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  UFO hunters claim they have discovered a massive alien base on the moon ­nine miles wide. And while scientists say its just a crater, barmy space fanatics insist it’s in fact a huge glass dome.  You Tuber Tony Wilke spotted the shape in a photo of the lunar landscape ...

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Radar images provide details on Halloween asteroid

Radar images received by the Green Bank Telescope reveal new details of the surface of asteroid 2015 TB145.

The highest-resolution radar images of asteroid 2015 TB145’s safe flyby of Earth have been processed and yield new information about its surface features. To obtain these highest-resolution radar images of the asteroid, scientists used the 230-foot (70-meter) DSS-14 antenna at Goldstone, California, to transmit high-power microwaves toward the asteroid. The ...

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Dawn team shares new maps and insights about Ceres

This map-projected view of Ceres was created from images taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft during its high-altitude mapping orbit, in August and September, 2015.

Mysteries and insights about Ceres are being discussed this week at the European Planetary Science Conference in Nantes, France. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is providing scientists with tantalizing views and other data about the intriguing dwarf planet that they continue to analyze. “Ceres continues to amaze, yet puzzle us, as we ...

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Converging black holes in Virgo constellation

A black hole merger is expected to release the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein, but not yet detected. Above, an artist's conception of waves rippling through space-time. Credit: NASA

Earlier this year, astronomers discovered what appeared to be a pair of supermassive black holes circling toward a collision so powerful it would send a burst of gravitational waves surging through the fabric of space-time itself. Now, in a study in the journal Nature, astronomers at Columbia University provide additional ...

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‘Young Jupiter’ discovered in another solar system

Astronomers have taken a photograph of a baby planet beyond the solar system that may reveal clues as to how planets such as Jupiter are formed and influence their planetary siblings, a new study shows. Scientists used the newly commissioned Gemini Planet Imager, which is mounted on top of a ...

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