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Filer's Files # 17 2001


UFO WAVE IN MIDWEST -- UFOs were seen in Florida, Virginia, Maryland,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin,
Michigan, California, Alaska and Chili.

Maryland MUFON researcher George Reynolds reports that he is
monitoring high magnetic activity in the earth's field around his home
in Maryland with his magnetic anomaly detector instruments.  Ed Stork
of Denver, Pennsylvania designed and built the instruments.  On April
11, 12, 13, and 14 both instruments located 40 miles apart were very
active measuring considerably higher than normal readings.  The units
were designed to pick up UFOs, but have been reliable in predicting
both UFOs and earthquakes.  Their research has discovered that
earthquakes often follow high magnetic activity.  In recent weeks
there has been unusually powerful coronal mass ejections or solar
storms that often cause high magnetic activity on Earth as well as in
space.  This intense solar storm activity appears to create an
increase in reports of huge 'motherships' aircraft carrier size craft
that take refuge in our dense atmosphere or underwater.  The following
Midwest wave of reports indicate a mothership may have moved into the
Lake Michigan area.  This was followed by numerous sightings of disc
shaped UFOs often seen departing and moving into the large


ORLANDO -- A very large dark UFO with two red lights hovered over the
Deseret Ranch, just east of the city on Thursday night, March 28, 2001.
According to the eyewitness, "I observed two slow-flying red lights
that appeared to be hundreds of yards away, just above the tree line.
The two red lights were moving very slowly from east to west."  The
lights moved in a very exacting detail, as if they were connected to
each other, which would have made it one extremely big object if we
could have seen the superstructure."  "  The object made no sound as
it passed.  This was observed at the Deseret Ranch, just east of the
Orlando International Airport."  The Church of Jesus Christ of the
Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormons owns the ranch.  A new
Mormon Temple is being built.  Thanks to Rev. Billy Dee


CHARLOTTESVILLE -- On April 3, 2001, I was walking my dog at 8:30 PM
when I looked up and almost directly above was some type of craft with
five rounded sides, with a light at each of the five points.  It was a
bit like a pentagon, but rounded enough to say that it was round -
with five distinct edges.  The lights were yellowish in color and not
very bright.  The craft was low to the ground compared to the air
traffic.  The craft was moving slowly to the east/northeast.  There
was a large cloud in its flight path, and as it disappeared behind the
cloud, I stood there to watch it come out the other side.  Given its
speed and the size of the cloud, I expected to see it come out the
other side relatively quickly.  When it did not, I looked around, and
saw the craft now moving in a south/southeast direction, looking like
it made a 90-degree turn when the cloud hid it.  The lights lit the
craft enough to make the five sides clearly visible.  I am a
professional and student in my late 20's.  I've never seen anything
like this before, and was not under the influence of any substances -
it was a fascinating experience.  Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
or National Reporting Center  NUFORC  National Reporting Center


BALTIMORE -- Researcher Bill Bean sent me a video of unusually fast
moving craft flying moving over the city on March 28, 2001.  The
actual craft could not be seen, but it was at the beginning of a
developing contrail that flew probably twice as fast as other jet
aircraft from north to south at 3:19 PM.  Its altitude is estimated
35,000 feet.  No structure could actually be seen as it created a new
contrail across the sky.  Perhaps even more remarkable it flew beneath
a contrail that had expanded and clouded up a huge five mile wide and
hundreds of mile long contrail with thick clouds.  Both contrails with
quickly forming clouds were very strange.  Thanks to Bill Bean


NEW BRUNSWICK -- The witness reports seeing four flying objects flying
east on April 7, 2001, that suddenly reversed direction during flight.
They looked bluish when spotted at 8:21 PM.  The weather was cloudy
and I could not see the shape very clearly, but they looked round.
They were flying low just above ground.  The witness stated, "The
reason I think they were UFO is because of the way they changed flying
direction.  They suddenly reversed their direction and the
acceleration was just not possible for any known man-made machine."
They seemed to play with each other for about two minutes.  When I
went inside to get a cam recorder and to record them, they were gone.
As a scientist who majored in Physics, I must admit those UFOs I saw
could be lighting.  However, I have never seen any lighting like that!
Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC


FRANKLIN -- While patrolling the campgrounds where he works at 11:47
PM on April 4, 2001, the witness saw the same disc shaped object he
had reported last summer on July 11, 2000.  The disc was just over the
tree line again--but a little farther away in the same area.  It
hovered in place for about five minutes, and then sped over ten miles
to the west and hovered for another fifteen minutes.  The witness
stated, "It then shot straight up, and I lost all sight of it." Thanks
to  NUFORC   Peter Davenport Director of  the National
Reporting Center.


