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Filer's Files # 1 2001




UFO SIGHTINGS HAVE BEEN FEW IN DECEMBER -- But good UFO sighting reports came
in from New York, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, California, Washington,
Chile and Turkey. Although there are thousands of reports each year, the
last five years have shown that December and the Christmas Holidays have the
least number of reports. Perhaps people are too busy to report sightings
during this period, but more likely the UFO aircrews go on vacation. Polls
show that 7% of the total population have seen UFOs, but only a small
percentage are actually reported.

As we start the new Millennium, it is time to expose the fact that alien, and
most likely extraterrestrial presence has been with us for many thousands of
years. Today our newest technology such as radar and satellites are picking
up the UFOs on a regular basis. There is also good evidence that UFOs may
provide a safety hazard to our aircraft. Important aircraft accidents such
as TWA Flight 800 and EgyptAir Flight 900 have numerous reports of UFOs in
the vicinity. Jeff Challender has put together raw video footage from space
shuttles orbiting Earth. These show incontrovertible evidence that the NASA
downloads show UFOs moving at tremendous speed both in our atmosphere and in
space. I personally feel many of the ancient historical and religious texts
also tell the story of our visitors. Ancient Sumerian, Indian, Greek, and
Biblical texts reveal that our Earth was visited by angelic messengers flying
in strange craft that are remarkably similar to those seen today.

Human nature has tendency to reject and bury those factors that might be a
threat. Politicians, scientists and high ranking military appear to have the
most to lose if it turns out these unidentified flying objects are manned by
non human intelligence. Most of our readers realize that some UFOs may be
natural phenomenon or classified military aircraft. However, it seems
doubtful that humans have developed craft that can fly at 100,000 mph, but we
should realize that we may have been fooled on occasion by clever
counter-intelligence efforts to hide new aircraft.

Our world still faces major environmental problems in the new Millennium.
New diseases, an energy shortage and the threat of international terrorism
all point to difficult times ahead. President Bush needs all the help he can
get to overcome these serious problems in the future. It will be interesting
to see if the new president is willing to publicize the UFO presence. His
father and President Clinton appeared willing to ignore the problem.

Less than a hundred years ago the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, and now
we are getting ready to visit other planets. For the first time in history,
we present a threat to other intelligence's by venturing forth to other
planets. The future of our civilization may depend on the actions we take
regarding the visitors. We must learn more about the visitors who could
cleverly exploit us, using religion, sex or the entertainment industry
against us. There is evidence in the past, they attempted to give us lessons
on how to live as brothers. It is time we matured and find ways to eliminate
hatreds and wars as a means of settling disputes. There may be accidental
encounters between the visitors and us. The fact they have not simply
destroyed us indicates they choose to keep us alive. Until we know their
plans and motives we must gain intelligence information on their intentions.

During the last Millennium many great men have come and gone. Leaders like
Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, scientists such as Einstein, Kepler, Tesla, and
Bell. Its interesting that most of the greatest men also had a curiosity
about UFOs. In reflecting about the past, I thought about those who had left
there mark on my life. A great actor who died this year, had a great effect
on me. I met Sir Alec Guinness in London and he was gracious and friendly.
He was in my opinion the true superstar of the "Star Wars" movies. I think
he knew there is a God the Creator or Father of the universe when he stated
with a sparkle in his eye, "May the Force be with you!"


Periodically our earth travels through parts of the sky that are more
dangerous because of potential asteroids. As the Sun moves through the
galaxy it pulls the planets along with it. Once each year we circle the sun,
but we appear to be moving into an area where there is more debris in space.
Asteroids are relatively dense bodies that range in size from 1 to 760
kilometers. An asteroid or even the smaller meteoroids could cause severe
damage to the Earth. It is fortunate that we now have the ability for space
travel and an increasing ability to spot danger in our skies. Tim Edward's
writes, " One of the strongest annual meteor showers will peak over North
America during the morning hours of Wednesday, January 3, 2001." The
Quadrantid meteor shower has the capability to produce 100 meteors per hour
at the time of maximum activity if viewed from dark rural sites away from any
sources of light pollution. Quadrantid meteors should be seen in a remote
region of the sky near the intersections of Draco, Hercules, and Ursa Major.
Gary Kronk has provided a finder chart at: Thanks to Tim
[email protected]


