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Filer's Files #21 -- 2001


Filer's Files #21 -- 2001, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
May 22, 2001, Sponsored by Electronic Arts; [email protected]
Webmaster Chuck Warren,

GEORGE A. FILER V my new grandson was born on May 9, 2001, in Mt. Holly, New Jersey weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces! Mother, grandson, my son, and grandfather are doing fine.

UFOs REPORTED OVER ENGLAND, FRANCE, BRAZIL AND US. UFOs are observed over New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, California, and Alaska.

On May 9, 2001, I spoke at the National Press Club to several hundred reporters with twenty former government employees attempting to prove the reality of UFOs. Although the several hundred reporters and television cameraman were enthusiastic, the national news coverage was less than expected. Ranger wrote and reminded me that when the Wright Brothers had their first powered manned flight, they sent out a press release first and the only press person to attend was a woman reporter from a local newspaper. After the flight she returned to the paper and wrote the story. When she turned it in to the editor "She Was Fired" because after all we all know that humans cannot fly. She obviously was lying and of course her story never ran! Two years after their first flight and many longer successful flights the Scientific American Magazine was still claiming it was a hoax, and they weren't really flying! The Wright Brothers had to take their plane to New York City and fly in circ!
les over the city to convince people they could actually fly!! Therefore, human nature hasn't changed much since then. Thanks to [email protected]

Editor's Note: We encourage the New York reporters to look up over New York, particularly at sunrise and sunset for the UFOs.

RUSSELL PARK -- Paul M. Davis writes, We had seen several UFOs in the park and experienced twenty minutes of missing time. Several weeks later, I began having awful demonic alien nightmares. I became a nervous fearful person soon after. I have been put on medication to keep me calm. I was able to recall the incident fully. The alien craft came down. It was noiseless. I assume it had landing gear because it was not resting on its belly. I saw a ramp open as if inviting me in. I went up the ramp ducking as I went in, the floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of my feet. Almost like a skin more then a metal ramp. I went inside where I noticed it was somewhat dimly lit. I did not see my cousin Israel anywhere.

Before me were huge octagonal metallic walls or doors, about 9 feet high. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger then the outside of the craft. Each wall had a large symbol that looked like a different complex pattern burned into it. I began to receive messages in my head and turned to see three gray aliens with large heads and child like bodies sitting around some sort of biological hi tech computer device. Wearing tight diver like suits, they did not look up at me. I asked questions with my mind. I got answers quickly. I asked, "What are you and where are you from?" I was informed that these creatures were advanced bipedal animals with the soul or spirit of demons with great scientific knowledge that we on earth could not begin to understand. Their physics seems to have no limits. I was very shocked by all this and prayed to God for help. I began fighting heart palpitations, shallow breathing, and tunnel vision. I fought to keep my senses.

The ship was surprisingly simple and the floor had an interesting structure and design similar to cutting an orange in half and seeing those lines coming out from the center of a single focused point. There were no windows but I believe they were behind the octagonal doors. I was told that each symbol on the doors was of an advanced demonic language. One symbol was the equivalent of a massive database of knowledge. I asked them, "How do you navigate through space and survive?" I was told that they used their minds for navigational purposes. A biological to digital control as best as they could explain it to me. It took three aliens to properly fly and navigate this craft for interstellar travel.

I could see the top of a cylinder that was like looking at an advanced 3-d computer monitor with images stacked over images, like a hologram. The screen was round like a computer monitor that was laid face up. I saw star charts or lines connecting constellations and it had an alien font or hieroglyphic data on the outer rim of this device. The aliens told me that they made it work by placing their hands on what I could only describe as a control panel. The aliens placed their hands into the indentation that matched their hand shape perfectly. They had two fingers with an opposable thumb. It was clearly an advanced computer keyboard. Thanks to MUFON's Director John Schuessler for this sighting report that is under further investigation.


BALTIMORE -- Bill and Linda Bean write that he and his wife witnessed a UFO on May 7, 2001, at 11:25 PM. They were on their way home driving on I- 695 North, and as they approached Exit 12 they noticed a very slow, almost hovering craft. It appeared to be about 15,000 feet in the air, and was descending. The object had two big white very bright likes and they were blinking on and off once per second. They continued to watch but could not pull over because the shoulder was too narrow. They approached Exit 15, and the UFO descended to be less than a 1000 feet in altitude. The lights on the bottom of the craft were red and were constant without blinking. Bill says, "I could see structure behind the bottom lights and as we passed the next exit, I could see the unlit backside of the craft. The street and building lights provided enough light for us to see the structure of the UFO, it was rectangular in shape and about the height of a double-decker bus. The craft under structure was smaller than the top and came down to 45-degree angles on the sides. The angles were going outward and there were four red lights on this part of the craft. The UFO descended to 500 feet and the lights got even brighter. We finally lost sight of it behind some trees off of Rt. 40 West. "I am sure that other drivers saw this craft since it was too big, low, and bright to be unnoticed," says Bill. If anyone else out there saw this craft, please E-mail Bill Bean at [email protected]


