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Filer's Files # 15 2001




LARGE UFOS ARE BEING OBSERVED in Rhode Island, New York, Virginia,
North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, California, Washington,
Chile and Italy.  Huge unidentified flying objects are causing a
hazard to the aviation public, its time to start examining the
hundreds of UFO reports.  In the past air traffic controllers report
alleged false radar images and diverted commercial aircraft near
Chicago.  Several UFOs were spotted last week in air space near
Chicago's O'Hare International Airport often advertised as the
nations' busiest.  It seems likely the radars are picking up the UFOs.

At this time of the year, it is appropriate to consider some amazing
new discoveries that endorse statements made in the Bible.  Your
ancestors may not be primordial soup or apes as the Theory of
Evolution claims.  My mother always told me some people may be
related to apes, but we are from a higher place and looked toward the heavens.
Zecharia Sitchin the noted researcher and author of the Earth
Chronicles explains why your forefathers came from a more complex
higher life form.


Zecharia Sitchin writes,  "In whose image was The Adam - the prototype
of modern humans, Homo sapiens - created?"  The Bible asserts that the
Elohim said: "Let us fashion Adam in our image and after our
likeness."  But if one is to accept a tentative explanation for
enigmatic genes that humans possess, offered when the deciphering of
the human genome was announced in mid-February, the feat was decided
upon by a group of bacteria!  "Humbling" was the prevalent adjective
used by the scientific teams and the media to describe the principal
finding -- that the human genome contains not the anticipated
100,000 - 140,000 genes (the stretches of DNA that direct the
production of amino-acids and proteins) but only some 30,000+ --
little more than double the 13,601 genes of a fruit fly and barely
fifty percent more than the roundworm's 19,098.  What a comedown from
the pinnacle of the genomic Tree of Life!  Moreover, there was hardly
any uniqueness to the human genes.  They are comparative to 99 percent
of the chimpanzees, and 70 percent of the mouse.  Human genes, with
the same functions, were found to be identical to genes of other
vertebrates, as well as invertebrates, plants, fungi, even yeast.  The
findings not only confirmed that there was one source of DNA for all
life on Earth, but also enabled the scientists to trace the
evolutionary process -- how more complex organisms evolved,
genetically, from simpler ones, adopting at each stage the genes of a
lower life form to create a more complex higher life form --
culminating with Homo sapiens.  The "Head-scratching" Discovery It was
here, in tracing the vertical evolutionary record contained in the
human and the other analyzed genomes, that the scientists ran into an

The "head-scratching discovery by the public consortium," as Science
termed it, was that the human genome contains 223 genes that do not
have the required predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree.  How
did Man acquire such a bunch of enigmatic genes?  In the evolutionary
progression from bacteria to invertebrates (such as the lineages of
yeast, worms, flies or mustard weed -- which have been deciphered) to
vertebrates (mice, chimpanzees) and finally modern humans, these 223
genes are completely missing in the invertebrate phase.  Therefore,
the scientists can explain their presence in the human genome by a
"rather recent" (in evolutionary time scales) "probable horizontal
transfer from bacteria."  In other words: At a relatively recent time
as Evolution goes, modern humans acquired an extra 223 genes not
through gradual evolution, not vertically on the Tree of Life, but
horizontally, as a sideways insertion of genetic material from
bacteria... An Immense Difference Now, at first glance it would seem
that 223 genes is no big deal.  In fact, while every single gene makes
a great difference to every individual, 223 genes make an immense
difference to a species such as ours. The human genome is made up of
about three billion neucleotides (the "letters" A-C-G-T which stand
for the initials of the four nucleic acids that spell out all life on
Earth); of them, just a little more than one percent are grouped into
functioning genes (each gene consists of thousands of "letters").

The difference between one individual person and another amounts to
about one "letter" in a thousand in the DNA "alphabet."  The
difference between Man and Chimpanzee is less than one percent as
genes go; and one percent of 30,000 genes is 300.  So, 223 genes is
more than two-thirds of the difference between me, you and a
chimpanzee!  An analysis of the functions of these genes through the
proteins that they spell out, conducted by the Public Consortium team
and published in the journal Nature, shows that they include not only
proteins involved in important physiological but also psychiatric
functions.  Moreover, they are responsible for important neurological
enzymes that stem only from the mitochondrial portion of the DNA - the
so-called "Eve" DNA that humankind inherited only through the
mother-line, all the way back to a single "Eve."  That finding alone
raises doubt regarding that the "bacterial insertion" explanation.

