Filer's Files #07 -- 2000, MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
February 18, 2000, [email protected] (609) 654-0020
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Marilyn Ruben at Alien Abduction Experience and Research reports that a
significant breakthrough in the search for trace physical evidence of alien
abductions may have been uncovered in ordinary household dust according to
biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood of Pinelandia Biophysics Laboratory of
Michigan. Microscopic glassy particles have been found in household dust of
individuals claiming to be abductees. Glassy particles have been found in
bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, hallways, basement stairs, and so on.
Glassy particles have not been found in dust where abductions are not known
to occur. The glassy particles come in a variety of shapes, including hollow
or solid spheres. The particles are occasionally amber in color and vary in
size from 1 micron or more, which is 1/1,000 of a millimeter or larger.
Other more elongated particles include a "pseudo crystal" and an octopus
shape. These forms are often clear and contain definite non-cellular,
non-plant structure. A visual inspection of the "pseudo crystals" under 450x
magnification gives the appearance of a fiber optic arrangement, while the
octopus structure sometimes appears to have exploded outward at its center as
if releasing something.

Household dust is best collected from areas not commonly dusted, such as the
top ledges of doors and window frames. Unexplainable whitish dust in
recently cleaned rooms of abductees' homes has also tested positive for these
glassy particles. While abductees' homes have produced two or more styles of
particles, no abductee's home to date has produced all styles of particles.
Dr. Levengood is continuing his research into uncovering the origin of the
currently unexplainable glassy particles. Thanks to Marilyn Rueben and Nancy
Talbot. Particle photos can be seen at:

Editor's Note: This evidence is very convincing and in the past I have
frequently asked abductees to collect this type of evidence for BLT Research.
Any person who has intruders in their home has the right to ask that their
situation be investigated. Now we have a method for determining that unusual
particles have been left in the abductee's home. I consider this a break
through in helping to prove that strange things are happening in abductee's


Red Setter writes, "We simply do not know enough today to understand how new
species develop. The answer is "we don't know". It is very suspicious that
most abductees show punch-biopsy marks on their legs, as if for DNA PCR
sampling. This suggests that alien species are (a) monitoring our genetic
development, if not (b) adding transgenes and following their penetrance over
many generations. Our new lab will analyze alien tissue samples, to see how
they relate to man.
Best, Red Setter Editors Note: It would be wonderful to support research in
this field where a break through may be expected.


CANTON -- On February 8, 2000, I was traveling south at 5:15 AM, when I saw a
bright light off to the west. I traveled for three miles on Route 95
watching the strange light when something told me to pull over into the
breakdown lane to watch. A flying triangle passed overhead just ahead of my
truck and I noticed its lights were not setup like a normal planes. There
were eight yellow/white lights. One was one on each of the three corners.
Two were in the front side by side, three at the bottom middle side by side,
and several across the back. Two blue strobe lights were at the middle rear
of the craft. As it passed in front of my truck, I rolled down the window
but could hear no sound. This craft was as large as my hand at arm's length.
A jet plane at this height would have been very loud, but there was no
noise. The triangle traveled about ten miles in about two minutes (300 mph)
from Route 1A in Walpole to Route 138 Stoughton. Thanks to Peter Davenport


GLENWOOD LANDING -- I went down to Tappan Beach to eat on February 2, 2000,
and saw a strange light in the northern sky I decided to go home to get my
video camera just in case it was worth taping. I got back in only five
minutes since I live up the block. I saw a long cigar shaped light gray to
white object at 5:00 PM, but the original light remained stationary. There
were three other planes in the sky leaving dual contrails. I watched for 30
seconds, and realized the cigar was huge and the length of seven commercial
jets. It was moving really slow for something that big. The cigar flew past
the stationary light. As it turned towards my direction, its shape turned
into a ball-heading west. In my videotape your can hear the sound of a
strong wind. This could not have been a balloon because they don't fly
against the wind. I was able to get about ninety seconds of the cigar on
videotape. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NUFORC,


OLD BRIDGE--OBJECT #1 - Sam Sherman writes, "On February 11, 2000, I was
driving south on Cottrell Road and as I slowed to a stop I observed a
luminous aerial object traveling south/southwest at 6:55 PM. It was tubular
in shape with a pointed arrow-like front and bright yellow/white color. The
last third of the object had an unusual red to orange glow. The lighted body
was far brighter than the average plane light in the sky. The object
traveled with far greater speed than planes I am used to seeing. It was
heading down at a 30 degrees angle towards the ground. It seemed to fade out
in the clouds or I lost sight of it.

