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Annual UFO conference lands near Phoenix

UFO and Abduction artifacts

The government’s massive cover up of the existence of extraterrestrial life can be vexing to believers, but once a year dozens have the opportunity to gather near a Phoenix-area resort where they can discuss the “cosmic Watergate” in peace. That time arrived with little fanfare Wednesday morning with the opening ...

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Cigar-Shaped UFO Hovers Near Mexico Volcano Captured By Live Cam

UFO in the vicinity of the Popocatepetl volcano

A mysterious object seen hovering over the mouth of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico could yet again trigger another round of debate between believers and skeptics on the existence of intelligent alien life. UFO watcher Scott Waring posted images of the unusual object he described as a cigar-shaped UFO on ...

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Local UFO investigator: It’s ‘obvious we’re not alone’ (Michigan)

By Diane Gale Andreassi, Michigan.com Harry Willnus knows all too well that eyebrows will rise when he talks about unidentified flying objects, but that doesn’t stop the retired social studies teacher from continuing his 60-year quest to see the issue become accepted by the mainstream population. “UFO sightings are reported ...

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1956 Maui UFO Sighting Report Included in Air Force Files

1956 Maui UFO Sighting Report

By Wendy Osher A 1956 UFO report from Maui is included in now unclassified documents that were compiled and investigated by the US Air Force. According to the Air Intelligence Information Report, a 56-year-old retired Lahaina woman reported seeing an orange object with a “flame” and “muffled roar” during the ...

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A smiling lens: ‘Happy face’ galaxy cluster reveals arcs caused by strong gravitational lensing

galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849

In the centre of this image, taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it seems to be smiling. You can make out its two orange eyes and white button nose. In the case of this “happy face,” the two eyes are very ...

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