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Filer's Files # 2 2001



UFO reports in December were at a low rate, but are increasing in January.
Reports have come in from New Zealand, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois,
Kansas, Oregon, Arizona, Canada, Scotland, and Switzerland.


LONDON -- According to the Diario "La Nacion" in Argentina, "Astronomers
have found the strongest evidence yet for alien life in a solar system having
characteristics similar to our own." The discovery was made by SETI
scientists working with NASA and Britain's Jodrell Bank observatory,
searching for life beyond known boundaries. Observations indicate that the
star system, known as CM Draconis, has two planets in the so-called "life
belt," sufficiently close for water to exist in liquid form, which could
suppose the presence of life. Instruments were employed close to their design
limits. Thanks to translation by Institute of Hispanic Ufology (C) 2001.


NEW PLYMOUTH - Five people in a car spotted five disc shaped objects in the
sky on January 1, 2001, at 12:01 AM along the western shore of North Island.
They were driving down Highway 3 and had the radio tuned to 94 FM. The
witness says, "I knew there was enough coverage in the area for good radio
reception but we started getting a static buzz when we left Inglewood." This
buzz continued for a minute so we decided to switch the radio off. As we
approached the next corner, I saw an orange light over the trees that soon
vanished. We retained speed through the next few corners and something
orange hovered above us. It appeared to be about 100 feet above us and
looked to be between 30 and 50 feet long and the same in width (basically
circular). There were five of us in the car who could see it. The object
hovered soundlessly as we all stepped out of the car. As we looked around we
saw three other objects hovering and swaying around in the air. They looked
like they were changing color from metallic glowing orange to metallic deep
purple and shades of blue. One more larger object appeared on the horizon
and sped towards the other four. Each seemed to react in a way similar to an
army unit and formed a line and disappeared almost instantly over towards
Mount Taranaki. As we left several minutes later we realized we hadn't seen
any traffic for half an hour and only saw some as we entered New Plymouth.
E-mail interview.


Jeff Challender writes, "The STS 106 Space Shuttle video shows a UFO over
Chicago." The September 14, 2000, includes the view of Chicago, Illinois
with the object passing above the city. You can even make out the shore of
Lake Michigan. As for seeing these things from the ground, there have been
numerous reports of ground based sightings over the years which involved Mir,
the Shuttle, and various satellites. There was one such discussed at a
recent MUFON of Rhode Island meeting. A man reported observing a satellite,
which made a sudden 90 degree turn in orbit. That is impossible for anything
we have up there. As for speeds, those objects which are comparable in
velocity to the Shuttle, or the Space Station, should be just as easy to see.
Thanks to Jeff Challender


Red Setter writes from Australia, I think I know why the UFO's are not
contacting us openly. Our race is stupid, closed-minded, and shortsighted.
Try to explain to some ordinary man how, for at least 50 years, the
governments world wide have been: lying to their citizens, ignoring human
abductions for biological experimentation, ignoring livestock mutilations to
get blood serum for biology work, ignoring close contacts with the Shuttle or
other spacecraft, developing e.t. technology in secret, shooting at e.t.
craft when they have the chance, etc. Rather than thinking you insightful,
99% of citizens will regard you as a conspiracy fanatic! Another error on
our part seems to be denying the existence of a soul. We hypothesize without
any evidence that our self-aware brains are just computers, that die when we
die. But there is no evidence for that view (nor for classical Darwinism); it
is only an assumption. As Crick once said, "The brain may be like a TV, but
who inside is watching?" The immortal soul may be a key concept to e.t, not
the mortal body. The Sumerian Annunaki were known as "Lady of the Earth" or
"Lady of the Mountain," etc. In 1967, an evil little grey alien used an
"electromagnetic suction device" to pull the soul out of my chest by about a
foot to do some kind of "soul I.D." He then let it return naturally. Was he
checking who I might be? A well-known contactee here (K. Cahill) told the
same "soul vacuum" story in her book from 1994, dealing with a similar e.t.,
even though I had never told anyone about my 1967 case. Hence our collective
world-view seems **very far** from that of our advanced visitors; say as far
as Dante's cosmology in the "Inferno" differs from ours in the 21st century.
It is not worth their while to contact us. Thanks to Red Setter