BUENA VISTA -- Mr. Wolfman writes in last week's files you told of a huge Flying Triangle over Buena Vista, where I had a similar sighting a month earlier in mid-April of 1998. My wife and I live on the side of a hill, which overlooks Buena Vista in Rockbridge County. Shortly after 9:00 PM, I set out to drive to the nearby Hilltop Gas Station on Route 60. As I was getting into my car, I noticed a bright orange light in the sky to the northeast of my home. At first I thought it was a bright star, but I noticed that the light was traveling south. I observed the light for about 30 seconds and realized that the "plane" did not have any FAA lights at all. Only a single orange light, about the brightness of aircraft landing lights passing in front of me in a straight line at 1500 feet off the ground. I drove to the gas station and watched some more. I called the cashier out to see and even under the bright store lights, we could make out the UFO light, which was moving south!
 in a slow and deliberate manner. The light did not produce any sound. Another 45 seconds, the light made "clearing turns" which I am sure you are familiar, and continued slowly on its original course. The cashier asked me a question and the light was gone.

I was so stunned that I called the County sheriff's office. I didn't tell them I saw a "UFO," I told them I saw a low flying plane running in violation of FAA regulations, with no engine noise, and possibly in distress. The dispatcher advised me to call Roanoke Airport but I couldn't reach anyone so I contacted Langley Air Force Base, which is on the coast. The dispatcher said they couldn't do anything unless there was a crash and advised calling the base. I reached Langley's Control Tower Sergeant and told him what I saw, keeping to my belief that there was possibly a distressed or downed aircraft in the area. He switched me to a speakerphone, I assume so others could listen. The guy had me run through the whole thing three times, and kept asking me "what did you think it was?" I was very concerned that there could be a plane down in the woods, but it sounded like someone in the background was laughing. The Sergeant told me that there were no aircraft in the skies abo!
ve Rockbridge County, and all of his planes were on the ground, and that I was seeing things. Thanks to Wolfman

CENTRAL VIRGINIA TRIANGLE -- Matthew Moriarty writes that at 11:00 PM, May 10, 2001, I was out with the dogs and noticed an out of place triangular pattern of stars near the planet Saturn. To my amazement the triangular arrangement began to rotate counterclockwise very slowly. My attention was riveted looking to see if the nearby stars remained fixed and if I could discern some definite object within the triangular star pattern. I could not see any actual object, but the triangular pattern stopped it's rotation and proceeded to slowly move in the southwest direction. I watched it disappear over a tree line and that was it. The configuration was huge spanning the size of my hand at arm's length and it must have been very high. Thanks to Matthew Moriarty [email protected]


JACKSONVILLE -- James Montgomery wrote: "I don't think anyone has ever seen what we saw that night 40 miles north of the city." I was in a mortar platoon in the USMC, and saw the use of many different armaments, and night illumination, and nothing comes close. Many of my fellow truckers, that deliver our nations freight 365 days a year also saw the strange lights. On May 3, 2001, about 2:30 AM, I was heading north on Interstate 95, near the Florida State line. Over Georgia I saw a very intense blue light, as bright or brighter than lightning in the upper atmosphere. At arm's length, my thumbnail covered up the blue light. This large blue light lasted for only a fraction of a second, followed by an orange very intense light. The size of the orange light was four times bigger than the blue light.

The orange light and was oblong, and the blue light appeared to be round. The blue and orange lights slightly over lapped, appearing to touch, but again the blue light flashed first and the orange light flashed in a second. It was obvious this was in the outer atmosphere, and was not a natural phenomenon. The entire atmosphere, covering the whole southeastern hemisphere flashed an unnatural sun bright orange. The bright orange light lasted 3 to 4 seconds and was like daytime in my truck and everywhere I looked, but a very strange light, again very orange.

I thought it was a nuclear blast. Truck traffic was heavy, and many of us began to speculate as to what it was over the radio. We speculated it might have been a test of SDI. A second blue light object causing the brilliant flash may have hit the first light above our atmosphere creating the tremendous energy. Thanks to James Montgomery <[email protected] and Frederick M. Fox <[email protected]


AFTON -- John Osborn writes, "I was on the back deck with a friend at 7:50 PM on May 18, 2001. The contrast of the green leaves against the blue sky was quite beautiful." I noticed an unusually bright star that was visible even though the sun was still up. The light wasn't moving and I was able to point it out to my friend. Observing with the binoculars the light was too large to be a star. I got my telescope and looked at the light almost directly overhead and saw a round blue white object. It was whiter around the edge and darker in the middle, giving the impression of a translucent soap bubble. It did not appear to move, but suddenly it flew very quickly out of the scopes field of view. It was not a satellite because they move too fast, nor a plane because those move and they're not round. It wasn't a star or a balloon because it was stationary for too long and later moved too fast.