NORTH MASSAPEQUA -- On December 2, 2000, 37 year old male and a 39 year old
female were driving north on Hicksville Road in Nassau County. Suddenly a
bright green light was spotted by both of them at exactly the same time. The
witness said, "It would have appeared to have been an airplane or such,
except for the fact that it was going straight down at rapid speed and then
disappeared." The speed was definitely greater than an object falling from
the sky. The object was directly in front of us at 11:15 PM and we only saw
the object descending. We knew it cannot have been fireworks or
ground-launched incendiary device. We looked down a few streets to see if we
could see it where it may have landed. Witness 2 believes it landed, and
quite possibly the light went out just before landing while moving to the
northeast. Witness 1 believes it disappeared from view -- perhaps the light
went out but it was still there. The object was in sight for about a minute.
Less than 5 minutes later 3 or 4 helicopters were circling the neighborhood.
Thanks to the MUFON's Worldwide UFO Database. 1 (800)

NORTH TONAWANDA -- Roger Hoeft III writes that back in about 1978-79 my
brother and his wife told me of strange goings on that were occurring behind
their home in Western New York. One evening in the fall, after dark, we
observed a ship gliding over an empty field behind their home. This time it
was observed from the side and had the "cigar shape" that is, long and not
too high. There were several large picture windows, that I could see with
binoculars. I could only see light in the windows. We watched as this one
glided along at about 10 mph or so, and then it turned on it's side and took
off at great acceleration towards the north. I presumed that it was an
experimental aircraft, since the Niagara Falls Air Force base was only about
10 miles away. Possibly this is where the craft I saw in '98 came from.
Thanks to: Roger Hoeft III


FAYETTEVILLE -- On November 30, 2000, Patricia Carter, her husband Bob, and
her sister-in-law, Judy were driving when both ladies saw an object moving
slowly across the sky at around 9:45 PM. Bob, thought it was a blimp. But I
said, 'No way!' We saw red lights in an elongated pattern, on or around the
perimeter of an oblong object. The object appeared to move at the speed a
blimp would move, but it was too elongated to be a blimp. There didn't
appear to be any other lights visible." "Then Bob stopped to speak with a
man at Gray's Creek," near Fayetteville, NC. We were quite curious and
persuaded Bob to turn the car around and follow the lights. By the time the
object was nearly out of sight and traveling along north of the river. We
lost sight of the object because of a line of trees that obscured our
vision." See the Fayetteville Observer for December 2, 2000. Thanks to
Stefan Duncan of AUFON.


CORAL SPRINGS - On December 23, 2000, a 43 year old educator saw a saucer
shaped object with a dome at an altitude of 500 feet or less. The object was
north of Coral Springs, only 250 feet away from the observers position at
8:00 AM. The saucer flew back and fourth at high speed and appeared
metallic. Its lights dimmed and eventually disappeared. The witness said,
"I felt helpless, but I got a picture of it, but it turned out blurry."
There was rain and a cloud cover. Thanks to the MUFON's Worldwide UFO
Database. , 1 (800) UFO-2166


MICHIGAN CITY -- The witness a 26 year old male was walking in Dunes National
Park on December 21, 2000. When he got to the top of Mount Baldy at 8:45 PM,
he looked down and noticed a shiny, metallic like tent sitting on the ground
about fifty feet away. It had a dome with appendages. The witness states,
"It sat there for about two minutes, then began whining, and finally took off
at an incredible speed, making a high-pitched whining sound." I also noticed
a strange smell. The object changed color to a bright red and finally fiery
red heading higher and finally too far away to see. I looked at my watch,
noticed that roughly two hours had passed. My memory and motor skills were
effected by the incident. I had involuntary actions that included paralysis
and a rash. Thanks to the MUFON's Worldwide UFO Database.


DEARBORN -- A UFO video clip was filmed on Ford Road on September 5, 2000, of
an odd bright light in the northeast sky at 6:50 AM. The object was only a
few degrees above the horizon and the Sun had not come up yet. The witness
pulled into the new Visteon building's parking lot and started filming. At
first he thought it may be a cloud, but it actually sat motionless and then
slowly moved to the southeast. The video shows a "ribbed" disk shaped form
which appears underneath the "illuminated/reflecting" upper section of the
object. The video and other UFO investigations can be seen at this excellent
web site.


PINAL COUNTY -- I live in a remote area of the San Tan Mountains. I have had
several sightings over the last three years always when there was no moon.
There is no electrical service in the area, so there is no light
interference. At the time, I spent almost every evening outside enjoying the
stars and the quiet. From within the mountains I observed a helicopter,
sometimes two that followed a large object closely. It was completely dark
with no lights, but made a strange sound. I am familiar with aircraft and
turbine engines, but these are very quiet and have a strange sound. I
assumed that it was a new experimental aircraft from a facility within the
San Tans Mountains. Often these craft headed to Sacaton, where there is a
very strange facility surrounded by orchards on the Indian Reservation.
After finding this facility I became intrigued, because it is a very odd
facility. I am not claiming that it is alien, but the facility and these
sightings are interesting and may worthwhile. Thanks to the MUFON's
Worldwide UFO Database.


