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Filer's Files # 16 2001




On Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001, the sun erupted in one of the most
powerful solar flares ever with a X14-class explosion climaxing a
two-week wave of the largest X-class flares.  The source of the
explosion is near sunspot group 9415 on the western limb, so the blast
was directed mostly away from Earth which is lucky for us.  The sun
flare was nearly as powerful as one in 1989 that triggered the
collapse of a power grid in Canada -- no such calamities are expected
this time.  A moderate radiation storm is in progress as a cloud of
electrified, magnetic gas moves towards Earth.  The activity comes
from a huge sunspot over a dozen times larger than the surface area of
the Earth.  Visit Space
Strong solar activity is expected to continue and there is speculation
that large UFO motherships may move into the Earth's atmosphere or
under the water for protection.  Our astronauts were surrounded by
water tanks aboard our space station to help protect them from
radiation hazards in space.

INCREASED UFO ACTIVITY in Connecticut, Virginia, Florida, Illinois,
Ohio, California, Alaska, Portugal and Australia.  There are a regular
series of sightings of UFOs emerging from bodies of water and
splashing down into them.  Frequently, lights and other activity are
observed and recently reports from the former Soviet Union have been
released indicating alien activity under water.


HAMDEN - The witness returned from shopping on March 20, 2001, when
her eight-year-old son, who was in the car, pointed up to a large
bullet-shaped object at 4:00 P.M. We got out of the car to watch a
thick stream of pinkish smoke or (gas) rise vertically on the horizon.
A few seconds later we saw a large bullet-shaped flying object.  It
was very shiny and silver with one circular ring around it's middle.
The craft started to rise vertically.  We had great difficulty in not
paying attention to it.  I did not seek the attention of any other
people in the lot.  It flew to altitude and then flew horizontally to
the left of us. There were no flashing lights or sounds to be heard.
We then got in the car to follow as best we could in the direction it
was headed.  We traveled approximately one-tenth of a mile to see only
a grayish line of smoke or gas in the sky.  Peter Davenport spoke with
this witness, and found her story rather interesting.  We do not know
what she saw, but the case is now in the hands of MUFON/CT. for

HAMDEN -- Two hours later, at 6:00 P.M., another Hamden woman reported
that her son heard a very loud propeller sound over their house. "He
ran to the bay window," where, "he said he saw a large missile-shaped
object."  The object was hovering just above the treeline.  He was
quite certain that, "the object was oblong, with two lights shining in
an alternating fashion, one blue, the other red."  "The object was
green and black."

HARTFORD - Two days later, on March 22, 2001, at 4:30 A.M., a couple
living on a residential street in, the state capital of Connecticut,
"were awakened by
 a light that lit up the entire house.  This lasted for a minute, then
suddenly they heard a whooshing sound, and it was all over."  Thanks
to Peter B. Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. NUFORC
National Reporting Center


KANSAS SIGHTING -- MUFON investigator Troy Carm writes, "While doing
the play-by-play on air broadcast for the Madison Square Garden
Network Tuesday, April 10th, 2001, commentators Al Trautwig and Ken
Singleton related an encounter they had last year."  While commenting
on the planes flying through the sky over Kaufmann Stadium in Kansas
City, Missouri,  Ken Singelton commented to Al Trautwig that those
lights looked like the lights they saw last traveling on I-70 to
Kansas City after a series in Chicago.  Trautwig then commented that
those (airplane) lights are nothing like the ones they saw fly
overhead.  He continued on saying that they had seen plenty of planes
and helicopters flying at night, but those lights were nothing like
it.  Singleton commented that what ever they were they remained
unidentified, to which Trautwig responded, as most UFO sightings are!
Wanting to have this comment on tape, I recorded the MSG replay from 1
a.m. to 3 a.m., but, as the comment was made during a non-exciting
time in the baseball action, it was edited out on the rebroadcast,
presumably to make the 3 hour game fit into a 2 hour time slot.
Thanks to Carmen McLaren  FI MUFON Troy, NY


