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Filer's Files #25 -- 2001





Increased UFO activity is being reported in Maine, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Washington, California, and Australia. Cattle mutilations reported in Texas. Thirty UFO near misses are reported from England.

On June 21, 2001, there will be a full solar eclipse the same day as the Summer Solstice, Additionally, there is unusually high sunspot count and solar flares called coronal mass ejection's (CMEs). Millions of tons of energy are exploding from the sun in solar flares.

A new and ever brightening comet called "Linear C/2001 A2" is in our skies moving near the sun. The Comet is flaring once again as it heads this way for a late-June close encounter with Earth with a visual magnitude of 3.3. The comet is visible with the naked eye south of the equator now and moves into better viewing for those in the Northern Hemisphere later in June.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced that a study of brown dwarf stars suggests more planets may exist than predicted. Astronomers analyzing brown dwarf stars in the Orion nebula with an infrared telescope have determined that many of the failed stars are ringed by protoplanetary disks of dust and gas just like true stars. The finding suggests a high percentage of stars have planets or solar systems similar to our own. Although, only fifty or so planets have been identified outside our solar system, millions or even billions of planets may exist.

Most scientists believe the reason UFOs cannot be here is because of the great distance between star systems. NASA scientist Paul Hill in his book "Unconventual Flying Objects" provides the mathematical formulas to show that the travel time between planets in various solar systems for the occupants is less than it took for our ancestors to reach America. The equations have been checked by the Langley Research Center and interstellar mission profiles can take only weeks or a few months. For example Paul Hill states, "It is possible for an interstellar trip to be very short . The trip from our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centuri, a triple star system 4.3 light years away, made by accelerating at 140 g to av/c of 0.9999 is accomplished from a standing start to a standing finish in 6 weeks, 0.115 year." (P. 272)

Mars has flares of light and is a brilliant red in the night sky just above the southern horizon during the Earth - Mars alignment. Although it only reaches 12 degrees above the horizon it cannot be missed because of its striking red color.

Ancient writings frequently mention a great awakening, when there are similar signs of termoil in the heavens. When I visited Chickén-Itzá, Mayan predictions indicated a great change shortly after the beginning of the new century. The Bible and Sumerian, Tibetan texts all predict a great awakening and a return of extraterrestrials.


Mitch Battros reports that the flare sightings suggest geomagnetic storms are alive and well on Mars. He reports, in the latest issue of Sky & Telescope (pages 115 to 123), Thomas Dobbins and William Sheehan discussed rare observations of bright star-like flares from the Edom region of Mars. They suggest the flares might be caused by specular reflections of sunlight off water-ice crystals in surface frosts or atmospheric clouds, when the sub-Sun and sub-Earth points were nearly coincident and near the planet's central meridian. Based on their analysis, Dobbins and Sheehan predicted that flares like those last reported in 1958 might erupt in Edom Promontorium, near the Martian equator at longitude 345 degrees.

Dobbins organized an expedition to the Florida Keys to view Mars. On June 7th, beginning at 2:40 PM the team observed a series of brightenings on Mars. Each lasted 3 to 5 seconds; sporadically over the next 90 minutes until blocked by clouds. At times Edom appeared to pulse with a period of 10 to 15 seconds for a minute or two. The flares were seen visually and were recorded on video at 1,400 power through a Meade 12-inch telescope. The flares seemed to cut the dark linear feature Sinus Sabaeus nearly in two. Thanks to Rick Fienberg ( and Mitch Battros


