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Google Earth Map Spots Alien-Like Figure on Moon

UFO Sighting: Alien-Like Figure Spotted on The Moon

Google Earth map spotted a strange image on the moon in July 2014 that appeared to be a shadow of a very large tower or an alien. The rare image was captured in a one minute 28 seconds video, which was later posted on video sharing website, YouTube by a ...

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Massive volcanic outbursts on Jupiter’s moon Io: More common than thought?

Massive volcanic outbursts on Jupiter's moon

Three massive volcanic eruptions occurred on Jupiter’s moon Io within a two-week period in August of last year. This led astronomers to speculate that such “outbursts,” which can send material hundreds of miles above the surface, might be much more common than they thought. “We typically expect one huge outburst ...

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Is the universe a bubble? Let’s check: Making the multiverse hypothesis testable

Screenshot from a video of Matthew Johnson

Perimeter Associate Faculty member Matthew Johnson and his colleagues are working to bring the multiverse hypothesis, which to some sounds like a fanciful tale, firmly into the realm of testable science. Never mind the big bang; in the beginning was the vacuum. The vacuum simmered with energy (variously called dark ...

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Earth-Like Soils On Mars Suggest Microbial Life

Rover image from Gale Crater reveals soil

Soil deep in a crater dating to some 3.7 billion years ago contains evidence that Mars was once much warmer and wetter, saysUniversity of Oregon geologist Gregory Retallack, based on images and data captured by the rover Curiosity. NASA rovers have shown Martian landscapes littered with loose rocks from impacts ...

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Chilean government publishes report declaring object spotted above remote copper mine was an ‘official UFO’

A government agency in Chile has published a report on two photographs showing an object which it claims ‘can be qualified as a UFO.’ The Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), part of Chile’s Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics, studied photographs of the object after it was ...

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