SPRINGFIELD -- I'm writing to report a sighting of an unusual craft on
March 23, 2001.  At about 8:40 p.m., I drove to a nearby gas station
from my home to get a pack of cigarettes. As I was driving back home I
noticed a very large craft of some kind flying relatively low in the
sky. It was about the size of an audio tape long-wise, at arm's
length. I saw two lights, at first thinking that is was two airplanes
flying side by side in unison. Then I realized it was one large object
when I saw a small red light beside the far right light. As the object
went out of view behind some trees, I followed in my car for about a
minute and caught a better look from the rear. It was three lights in
a line with the small red light just a bit lower to the right. As I
watched the object trying to see if there was any discernible shape to
it, I noticed that there was absolutely no noise coming from it. I
live in an area between Reagan National and Dulles International
Airport and am familiar with the types of planes ad helicopters that
fly in this area. For any plane to have been that size in my field of
view, it would have been making a recognizable deep rumble sound. This
object was higher up in the sky and was bigger that anything I have ev
ever seen fly anywhere. It seemed to glide though the sky heading
south when it went out of view. I was surprised that nobody else saw this in
my area given its large population. Whatever it was, I think it was
intended for people to see it since it was so large and flying so low.
Thanks to  Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


DESTIN -- This happened a while back when I was shark fishing late one
night about two miles off the East jetty, when I saw a small
greenish-colored light on the horizon.  At first I thought it was the
running light on another boat, but it was coming close in to the shore
at a pretty good rate of speed.  When it was about a mile out from me
parallel to the shore, it suddenly just stopped and stayed in one
spot. After a few minutes, it suddenly shot straight up into the air
faster than I have ever seen anything move. It shot up 2000 feet and
just stopped again. I went to get my camera out of the cabin but when
I came back I did not see it. I looked all around and saw it again on
the opposite side of the boat about a mile away. It was hovering at 50
feet or so.  There is no way a plane can travel that fast and that far
in only 15 seconds.  I watched for half an hour as it seemed to play
leap frog with me. It would shoot up and over me back and forth from
one side to the other. Some times it moved so fast that the light
would look like a blur moving across the sky.

I spent a lot of time commercial fishing and some of the things we saw
out over the Gulf were downright weird.  I asked my father if he knew
what they were and all he said was, "I hope that Eglin Air Force Base
is testing something."  I saw something similar about 100 miles off
the coast one January night at 3:00 AM, I was up in the bridge of my
dad's boat when I saw the light. I looked at the radar to see if it
was a boat on the horizon.  There was a small blip on the screen that
disappeared from the radar and reappeared behind us.  I looked out the
cabin door and there was the light behind us that played leap frog for
about 30 minutes before it disappeared.  Numerous times fishing out
there we saw lights in the sky doing strange things. Thanks to


CANTON -- The witness was casually observing starlit night sky outside
while at work on March 24, 2001.  He observed 3 or 4 airplanes in
night sky at 8:50 P.M. A regional airport is five minutes from my
observation point.  I observed two faintly visible, white, dim,
non-blinking lights moving to the East northeast at what I thought was
an impossible rate of speed for even a military jet.  It was a fairly
long object with one dim, non-blinking light forward and one dim,
non-blinking light at the rear.  No wing lights were visible although
between front and rear lights a very slight dim, white illumination
seemed barely noticeable along the edges of its body.  The object was
at about 60 degrees from my vantage point and covered about two-thirds
of the sky within five seconds or so.  Suddenly the object slowed down
so very rapidly it barely seemed possible.  It seemed to just "coast"
slowly for a second and it then just vanished.  Although sounds from
the nearby airplanes could be heard, when the object I saw darted
across the sky, I thought I could hear a faint, steady sound like a
hum of some sort, but unlike that of an airplane or jet engine.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director.  NUFORC