BUFFALO -- On December 25, 2000, at 6:30 PM a homemaker was in her back yard
filling her bird feeders when she noticed something unusual in the sky. This
object was not a plane in the clear sky or a falling star and it was not a
flock of birds. It was traveling much too fast. The witness stated, "What I
saw was something shaped roughly like a boomerang, that made no sound, and
left no trail in the sky. The only thing that defined it's shape was what
seemed to be dots of white light, several rows of them." It wasn't light
like starlight or streetlight or any light I have ever seen, it was just
glowing white dots. It seemed to be traveling southeast. I watched it till
the tree branches obscured it and it disappeared over the housetops. The
shape never fluctuated from this boomerang formation. I was standing there
contemplating what I saw, when I noticed this same shaped object with the
white light lower on the horizon. It was further south closer to the
downtown area of Buffalo and now seemed to be traveling west till it
disappeared. This thing was so strange! If I had not seen it twice I
probably wouldn't have reported it. My toes were getting numb from the cold
so I went inside. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


PROSPECT PARK -- On December 26, 2000, The witness was driving down Route
420 with his family when he saw an orange glow appearing to become brighter
and brighter at 11:15 PM. He thought the glow was from the local power
plant, but as he reached Lincoln and Chester Pike four golden oval shaped
objects appeared about 100 feet above the intersection. There was no noise.
They just materialized terrifying his children. He pulled his vehicle over
into a McDonald's lot where several other people were also watching. The
oval objects then moved straight up Route 420 to the firehouse on 10th
Avenue. They stopped and blinked their lights. Some type of brown gel
material was emitted and the lights and craft then suddenly vanished
completely. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


LYNCH MOUNTAIN -- Since the beginning of December 2000, residents of
Appalachia, Virginia have see an unusual phenomena in the night sky over
Lynch Mountain. The wooded mountain, located just over the state line in
Kentucky, is approximately 14 miles west of Appalachia. According to local
resident Christ Light, "We have seen UFOs going from east to west and
hovering over Lynch Mountain. Strange and bright white lights. They all
appear to be egg-shaped objects." "Lynch Mountain has a government complex
located on the peak," he added, "Also, it is a no-fly zone." Joseph Trainor
says, "I have been told it was a Department of Defense facility in the 1950s,
that had 15 stories underground." "You see white jeeps (Humvees) around the
area all the time." Appalachia is on Virginia Highways 88 and 73, about 25
miles south of Pikeville, Kentucky. Thanks to Christ Light and UFO Roundup
Vol. 6, # 1; January 4, 2001, Editor: Joseph Trainor


PITTSBURGH -- On December 24, 2000, I was driving home a spotted what I
thought was a reflection in my mirror, but when I looked back I thought it
was headlights, but instead I saw a large black, triangular shaped thing in
the sky. It was flying just above the power lines at 12:10 AM. It had two
white lights (like headlights) on the front of it and an orangeish-red
blinking light on each side. It started out on the left, then flew over the
top of my car. I honked my horn as it went over me and I watched it fly away
to the northwest. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


HOOD RIVER -- James A. Gilliland writes, "Contact is happening around the
world, yet here it is fully documented with over four hours of day and night
footage with sound, not to mention over 700 witnesses and photographs taken
by UFO investigators. So where is the press, NASA and SETI? Every once in a
while one gets lucky like we did when ABC and Fox went national with the
sightings here at the Sanctuary. Seattle's "Evening Magazine" show also
covered the event, yet each time they had to put their twist on the story
like we are filming street lights or meteors. This is ironic because there
are no street lights anywhere near the ranch and meteors do not hover, make
right angle turns, turn blue and purple even pink, become 5 times their
normal size then fly below the mountain and then turn up back into the sky.
How do you get 60 people at a time along with children to come on record? Do
you drag them over to a street light and say okay this is a UFO. These are
astrophysicists, air force design engineers, pilots and people in the
aeronautic industry who have seen them. Thanks to James Gilliland (509)


LAKE HAVASU -- The witness reports there was an egg shape craft 300 feet
above the ground at 12:10 AM Christmas Eve, December 24, 2000. The craft had
two bright lights, one on top and one on the bottom. There was a ring of
lesser bright lights towards the bottom 1/3 of the craft and hundreds of
small lights evenly spaced in rings or rows. I could see all the small
lights perfectly. The bottom light shined a bright beam of light down. I
first thought it was a rope, like it was tied down, but it was the light.
The color was the same as a house light bulb. "The craft was not spinning,
just floating and back forth slowly and heading southwest." I got my Mom,
as soon as we saw it, and went over to a coworkers house. It climbed at a
steady pace to 30,000 feet or more. It shot something out, like a small
flare. By this time it was only a little dot, but it was still the
brightness thing in the sky. It blinked a few times then flew away. I''m a
believer. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