SANTA BARBARA -- This letter was written to Dr. Leir. " On December 17,
2000, my friend and I were on the roof when he saw an object in the sky. The
object was almost straight up in the sky overhead, and about the size of
Venus, but looked metallic from a reflection of the sun. Atmospheric
distortion was evident, when comparing it to aircraft flying in the area. We
assume the object was at a higher altitude. Looking through binoculars, I
saw a puff of smoke or vapor from the UFO. We both lost sight of the object
when it split into three separate smaller ones, and the total brightness went
down. It split from one to two and from two to three. (X to x x to
x) The split off flew north east. When I moved I lost them in the field of
view. We viewed the object for about 7 minuets, just before 4:50 PM. This
object has shown itself each of the past going back to 1992, during the
Holidays. It has been witnessed by many individuals and studied by MUFON.
Thanks to James Brandt and Dr. Leir.


SEATTLE -- On December 23, 2000, four witnesses noticed strange flashing
lights. A 34 year old witness is now in the military, his 33 year old wife
and 13 their year old son were driving to Tacoma. Upon entering the Seattle
city limits around 8:00 PM, they saw what looked like a flying police car's
lights up in the sky. The lights were within visual range of a large
commercial aircraft. The flashing lights came from the east and accelerated
suddenly for about a full second, increasing from helicopter speed to full
throttle jet fighter speed. It took about 20 seconds to cover the distance
to the coast. Once over the water, the flashing lights made a 180 degree turn
and returned half the original flight path. It then made a 90 degree turn
toward the South and moved quickly out of sight. It was 500 to 1000 feet in
altitude. The object was visible for several minutes. The object moved from
500 feet to one mile away before disappearing. Thanks to the MUFON's
Worldwide UFO Database.


There have been a series of sightings in Chile's 2nd Region in recent months.
Local researcher Jaime Ferrer reports that a luminous object with an
almost-rhomboidal configuration was seen on Monday, December 18, 2000, at
22:30 hours in the area known as Ojo de Apache, two kilometers west of
Calama. The witness Mrs. Maria Angelica was walking home on a road with no
lighting in the area when she saw the UFO. She lives in terror, because
every night she hears violent stomping on her rooftop that she feels are
related to the UFO. She claims, her animal-owning neighbors have lost many
animals to the intruders. What is most disquieting about this situation is
that the police have ordered everyone to keep quiet about the animal deaths.
She heard her neighbors state, "We can't say a word." She feels that nothing
can be done at the risk of being penalized for causing a panic. Sources have
made it known that there is a certain "unidentified agency" has located
individuals who have suffered this type of loss and in exchange for their
silence, remunerates them according to each type of animal. Translation (c)
2000. Thanks to Scott Corrales-Institute of Hispanic Ufology and Gloria
Coluchi. [From Dr. Sanchez's notes]:


There has been some talk about a X-plane the US Designed in the 60's that has
plans that show structure that closely resembles UFO debris a witness has
recovered in Australia. There is a photo that prior to me seeing it, I would
not care, except I have some UFO debris that was recovered in Arizona at a
crash site near an air force base that has had a history for x_planes and
some that were nuclear powered and had crashed in the early 60's. My sample
looks exactly like the material in the photo. It could the two be related to
the same kind of aircraft? I've put mine in a safety deposit box at the bank
for safe keeping.


IZMIR -- Ertan Guney I have a friend living in Ýzmir who is a contactee since
November 1998. His name is Hüseyin Sarlak. His first contact started at
3:30 AM, when he saw a huge mother ship at about 10, 000 meters in altitude.
It was constant, when a smaller egg-shaped saucer came out of it and landed
on his garden without making any noise. There were small windows on it. One
of them opened and he saw an alien looking through the window. He had a
mechanical voice trying to talk to him. Then he smiled and tried to hold his
hand and they shook hands softly. My friend, Hüseyin felt great pleasure and
thought that he was invited into their saucer. He felt that he was not ready
to travel, so he refused to go with them. The saucer flew back to the mother
ship, and suddenly they disappeared. Thanks to Ertan Guney
[email protected]


Andy & Robin Hodge writes people who have UFO experiences ARE DIFFERENT. We
are different because we realize that the universe is much bigger than the
average person believes and knows. Most go about their daily routines doing
what is best for their family and friends without a thought to what lies in
our great beyond. UFO experiencers go about their lives with their eyes
peeled toward the heavens in a constant search of a repeat appearance. We
believe that all things are possible, if I can speak for all of those who
have known the unknown. We are not crazy yet, we may be labeled "heretics."
I will remind those who do not know the joys, fear, ecstasy and silence that
accompanies these sightings that we strive to be our best, not neglecting the
needs of our loved ones, but in the interest of our loved ones and the world.