OBJECT #2 -- Moments later I saw an unusual plane heading north towards me in
the direction of where I was with very bright lights illuminating the bottom
of the plane and looking to point downward. These lights compared with other
aircraft lights, were brighter than any I had ever seen. The object made a
turn and headed north/northwest.

OBJECT #3 -- Continuing to drive about 1/2 mile south I got out of my car and
observed what I thought was a plane extremely bright with wildly strobing
white and red lights. As it headed north/northeast in the distance I saw
this as only one wide wing with white and red bright lights wildly moving in
sequential patterns to the right and left across this long horizontal surface.

OBJECT #4 -- At 7:30 PM I was taking my wife and my mother out to dinner and
we were driving west on Ferry Road. As we approached the stop light at Route
18 (I had yet to mention my previous sightings), both ladies exclaimed,
"What's that?" There was an object with extremely bright red and white
lights all over it flashing wildly in random patterns. We all observed this
coming towards us and then turning to head north. I give no possible
explanation to the objects I saw. I have been observing planes and phenomena
in the sky for many years and the four above objects were unlike any I had
previously seen and definitely out of the ordinary. Thanks to Sam Sherman
[email protected]


POLK/BARTON COUNTY LINE -- A six-year veteran of the Polk County Police
Department was on duty at 04:09 AM on February 03, 2000. He was on Route
113N facing south with the patrol car's engine off preparing for traffic
patrol. He looked out through his car window toward the stars since earlier
he had seen meteors and the usual air traffic going towards Hartsfield
Airport. Suddenly he saw a red glow behind a gray circular object. It was
like nothing he had ever seen before. The object flew towards him at a great
speed making no sound. It had a gray cone shape front that elongated into a
cylinder. The object was flying from the southeast toward the
west-northwest. As the object got closer, he saw on the rear a red glowing
circle of light. but no recognizable engines, markings, lights or windows.
It lasted no more than eight seconds but shook him up. He called 911 by
phone, not over the radio and asked if any other reports came in concerning a
sighting. There were no other reports. Thanks to Mary Dee Janssenate and
Tom Sheets MUFONGA State Director


COLUMBUS -- John Thompson is investigating a February 5, 2000, mystery boom
that shook the region at 5:19 PM. I thought I had it pinned down to an F-15
at Warner-Robbins, near Perry, but now the public affairs officer, John
Birdsong, says he's talked to the F-15 pilot who was doing a test run between
Montezuma and Dublin, Georgia. The pilot says, "he didn't go supersonic at
anytime, but suggested it was a F-22 from Lockheed Marietta and 'flying the
test route west of Columbus." So we are to believe a corporate owned F-22
made a boom while in Alabama that seems to have covered a path 140 miles long
by 70 miles wide. Some boom! I called Lockheed and they said, "They don't
even have a F-22 flying in Georgia." There was a single witness according to
the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 2/8/00 by Sam Thorne Harper. The witness said
that he saw a "black mass with white smoke traveling just above the trees."
Unfortunately, this witness did not want to cooperate. I think we can safely
say it was a sonic boom.
I personally think the most realistic answer is a military jet that landed at
Warner Robbins or further east. Yes, it could've been a UFO but no reliable
witnesses have come forth.