MANITOULIN ISLAND -- On January 1, 2001, around 5:00 PM my girlfriend's
father and I saw two UFO's over the island. They appeared to be bright
yellowish lights and they didn't move. Each had its own shape. One was
circular and the other was shaped like a comet with two tails and a round
head. The sky was clear and the sun was setting. They looked like they were
on the edge of earth's atmosphere. I video taped about 45 seconds. My
friend and I kept an eye on the UFO's as we traveled west on the island. And
as we dipped into the valleys we lost sight of them. We watched them for
five more minutes before we lost track of them. They appeared to change into
a circle as we traveled west. I have them on 8 MM video. I asked a local
store owner about UFO's there and he said, "He sees them all the time."
Thanks to Nathan Wright [email protected] and Michel M. Deschamps
[email protected]


BALMORAL CASTLE -- A couple were seven miles from Balmoral Castle the Queen's
summer residence on December 27, 2000, when they saw a triangular object in
the sky. It was flying above the hotel complex called the Craigendarroch, in
Ballater at 7:15 PM. The craft was grey and had three large blue lights at
each point, but not on the very tips. The lights were not flickering or
flashing and did not appear to emit any beams. There were white/grey laser
beams coming out from the top of the object above the blue lights. The craft
was hovering 200 yards above the trees and was the size of a house. I could
hear what seemed to be muted rotor sound like a distant helicopter. Peter
pulled off road and got out of the car and saw it move slowly and 'just
disappear.' Other cars also stopped. The witness stated, "A van with two
police asked if we were OK." We asked the police if they had seen that? The
passenger replied after looking sideways at the driver, 'Yes he did'.
Several other police cars were also present. The craft was either a secret
military aircraft that sounds a bit like a helicopter or it was a spacecraft.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


ZURICH - On December 11, 2000, the witness observed three formations of
UFOs. At 10:45 PM on a clear night with a moon he saw two formations with 25
to 30 UFO's. The lights were quite pale, twice the size of brightest star.
The velocity seemed quite slow like a flock of seagulls flying high. Both
formations had a shape of an elongated egg and irregular. The first
formation showed some goldish/yellow lights where doing a snake-path-pattern.
Three seconds later, the second group had green, blue, and yellow or red
lights. The third group had 5 or 6 red UFO's, three times the size of the
first ones but looked like just one craft. They where flying wildly around
each other. At arm's length, one of the red lights had the size of the
smallest fingernail. The left light was a yellow-white color which, equaled
the brilliance of an approaching aircraft headlight but, slightly larger and
less "amber" in color. The light just to its right was of equal size and
resembled a red traffic light. He drove onto Maplewood Drive and stopped his
car, for a better look.

The witness says, "The craft was, now, almost overhead and it seemed,
unusually large, two or three fingers wide, at arm's length." It's altitude
was very low, if it were flying at an airliner's altitude than, it would have
been huge.
Except for the five lights, on its underside the craft was very dark and,
barely moving. There were three dim, non-blinking, rounded, yellow-white
lights, one at each corner. At the center of its underside were two smaller,
alternately pulsing lights, one red with a smaller, white light, beside it.
These alternately, pulsing lights, created a confusing mix of red, pink and
white flashing light with a very faint, pinkish haze flickering beneath it.
But none of these lights were as large nor as bright, as, those seen during
the craft's approach. While overhead, the object seemed to be barely moving,
yet, rotating slightly, to its right (about 20 degrees in 5 seconds). After
this turn, it then, began to move, noticeably forward picking up speed. Only
then, did I notice that this triangle was flying backwards, with two corners
towards its front and one towards its rear. As it flew south, I saw three
large, bright, non-blinking, hazy, yellow-white lights, evenly spaced
(horizontally) in a row, across its rear side. This craft seemed to be
flying into a hazy, gray luminous fog as it departed. I've never noticed
large, bright, hazy, yellow-white lights, like these, on any aircraft, at
night. I didn't notice any sound. The sighting's duration was about 75
seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC


Herb O. Buckland writes, "I have noticed Variations of
Linear-Circular-Triangular "formulas" being used. Three main tracks usually
terminating in three distinct groupings. Three-bundle wrappings of stalks
(also 3 main bundles and 1 minor bundle in some instances). Three
"Tools-of-Trade" (sound-heat-wind) used by the "Circle Makers" are said to be
intelligent encoding. Three different lengths of lines in some formations.
Formations creating energies within the lay of a Circle-Ring- (or) Path.
Three distinct glyphs in some formations. Triangulation of formations occur
near Stonehenge. When it was recognized that a Crop Circle formation
resembled the design of the third Charka, other Crop Circle formations were
looked at to see whether they too resembled other Charka designs. Now take a
look at some UFO/Alien phenomena with three spacecraft shapes: Linear
(cigar-shaped)- Circular (balloon, hubcap, dish-shaped, etc.), and
Triangular. seen. Three lights, sometimes in a triangular configuration,
have been seen on spacecraft. Three landing gears have been seen often on
three spacecraft landing in one place. Three individual windows or windows
grouped in threes have been seen on spacecraft. There are three basic types
of aliens: Greys- Reptilian-Insect (Praying Mantis).