Zecharia Sitchin states, "The Role of the Anunnaki Readers of my books
must be smiling by now, for they know the answer."  They know that the
biblical verses dealing with the fashioning of The Adam are condensed
renderings of much more detailed Sumerian and Akkadian texts,
found inscribed on clay tablets, in which the role of the Elohim in
"Genesis" is performed by the Anunnaki - "Those Who From Heaven to
Earth Came." As detailed in my books, beginning with The 12th Planet
(1976) and even more so in Genesis Revisited and The Cosmic Code, the
Anunnaki came to Earth some 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru -
a member of our own solar system whose great orbit brings it to our
part of the heavens once every 3,600 years.  They came here in need of
gold, with which to protect their dwindling atmosphere.  Exhausted and
in need of help in mining the gold, their chief scientist Enki
suggested that they use their genetic knowledge to create the needed
Primitive Workers.  When the other leaders of the Anunnaki asked: How
can you create a new being?  He answered:  "The being that we need
already exists; all that we have to do is put our mark on it."  The
time was some 300,000 years ago.  What he had in mind was to upgrade
genetically the existing hominids, who were already on Earth through
Evolution, by adding some of the genes of the more advanced Anunnaki.
That the Anunnaki, who could already travel in space 450,000 years
ago, possessed the genomic science (whose threshold we have now
reached) is clear not only from the actual texts but also from
numerous depictions in which the double-helix of the DNA is rendered
as Entwined Serpents and often depicted in Sumerian drawings (a symbol
still used for medicine and healing)

When the leaders of the Anunnaki approved the project (as echoed in
the biblical "Let us fashion the Adam"), Enki with the help of
Ninharsag, the Chief Medical Officer of the Anunnaki, embarked on a
process of genetic engineering, by adding and combining genes of the
Anunnaki with those of the already-existing hominids. When, after much
trial and error breathtakingly described and recorded in antiquity, a
"perfect model" was attained, Ninharsag held him up and shouted: "My
hands have made it!"  An ancient artist depicted the scene on a
cylinder sea.  And that, I suggest, is how we had come to possess the
unique extra genes.  It was in the image of the Anunnaki, not of
bacteria, that Adam and Eve were fashioned.  A Matter of Extreme
Significance Unless further scientific research can establish, beyond
any doubt, that the only possible source of the extra genes are indeed
bacteria, and unless it is then also determined that the infection
("horizontal transfer") went from bacteria to Man and not from Man to
bacteria, the only other available solution will be that offered by
the Sumerian texts millennia ago.  Until then, the enigmatic 223 alien
genes will remain as an alternative - and as a corroboration by modern
science of the Anunnaki and their genetic feats on Earth.  Thanks to
ZECHARIA SITCHIN (c) Z. Sitchin Reprinted with permission.


PORTSMOUTH - A chevron-shaped object was seen in the Rhode Island sky
at night of the Vernal Equinox. The witness and her husband ,who works
for local city government, were in the hottub in their backyard
stargazing on March 20, 2001.  The sky was very clear with a full
blanket of stars at 7:30 PM. Local aircraft traffic was flying by but
this was not like that traffic. For less than 30 seconds an object
appeared, chevron or flying wing in shape, with six unblinking lights
along the perimeter.  From the witnesses' perspective, it appeared in
the night sky to be a hand's breadth and length at arm's length. It
moved swiftly and straight from the East-South-East to the
North-North-West.  Thanks to Peter Davenport National Reporting


ONEIDA -- In early summer of 1972, I awoke around 1:00 AM with my room
aglow from what I thought was a forest fire.  Black airplanes and
helicopters were silhouetted against the red-orange sky. I thought the
planes were dropping flame-retardants on the pines.  I watched for
about 20 minutes, when a HUGE blimp-shaped object, bright red with
orange tinge at the bottom, rose slowly and majestically above the
pines.  As it hovered I saw it was several acres big, as it overlapped
the east and west borders of the pine grove.  I was stunned and then
realized I was watching a UFO.  The planes and helicopters had
disappeared. By now I was kneeling on my bed with my face plastered ag
against my window in complete awe.  After hovering for about three
minutes, it suddenly shot upwards within a second it was gone.  The
pines leaned to the west as it left, as if huge wind was blowing them
at once.  Seeing that thing shook the perception of reality I had up
to that time. I was too afraid to talk about it and had bad dreams
about it for years.  Thanks to Pat and Larry Clark
[email protected] and [email protected]


VIRGILINA -- On January 21, 2001, a disc was observed at 2:15 PM by
Susann and her friend who were driving back from getting a large roll
of hay for their horses.  They were driving south on Red Bank Road and
saw a silver, disc-shaped UFO moving North.  It was approximately
5,000 feet high.  At first, they thought it may be a jet, but there
were no contrails in the clear blue sky.  They saw it moving North for
about three seconds then it vanished after picking up speed and moving
faster than a jet.  They said if the sun would not have shined off of
it they would not have seen it.  This report was completed by Tom
Ginther, VA MUFON.


