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Alternative wormhole hypothesis


True story   At 2 pm in the afternoon, I had a booked deliverance from C&W Food on wheels (or something like that). At 1:55 pm, five minutes before the expected deliverance I had to use the bathroom. I felt pretty stressed at the time, didn’t want to make the ...

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Superflare stars with large starspots observed

Imaginary drawings of a superflare star

A team of astronomers has used the High Dispersion Spectrograph on the Subaru Telescope to conduct spectroscopic observations of Sun-like “superflare” stars first observed and cataloged by the Kepler Space Telescope. The investigations focused on the detailed properties of these stars and confirmed that Sun-like stars with large starspots can ...

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Proof of transparent UFO’s! – Added material

First of all, I think it’s a brilliant idea to hit me with challenges and questions. Keep Em coming!   Second, I planned yesterday’s article to be about an event that recently took place in UN. Scientists went together and sounded the alarm about electromagnetic waves causing brain tumors, from ...

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Can you see the UFO?

In my previous article, I penetrated the importance of objectivity while searching for proof and evidence. Just like a judge should do, since he know that a trial never ends the way it started. Being open minded to changes, even if it is not the changes we want, is the ...

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Mercury’s magnetic field is almost four billion years old

The final image from the MESSENGER spacecraft sent April 30, 2015.

New data from MESSENGER, the spacecraft that orbited Mercury for four years before crashing into the planet a week ago, reveal that Mercury’s magnetic field is almost four billion years old. The discovery helps scientists piece together the history of Mercury, the closest planet to the sun and one about ...

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