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Filer’s Files 37 2019 -Was a space alien killed in NJ in 1978?

9/9/2019 In special reports, this week’s files cover. Tic Tac UFO, US Space Command, THAAD Interceptor Missile. Vandenberg Air Force Base, Navy Pilots See UFOs, UFO under the USS Eisenhower, UFO threat to pilots must be dealt with now ET Amino Acids Came from Asteroid, DNA Efficient Information Storage System, ...

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Filer’s Files #10 – 2018 Planetary Defense

March 11, 2018 In special reports, this week’s files cover: U.S. Releases UFO Files, Pentagon Fails to Capture Data About Alien Orbs, Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus, Asteroid Redirection for Planetary Defense, Abductee Says Aliens Asked Him About Jesus Christ, Manta Ray Ascending and Descending into the Ground, and Grand Teton ...

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UFO Hunters ‘Discover’ Crashed Alien UFO Drone In NASA Mars Rover Photo

Enhanced Image Of Alleged Crashed UFO Drone On Mars

Online alien and UFO hunters claim they have sighted a UFO drone in a photo of the Gale Crater region of Mars captured by a NASA Mars rover. According to the YouTube UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible, a photo of the Martian terrain snapped by a Mars rover — presumably Curiosity ...

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Mars: New hypothesis on the origin of the megafloods

Detail of a flood channel in Ares Valles

A study published in Scientific Reports puts forward a new explanation for the Martian megafloods: enormous discharges of subterranean water that dug out the biggest flood channels in the solar system over 3 billion years ago. For many years it was thought that these megafloods were caused by the release ...

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Radar images provide details on Halloween asteroid

Radar images received by the Green Bank Telescope reveal new details of the surface of asteroid 2015 TB145.

The highest-resolution radar images of asteroid 2015 TB145’s safe flyby of Earth have been processed and yield new information about its surface features. To obtain these highest-resolution radar images of the asteroid, scientists used the 230-foot (70-meter) DSS-14 antenna at Goldstone, California, to transmit high-power microwaves toward the asteroid. The ...

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