GALESBURG -- Jane S. Derry writes, "I thought I was imagining things
until I read last weeks Filer's Files about the house shaking in
Taylorville and the man seeing a Flying Triangle over his home on
March 22, 2001.  This triangular object also had lights on the bottom
of it and red lights along the back of it.  I was watching TV with my
son on March 23rd, and all of a sudden the house sort of shook, ONCE.
It was really strange.  There was a rather muffled thud, and it was
gone.  I asked if Matt felt that, and he looked at me oddly, like how
could he not!  The dogs looked around worriedly, but didn't move.  And
then there was nothing.  I guess I should have gone outside, but they
have been here before!  I live in Galesburg about 200 WSW of Chicago
and 125 miles from Taylorsville.  Thanks to Jane S. Derry
[email protected],


GRANITE BAY -- While driving home on March 24, 2001, we saw a very
white bright point of light up in the sky, and realized that it was
coming towards us.  The object had seven or eight blinking lights on
the side.  As we got closer at 1:24 A.M., it became apparent that it
was either close to the ground or very large.  There were seven lights
on the front in a chevron formation.  An eighth white, blinking light
was in the back, located two inches from the front most light in the
front.  The front lights were various sizes of circles with a red
light at the "nose" of the object.  The size of the circles were in no
apparent order, but were symmetrical in placement, i.e., a medium was
across from a medium, and a large light was across from a large light.
Once the object moved over the road, it slowed down to a nearly
complete stop and shot out what looked like a faint spot light on the
shoulder of the road at an angle of about 45 degrees from either the
center or one side of the chevron.  After the spotlight went out, the
craft sped up, crossed the road diagonally, and continued to move away
from us.  I phoned my friend to tell him to get outside and see if he
could get a look.  Thirty seconds later I spotted another object
shaped like a classic saucer.  Sort of cigar, but more saucer-shaped.
It was moving over a field in the distance, complete with blinking
lights.  It stopped and started and followed the first object.  My
friend thinks it was a helicopter, but I haven't seen helicopters with
that many lights.  I was very excited yelling into the phone.  I
couldn't shut up about it, while my friend didn't say much. I kept
asking him if he had seen, "That first one," shoot out the spotlight,
and he would say, "yea, he thought so."  Thanks to  NUFORC


SEWARD --  Michael Harman writes that, "If you are interested in
seeing Flying Triangles, then Seward, Alaska is the place to be.  It
is a virtual hotspot for UFO activity.  My contact is seeing black
triangles flying over his home every night after 2:00 A.M. He views
them from his bedroom window using a standard pair of binoculars and
can easily see the triangular shape.  What are they and where are they
coming from?  If there is anyone from Skywatch or MUFON in the area
who could investigate it would be appreciated.  I need more people  to
observe the ongoing activity.  Thanks to Whitley Strieber &
[email protected].


QUEENSLAND -- A woman rancher saw a glowing red UFO land in a paddock
close to Beenliegh and Redland Bay Road near Logan, the night of March
28, 2001.  According to the Logan, newspaper, "Dogs barked, birds
squawked and horses bolted when a mysterious bright object streaked
across Logan's night sky, shining red light over a rural property at
11:30 p.m."  "Seeing the silent red UFO has frightened and mystified
property owner Tashma Hosking Who said she heard it hit the ground
minutes later after it disappeared over a hill."  "But her search of
the area the next day found nothing."  Thanks to Diane Harrison of the
Australian UFO Research Network.


AMARES -- J. M. Mariojouls writes that RTPi, Portuguese International
Television reported on April 10, that the small village of São Vicente
do Bico in North Portugal was awaked by a strange phenomenon.  On
March 18th, at 4:05 AM, witnesses said, "It was like a big earthquake,
we jumped through the windows to get out of the house,"  Another saw
the whole phenomenon from outside: "the sky was like daylight,
everything was lit like during the day, but it was a strange light,
like fluorescent, with a bit blue/purple.  It lasted for about three
minutes and then it all joined into a small light ball, like the moon.
It floated for four seconds and then it disappeared.  I don't know how
to explain the way it disappears but it was very strange.  After the
ball disappeared, there was an explosion, and the ground shook very
hard." Thanks to JM Mariojouls [email protected]  SI France


