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Violent formation of the moon: New view

This artist's rendering shows the collision of two planetary bodies.

Within the first 150 million years after our solar system formed, a giant body roughly the size of Mars struck and merged with Earth, blasting a huge cloud of rock and debris into space. This cloud would eventually coalesce and form the moon. For almost 30 years, planetary scientists have ...

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Ice on Mars: Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water

Mars distinct polar ice caps, but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes -- between the blue lines, in both the southern and northern hemispheres

Mars has distinct polar ice caps, but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes in both the southern and northern hemispheres. A thick layer of dust covers the glaciers, so they appear as surface of the ground, but radar measurements show that underneath the dust there are ...

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Did Mars once have a nitrogen cycle? Scientists find fixed nitrogen in Martian sediments

The rover Curiosity on the surface of Mars

Javier Martín-Torres, Professor of Atmospheric Science at Luleå University of Technology, is one of several researchers who has found fixed forms of nitrogen in Mars. The research findings are now being published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “This discovery is a new step in assessing whether ...

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Explosions of Jupiter’s aurora linked to extraordinary planet-moon interaction

In this artist's rendering, flows of electrically charged ions and electrons accelerate along Jupiter's magnetic field

On Earth, bursts of particles spewed by the Sun spark shimmering auroras, like the Northern Lights, that briefly dance at our planet’s poles. But, on Jupiter, there’s an auroral glow all the time, and new observations show that this Jovian display sometimes flares up because of a process having nothing ...

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Monster black hole discovered at cosmic dawn

Scientists have discovered the brightest quasar in the early universe, powered by the most massive black hole yet known at that time. The international team led by astronomers from Peking University in China and from the University of Arizona announce their findings in the scientific journal Nature on Feb. 26. ...

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