MOSCOW -- Last year President Clinton and Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin agreed to establish an Early Warning Center in Moscow. US and Russian military experts will exchange information within minutes on the launching of ballistic missiles or space vehicles detected by either nation. Last weekend, President George Bush and President Putin strongly endorsed each other and a continuing friendship appears likely between the two countries. Agreeing with the American assessment that so-called rogue states pose a nuclear threat, Vladimir V. Putin hinted that the two nations could collaborate on new ways to shoot down enemy missiles soon after they were launched, rather than in space. The US plans to build a missile defense system that would require changes in the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty. Bush hopes to offer Russia inducements such as military aid, arms purchases, and joint anti-missile exercises to get a new treaty. Russia wants the United States to choose a boost phase defense that destroys enemy missiles shortly after launch rather than in space. The US Air Force's 747 aircraft armed with laser weapons are likely to be able to accomplish this mission. These lasers are not as effective against the Russian nuclear ICBM force, and make a more acceptable weapons system to Russia. Sunday, President Putin told President Bush, "The US and Russia must work together to identify security threats and officials from both countries should sit down to 'try to find a way together to solve these problems.'" (AP) June 17, 2001.

Editor's Note: The so-called Antiballistic Missile Defense System was first proposed by President Reagan who stated, that his discussions with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at Geneva, touched not only on "Star Wars," but the extraterrestrial. Reagan said, "We're all God's children. I couldn't help but say to him just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe." Reagan went on to say that, "such an event would force himself and Gorbachev to forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and they would find out that we really are all human beings here on this earth together." Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us, Reagan added. But I think that between us we can bring about that realization." (Speech Fallston High School, December 4, 1985) It is possible that a missile defense could also be used against UFOs. If you make the assumption that UFOs are real and occupied by aliens. You now realize what 400 government employees were trying to tell Congress at the Disclosure Project.


OXFORD - Ruth sent an email saying, "In the first week of October 2000, I was driving on a dirt road east of Route 26 and I was looking in the eastern sky. At 9:00 PM, I was in a clearing that allowed me to see a heavily wooded hill. I knew that beyond that hill was a small side road where there should not be lights. I saw a white glow, reminiscent of a streetlight. My first thought was, "Wow, they put a street light there on that road, but I stared in wonder as this streetlight was slowly rising!" The light was not even a half-mile away. It was completely silent, and did not flicker. I stared as it rose maybe 200 feet in the air, climbing above the tree line, I panicked, and I headed for my truck still keeping an eye on it. The object flew toward the Mechanic Falls and speeded off so fast that I knew I had just seen a UFO. I have kept silent, and tried to see if others had seen things that night in my area. Thanks to Ruth.


STATEN ISLAND -- Ray Klopchin while on a picnic at the shore on Monday, June 11, 2001, saw a strange light in the afternoon sky. At 12:21 PM, he happened to be watching planes make their approaches to the three metro airports. He noticed a definite and stationary pinpoint of light way up in the southeast sky. The object moved very slowly and was then obscured by clouds. He alerted at least two other people who saw this light. Looking around the sky, they noticed similar pinpoints of light in the distant sky, now due east of us. They now had more witnesses this time that saw this singular and very distant pinpoint of light. It moved very slowly and disappeared behind the clouds. They saw the light again thirty minutes later, again in the southeast. The witnesses claim they have never seen anything like this before. It was not an approaching plane, nor was it a star. It was very unusual. Thanks to Ray Klopchin for this report.


Robert Collins writes that in Filer's Files 23 and 24 you mention large Flying Triangles. I thought you would be interested in an E-mail sent to me that states, "I was taken many years ago to Ft Eustis located in Newport News, Virginia where I saw two items. One was in a corrugated Metal Hangar that was not really well lit, but the skylights let me see enough. It was about 60-75' like your triangle item mentioned, it was roundish/blimpish in design and nothing was holding it up or it was not resting on anything below. The second hangar was very well lit; people were in it wearing only white jumpsuits and round metal badges with a roundish disc that had a small droplet of mercury, if it blew you had to leave. One was put on my shirt. I was about 15' away from this triangular looking-cool as hell black shiny ceramic looking covered craft. It too had nothing holding it up or resting on it. The blimpish one, as told was recovered in upper NY near the Canadian/NY boarder. The black one as I was told was a Cadillac model that brought an ambassador to visit with us and would be leaving after 19-year stay to acquaint us to them. We were allowed to fly the Cadillac and marvel/back-engineer. It had a headband and the "driver" was mechanical and became "one-with" the UFO." Thanks to Robert Collins, [email protected].