In the summer of 1964, I saw my first UFO when I was seven. I'm now 44 years old. The sun was low with no clouds, but it was still daylight. My four friends were playing when I looked up and saw a round object. It was stationary and not rotating. It was bluish-white, the same color as the moon and almost as bright. I could clearly see dark ring-shaped markings on its whiter background. There was a large ring in the center and five smaller rings spaced evenly around, but not touching, the center ring. I could see this object *absolutely clearly*. Its apparent size was almost the size of a quarter at arm's length. It made no sound. I pointed to it and my friends all stopped to look. Then someone tagged me and it was gone. Thanks to Whitley Strieber and [email protected]


CHILLICOTHE -- Nancy writes that on April 28, 2001, I was in a semi-truck with my husband going down Highway 65 in Northern Missouri. The night was dark but the stars were not out yet. I watched out my window as we drove as the big Very Bright Light seemed to follow our truck from the West. It was just shining like the moon, but this was staying beside us miles and miles away. I finally told my husband about the light and he saw it. So finally I kept telling him, "We turned clear around and it was still on the side of us." We stopped to wash our truck to at the car wash and the bright light stopped with us. I said, "Look it is still there, we should have lost site of it long time ago, it has been 80 to 90 miles since I started watching this." My husband opened his door to get out and the light seemed to turn and show a red glow and head due west and flew out of site," said Nancy. Thanks to Nancy [email protected]


HOUSTON -- Jerome Reyes writes that on May 11.2001, his uncle a 48-year-old computer programmer along with several other commuters spotted a UFO about 5:00 AM while riding a Houston Metro bus. The bus was leaving from the park and was making its morning trip to downtown. Several commuters spotted a glowing sphere moving in the dark morning sky. The sphere looked like a star but was moving. It was definitely no plane. He pointed out the UFO to the women next to him and she saw it too, as did several other people on the bus.

The UFO started following the bus for several minutes then flew away. On May 14, three mornings later, my uncle saw it again, a strange light in shape of a sphere in the sky. When he arrived at the park and ride to wait for his bus he could still see it, and pointed it out to an older gentlemen who had also seen it earlier. The older man said, "Oh yeah there it is again!" My uncle is not someone to make up this kind of thing and has not told many people. Thanks to [email protected] (Jerome Reyes)


VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE -- Dr. Robert Jacobs writes, "My "interest" in the UFO subject dates back to 1964 when, while Officer-in-Charge of Photo-optical Instrumentation at Vandenberg AFB, I captured an "event" on film. That "event" was a saucer-shaped object firing at one of our sub orbital dummy nuclear warheads on its way to a target at Eniwetok Lagoon. Subsequently I was ordered to take part in a cover-up. My story appeared in the MUFON Journal, as well as on the television program, "Sightings," and most recently I testified on video for journalist Leslie Kean. Thanks to Bob Jacobs, Ph.D. Professor and Coordinator of Production Department of Communication.


SEWARD -- Michael Harman writes that my contact in Alaska has told me he has now located a husband and wife team who witnessed the triangles the same night Robert Mackey saw them. Now we have Robert, his wife, his son, and two other residents of Seward all claiming to have seen the Flying Triangles. I have to lean in favor of Roberts story on this, his evidence is mounting. He has also scanned in two drawings made by his young son and himself.
Thanks to [email protected]


FEIRA DE SANTANA -- Researcher Don Ware reports I received a three-page report by Emanuel Pardnhos and Alberto Romero about the 12 January 12, 1995, crash of a small saucer with two different alien beings. The report was accompanied by nine excellent drawings by Beto Lima depicting the major events. Mr. BPL saw the saucer crash in a lake. A port opened and two creatures emerged. One was about one meter tall with a large bald head and big eyes and the other was a bit larger and hairy except for the hands and face. BPL used a long stick to pull them to shore, and then he took them to his house.