Researcher Paul Stonehill writes that there are numerous Soviet
accounts of strange objects beneath the surface of the sea.  In the
summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady
Zverev, were conducting periodic training of the reconnaissance divers
("frogmen") of the Turkestan and Central Asian military regions.  The
training exercises had been taking place at the Issik Kul Lake, a
deep-water lake in the Transiliysk Ala Tau area.  Quite unexpectedly
the officers were paid a visit by Major-General V. Demyanko, commander
of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry
of Defense.  He arrived to inform the local officers of an
extraordinary event the had occurred during exercises in Siberia.
Frogmen had encountered mysterious underwater swimmers, very
human-like, but huge in size (almost three meters in height)!  The
swimmers were clad in tight-fitting silvery suits, despite icy-cold
water temperatures.  At the depth of fifty meters, these "swimmers"
were not wearing aqualungs, but sphere-like helmets concealing their

Alarmed by these encounters the local military commander decided to
capture one of the creatures.  With that purpose in mind, a special
group of seven Soviet frogmen chased one of the strange swimmers.  As
the Soviet frogman tried to cover the creature with a net, the entire
group was thrown out of the deep waters to the surface by a powerful
force.  The frogmen were in danger of dying because they needed
decompression stops to equalize the pressure in their bodies. All of
the members of the ill-fated expedition were stricken by decompression
sickness known as the Caisson disease.  The only remedial treatment
available was to place them in a decompression pressure chamber.
Unfortunately, the closest one could handle only two persons.  Four
frogmen were put in the chamber and three perished, and the rest
became invalids.

The Major General rushed to Issik Kul to warn against similar
"devil-may-care" actions.  Although the Issik Kul Lake is more shallow
than the Baikal Lake, both lakes contained similar mysterious
creatures.  A short time later, the Turkmenistan Military received an
order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces.  The order
consisted of detailed analysis of the Baikal Lake events.  The
documents contained bulletins from Engineer Forces listing appearances
of underwater creatures in numerous lakes, giant discs and spheres
coming in and out of the lakes, and powerful lights emanating from the
deep, etc.  The documents were highly classified and were used, "to
prevent unnecessary encounters."  Shteynberg served near the Sarez
Lake in the Pamir Mountains.  The lake was roughly a kilometer and a
half deep.  Sophisticated radar "tracking" of US SDI satellites was
conducted in this area.  The radar repeatedly tracked disc like
objects diving and submerging into Sarez Lake, later they surfaced and
lifted off.

The Russian Ufology Research Center's files contain similar statements
of Naval officers and intelligence operatives.  The most interesting
information will be published in the new book, co-authored by Paul
Stonehill and Philip Mantle.
The secret files of the Soviet Navy contain much valuable information
on UFO sightings.  Soviet military researchers are quite thorough.
Mr. Krapiva, attended lectures by Soviet submariners who reported
contact with high speed underwater objects picked up on Soviet sonar.
Hdroacoustics technicians were, "hearing" (at great depths) strange
"targets".  Their submarines were actually being chased by other
"submarines."  The pursuers changed their speed at will -- speeds that
were much faster than any other similar vessel in the world.
Lieutenant-Commander Oleg Sokolov informed his students that while he
was on duty during his submarine's navigation, he had observed through
a periscope the ascent of a strange object through the water and "Take
off," during the 1960s.

Professor Korsakov of the Odessa University reported Soviet officers
from Sevastopol Naval Base had observed and photographed a UFO ascend
from behind a battle cruiser in the Black Sea in the 1950s.  In August
1965, a crew of the steamship RADUGA, while navigating in the Red Sea,
saw a fiery sphere dash out from under the water.  As the sphere
emerged from the sea it created a gigantic pillar of water as it
ascended upwards.  The pillar collapsed some moments later. The sphere
was sixty meters in diameter, and hovered 150 meters above the ship
illuminating the sea.  In December 1977, not far from South Georgia
Island the crew of the fishing trawler, VASILY KISELEV, observed a
doughnut-shaped object rising out of the sea.  Its diameter was
between 300 and 500 meters causing the trawler's radar to stop
operating.  The object hovered over the area for three hours, and then
suddenly disappeared.