WESTVILLE - A retired Chicago teacher who taught for 35 years and
lives on a small farm reported she saw a very bright light in the
eastern sky traveling straight west on April 4, 2001.  It passed
almost directly over the teacher at approximately 11:30 PM, and
continued in a straight westward path until the trees obscured it from
view.  The witness states, "The light was like a motorcycle
headlight, - single, not double as an airplane's."  There was no
accompanying jet noise or airplane motor noise - only a soft after"
hum" - like a furnace running, or wind through trees.  This craft did
not have red and green running lights.  I saw four distinct lights
arranged in a diamond shape (or a triangle with a tail).  There was
also the suggestion of a few smaller lights around the back of the
craft.  The front and rear lights were cream colored, while the
sidelights were amber and chartreuse.  It was traveling rapidly - from
initial sighting to the point where I lost it in the trees.  It took
less than 30 seconds to cover 3/4 of a mile.  The sky around my farm
usually has many moving lights - all attached to regular aircraft.
The speed of this craft astonished me, making me realize that it was
not one of the "regulars."
Editor's Note:  I spoke with Peter Davenport Director of NUFORC who
had interviewed the witness at length.  He found her to be quite
credible, sober-minded witness.  It was totally silent.  Thanks to
Peter Davenport. NUFORC


CANTON -- The witness spotted a large egg shaped craft that had a
strange blue glow that he observed on April 7, 2001.  There were three
traveling very fast in circles, up and down, side to side at 5:00 PM
just before sunset.  They just sat there and hovered.  One of the
large UFOs had four smaller objects fly out of it.  The first three
large egg shaped UFOs disappeared completely, while the smaller four
took off extremely fast.  Before they left, all the battery clocks in
my house, such as my watch stopped working at the same time.  After
the UFOs departed, the clocks worked again.

MIDDLEFIELD - A week later while driving westbound on State Route 87
by the Geauga and Trumbull County line on April 13, 2001, another car
was approaching towards the east at 11:37 PM.  A bright beam of light
appeared in between our two cars, and suddenly both vehicles lost
power.  My engine, lights, etc. cut out immediately.  At first I
thought it was a problem with my truck, but then noticed that the
other car was "dead," too.  This lasted for approximately three
minutes.  There was just bright light with no sound at all.  Then, the
light disappeared and electrical power turned back on in both of our
vehicles.  Nothing major happened, just lost radio presets and the
clock.  Now, neither seems to want to be reset.  Thanks to  NUFORC


EVANSVILLE -- It was like seeing a fleet of plates all gray except for
the lights flying through the air on April 13, 2001.  We saw the
visitors real early in the morning at 2:37 AM.  The discs were
hovering there for about twenty seconds then they took off toward the
north.  They had numerous lights on the bottom that were a reddish
color and turned green when they left.  They had many weird looking
fins that were in the shape of a spiral that led into the center,
which constantly opened and closed.  .  They were very quiet except
when one dropped a few hundred feet and that only sounded like a jet
engine far in the distance.


WARREN - It seemed as though heaven spilled a bucket of fireflies
according to the witness.  On March 22, 2001, he first saw a wave of
lights traveling west and breaking into separate 'V' shaped
formations.  At 8:10 PM, they were moving at about the speed of a
passenger jet at altitude.  I heard the roar of jets north of them
probably coming from Selfridge National Guard Air Base.  A neighbor
who thought the world was ending also witnessed the spectacle.  After
he settled down, he stated, "As they were descending they seemed to
see the police chopper on its rounds and slowed till it passed.  This
occurred behind me as I was turning to look at the chopper (which is
why I saw the UFOs) so I cannot confirm this.  This I can confirm as
they traveled west and became distant I could see clearly that the
assembled on an even place, prior they were at varying heights.  They
didn't speed up or slow down they moved constant.  Then they vanished
at light speed once they were all in a nice little row.