Dr. L. Timothy Long of Georgia Tech has helped MUFON on seismic data on this
case and others. His e-mail address is
[email protected] Tim is in the
process of developing equipment that would detect such events (low frequency
sonic booms and earthquakes). The price would be $500-1000. If there is
anyone interested in supporting this project let me know. Thanks to John
Thompson at
[email protected]


GRISSOM AIR FORCE BASE -- I live less than 20 miles from the base the former
home of the Air Force 1 backup plane for the President. I'm used to seeing
aircraft, but several years ago I saw some very strange craft in
mid-afternoon of a lovely bright, clear summer day. I happened to glance out
my second story window and was amazed to see 200 yards to the south three
large triangular craft. The three triangular unburnished gold appearing
craft were rising silently from the ground in formation. One was in front
with two to the rear. They had no markings, windows, or protrusions, and a
rather flat surface rounded at the corner wit an overall "soft" appearance.
There were no lights, no openings, and no contrails. The trajectory was a
bit more than a 45% angle and they were moving rather slowly as they took
off. They appeared for only a few seconds and then were simply no longer
there. These craft appeared very close and the experience seemed quite
surreal. I have seen pictures of the Aurora and they are similar. Thanks to
[email protected] and [email protected]


LORDSBURG - Richard Boylan writes, "I just got back from the David
Shoemaker's most interesting "Aliens and Spirits" Conference. He took us to
the highest point on a mesa northwest of town on February 5, 2000, where we
saw two enormous lit up motherships sitting on the ground. They were about
eight miles away and each ship was over a half-mile in diameter. Small
"scout" craft were seen departing and returning to the motherships after
flying to outlying mining sites. At one point scout ships at distances
surrounded the group from three miles to a half-mile. David Shoemaker has
examined the landing sites in daylight and says they are mining alkali to
make Brown's Gas, a highly energetic substance. We also did a ceremony
during the conference to inject the thought in every human being; "I must
take care of the Earth." Thanks to Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Editor's Note: This
area should be examined in detail for ground landing trace evidence and the
mining techniques used.


Ted Phillips writes: The updated catalog of physical traces associated with
UFO sightings gives us data from 2,240 events from 79 countries. This is a
revised and updated list of traces after taking out all events where no UFO
was seen at the site, crop circles, and cases with little information to
study. There has been a considerable drop in the close encounter/trace
events since the 70's. Preliminary statistics indicate an average of 106
such events per year between 1967 and 1979. The average per year drops to
15.7 between 1980 and 1999. Between 1990 and 1999 the yearly average is
slightly higher at 17 events per year. Multiple witness events average 34.4%
of the total events, and last year 31% of the events involved multiple
witnesses. Occupants were reported at an average rate of 18.4% of the total
events with 1990 to 1999 at 16%. It is important to note that the alleged
UFO was seen on or very near the ground for an extended period of time.
Sightings were at least one to five minutes long and most were observed at
less than 200 feet away with good conditions for observation. Why these
numbers per year have dropped since the late 1970's is not obvious. One
stand out is that a higher percentage of witnesses now refuse to report these
events if their names or locations are to be made public. Ted Phillips

ORANGE COUNTY -- William Hamilton of Skywatch reports NBC News broadcast
February 6, 2000, that unidentified lights were at midnight toward Los
Angeles. This story is interesting in view of the fact that I received a
report last night around between 8 and 9 PM on a sighting of a cluster of
lights seen over Palmdale not more than 5 miles east of my home location.
Three of the lights formed a line. They were also seen moving about, then
disappeared from view. Thanks to Bill Hamilton Director Skywatch
International, Inc.


We have several reports of robed hooded figures walking along the road with
bright red eyes in New Jersey. They were observed by passing motorists. We
even have a video of a tall one in the woods with eyes like red light bulbs
taken in Ohio. Darlene an abductee writes: "Since finding freedom from the
hooded beings a couple years ago--through means of certain practices of my
religion, I haven't thought much about them." However, I have been a bit
surprised to find references and even artwork about them recently. In the
past almost all the info I found was relative to Greys or occasionally to
Nordics. I do not know to this day if these fiends by which I had been
terrorized most of my adult life (several decades) were demonic as we all do
not know concerning ETs or of some other species. But they did comply with
the practices used against them. Nor do I know if I have ever been abducted
in the physical sense of the word; however, I have been "held" unmercifully
against my will. I used to refer to these experiences as night terrors. I
suffered terribly from nightmares during my childhood -- but now they are
only sporadic but still just as frightening. "My last episode ended with me
fighting them off with my fists as they attempted to work on me on an
operating table in a brightly lit room." "I awoke to find myself on my hands
and knees on the bed pounding the hell out of my pillow." Thanks to Darlene.


