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Check it Out: Flying saucers to become a reality?

Kennedy Flying Sauser

FOX News: Douglas Kennedy reports on Florida company’s invention

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Daytime UFO filmed in Lenoir NC Aug 2011

Daytime UFO filmed in Lenoir NC Aug 2011

Filmed By: Michael Beckham https://www.facebook.com/PatrioticUnderground I recorded the video in August of 2011 in Western North Carolina in the town of Lenoir. I had a camera on hand because I was filming various geoengineering activities on that day in particular. I watch the skies alot and have witnessed 5 encounters ...

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National UFO Center new Facebook page

NUFOC Facebook Image

Hello Everyone, We just started a new Facebook page for the National UFO Center and would like to invite you to follow the page. Official Facebook page for The National UFO Center and Filer’s Research Institute, Home of The Filer’s Files https://www.facebook.com/NationalUFO

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Black Hole Is About to Gobble Up Gas Cloud

A simulation of the gas cloud G2's encounter with the supermassive black hole

Watching for a black hole to gobble up a gas cloud: Gas cloud’s fate illuminates growth of supermassive black holes Right now a doomed gas cloud is edging ever closer to the supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. These black holes feed on gas and ...

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Mars reaches opposition for 2014 on April 8th


This is approaching season represents the best time to observe Mars, as the Red Planet is closest to us in April and rises in the east as the Sun sets opposite to it in the west.  Mars reaches 10” in apparent size this week. Mars is already beginning to show ...

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