DURHAM -- A very large Flying triangular object with two very bright
lights on the front and a reddish looking light on the bottom center
was observed on March 26, 2001.  The witness reports, "As we
approached an intersection at 9:35 P.M., we noticed two very bright
lights up in the sky that looked like they were just hovering there.
One of my kids finally asked me, "What is that?"  The only thing I
could think of was that maybe they had put up some kind of tower
because I knew it wasn't an airplane.  We continued to watch it just
sitting there and then it began to move very slowly across the main
roadway to the other side and began to hover again.  As we got closer
to where it was we looked up at it and noticed a strange triangular
shape with a reddish light in the bottom of the center of it.  It
began moving again very slowly and then turned and moved back across
the main roadway toward the side where we had first seen it. Then it
suddenly just disappeared.  We turned around to follow it thinking
maybe it went down below the tree line, but it was gone.  Then as we
approached near the hospital, we looked over in the field and saw the
two bright lights hovering there again. As we were observing, it began
to move slowly away and downward when it suddenly disappeared again.
We rode around near both places we had seen it but could not find it
anymore.  We never heard any type of sound coming from it.  Thanks to
Peter Davenport NUFORC


OCALA NATIONAL FOREST -- K. T. Frankovitch reports many strange
occurrences in the forest where she lives.  Goats have been found dead
with rectum removed and blood drained.  Twelve rabbits were also found
dead by their owner drained of blood with two small puncture wounds on
their neck.  A baby calf was found in wandering in the forest without
her mother many miles from any farm or cow.  A horse was found dead
near the top of a 15 foot Palmetto tree.  There is no way for the
horse to have jumped that high and it must have been air dropped to
its position.  UFOs, generally disc-shaped, have been seen regularly
in the area.  The local people call them space ships. The area is
exceptionally dry and is ravaged by fires.  Thanks to K.T.


TAYLORVILLE -- It happened so fast, it made my house shake, and I
looked out the window and saw a triangular-shaped object with lights
on it. On March 22, 2001, at around 10:00 PM, I was in my bedroom on
the computer and talking to my friends, having a good time.  All of a
sudden, I felt a sudden vibrant movement of the house. I quickly
darted for the window. I looked out and saw a triangular-shaped object
traveling in a straight line at what looked like 150 mph. This
triangular object also had lights on the bottom of it and red lights
along the back of it.  It wasn't flat, it was three-dimensional.  It
made a huge roaring noise. Right when I lost sight of it, I could
still see it, hovering, just sitting in mid-air.  All I could see at
this time were the lights though. And, all of a sudden, it vanished.
This is definitely no plane, helicopter, military base test flight, or
anything else normal. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my
life and I'm still shocked over it.  We're located 200 miles south of

CHICAGO -- At 8:00 PM Sunday night on March 25, 2001, I was observing
the southern sky and something brought my attention to look slightly
West and almost straight up. I live close to the Loop, and I saw a
tight group of some kind of craft streaking northward.  They were
chevron-shaped and in at that moment in a tight, bunched-up formation.
I ran across to the front of my house and yelled for my brother to
look out the front door.  He also saw the craft which now were
changing positions amongst each other almost magically. The speed in
which they traveled from the Southern to the Northern sky was
incredible.  I live by O'Hare Airport and I've seen airplanes
before -- these were not airplanes!  Just for good measure, I also
noticed that, along Lake Michigan's shoreline, at least four batteries
of searchlights began what appears to be a frantic search of the skies
West over Chicago.  I've seen promotional light shows and this didn't
appear to be one due to the number of lighting batteries included in
what seemed an aerial search.  Crazy as it may sound, there are now
straight-line looking clouds running East to West over to the South of
Chicago. Are these chem-trails? After these  craft were sighted, I'm a
perplexed believer in what I saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport  NUFORC

GRAYSLAKE -- Rick writes that on the night of April 8, 2001, I was
driving back from my fiancÚ's house down Route 83.  About 11:15 PM, I
saw a huge triangle shaped craft hovering over the landfill along the
highway.  As I came closer to the object it moved away from the dump.
It didn't loop around like an airplane it actually moved sideways and
hovered over the road about 100 feet high.  I could tell very easily
that it was triangle shaped with a bright light in the front and two
at the rear points.  The front light was a bright red and the other
lights at the rear points were a strange green color.  I was going to
stop to look at it, but it flew off as I came closer.  This situation
was disturbing because I'm a photographer and this was one of the few
times that I did not have my camera with me.  The object was the size
of a 747 aircraft.  I just thought I should report this.  Now keep in
mind I'm not a quack and I'm also a major skeptic about UFO stories.
However I'm not a skeptic anymore.  Thanks to Rick and Whitley