DORSET -- An ancient castle sited in a Dorset town is a magnet for
spacecraft from another planet. That is the finding of a Dorchester-based
UFO investigator who recorded 130 other reports of strange activity in the
county's skies last year - 32 of, which remain unexplained. But it is Maiden
Castle, which seems to come in for most attention with a catalogue of reports
of unexplained sightings over the years. A large earthwork construction of
banks and ditches in an area that has also experienced crop circles. Dorset
UFO investigator David Kingston of Martinstown said: "The castle seems to
attract these craft. I have checked back into the history of the castle and
uncovered many strange reports. Many people have also described seeing
colored lights and with no explanation. The size of some of these craft is
about 80 feet in diameter." David thinks the craft could be sent from other
planets to check out earth on unmanned probes. He said: "That is what ours
do with Mars and so this could happen with other planets. In the future we
should be able to find out." David, aged 61, is a retired RAF worker and is
now a full-time UFO investigator. He said: "There are definitely craft which
cannot be explained and are from another planet. Having been in the RAF I
know the distances aircraft should fly over populated areas. These are
different. "We had sightings about two years ago of a triangular craft 100
foot above the Puddletown bypass. We also have video footage of craft seen
over the Ridgeway and NASA has analyzed it. The Western Gazette, Feb. 5,
2000. Thanks to Gerry at Far Shores


KINGS LYNNE --On January 23, 2000, at 9: 00 PM, a married couple "saw a
bright light glide over their house and travel some three miles from Holbeach
towards Kings Lynne." "The object was traveling slowly with a flashing light
much like a navigation light on a plane." "Suddenly, a large white light
appeared in the center of the object with flickering intermittent lights
around the object." The witnesses estimated that the UFO was three miles
away and hovering at an estimated altitude of 15,000 feet. "The object
hovered for approximately ten minutes, at which point the object then dipped
to the right slowly, then shot up away into the sky" at an estimated 5,000
miles per hour. "As my Mum put it, 'it flew into space!' " My parents are
not taken to flights of fancy, and my father is a trained ex-RAF observer of
25 years. Thanks to UFONET and Todd Lemire.


RIYADH -- My name is Mohammed and I'm a 34-year old-network designer who saw
UFOs. Two years ago, I bought a fully loaded jeep with a Ground Positioning
System (GPS) to go camping out in the Rub-al-khali desert in southeast Saudi
Arabia. A few days into the trip around 10:00 PM, I saw three shooting stars
fall normally but they suddenly slowed down. Two came toward me and were
about 500 meters from me. They moved side by side at about 50 km and 200
meters off the ground. They were round with a pointed on the top and bottom.
They were silver and had an orange like glow around them. They were about
the size of an 18-wheeler truck, but made no sound. I decided to give chase.
When I turned the key nothing happened the jeep would not start the (GPS)
which also has a back up power supply was also dead. Now they were heading
south from me. I looked back for the one, which was not moving, but it had
gone. The whole sighting lasted for about five minutes. After it was over I
my jeep started and the (GPS) was working fine. The only thing I don't under
stand is why my wristwatch stopped for 50 minutes. Thanks to Larry
[email protected] (Larry Clark)


Where Heavens Meet chronicles the remarkable true story of K.t. Frankovich
and her unique life. It had a profound effect on me because I have never
read a book written by a person who had been homeless in poverty, crippled,
and wheelchair-bound on the streets of Miami with her 13-year-old son. This
book is remarkable in that it opens your mind to many new realms of
discovery. For example, I have never chased alligators while swimming in a
swamp. I have never been in a devastating hurricane like Andrew in Dade,
Florida or been treated like she has in many ways. K.t. has an amazing
ability to bring you inside her life and live the story beside her. Her
discovery of alien life in her lime grove alone is worth the price of the
book. She was wide-awake and gives a detailed narrative of the alien's every
muscle and movement. Her book is multifaceted, and is really many books in
one. This book is a revelation unlike anything I have ever read before. 'In
the past she has won the coveted Gold Venus Award for screenwriting, I think
this book will win her more awards. Her story continues. See


