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Filer’s Files #2 – 2013 – Update on Sirius Film


Photo from Seattle, Washington on December 30, 2012 “I feel the scientific study of UFOs is for the benefit of humankind and is an important endeavor. The weekly intelligence report provides you with information on the latest sightings and UFO news that you need to understand the world situation.” In ...

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Filer’s Files #1 – 2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR

UFO Photo Calfi Tustin 27Dec12 Close Up

Photo from Tustin, California on December 27, 2012 In special reports, this week’s files cover:  New Film “Stranger in the Pentagon”, Possible Life on Titan, Nearest Sun-like Star Tau Ceti has Five Planets, The Ring of Fire Is Roaring To Life, CHAMP – Lights Out, “Talking With Angels”,  and ‘Dr. ...

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Georgie’s Pool and Water Safety

georgie poolside

Drowning Fact Sheet Drowning accidents are the leading cause of injury/deaths among children under five. A temporary lapse in supervision is a common factor in most drownings and near-drownings. Child drownings can happen in a matter of seconds–in the time it takes to answer the phone. There is often no ...

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General Assessment of Extraterrestrial Life

don ware

Introduction In 1952, at age 16, I developed a strong curiosity about flying saucers after observing seven of them over Washington, D.C. They were in the restricted area over the White House.   I later attended Duke University, and the greatest lesson I learned was how to think. I read ...

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