Editor's Note: This Flying Triangle was operating less than 25 miles
from Chicago's, O'Hare Airport, one of the busiest in the world.
Additionally it was operating at 100 feet over a well traveled
highway.  Other reports indicate these craft cause homes to shake
probably due to their powerful propulsion systems.  These craft are
regularly picked up on the screens of O'Hare air traffic controllers
forcing pilots to take sudden turns unnecessarily.  Last year,
Terminal Radar Approach Control Center in Elgin, Illinois has ordered
pilots to avoid what appeared to be planes on their radar, potentially
putting passengers at risk.  The Chicago Sun Times called them false
radar images, but I think they are UFOs.


VALENTINE -- The witness observed an extremely large cigar-shaped
craft on March 26, 2001, that he estimates was at least 200 yards
long.  The UFO had two flashing lights on each end when he noticed it
at 9:00 PM.  The craft flew right above us, with two flashing lights
at each end.  It was slightly tilted and was moving fast.  We were in
an extremely dark part of town and the object was moving East.  The
UFO was sort of cigar-shaped; the lights were bright, flashing and
white.  The observers were a freshman in high school and an
eighth-grade student.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


HOT SPRINGS -- I was at work pulling shopping carts inside on March
23, 2001, as my job requires, when an older gentleman said, "What the
HELL!'" Concerned for customer safety, I looked around and saw the
gentleman looking into the sky.  I looked up also at 7:23 PM.  About
500 feet in the air were eight crafts that appeared to be making
high-speed ninety degree (90 degree) turns.  The gentleman noticed me
watching and asked me if I saw them too.  I replied with a, "Yes sir!"
and then proceeded to ask him, "What are they?''  He replied, "I don't
know." We watched these acrobatic crafts for almost seven minutes
before six of them shot off to the North at an astounding rate of
speed.  The other two craft just sat and hovered for a minute or so
and then shot off the West just as fast as the six to the North did. I
have seen aircraft like F-16's make turns but not as sharp or
perfectly cornered as these craft seemed to be doing.

Editor's Note:  Large mothership cigar shaped UFOs have been seen more
often lately perhaps due to severe solar storms.  Smaller disc craft
are often seen leaving and entering these motherships.


DUBLIN - The witnesses reports he sees these craft almost every
morning at 7:40 AM while waiting for the BART train. On March 31,
2001, he made his second report of this cigar-shaped object. It flies
over every morning.  In my first report the object was flying much
lower and much slower.  I called the FAA office at the Livermore
Airport. Is it coincidental that the object now passes overhead at a
much higher altitude so that it will go largely unobserved? It appears
to be white, cigar-shaped, with no wings, no sound, no windows, nor
anything that would make it resemble a known object.  It flies from
the southwest to the Northeast or East.

LUCERNE VALLEY - Three hours later, two witnesses were traveling north
down Mesa Road near Alemeda at 10:45 AM when they saw a similar white
object that looked like a cigar. Both ends were pointy instead of
rounded.  This object traveled from East to West down the middle of
the valley not far from the first sighting in Dublin.  It was flying
at about 500 feet and just glided silently by.  It had no wings, tail,
or exhaust.  It was only about the size of a jet fighter and was
traveling at about the same speed those planes cruise at.  It was also
very smooth looking.  Thanks to Peter Davenport  Director NUFORC


TROUT LAKE -- Six adult eyewitnesses and five children observed UFOs
on April 8, 2001, at 9:42 P.M . Eastern.  After a typically cold
winter with snow, rain and cloudy skies, the skywatches have started
again on the South side of Mt. Adams.  Our first skywatch was
spectacular when a large luminous light, turquoise in color, came in
from the Southwest.  It was a pulsing green energy field and looked
about four times brighter than Venus.  The witnesses are writing
statements.  As it crossed directly overhead, it threw off several,
very large pulses of light which seemed to have a psychological
calming effect on the people below.  The object was filmed as it
passed halfway through the sighting and expanded into what looked like
infinity, disappearing in the camera, but to the naked eye it
remained.  These anomalies are not uncommon.  The UFOs often show they
have control over what is being filmed.  They can even selectively
block their appearance to individuals all standing in a row.