Let me remind your readers that the great "heretics" of our past have
REFORMED this world. We are the Loners on a mission to open doors for all
those willing to listen. Teachers that SHOULD BE HEARD. Like the great ones
from the ancient Sumer, to Egypt, to Israel, to our modern world, we will try
to influence the sciences, philosophies, ideas and beliefs, yet sadly and
likely, we will NOT be heard until time passes and we are dust like so many
who lived before us. Then, we will be heard. How many times have we seen
that happen in history? Time repeats itself, over and over again. Look to
the ancient scripts. Look for the truth. Did not the ones who had
encounters in our ancient past fall down on their faces in fear? Were they
not filled with all emotions? Thanks to Robin
[email protected]


Dan Reichel I must say that I find it truly incredible that most "Cydonia
researchers", fail to point out the "rocket ship" (sort of Buck Rogers
design) that is left of the oft-pointed-out "Fortress", and that the
"Fortress" is actually an "arrow" between the sand sculpture of the rocket
ship and an incredibly huge "bulls-eye" on the flat terrain near the Mars
Face. My son is a Nintendo expert, and was playing a game entitled "JPL and
the Viking 2 Lander", No one has to explain to him the symbolism of a rocket
ship, arrow, and a bulls-eye. He would know, in the grand design, where he
was supposed to set down the Lander. Yet a whole laboratory of scientists
and engineers, at JPL in 1976, failed to understand this symbolism, and chose
to set the Viking 2 Lander down elsewhere on Mars. Can someone, anyone, tell
me "How much clearer do the messages need to be before we begin to understand
them?" These aforementioned sand sculptures and bullseye are easily seen in
Viking 2 image f035a72 available from the NSSDC website. The bullseye is in
flat terrain and therefore cannot be attributed to "light and shadow." It is
approximately 1.5 miles, 2 kilometers, in diameter. There is also a "second
face," the one referred to as "Rounded Formation" in Graham Hancock's "The
Mars Mystery," and also found on NSSDC image f035a72 near the "city" of
pyramids. It looks like a helmeted Norse God. Rather interesting that the
name of the NASA mission and spacecraft was Viking, don't you think? As if
they, presumably the Anunnaki, were creating a "namesake" sand sculpture for
us to see! Thanks to, Daniel G. Reichel, PhD.


M J writes, "Alien Abduction Experience and Research has received an
excellent photograph of six aliens standing on a garage roof at night." The
aliens are facing in one direction, like a choir, while another alien appears
to be descending from a hovering ball of light. This September 29, 2000,
photograph from Alabama was taken after the witness saw a movement and heard
a sound like "humming electric lines." Having seen and heard UFOs before,
the witness knew to get a camera and take a picture. The incredible
photograph with enlargements is at the Alien Abduction Experience and
Research web site at The name of the photographer
is being withheld to protect the identity of the family. Thanks to Marylyn
Ruben Alien choir can be seen at:


David G. Perkins writes I just finished reading your article about angels
from last weeks files. I attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
in Fort Worth, Texas. Believe it or not, there are several of us at Seminary
and in the Ministry who hold these same views. One of my Biblical
Archaeology Professors introduced me to Zacharia Sitchen. We believe that
not only are some of the angels (More literally translated should be
messengers) extraterrestrial/interdimentional beings, but so are some of the
demons. Not all of us at Seminary are privy to this. What makes us privy is
OUR personal interest. In other words, if a Seminary Student is not
interested in the more ethereal aspects of the spirit world, he will not
design a curriculum that will include it beyond the required courses. If
he/she is not interested in ancient languages or archaeology, he/she will not
take beyond the required courses. Even then, the Professor has to use
discretion before he just throws a novice into the deep end. The question he
must answer is, is the novice able to handle this information
psychologically. Billy Graham happens to be one of my all-time heroes. He
has had a lot to say on this issue. So have other theologians (some of whom
might surprise you). I guess what I am trying to say is that, while all
poodles are dogs, not all dogs are poodles. In the same measure, not all
Southern Baptists are rabid fundamentalists. You will recognize us, we are
literate, have read the bible, know it in the languages it was written in,
and demonstrate a remarkably open mind. We still hold firmly to the tenants
of our faith (This is the true definition of being fundamental), but we are
also aware that there is more out there than God bothered to explain to us
(With good reason, I might add). Well, I will stop ranting now. Keep up the
good work, keep the faith, never give up. Yours in Christ. Thanks to David
G. Perkins:
[email protected]

CD OF FILER'S FILES for the last four years 1997 through 2000 is available
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Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that were caught on
recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an hour long tape of UFOs shot
in space. Jeff spends hundreds of hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from
space and is now an expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the
shuttle are unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you will
be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice crystals and real
UFOs. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the shuttle from space. I feel
confident we could go into a court of law and convince any jury that there
are UFOs moving at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender
2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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