EAST LANSING -- I was walking around my town at night around 10:30 PM
on April 13, 2001.  I glanced up in the clear sky and saw a triangle
formation of 3 saucer shaped objects.  The saucers flew overhead
silently and very quickly.  I have seen these saucers more times than
I can remember in East Lansing.  They seem to be a common occurrence.
They always fly silently, but at varying speeds.  Sometimes they fly
so fast it seems impossible.  Thanks to  NUFORC


RIVERVIEW -- My two friends and I were standing outside at 1:00 AM on
April 11, 2001, when we observed ten saucers flying close to the
ground, rapidly switching places with one another.  We were swinging
on my old swing set when all of the sudden, my friend pointed into the
sky.  There were ten bright orange colored saucers.  They weren't all
that far from the ground only 100 to 300 feet.  We stood in awe of
them.  They moved fast, constantly switching places with each other.
When we went inside, it was still 1:00 AM.  We are three, thirteen old
girls.  We come from a rather normal upbringing, although my parents
passed away and I fear aliens and UFOs to the extreme, but I never
talked about it before.

GAYLORD - The witness reports they are located at 45 degrees North
Latitude in Northern Michigan.  They were sitting in their hot tub at
10:15 PM, looking at the sky on April 14, 2001.  The witness said to
her husband, pointing "Is that Cassiopeia?  As I was looking, I saw
what I at first thought was a shooting star.  But as I watched, it
didn't fade like most shooting stars."  As I focused on it, I saw a
cluster of four "lights" and a cluster of three, both in a "V" formati
on, moving swiftly across the sky, east to west, not fading.  I
thought, as they approached the rooftop of my house, that they seemed
to move closer together, but the light from them never dimmed.  There
was no sound.  While watching, I immediately stood up so that I could
see them longer.  Thanks to Director Peter Davenport  NUFORC .


DePERE - The witness reports a disc approached from south to north
flying over us and then made a hair pin 180 degree turn above us
heading south again on April 11, 2001.  The disc passed less than 300
feet above us.  We could see it was darker than background night sky.
It was out lined with many small red lights.  The craft made no sound,
but we could feel its presence getting stronger as it came closer and
diminish as it left.

ROTHSCHILD -- An object with four lights was seen hovering and when
approached it sped away at an extreme speed on April 13, 2001, at
12:00 AM.  The object had four bright lights on it and it appeared to
be hovering about 100 feet above the ground as we approached.  When we
got close the object sped away.  We tried to pursue it but as we did
the object speed was too fast and within seconds it was out of sight.
A second witness describes probably the same craft. We were driving
home Friday night April 13, 2001, and when we got near our house in
Rothschild we looked up and saw four bright lights that resembled
stadium lights.  The lights were hovering over a bunch of trees at
12:00 AM.  As we turned the corner the UFO made rapid movements and
suddenly disappeared.  We tried to follow and find it but it quickly
disappeared.  Thanks to NUFORC


CANTON -- On April 7, 2001, we were outside eating at 7:00 PM since it
was so nice.  We were looking up, but the stars were not out yet but
something caught my eye.  I pointed it out, so we all looked and saw a
flying triangular ship like thing.  It was flying with four or so
lights spinning they were red lights!  Then there was smoke like stuff
near it, like from an engine.  Thanks to NUFORC


WASHINGTON -- While driving north on Jefferson Street through town, my
9-year-old daughter noticed an object in the sky on March 29, 2001,
during daylight hours around 3:30 in the afternoon.  She said, "Dad
what is that?  It's really shiny."  I looked and couldn't see it at
first, but she continued to talk about it and soon after I spotted it
too.  I pulled the car over and got a very good look at it.  The
object was square from a frontal view, but thin from a side view.  The
front of the object, while square, contained 4 circular shapes within
it (like 4 dinner plates placed side by side, two across, two down, to
fill the square.)  The front was "chrome-like" and extremely shiny.
The backside of the object was black and flat with no other markings.
The object was on end and slowly spinning horizontally, so that to
look at it while spinning was to see the shiny side of the square,
then the thin, then the black side, and so on; a pattern of thick
& thins.  While spinning, the object traveled north towards downtown
at 125 feet, then made a turn to head west near Busch Creek.  The
craft's speed was varying from 10 to 25 miles an hour.  The overall
size estimate would be 5+ feet with the thinner side maybe 1 foot
thick.  We tried to follow, but it soon vanished.