One report by an anonymous soldier of the 35th Infantry Battalion said he was part of the team that went in trucks to the farmhouse and carried the creatures out. The hairy one protested. One soldier made the sign of the cross and said, "These are animals from another world." Then Navy intelligence officers arrived in a car and took control of the event. The saucer, being very light, was put on a truck. Then a helicopter arrived and took the two aliens. They were all told not to talk about it. After hearing a report on a local radio station, another soldier wrote to Mr. Romero and confirmed that it did happen. Thanks to Donald M. Ware [email protected]

EDINBURGH -- Andrew Hennessey writes that between May 5 and 10 UFO sightings were made everyday. Paul MacDonald reports a massive Black Flying Triangle over the Vale of Leithen north of Edinburgh. The next night he saw a massive Flying Triangle glide over the Firth of Forth estuary that headed down the coastline. It was veiled in a cloud with strobe lights jumping about over a massive area of cloud. Paul makes medieval weapons in the heart of Edinburgh - and in broad, daylight -- he saw three greys in a glass bubble, which sat in the middle of a plate-like rim. Another two friends were in bed, one woke up to see her boyfriend astrally projecting out of his body by sitting up -- and there -- his features appeared like a mask on a 3.5 foot grey-like being, and when she screamed -- it was as if the grey screamed too. It was a rather a comical moment she afterwards reflected.

JOPPA - At the port amazing pearly lights descended from the sky -- splashing into 8 balls of light at rooftop level. Twenty miles south of Edinburgh people stopped at the roadside to watch a flashing lights and strange window like objects flying about. The witnesses were accosted by black 2 dimensional window/black squares with a bar of light inside it. It moved rapidly over the fields and seemed to check you out before it goes away. There have been as many as three of these objects. They are some kind of ship -- or maybe some kind of surveillance device. These hills are legendary for the faerie tribes called Sidhe [pronounced she) that inhabit them. Thanks to Andrew Hennessey


MARSEILLES -- Paul Harman's writes, In 1974 I was a seaman aboard the 70.000-ton oil tanker Diloma owned by Shell-tankers. We were dry-docking in Marseilles, France. About October 17, 1994, eight crewmembers were on the aft deck waiting for water to fill the dry-dock. It was about 1:30 PM with a clear blue sky and a bright light was hovering above the city. It was flying at 150 meters in altitude and one or two kilometers from the dry-dock. The light was as bright as a star and had a diameter 1/4 of the full moon. We didn't hear any sound coming from that strange light so it was unlikely to be a helicopter that can easily be heard at that distance. Our nautical officer was quite sure this light was neither a star nor a planet.

After thirty minutes the light was still in the same position and we saw a smaller light that moved slowly out of the city towards the big light. On approaching the big light the small light reduced speed and very slowly it entered into the big light. We were all stunned. Five minutes later, the light flew at incredible speed straight up and disappeared making the sound of a zipper. I was a 17-year-old boy and I knew nothing about UFO's. After my sighting I started reading a lot about UFO's and I became a real and strong believer. I saw so I believe! Thanks to Paul Harman's, [email protected]


Mars is filled with strange anomalies that point to possible alien artifacts from ancient Martian civilizations, possible ET bases and even modern Martian life. The Mar's artifacts infer that life forms have simply moved underground on Mars. I have been in large underground installations in Turkey, and the US. Caves in Puerto Rico reach a startling twenty stories high. Asteroids and heavy radiation have bombarded Mars, so it is quite logical for any life forms to move underground. New images show perfectly regular prismatic structures are embedded in the Martian surface. These monoliths similar to the carved rocks at Stonehenge in England are inexplicable as carved natural phenomena. I have called JPL and spoken with some of their scientists with doctorates. I have only a master's degree but with experience in photo analysis.

It is reasonable that within nature we might see something that looks like a human face or a frog in the natural landscape. However, it seems beyond reason that and statistical mathematics that the large numbers of cultural-like features on Mars can be natural. I see what could be described as a fort and with imagination an alien base. I see possible ancient cities and fortifications. In the spring, Mars turns green near the poles as the ice melts. In close inspection of the green areas we see branches like plants. Many plants and trees grow with a trunk, branches and smaller twigs that hold leaves or needles as in pine trees. With the coming of spring, green plant like foliage or moss is growing on the planet's surface. Mars photographs show a plant like design where only snow or landscape was present. It is my opinion that plants are growing there. NASA's answer is "No comment"? I feel the scientists at JPL must be able to see what I can see. Forget the Mars Fac!
e the moment, that may only be a freak of nature, but there is an ancient city around it.

Critical analyses by NASA cannot reveal what is apparent until it becomes politically acceptable to find life on Mars. My geologist friends and I can think of no natural process or photographic problem that can explain these anomalies. It is my opinion that Mars once had life and a civilization. We can assume that there are intelligent races besides the human race. The same concepts or religions that built the Mars Monoliths may have carried this knowledge to Earth. Because of my personal encounters with UFOs I believe they exist, therefore I interpret the images very differently than someone who feels alien life they does not exist. Each person carries prejudices that can color their objectiveness, but I'm 90% sure life existed on Mars and probably still does.


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO
hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the
matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a
wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of
today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to
which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein. When Biblical
descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of
modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the
evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is
at best convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to
risk having your worldview shaken? Read the preface free at:
To order your copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to: Or Save the shipping charges and
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PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs available and
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