its structure, but they only saw a round light. Thanks to Kim Blanco [email protected], Source El Tribunoof, 7/17/01.


Jeff Challender has been taping NASA missions from live NASA Select TV, since September 1997. He has uncovered many anomalies in space that stubbornly resist identification. NASA, and other scientific organizations, have in the past, dismissed ALL anomalies as ice crystals, and other small debris floating near our craft. Joseph Held and Jeff have started Project Prove to document some of these anomalies from independent sources, and different vantage points. They are seeking volunteers to use their own video cameras to tape the anomalies from the ground. It would then be possible to show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that something large, and out of the ordinary, was accompanying our spacecraft in orbit. The best time to video from the Earth's surface is during twilight. That is, after sunset, and before sunrise. In daylight, spacecraft are generally not visible from the ground. The Sun overwhelms them. At night, they cannot be seen either. There is no source of light bright enough to make them visible to ground observers. There is a fine website from Germany, known as Heavens Above, which provides the exact dates, times, and brightness, and direction, for twilight passes by hundreds of spacecraft and satellites. From the main page, the user may select from a database of cities and townsr. A person can find his or her location, mark that page, and have these figures at fingertip access at all times. The address is using the Heavens Above data, our volunteers will be able to plan for the pass over his or her home. Then it is as simple as setting up the home video camera to record the pass on tape. I have done this myself, and it is surprisingly easy. Doing this, we are hoping to catch the occasional anomaly accompanying space vehicles. When this occurs, and as past observations have shown, it will, we will have not only a tape of the event from live NASA feed, but also a recording from an earth based position. Anomalies captured in this way could not be dismissed as ice as tiny ice crystals would be impossible to see from 200 miles away. A collection of anomalous objects would provide undeniable evidence that could be seriously examined by the scientific community Volunteer to help today? Volunteering by e-mailing [email protected] Jeff is recovering from back surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery.


Les Wille called to claim something very strange was happening abroad the International Space Station on July 19, 2001. STS-104 delivered the Joint Airlock to the International Space Station followed by bright pulsating lights. The five-member STS-104 crew conducted three space walks to install and outfit the airlock, which has been named Quest. The Joint Airlock is a pressurized flight element consisting of two cylindrical chambers, and on the outside, it is outfitted with four high-pressure gas tanks -- two oxygen and two nitrogen tanks. Quest allows space walks to begin and end in the station for both US and Russian spacesuits. It also allows space walks to be conducted without a shuttle present. A new multimillion dollar Joint Airlock was installed on July 18th. Les was looking at video from the Space station and noticed that near the hand rail bar there was a metal plate and insulation blanket that seemed out of place. It is a mystery why the insulated white blankets were over the joint Airlock and all crumbled up. STS-104 Mission Specialists Michael Gernhardt and James Reilly conducted the first space walk from Quest on July 20-21 and apparently repaired any problems. Thanks to Les Wille.


The Black Vault has unveiled thousands of documents relating to the UFO phenomenon. Some, have never been published in electronic form, nor have other seen even the light of day. Declassified in recent years, this CD holds over 5,000 pages of material, covering the past half-century of government involvement in the UFO field of research. From the CIA recently declassified documents to the FBI. From the NSA to the DIA, this CD has a fantastic archive, ready to browse with high-resolution scans. Easily read and easily navigated, this research tool will be used for years to come! To order, call toll free, (866) 828-2858 or outside the continental US, (818) 886-0131. Or order online today,

On Saturday, August 4th, Paola Harris, a Freelance Journalist/Independent Researcher from Italy, will be giving a special presentation about her latest research discoveries. This event is free to the public and will be held at the Gold Hill Police Station community meeting room 705 South Nevada, Colorado Springs, Co., at 2 PM. Her subject will be: Towards UFO Disclosure 2001, Now is the Time to push for disclosure! Thanks to State Section Director Edward Burke (719) 550-0942


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein. When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to risk having your worldview shaken? See: To order your copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to: Or Save the shipping charges and order an autographed copy by sending a check or money order for $13.95 (US) to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511, Trenton MI. 48183-0511

MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL for $30 per year by contacting [email protected]. Mention that I recommended you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared. These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to [email protected]. Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential. Caution, most of these are initial reports and require further investigation.

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