ST.LOUIS -- On April 5, 2001, the witness and his son saw a flying
object in the night sky at 9:56 PM.  At first there was a very large
bright oval shape light coming words them from the southeast.  The
light was much brighter than any airplane I had ever seen before.  So,
I called for my son to come and join me outside as I thought he might
know what type of aircraft it was.  By the time he arrived outside the
craft was over our heads.  Neither he nor I had any idea as to what
type of aircraft it was.  We live close to an airport so we see many
airplanes and jets but we have never seen anything like this before.
The object was very large; perhaps two or three full moons in size.
There was a large bright oval shaped light in the front of the craft
and several other lights forming what appeared to be a triangular
shape craft.  In the center of the object was a red light, none of the
lights flashed.  The object was very large but made a little soft
humming sound.  It wasn't until the object was overhead that we heard
a sound.  It seemed to be gray or black in color, moving rather slowly
for we were able to view it for about three minutes.  There was haze
around it, perhaps due to the brightness of the front light.  It flew
over our heads heading in a N.W. direction.  ((NUFORC Note: We have
spoken with the two witnesses on several occasions now, and they seem
to be very good observers, and they seem quite insistent that what
they witnessed on this night was not an aircraft.  They live not far
from Lambert Field in St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS -- On April 21, 2001, I received a report from a witness.
It was approximately 8:10 PM (Central) and I was looking to the
northwest from Southern St. Louis.  I saw a light coming from over the
tops of the trees.  It looked strange with three to five lights on the
front of the craft.  The lights were closer together than an
airplane's and they were not blinking at all.  It made no sound as it
approached straight toward me.  As it came closer and was almost
overhead I saw a circular outline of the craft.  It was definitely not
an airplane shape.  It flew directly over me, and behind the building
I was in.  There was never any sound, and my windows were open.  The
craft was flying lower than any airplane should have been, but I
cannot guess the altitude.  I would say it was a bit smaller than a
commercial airplane, as well.  The weather was cloudy and there was a
mild thunderstorm approaching from the southwest.  If anyone could
please let us know if they happened to see this object on 4-21-01
Thanks to Nancy @ [email protected]


SADDLEBACK BUTTE -- Bill Hamilton wrote: My anonymous witness sent the
following information concerning sightings of on March 28, 2001.
These sightings are very low altitude and on the average 10 to 15
minutes in duration.  The objects always come from the Edwards Air
Force Base area.  I noticed that before the object is observed there
are a number of small Cessna type aircraft and sometimes helicopters
that fly in the area, originating from the base.  Then all is quiet,
and after a half hour two an hour the object reappears.  There is
never any sound, although the sound of the aircraft or especially
helicopters is always quite audible.  The normal farthest southern
distance traversed before returning is in the area of Saddleback
Butte.  The only name I have found for this butte is Blue Rock.  There
is a large water tank on the northern end of it.  The sightings
themselves have been very erratic, sometimes two a month and usually
less.  Due to the close proximity of Edwards, I have a hard time
believing that they are not aware of this."  See image drawing on at: Thanks to Bill
Hamilton Director Skywatch International, Inc.


SEWARD -- J. Glen Harper, the Alaska State Director reports that on
April 18, 2001, he drove to Seward to investigate reports originated
from Robert Mackey ([email protected]) of massive nightly
sightings of black triangle shaped, battleship sized, UFO's.  I talked
by phone with Mackey at 9:30 PM on Tuesday, April 17.  He assured me
he was "seeing things" nightly.  Therefore, I told him I would be in
Seward between 12:00 and 1:00 AM.  I drove the 125 miles from
Anchorage and knocked on his door at 12:15 AM.  I did not persist in
knocking because I knew he had a child and a wife, presumably trying
to get some sleep.  I waited outside in the parking lot next to his
apartment on Third Avenue.  The lights were on but no one appeared to
be home.  I stayed there an hour looking toward the southwest, but
also in all directions.  I was hoping Mackey might come out.  I saw no
planes and no UFOs, there was nothing flying over Seward.  I am a
pilot and I have flown all over this area.  The visibility at the
surface was very good.  In Alaska, that means 80 miles plus and often
200 miles visibility.  There was a high haze.  I could see all of the
mountaintops around Seward, which range from 5 to 8000 feet.  The
temperature was around freezing.  The stars of the major
constellations were visible.  I had 7X50 binoculars that zoom to 29
power, a 35 mm camera with night film, and a Sharp 8 mm video.  At
1:30 PM. I drove to an all night Texaco and got coffee.  I drove
around the town for the next half-hour.  I would see another car about
every minute but I did not see anyone looking up or stargazing.  I
estimate that one hundred people were awake and outside that night.
Seward is a town of several thousand residents with a small boat
harbor with several hundred yachts and fishing boats.