James Gilliland writes, "During our July 1st skywatch last year, a
particular guest had a bad attitude.  He shot 9 photos of a UFO going
directly overhead.  He was a professional photographer.  The guests
and myself had no problem filming the UFO, yet not one of his pictures
came out that night.  Clips of this event from two different
camcorders are available on the UFO video we offer through our
website."  This supports our theory that the success of contact and
documentation of that contact has everything to do with an open mind,
loving heart and pure intent.  Thanks to James Gilliland Self-Mastery
Earth Institute,


CALAMA HILLS -- On April 4, 2001, an object, originally displaying
considerable luminosity, was seen by at least five witnesses.  The
sighting occurred between 1:40 and 2:15 P.M., and had a duration of
half an hour.  According to Freddy L.A., and his father, RenÚ L.M.,
who were on their way back home, an intensely luminous object drew
their attention: it was so bright that it hurt their eyes and kept
them from making out any greater details.  Freddy claims he has seen
the light in that location several times. The light was compared to
the brightness of a mirror reflecting the sun.  Patricio V.T. and
Jaime M.L were clearly able to see an oval, cream-colored object with
an intense yellow-hued band around its central section. They estimated
its size at 200 meters, adding that the object made constant
triangular maneuvers. The object moved a high speed during these
motions and shot straight up into the air, losing itself amid "a sort
of cloud."  Patricio V.T. claims having had the impression that this
object engaged in such triangular maneuvers while it waited for, "a
door in the skies," to open.  As soon as said door opened, it passed
through it. Thanks to La Estrella de Arica.


TRENTO -- On Sunday, March 18, 2001, three people saw, "a circular UFO
hovering over Monte Paganella Mountain near the city of Trento."  "One
witness described the object as 'a spherical shape with a metallic
sheen to it.' "  Another said it, 'had one point of light moving
around inside the sphere.'  The same evening, at 8:39 PM, "a similar
spherical UFO with an intense white spotlight, 'like a star of
incredible dimensions,' " was seen by a witness in the city of Modena
in northern Italy.  On Wednesday, March 21, 2001, a family in the
suburbs of Rome, "saw a flashing light at 8:15 PM that hovered for 15
minutes and then moved around the sky in an elliptical fashion.'  The
light then shot away at tremendous speed."  Thanks to Gazzetta di
Modena News for March 20, and Edoardo Russo e Centro Italiano di Studi
Ufologici and UFO Roundup Joe Trainor Editor.


Tim Radford, science editor of The Guardian reports two British
astronomers have counted up to 20, "free floating" planets, drifting
in the constellation of Orion.  They told the National Astronomy
Meeting in Cambridge yesterday that they had identified the
"signature" of water vapor in the infrared spectrum of faint points of
light in the Orion nebula.  This is a vast cloud of gas and dust 1,300
light years from Earth, but visible as the middle "star" in the sword
of the constellation of Orion.  Philip Lucas, of the University of
Hertfordshire, and Patrick Roche, of the University of Oxford, told
the meeting that the planets would be several times the mass of
Jupiter, and would not circle around any parent star, but instead
drift in space.  Although huge by Earth standards, and inhospitable to
life, they would be at surface temperatures of about 2,000C, cool
enough for water to exist in their atmospheres.  The guess is that the
gaseous planets are hot because they have condensed from the gas cloud
in the past million years or so.  Thanks to the Guardian
April 4,2001.


David E. Twichell writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO
hypotheses are not new.  However, no one seems to want to take the
matter to the next logical step.  If Ezekiel's, "wheel within a
wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud," were forerunners of
today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to
which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein.  When Biblical
descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of
modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the
evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is
at best convincing and at least thought provoking.  Are you willing to
risk having your world view shaken? Read the preface free at:  To order your
copy of  THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to:  Or Save the shipping charges and
order your autographed copy by sending a check or money order for
$13.95 (US) per copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box 511, Trenton MI.


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were
caught on recent Shuttle video footage.  Jeff has over an hour-long
tape of UFOs shot in space.  Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching
the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an expert on NASA
missions and even those onboard the shuttle are unlikely to see what
Jeff does.  Using Jeff's directions, you will be able to learn the
difference between space junk, ice crystals and real UFOs.  I feel
confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that
there are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth.  Send $25 to:
Jeff Challender 2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011

MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports
subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL that costs only $30 per year by
contacting [email protected].  Mention that I recommended you for
membership.  Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George A. Filer, all
rights reserved.  Readers may post items from the files on their Web
Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name
and list the date of issue that the item appeared.  These reports and
comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint.  Send your
letters to [email protected].  Sending mail automatically grants
permission for us to publish and use your name.  Please state if you
wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.  Caution, most
of these are initial reports and require further investigation.
Regards,  George Filer


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