LOUISVILLE -- On May 22, 2001, several witnesses reported seeing a huge craft with lights all over it! The witnesses observed the craft at 11:17 PM, stating, "It was shaped like a saucer, my mother was in the car with me and she about had a heart attack." The UFO had an orange/white/opaque tint to it. The witnesses tried to follow but it was moving too fast! Now I'm sure we're are not the only people here on earth!!!!
LOUISVILLE - Thirteen minutes later a second group of witnesses saw an object like a flat diamond, orangish/white in color with a bit of green stripping along the sides. The object was first observed from the top of Iroquois Hill by a 9 year old. The child's parents then saw the craft. The mother is a registered nurse and the father works as a severe weather spotter. He is also a military aircraft hobbyist. The youngest child who is 3 also saw the object. They described the UFO as very bright and at first they thought it was a harvest moon. There was no noise and the object flew very fast moving in a north direction. It was first noticed over the Kenwood Hill area. They lost site of the object around Floyd Knobs area. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of National Reporting Center


WEST PALM BEACH PLANETARIUM -- Susan Cerdan writes she has learned of a sighting and a possible new supporter or believer. I got a call from a man who says he does not believe in UFOs, but on June 12, 2001, he saw two objects that might qualify as UFOs. Apparently, the International Space Station was to make a pass over Middle Tennessee late in the evening - after 10:30 PM. At 10:50 PM, a "light," that was considerably brighter than the space station, appeared about 45 degrees above the eastern horizon moving westward. It was moving slowly and was visible for 3 or 4 minutes. It caught his attention because it would be bright for 10 seconds and then dim for 5 seconds. It was moving slow enough that he was able to observe it through his small telescope. He says, "It looked like a very bright star and that it was definitely NOT an airplane. To top it off, it reached a certain height and then made a 90-degree turn to the north where it dimmed once or twice more before fading from view. He and his son were discussing what it might have been when what appeared to be a meteor appeared high overhead in the west, traveling downward toward the eastern horizon. It was visible for 5 to 7 seconds. Of course, this was no "normal" meteor. It was blinking off and on like someone flipping a light switch off and on. I have had no reports of unusual sightings. Thanks to Susan Cerdan Director The Florida UFO Research & Study Group Vero Beach, Florida, [email protected] and Vic Stryker [email protected] Astronomer.


SCHAUMBURG - The witness reports, that as a business owner, I often work late and take my dog to a grassy area near our office where I stargaze and frequently observe lights that I assume are low orbiting satellites. On May 28, 2001, at 10:10 PM I saw slow moving lights that came into my visible horizon from the center of the constellation Orion on about a 15-degree arc westbound. The slower than normal movement and higher than normal arc suggested a higher orbit to me. The light was of the same brightness relative to the constellation, constant, clear, and easily discernible. After approximately 35 seconds the light was approximately 20 degrees past straight above me, when a very fast moving light appeared overhead. I was lying on my back, looking up, and slightly NE so "overhead" means S/SE. This light crossed from my Southern horizon a few degrees east of due north to the first light in not more than 5 seconds. Its speed initially startled me. This was too slow, deliberate, and visible for too long to be falling debris or a meteorite. It was twice as bright as the first light. I took these facts to mean it was a very low altitude satellite. My heart literally skipped a beat as the odds of catching two visible satellites crossing paths flashed in my mind. Rather than simply crossing paths, they met exactly. The brighter, fast moving light was not visible after the intersection and the slower dimmer light seemed more slow and more dim and in fact disappeared within another 10 seconds. I see no simple explanation for the disappearance of the fast mover 20 degrees past directly overhead. I own a software consulting company here in Schaumburg Illinois and consult for a specialty coatings company that caters to the US Navy and Air Force.