At about 2:00 AM, I parked my car in an empty RV park next to the
waterfront by the small boat harbor.  This was a large area, several
acres, away from buildings and streetlights, so that I could focus on
the dark sky.  I constantly scanned the sky by eye and with binoculars
for the next several hours.  I saw nothing move in the sky.  With the
binoculars on the widest setting to enhance available light, I could
clearly see the mountain ridges and other major features in the dim
light.  I believe I would have seen any small-unlit aircraft within
five miles in all directions.  I saw nothing move in the sky.  After
that, I dozed off for the rest of the night, but awoke about every 20
minutes and had a good look for several minutes each time in all
directions.  I saw nothing move in the sky.  It became light around
6:00 AM; I stayed in town until noon.  I waited until 11:00 AM to call
Mackey, because I assumed he slept late.  His wife answered the phone,
said she would get Robert, and then asked me to call back in five
minutes.  I called every ten minutes for the next hour but the phone
was busy.  I then drove back to Anchorage and checked my e-mail.  I
was forwarded a copy of an e-mail Mackey wrote last night.  Mackey
reports that between midnight and 1:30 AM.  Quote [sic]:  .."Military
aircraft here tonight for the first hour kept flying back and forth
across the bay, however sightings were meager the first hour then boom
here it comes.... A large UFO out of the southwest moving north west
another UFO smaller coming from south to north west area they met and
merged in the sky together then headed west."  In summary, I didn't
see any of it, and I was looking.  Thanks to J. Glen Harper, the
Alaska State Director  [email protected] (glen Harper)


ANGOL -- On April 22, 2001, the newspaper Diario Au ANGOL stral de
Temuco carried a story about Alien Beings written by P. Aburto and P.
Santolaya.  The city's scenic lookout has become an attraction to
those devoted to studying close encounters of the third kind.
According to researchers, on February 28 two massive balls of light
were seen roaming over the hill before vanishing before the expectant
eyes of twenty witnesses.  On March 16, three figures standing two
meters tall, with red lights on their hands and a humanoid appearance
were allegedly seen by five persons at the Las Piņas Scenic Lookout.
The latest developments have been kept confidential because spectators
have refused to comment on their sightings.  The beings were standing
behind some vegetation; appeared to talk among themselves, turned
around and disappeared.  They had arms and legs, " said Ernesto
Escobar, head of the field research team.  Escobar notes that the
witnesses made drawings of what they had seen and that samples were
taken of the soil on which the figures had allegedly been standing.
"I cannot tell you what they were.  I don't know if they were ghosts
or extraterrestrials, but we're interviewing and making videos," he
added.  It is a well-known secret that strange events have transpired
at the scenic lookout and that people are increasingly visiting the
spot in hopes of seeing something weird.  "Everything happens at a
gate with two decorative metal wheels, and that's where the creatures
appear.  Thanks to S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology and
Rodrigo Cuadra, Tecnologia, Ovnis y Ciencia (TOC)


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO
hypotheses are not new.  However, no one seems to want to take the
matter to the next logical step.  If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a
wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of
today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to
which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein.  When Biblical
descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of
modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one.  Once the
evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is
at best convincing and at least thought provoking.  Are you willing to
risk having your worldview shaken?  Read the preface free at:  To order your
copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to:  Or Save the shipping charges and
order your autographed copy by sending a check or money order for
$13.95 (US) per copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511, Trenton MI.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were
caught on recent Shuttle video footage.  Jeff has over an hour-long
tape of UFOs shot in space.  Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching
the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what
Jeff does.  Using Jeff's directions, you will be able to learn the
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