Ocala National Forest - K.t. writes, "I don't recall the exact date, but just
after moving to the forest something incredible occurred." One night in the
wee hours of the morning, I was awakened abruptly. The entire trailer was
vibrating so hard that I thought it was going to shake apart! My
instantaneous thought was, 'My God, it's a tornado!' Even my dogs were
terrified out of their wits! But when I quickly got my senses together, I
realized it couldn't be a tornado because the entire bedroom -- hallway --
and living room -- were flooded with this brilliant white light coming from
outside my bedroom window. There was a strange fast-rotating-whirling noise
just above the roof. It sounded like something was going to crash right
through the roof at any moment! I realized it was some sort of craft
hovering directly above the roof but it was certainly no kind of craft I knew
of! I had never heard anything rotate that fast and have that specific kind
of whirling noise. I had been around planes all my life. I knew this
strange sound was definitely not a helicopter! I crept out of bed, put on my
glasses and went to the window where I looked up directly into the beam of
light. But it was so damned bright I couldn't make out the shape of the
craft. One thing I could definitely distinguish was that the craft was only
about ten feet above the roof! And I could tell whatever it was, it was huge
because I could see pulsating red lights going around and around in a
gigantic circular motion. I remember thinking, 'Holy shit, the damn window
pane is gonna shatter from the vibration!'

I glanced at the clock; it was 3:45 in the morning. Ten minutes later, the
beam of light just suddenly went off, along with the circular pulsating red
lights, and the noise began to fade. The walls of the trailer stopped
shaking immediately thereafter. There was no way I could go back to bed, not
after something like that. I instinctively knew who it was and why it was
done. For months I had been questioning if the lime grove beings knew where
I had moved. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that the beings were letting me
know they were definitely aware of my new location. I was really comforted
in knowing they had not lost track of me. And for the first time I realized,
they would always be somewhere close by. Thanks to K.t.Frankovich


Jennifer Brown-Jacobs I enjoyed (and got a laugh) from that story by the guy
on the boat near San Francisco who shot at the Flying Triangle craft that
launched a helicopter in your #6 Filer's Files. I laughed because I
visualized the incident and it was so bizarre that I had to. I doubt that
kind of a story was made up. Seems that these "UFOs" connected with the
helicopters are often associated with bizarre circumstances. That way, who
in their right mind would believe them? Right? We had flat black
helicopters with no markings popping over 300 foot trees and instantly
dropping to within a few feet from our second story deck. They circled our
house and did this routine on a daily basis. They would make up to four
circles at a time.

One night, a. helicopter "landed" on our roof and made plates and pictures
vibrate on the walls and terrify the children. There were many other
experiences with these helicopters that had long "poles" sticking out the
front of them. The flash from the camera was unnecessary, knowing the
technology available to these helicopter and "UFO" pilots. But didn't that
make the whole happening just a little over-the-edge? That is the way the
game is played. It's called the see if we can scare 'um and add enough wacko
stuff to make it totally unbelievable game. And if you didn't know any
better or how it is played, it's likely that most everybody would discount
the whole scenario. Thanks to Jennifer Brown-Jacobs Jbjksgrl Editor's Note:
Loud black helicopters may have been our own military, who enjoyed showing
off for you. I would advise you to try to obtain a photograph or video
record and call the local authorities. All legal aircraft have some
markings, although they can be hard to see. This kind of flight activity is
dangerous and illegal. We are trying to check on the Flying Triangle story
further. I would think it's technically illegal to fire at any kind of
aircraft, alien or otherwise. We do have continuing indications there are
craft of this description flying. It is thought they are based on an Aereon
Corporation design patented from Princeton, NJ. Further many fisherman carry
Rugers and when scared might fire into these craft.

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