Peter Davenport spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to be an exceptionally skilled observer and reporter of objective fact. Under ordinary circumstances, we would have assumed that a witness who reported such an event would be describing two satellites, which happened to be visible in proximity to one another. However, the witness in this case had allowed for such a possibility, and had rejected that on the basis of facts of the case. Further, we observe that an orbiting body in polar orbit, traveling to the north, would not enter the Earth's shadow. Thanks to Peter Davenport and NUFORC


SHELTON -- Brian with the Houston, British Colombia, and Canada UFO Research (HBCC) group writes that on June 14, 2001, at 11:45 PM, my son and two of his friends were watching the stars as we always do on clear nights. About 11:45 PM just below the handle of the Big Dipper we saw a very bright object moving across the sky stopping then moving again then stopping then moving over the trees and disappearing. It was like watching a bright star up close but it was not close enough to see if it had lights. We have been watching the sky at night for several years and this is the first time we have seen something this close. We always see strange things moving across the sky but this was the best and the excitement kept us up till 2:00 in the morning. I have never known a satellite or asteroid to stop and start like this. My whole family and I watch the stars frequently and have witnessed many strange lighted objects go across the night sky. We have seen some that fade and shine brighter. My father saw a formation of three with the two outer ones splitting off in different directions while the third one sped up until it disappeared. Thanks to HBCC, [email protected]

SOUTHEAST WASHINGTON STATE -- Ken Imes writes that, "My sighting differs a tad from the stories I read on your website. The triangle formation we saw was out of our atmosphere, I could tell by size and distance etc. The triangle was up in space in the Milky Way but it flew backwards. It was an inverted triangle flying in a manner in which I had never seen before at a speed much greater than a human made craft. It took approximately 45 seconds for it to fly out of sight, across a crystal clear June 14, sky with no clouds. My friend Joy actually pointed it out asking, "What the hell is that?" I can't say it was an alien aircraft, but it was certainly unidentified. Thanks to Ken [email protected]


WESTERN DAILY PRESS, BRISTOL ENGLAND June 15, 200, reports: Hundreds of passengers were within a split second of Britain's worst aviation disaster when two jets missed colliding by just 100 feet at Heathrow airport. The public was shocked and public confidence severely dented. However, what air travelers didn't know was that in the last two decades there have been around 30 similar near misses -- with UFOs. The Western Daily Press has uncovered a dossier detailing the sensational incidents. The Civil Aviation Authority's 'X-Files' are now in the possession of top investigative author Nick Redfern who has shown the contents to the Daily Press. The CAA's hidden files, only recently released after years under wraps, documents pilots' and air traffic controllers' descriptions of the unidentified flying objects, which were close to bringing down jets loaded with passengers. Last night the CAA's spokesman Chris Mason said of the classified papers: "Our reports are from highly trained pilots and air traffic controllers. We have no argument with what they say they have seen, even if what they saw can't be explained.

"We admit that in some cases the aircraft which were nearly in collision with the aircraft have never been traced. We keep an open mind about UFOs. Some things just can't be explained, but they have been reported by top professionals and we do take that into account." The CAA has been carefully and quietly collecting and analyzing data pertaining to near-collisions between airliners and UFOs for a number of years. In addition, while such a claim might sound like something straight out of an episode of 'The X-Files,' it is one supported by the CAA's own records. "I've never seen anything like it before and can't explain what it was," said British Airways pilot Mike Dalton, of his sighting of a large, silver disc-shaped object from his Boeing 737 from Rome to Gatwick on the night of November 5, 1990. "My copilot and I called in two cabin crew to see it and then it went out of sight. Ground radar couldn't pick it up, so it must have been traveling at phenomenal speed." Subsequent investigations determined the UFO had been seen by a second BA pilot and the pilot of an RAF Tornado aircraft who was obliged to take "violent evasive action" to avoid a collision with it.