Nordic type of aliens could be characterized as being related to the third
born group of hominids as well as the third racial classification called
Caucasian/Indo-European. Three basic alien types are frequently shown with
triangular-shaped heads. Alien "Greys" are frequently characterized with A-
B- C subtypes. Triangular marks have been found on abductees along with 3 mm
disc is said to be deposited in an abductee's brain. Aliens are said to have
a third eye, a third ear, a third brain, and three fingers. Abductions
sometimes occur along a route numbered 3, 33, at "about" 3 o'clock with three
aliens. Of course there are other patterns. But with the "three" and
"triangular" reference occurring so often, it can't be a coincidence. In
probing the question of why three? Why a triangle? What does this have to
do with humans? Take a look at the following site: Thanks to Herb
[email protected].


Tony Garry writes, "In reference to clouds and UFOs, on 12-26-00, and "Merry
Christmas and the Angels" on 1-2-01. Here's some interesting info my wife
brought to my attention in "The Lost Books of the Bible". "The
PROTEVANGELION" is a book described as "An Historical Account of the Birth Of
Christ, and the Perpetual Virgin Mary, his Mother, by James the Lesser,
cousin and brother of the Lord Jesus, chief Apostle and first Bishop of the
Christians in Jerusalem."

Chapter 13 begins, (Verses 1-2) "And leaving her and his sons in the cave,
Joseph went forth to seek a Hebrew midwife in the village of Bethlehem. But
as I was going (said Joseph) I looked up into the air, and I saw the clouds
astonished, and the fowls of the air stopping in the midst of their flight."
Then, in Chapter 14, (Verses 9-12) "And the midwife went along with him, and
stood in the cave. Then a bright cloud overshadowed the cave, and the midwife
said, This day my soul is magnified, for mine eyes have seen surprising
things, and salvation is brought forth to Israel. But on a sudden the cloud
became a great light in the cave, so that their eyes could not bear it. But
the light gradually decreased, until the infant appeared, and sucked the
breast of his mother Mary." Thanks to Tony Garry.

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo says I read your about angels. Very good.
Everyone in the UFO community should read it. I believe most sightings are
angelic. I also believe that since 1/3 of the angelic realm rebelled, it's
quite possible 1/3 of UFO sightings/encounters could also be from these
fallen angels. Satan has always counterfeited things of God. I believe it's
quite possible we are in the last days and Christ said there would be signs
in the heavens prior to His return. Thanks to Steve [email protected] )


Bill Rose writes that when President-elect George W. Bush takes office, NASA
will present him with a set of new proposals for manned space exploration to
follow completion of the ISS (International Space Station). A manned Mars
mission seems increasingly unlikely as the technical challenges remain
daunting. A permanently manned Lunar outpost is the more obvious "next big
step in space," but the financial climate makes this equally unlikely. NASA
is expected to take a fairly conservative line. Scientists at NASA have been
quietly working on the "Decadal Plan" to outline the assembly of two smaller
manned space stations at the gravitationally stable Earth-Moon and Earth-Sun
Lagrange points. New, larger optical and radio telescopes will be operated at
these locations and personnel will be ferried to the outposts from the ISS in
a newly designed transfer vehicle. NASA is also expected to request the
development of landing vehicles that allow occasional manned missions to the
Moon's surface and nearby asteroids from the new stations. NASA will come
under pressure to make space more accessible by reducing the cost of reaching
Earth orbit. This may come about if the Lockheed-Martin "Venture Star" space
plane proves successful. Thanks to Bill Rose Aviation writer & associate
editor of Strange Daze Magazine


Tim Cooper writes,."On July 26, 1947, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal
learned from President Truman that his name had been submitted to the
Congress as the first Secretary of Defense in the reconstituted War
Department which came into being on that same day when Truman signed into
public law the National Security Act of 1947 which also brought into being
the new military establishment under civilian control." As a duly
constituted civilian authority Forrestal was charged with charting the
nation's defenses and responsible for all intelligence activities of the
military and the newly formed Central Intelligence Agency. Among other
responsibilities, Forrestal was appointed a senior member of the President's
reconstituted National Security Council. And, according to unacknowledged
documents which has surfaced from informed sources over the last sixteen
years was also a member of the Majestic Twelve, a panel composed of high
level members of the government and the military establishment appointed and
tasked with the mission to thoroughly investigate, collect, and assess the
worrisome phenomenon of unidentified flying objects and the question of
extraterrestrial visitation and intent. Please see,

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