In June of 1984, seaman Alexander G. Globa, from the Soviet tanker
GORI was in the Mediterranean, twenty miles from the Straight of
Gibraltar.  At 16:00, Globa was on duty. With him was
Second-in-Command S. Bolotov. They were standing watch at 1600 hours
when both men observed a strange polychromatic object. When the object
was astern, it stopped suddenly. S. Bolotov was agog, shaking his
binoculars and shouting: "It  is a flying saucer, a real saucer, my
God, hurry, hurry, look!" Globa looked through his own binoculars and
saw, at a distance over the stern, a flattened out looking that looked
like an upside-down frying pan). The UFO was gleaming with a grayish
metallic shine. The lower portion of the craft had a precise round
shape of about twenty meters.  Around the lower portion of it, Globa
also observed "waves" of protuberances on the outside plating.  The
base of the object's body consisted of two semi-discs, the smaller
being on top; they slowly revolved in opposing directions.  At the
circumference of the lower disc Globa saw numerous shining, bright,
bead-like lights. The bottom portion of the UFO appeared completely
even and smooth, it's color that of a yolk, and in the middle of it
Globa discerned a round nucleus-like stain.  At the edge of the UFO's
bottom, which was easily visible, was something that looked like a
pipe.  It glowed with an unnaturally bright, rosy color, like a neon
lamp.  The top of the middle disc was crowned by a triangular-shaped
something. It seemed that it moved in the same direction as the lower
disc, but at a much slower pace.

Suddenly, the UFO jumped up several times, as if moved by an invisible
wave. Many lights illuminated it's bottom portion. The crew of GORI
tried to attract the object's attention using a signal projector. By
that time, Captain Sokolovky was on the desk with his men. He and his
Second-in-Command were watching the object intensely.  However, the
UFO's attention was distracted by another ship, approaching at the
port side. It was an Arab dry cargo ship, on it's way to Greece. The
Arabs confirmed that the object hovered over their ship. A minute and
a half later the object changed it's flight's trajectory, listed to
the right, gained speed and ascended rapidly.  The Soviet seamen
observed that when it rose through the clouds, appearing and
disappearing again, it would occasional shine in the sun's rays. The
craft then flared up, like a spark, and was gone instantly.  Published
in Zagadki Sfinksa magazine (Issue # 3, 1992) Odessa. Thanks to Paul


Science Editor Jim Wilson of Popular Mechanics Magazine has written
another great article about UFOs.  I feel it is an article you should
not miss.  The cover page of Popular Mechanics headline reads: WHEN
UFOs LAND.  It goes on to say on page 64, Startling Physical Evidence
They Can't Explain Away.  Jim writes, "At long last, scientists have
their hands on the proof skeptics say does not exist."  In headlines
it says, "Most professional scientists never bother to look at the
evidence.  Dogmatic dismissals are taken at face value."  Jim has data
on French government landings and samples of the Ubatuba debris.
Thanks Jim for a fair article about UFOs . It's very refreshing to see
a major magazine handle the UFO situation fairly.  This issue is worth
buying to show your friends.


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO
hypotheses are not new.  However, no one seems to want to take the
matter to the next logical step.  If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a
wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of
today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to
which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein.  When Biblical
descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of
modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the
evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is
at best convincing and at least thought provoking.  Are you willing to
risk having your world view shaken? Read the preface free at:  To order your
copy of  THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to:  Or Save the shipping charges and
order your autographed copy by sending a check or money order for
$13.95 (US) per copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511, Trenton MI.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were
caught on recent Shuttle video footage.  Jeff has over a hour-long
tape of UFOs shot in space.  Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching
the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what
Jeff does.  Using Jeff's directions, you will be able to learn the
difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs.  I feel
confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that
there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth.  Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011

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