On the night of 21 April 1991, the term 'close encounter' took on an altogether more significant meaning for the crew and passengers of a London-bound airliner. At 9.00 pm Captain Achille Zaghetti, who was piloting a McDonnell MD-80 aircraft, was amazed to see an unidentified flying object pass his aircraft as it flew over the coast of Kent at a height of more than 22,000 feet. As the UFO was no more than 1,000 feet above the airliner, and the incident therefore classed as a 'near-miss', an official inquiry was launched by the CAA. Approximately two weeks later the following brief statement was issued: "The pilot said the object was light brown, round, three meters long, and did not describe any means of propulsion, " The aircraft was under the control of London air traffic control center who had no other aircraft in the vicinity, but consistent with the pilot report, a faint radar trace was observed ten nautical miles behind the Alitalia aircraft. "Extensive inquiries have failed to provide any indication of what the sighting may have been." But more was to come. The next incident to occur took place on June 1, 1991, when a yellow-orange cylindrical object, ten feet long, was seen at close quarters by the crew of a Britannia Airways Boeing 737 en route to London from Dublin.

Sixteen days later, yet another cylindrical-shaped UFO was sighted, this time by one Walter Leiss, a German engineer aboard Dan Air flight DA 4700 as it headed toward Hamburg. Nick Redfern is the author of three best-selling books on UFOs. The latest, Cosmic Crashes, is published by Simon and Schuster at £6.99. Air traffic controller: 'was it an aircraft?' January 6, 1995, Captain Roger Wills and copilot Mark Stuart were beginning their descent towards Manchester Airport in a Boeing 737 twin jet with 60 passengers on board. Seventeen minutes before touchdown, a mysterious, triangular-shaped UFO flashed past the right-hand side of the aircraft at a distance described as being "very close" -- so close, in fact, that the crew instinctively "ducked" in their seats. This is an extract from the conversation between crew of the B737 and the radar controller. B737: "We just had something go down the RHS just above us very fast." MANCHESTER: "Well, there's nothing seen on the radar. Was it an aircraft?" B737: "Well, it had lights; it went down the starboard side very quick [and] just slightly above us, yeah." MANCHESTER: "Keep an eye out for something, I can't see anything at all at the moment so, must have been very fast or gone down very quickly after it passed you I think." B737: "Okay. Well, there you go!" Thanks to Gerry Farshores, Original headline: Jetliners' 30 near misses with UFO's.


MELBOURNE -- Many Melburnians thought they had become characters in an episode of the US series, 'The X-Files,' at the weekend after seeing what they believed was a UFO. More than 20 people from Melbourne's southeastern suburbs reported a dark, gray disc flying in the skies near Ringwood, Wantirna, Knox and Lilydale about 9:30 on Saturday night, June 16, 2001. The National Space Center, in central Victoria, registered 24 calls from people who all described similar details of a flying object in the sky. Ross Dowe from the center said it was first thought the object was the blimp, but upon analysis it appeared to be too small. "The object appeared to be round or saucer shape with silver sides," Mr. Dowe said. "It also appeared to have a small dome underneath with half a dozen large lights on the circumference on the main body of the disc." Dianne McCool from Wantirna, who was in her back yard, said she saw the object come up from behind gum trees in her garden about 9.50 PM. Thanks to Cameron Smith The Melbourne Herald, Victoria, 6/18/01 and Farshores UFO Dimension - --


0n Friday night, June 15, 2001, I spoke at the Rhode Island Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. I wish to thank State Director David Rubien and Janet Bucci for inviting me. I certainly enjoyed discussing the forgotten alien at Fort Dix McGuire Air Force Base and the Disclosure Project. Rhode Island has had recent sighting of UFOs by police. Dave has an amazing knowledge of alien encounters and I hope to bring some of his exciting stories to our readers. Thanks for the great hospitality.


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein. When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to risk having your worldview shaken? Read the preface free at: To order your copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to: Or Save the shipping charges and order your autographed copy by sending a check or money order for $13.95!
(US) per copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511, Trenton MI. 48183-0511

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MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL that costs only $30 per year by contacting [email protected]. Mention that I recommended you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared. Caution: Most of these are initial reports and require further investigation. These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to [email protected]. Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.

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